Goods: Nyanko Akira (Togainu no Chi)


This is the Animate store-only exclusive set of 1 special chibi Akira + Karuta (かるた) cards to accompany the upcoming one-coin Nitro Chiral Forest chibi figure release. The Animate Akira will be wearing this cute pink over-sized (removable) T-shirt printed with kitty heads.

Damage: 3,675 Yen (w/tax)
(update: 29 October SOLD OUT!!!)
Available: 26 November 2009

Although he is very cute, I think he costs so much more just because he is an exclusive release. :( The original release with 10 figures costs 5,770 Yen (w/tax)

Update 11 October: Did a bit of research ^^;; Karuta cards are also called 歌留多、加留多、嘉留太、骨牌 according to Japanese Wiki. They’re some sort of a traditional card game with each card representing one hiragana character. Seems like there are around 48 cards included. Since this is 狗かるた perhaps we’ll get Togainu illustrated cards. If so, I won’t feel so bad about having to pay so much for the pack.

Update 5 November: Official brochure released! Looks good! But the artwork for the cards seems to be old ones… but WOW comes with a CD! I wonder what is on it XD

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7 thoughts on “Goods: Nyanko Akira (Togainu no Chi)”

  1. Yeah that’s something like Nitro Chiral’s “mascot” There’s a guy who hosts their events and he is always dressed in that getup XD

    Ah~ enjoy the Indy one-coins! Very lovely set to own! Definitely worth the $$$ Hopefully you get extras of characters you like cos there are 2 duplicates in the 10 piece box XP

  2. ponytale>>> I have illustrations of Lamento, Sengoku Basara, some Indiana Jones (I’m a HUGE Indi’ fan, but I miss art of Mutt, Irina, and Han Solo. But I’m going to buy the Box with the cards, so I’m going to scan it I think…) and I have one art of a character with an pink afro (I think it’s the artist who draw himself…) that I found on a Nitro+CHiRAL Website’s link list….

    And the best in those One Coin figures is the eyes. Yes, their irresistible SPIRAL eyes. I love them. ||3 (and I Love IndianaJones and Nitro+CHiRAL!)

  3. @Felser: I’m not sure if he’ll be the small chibi or the big-sized chibi… but whichever he is, Nyanko Akira is seriously cute indeed *_* Good luck in getting him!

  4. ” 3,675 Yen ” >>> (°A°)/!! ouch!OMG!
    ” I think he costs so much more just because he is an exclusive release”>>> You said it… but this Akira is too much irresistible… but this price… it FAIL…

    Oh! And you seems to be a “Kotobukiya One Coin figure” fan too, so, I’m searching original art of the figures… I really LOVE them, with their special eyes… So, do you have any illustrations in your PC for an Kotobukiya OneCoin’s addict please? ^^”

    1. I think there’re other stuff like cards and such included in the exclusive set but I’m not exactly sure what ^^;;; I’ll most probably buy it in the end. (T_T)

      I love those Yupon illustrated figures! And I think Kotobukiya produces some of the best quality one-coin figures. Well, since my last hard disk died and took along all my data with it, I’ve stopped religiously searching for these images. Here’s a great place for some Yupon goodness… Kotobukiya’s Official site XD Click on the goods designed by Yupon and the character’s individual pics! and Yupon’s Nitro+Chiral site: Chiral Gakuen

      Which other Yupon illustrated series do you have in your collection? I currently have Togainu, Lamento, Indiana Jones and Sengoku Basara ^^ I have Hetalia ones too but they’re illustrated by another artist.

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