Goods: Nura Rikuo Voice Alarm Clock (Nurarihyon no Mago, Rise of the Yokai Clan)

Nura Rikuo Voice Alarm Clock

Voice in Day & Night versions of Nura Rikuo to satisfy sleepyheads.

Title: Nurarihyon no Mago Voice Alarm Clock
ぬらりひょんの孫~千年魔京~ 音声入り目覚まし時計

Price: 7,140 yen
Release date: 22 September 2011

Size: approx. 175 x 120 mm
Materials: metal (clock), with full color print on paper (face)
Requires three AA batteries (included)

Currently only available from Movic and Animate in limited quantities.

Plot summary (from wiki)
Nura Rikuo (cv. Fukuyama Jun) is part human and a quarter youkai (demon). Because he is only a quarter youkai, Rikuo is able to turn into his youkai form only after sunset, when the moon is out; he turns back into his human self when the sun rises. He lives in a house full of spirits along with his youkai grandfather. Trying to escape his fate, he does good deeds in order to avoid becoming a youkai, despite his grandfather’s wish that Rikuo succeed him as master of the Nura youkai clan. Rikuo is a different youkai because he helps humans. He eventually comes to terms with his demon blood and decides to take up the position of Young Head of the Nura house. Multiple factions aim to stop him or usurp his position, and he must gather friends and allies, a new Hyakki Yakyou under his banner of “Fear”.

Description from Movic/Animate pre-order page.

奴良 リクオ (Nura Rikuo) voiced by Fukuyama Jun 福山潤

Six voice patterns in 昼 – Day version and 夜 – Night version

  • Day: 「おはよう!目を覚まして!さっさと起きないと鴉天狗に叱られちゃうよ?ほら、ー緒に学校行こう!」 Good morning! Wake up! If you don’t wake up, you’ll be scolded by Karasu Tengu. Come on, let’s go to school together!
  • Night: 「おはよう、最近疲れてるみたいだけど大丈夫?ボクがぎゅーってしてあげるから頑張ろっ!ね?」 Good morning. You look tired recently. Are you ok? I’ll hug you tight, so work hard, k?
  • Day: 「おはよ~。もう朝?…ふぁ…昨日、鴆くんのところに行ってたから眠くて…ってもうこんな時間!?早く支度しなきゃ!」 Mornin’. It’s already morning! Fwa… Went to Zen-kun’s place yesterday, so sleepy now… oops look at the time! If we don’t prepare quickly…
  • Day: 「ほら、早く起きてよ!はーやーくー! Come on, hurry up and wake up! H-U-R-R-Y!
    Night: ……なぁ、起きないとどうなるか…わかってるよな?」 Hey… if you don’t wake up… you know what’s going to happen, right?
  • Day: 「そろそろ起きないと遅刻しちまうぞ。え?起きたくない?…しょうがねぇな…あと3分だけだ。それまでオレがそばにいてやるから…」 If you don’t wake up now, you’ll be late. Eh? You don’t want to? Can’t be helped. Another 3 minutes. I’ll be right beside you until then…
  • Night: 「朝だぞ。俺を目覚ましがわりにするとはいい度胸じゃねえか。ま、たまには目覚まし係も悪くねえな」 It’s morning. You have the nerve to make me wake you up huh. Oh well, it’s not bad to do that once in a while.

I dropped the series in the middle of season one cos the pacing was too slow. I was told that the manga and 2nd season is way better but it’s unlikely I’ll pick it up again ^^;; Even though I like Junjun, I’ll give this clock a miss I guess. If you decide to get this clock, please review it!

By the way, the Hakuouki voice clocks of Hijikata Toshizou, Harada Sanosuke (Review), Saito Hajime and Okita Souji are restocked at Animate Japan, so grab them while they last. I ordered Saito’s clock this time :D

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12 thoughts on “Goods: Nura Rikuo Voice Alarm Clock (Nurarihyon no Mago, Rise of the Yokai Clan)”

  1. @ponytale

    I was pulling an all nighter for an exam, and when I left the hall I was half dead, I just grabbed my bag and go. Someone lost their Gucci sunglasses there was was able to find them but my clock was nowhere to be found!!

  2. @Ponytale
    Yeah you get to see glimps of hin. He is really hot and cool but he isnt in here much. But yep, it isnt moe enough plus i got my morimori clock coming in this month

  3. Most of them are day rikuo.. not my type. But out of curiosity how many of the hakuoki clocks did u buy? And whose?
    I got the lelouch one few years back and I lost it!! I am so mad!!

    1. @Urusaiii: I currently only have Harada Sanosuke’s clock from Hakuouki. You can check out my review post.

      I’ve just placed an order for Saito Hajime’s clock this time. If I have the money for the next round, I’d like to buy Okita Souji’s.

      *_* oh dear… How did you lose Lelouch’s clock??? That’s a terrible thing to happen!

  4. Aw…. cute. I love Nurarihyon no Mago. Yeah, the pacing in S1 is slow, but it picked up near the end and S2 is really good :)

    I love Junjun too but I’ll have to pass on this clock as well. Though, the pick up lines seem real cute!

    1. @momo: And I heard that Rikuo’s dad is really cool in S2 lol~ :D

      Yeah, the wake up calls for this clock is cute but not moe enough for me to part with that much money for :P Hakuouki ones are another story XD

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