Goods: Nosebleed while taking a shower~ (Sweet Pool)


Everybody wants a piece of Youji’s @ss!

And yes, now you can have it in your bathroom! (Oh and have Tetsuo as a side dish too)

Nitro+Chiral is out to suck money from every BL fangirl again. 2 designs. The other one is an illustration of splashy summer fun! ^^


Sweet Pool Bath Poster (sweetpool お風呂ポスター)


Available from Gift Japan Online shop from 20 November 2009
Dimensions: approximately B2 size (500mm x 707mm)
Damage: 1,050Yen each

Check it out here:
Design (sexy buns) ~
Design (wet T-shirt) ~

Both images are not new… they’re been released some time back. Would’ve been cool they came up with something different. But interesting idea… seems to be a first so far? I don’t recall seeing such anime goods before. But you won’t see me rushing to buy it… but being waterproof is pretty neat XD

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7 thoughts on “Goods: Nosebleed while taking a shower~ (Sweet Pool)”

  1. a 100 dollars X_X that’s insane…
    I remember seeing one of yuras artbooks for around that price before too.

    Hmm i know the pics are super small but makes me curious i want to play the true blood version for ps2 i wonder if i can do that on pc maybe like the psp an Nds emulators?

    1. Yeah I noticed there was a bidding war on ebay for a copy of Treasures and it went up to about US$80+ and then shortly after that another copy of the art book surfaced on ebay at US$100+ Were those Yura art books out of print? There must be shops that still carry them, right?

      Mmm you can try this PS2 emulator. Info here and
      Not sure if it’ll run the game properly but that is the best PS2 emulator for PCs out there.

  2. Yes more nitro poster would be great!

    oh, have you seen the treasures artbook yet? I Downloaded it from arrin an there two characters i don’t remember seeing from the games on the front. maybe you can help me identify them? the one who is on the top with scarfs. i know the others on the bottom are from Yukihitos group from the newer togainu game.
    the one walking with akira…i thought it was inu at frist but inu is already there…i can only think maybe the older akira from bad ending ?;i don’t know…

    i love the layout^0^
    Happy halloween!
    are you dressing up? i am XD im going as a vampire everyone at work said id be good at it sense i look it OTL;; only problem is i waited to long to get the teeth an they sold out every were (i blame the twilight movie seriously ) but i can still play it sense my bottom teeth look almost like pointed XD;

    1. @Sigma: BACK! Gosh work load is crazy!!! x_x
      I’m trying to get my hands on the Treasures artbook too. Btw, I saw it on ebay selling for more than 100 USD. Please don’t pay so much for it *_* The book costs 2000 Yen and if you get a 3rd party buyer, it still won’t cost more than 60USD with shipping and such.
      Anyway, I don’t recognise those characters either but the pics are kinda small and hard to identify.

      HAHAHA XD vampire! Take that as a compliment. Vampires are great looking and have pale, smooth skin lol~ Vampire teeth are very hard to find during this time of the year. I had a hard time looking for a pair the last time too. This Halloween, we aren’t partying XP ah~ it would’ve been fun tho’

      Been busy too! Yeah, don’t we all love fan-service? lol XD These guys definitely don’t look like high school kids.

  3. lol!

    w-waterproof!? i didnt think you could hang posters in the shower;;

    if i had to choose it’d definitely be the group pic one its so cute. (jealous tetsuo!) But the @ss sharing one looks just as nice. XD

    Ah if only they did the same for Shiki and Akiras new illustrations instead of pillow i’d so get it. I wouldn’t even care about the looks id get either, i already have a noton poster hanging up of his human form an nah hes not wearing anything he is censored with some text though.XD

    1. Things they come up with… XD I think it works like a decal or sticker that you can paste on walls and surfaces. I would choose the group pic too cos the colours are bright and cheery! The blue would go with the idea of water and shower better too.

      KYAA~ XD XD naked (but censored) noton in your room! So cute! I’ll be embarrassed (^///^) ah~ maybe if the cushion and bath poster catches on, Nitro+Chiral might consider releasing sexy Akira Shiki pair as an option too~ Let’s hope XD

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