Goods: No Pants… again (Togainu no Chi smexy Akira)

*dies of nosebleed*

Thanks so much to imacatlover for the heads-up. Animaxis is taking preorders for Jumbo Cushion No. 2 with a new design that features Y-shirt Akira with such a coy expression… and NO PANTS (again lol) !!! I love it.


Alas, Shiki is still fully-clothed but he looks good! Both images match very nicely ^^

Damage: 3,675 yen (w/tax)
Available: April 2010
Specs: 600mm x 450mm

I’ve ordered the cushion this time cos I like both images :P The previous cushion has a droolworthy Akira but I didn’t like Shiki’s design, so I passed it up. Come on Nitro+Chiral, give us FULL-Sized dakimakura (hugging pillows) too!

Anyway, don’t miss out the preorders ^^ last checked, there’s only 71 left for reservation! Good luck!

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45 thoughts on “Goods: No Pants… again (Togainu no Chi smexy Akira)”

  1. Do you think the anime will be drawn like these pictures on the pillows? I really hope so!!! =D Akira is just too cute. Although…. I prefer Keisuke over Shiki. v____v

    1. @Gurl: yeah Shiki x Akira is the official couple that’s why almost everything, goods and figures are ShikiAki centric but I know there are lots of Keisuke x Akira fans and I also like this pairing too :D Personally I also like Adult Rin x Akira lol~ I have a feeling that the anime might be Keisuke’s route from the cast list position kekeke :3

  2. ********Togainu Spoilers***********(just in case;)

    i’ve been wondering exactly how Akira came into the stat he’s in in that ending of the game. It’s been so long i don’t really remember much. Does it say anywhere to explain that ending well. I just find it hard to believe that Akira goes from being all prideful an spirited to becoming Shikis sex slave. XD
    You can tell definitely from the pillow pic an the bad ending cg that he changed alot. Where’d his pride go?;A; (not that i mind because slave Akira is super cute.XD I just find it hard to believe the dramatic change in his character.)

    1. ********Togainu Spoilers**********
      @sigma: I read that it was despair cos he had nothing else to do or live for after Shiki had taken Nano’s blood and became invincible. He can’t escape from him, so in the end he only lives for sex, so he has sex with anybody everyday to fill the emptiness when Shiki is not around. He enjoys both the sex and killing cos when Shiki comes home, he would ask Akira who he has slept with that day and then happily gets rid of them to Akira’s amusement.

  3. @ponytale See what Animaxis has written to me:

    Dear Customer,


    As far as we know, you are the only customer from Brazil that
    purchased this item – so you may be the only one owning it
    in your entire country!


    Sincerely yours, Information Desk

    Wow, so I’ll be the only one here with this cushion! Well, people can buy it from ebay or other sellers in the future, but for now, since it’s sold out at Animaxis, it’s my exclusivity! XDDDDD

    1. @planck-chan: uwa XD That’s amazing! Hehehe… definitely makes owning the cushion even more special <3
      Animaxis staff are really nice and personal. I love them for that ^^

  4. Hi, ponytale!
    Just sent the payment to Animaxis, the cushions have arrived there! Ah, hope next monday they’ll ship it to Brazil, but it’ll take so long to arrive here (SEA option, the cheapest =P – one or two months, hope it can be only one month). When yours arrive, and it’ll be before than mine, please take a pic!
    Aww, wanna hug Aki sooooo bad! XDDDDD

    1. @planck-chan… yeah I’ve paid for mine too! I think I should get the cushions by this week! I’ll shoot the pics for ya when the package arrives XD <3

  5. hehe gambatte ^^ the things we do for BL.

    If the fluid PV is any indication, they sure have a good budget for it. Really excited!

    LOL~ must-play-it-some-day XD

  6. Great! Now time to search for a part-time job! XDD

    I’m quite surprised by the Togainu No Chi anime pv. I mean, the action scenes, they sure can move! o_o Although the character design is way off the original. ;w; But I hope it’ll be good… Wonder when will the anime start showing..

    That game… I still can’t believe it’s actually an otome game LOL. XD;;

  7. You’ve already told us you didn’t like that much the previous version, and this one is better (I agree =)). And the first cushion is too overpriced now cos it was sold out and…
    Well, it was:
    A re-release! \o/ Well, I don’t think I’ll buy one but I’m sure regretting in the future if I don’t XD But if you want to have it in your collection this is a second chance, so…
    And Animaxis told it’s not a total sure thing, if they can’t get the goods, they’ll cancel the order.

  8. And now they’re re-released the 1st Togainu cushion! Great! I’m both sad and happy LOL. XDDDDD;;;;

    Probably start of next year. X3;
    Considering they’ve got a Togainu Anime to work with. ;w;

    LOLOL. I would really love to have a “touchy” featured BL game!! XD They should start having one! Since well… Otaku’s already got this, “Doki Doki Majou Shinpan” or something lol. Can’t remember the name. It’s pretty ecchi with its touch function. XD; Ah but there’s this one game on DS where you get to wipe off a bishie’s sweat and massage them LOL. It’s pretty… Stupid to be honest. XDDDDD;;;

    Yep! Atleast we’ve never regretted buying them! :3
    (Alright, maybe there’s some that I’ve regretted.) X3;;;;

  9. NOW!?
    *takes chocolate bunnies first* THANKS! LOL. XDDDDD

    (Still love you anyway XDDD;;;;;)
    They don’t start accepting payments until when it’s near the release date right?
    If so, I’ll order it first!!! X3;
    *seriously needs a part time job*

    Happy easter!!

  10. Hey Valle and others who want it too, I’m going to tell you something that will rob your wallet again… xD

    First pillow re-release:

    But you gotta hurry up, before they sell out! only 42 left o__o;; I wanted to get a second of this one, but I’m not sure… My bank acount is going to be thight with all of these sexy pillows…

    …Aw heck! *goes to order anyway* T___T Nitro+chiral owns my wallet right now…

    Anyways, I wish everyone a Happy easter! Chocolate bunnies for everyone! ^___^

    1. @imacatlover: OMG thanks for the info! DX I… I… I’m going to succumb to the hype and get it too (T_T) even tho I don’t really like Shiki’s side DX

      Thanks for the choco bunnies XD *glomps* <3 A little late but hands some over to you too!

      @Valle: Somebody has heard your prayers! Yeah, they’ll only charge us when the stocks are in, so that’s in June. Plenty of time to save up ^^

      Mmm, that’s true, with Togainu anime coming up let’s not be too greedy ^^ anyway, it’ll be quite bank busting(for us) if they released a new game too quickly. Quality is important too XD

      Ga~ icic if the otaku have one, it means fujyoshi probably will have it eventually XDDD I definitely won’t mind playing that bishi game LOL

      Erm, well, there are many stuff I regret impulse buying too ^^;;;

      @planck-chan: Happy Easter to you too XD
      Thanks for coming over to post the info!!! <3 but I didn't see it cos wordpress marked your comments as spam. I've sent in a support-ticket to wordpress folks about this issue :(

      And you know what? I… I… will… buy… one… too… OTL;;; I still don't like Shiki's pose as much but… ok… for Akira's sake x_x;;; -excuses excuses-

  11. We’re girls and shopping’s what we do best. XDDDD

    One side of the room = Otaku stuffs,
    Another side of the room = Fujyoshi stuffs. XDD
    It’s not possible for him to have bishoujo stuffs though, since he’s not into 2D girls. LOL.

    RE: aarrgh like say costs more than 200 bucks?
    I have a feeling it’ll be over 200 bucks. *tears*
    Won’t be able to afford it if I can’t get a part time job. Orz

    Yeah the game’s basicly non-con lmao!!
    It seems like there’ll be more fandisks than new BL games this year. I was kinda looking forward for new ones but there aren’t much… For now that is. Wonder if N+C will be having a new one… XD;

    It’s like, if you wanna play otome games, get a PS2, DS and PSP. They think we’re so rich. @w@;; Darn the gaming industry! X3; Love’em still though. XD;

    The things we do for the stuffs we like.
    Games, Consoles, BLCDs, Mangas, Figurines, Animes.
    Talk about expensive hobbies. XDD;;

    1. LOL XD which I do too well = pathetic bank account… (T_T) Let’s just hope for the best ^^;;; these character goods are bank robbers!

      Ah~ good for him… cos he can save those $$$ for other stuff XP

      Too much non-con can be quite a turn-off for me… some plot and romance would be nice :D Hmm considering N+C released sweet pool in Dec 2008, maybe they won’t be releasing a new game so soon. Probably next year? Or end of this year XD

      Yep… DDR LOL. XD But… I await the day they released BL games for DS/wii… where you can do “touchy” things to the boys… it’ll be like mega-LOL.

      Yeah, darn expensive hobbies. Oh well, :) be happy and have fun while we’re at it I guess.

  12. Yeah, they shouldn’t underestimate the willingness and spending power of fujyoshi ^^;;; When girls get obsessed with things, we can be real scary (and a force to be reckoned with)!

    LOL~ totally! Well, maybe if he balances out the bishounen-ness out by having his own bishojyo bedsheets. Then the sweatdrops would be coming from your parents instead XD XD

    RE: A Pillow+Bolster+Bedsheet set is gonna cost like a BOMB LOLOL.
    I guess like you said, cos they are so rare, they WILL be sold out quick. But still, if it is a mega bomb, I know I should reconsider x_x aarrgh like say costs more than 200 bucks? -$#@!% Anyway, will worry about it when it happens.

    *Hi-5 back* XD “Hadaka Shitsuji” ah~ I read about it in aarin :D I find Butlers quite moe ^^ but this game seems like H for H’s sake LOL~ Let’s see how it goes hehehe

    Icic… I think eventually visual novel game lovers will end up owning both DS and PSP? ^^;;; Cos DS to play older but still good otome games and PSP to play the new and also good otome games. Gaa… So evil.

    RE: (I bought a PS3 just to play Tales Of Vesperia Orz)
    Like how I bought a PS2 + dancing mats in the past just to play DDR XD

  13. They didn’t thought it would go so well? XD
    It shouldn’t cost them much to print it on the cushion, and they sold out every single one they produced! Fujyoshis everywhere are growing in numbers and such BL cushions are hard to see. Producing limited stocks of it only makes us wanna get them more. XDD

    Yeah I’ve seen the Viewfinder bedsheets too!! I’d be grinning at the sheets the whole night instead of sleeping LOL. Perhaps we’ll be able to get better dreams? XD I can already picture my “normal” friends’s sweat drops if they were to see it. Or rather, instead of friends, my brother who’s sleeping in the very same room as me is gonna glare at me LOL.

    A Pillow+Bolster+Bedsheet set is gonna cost like a BOMB LOLOL.
    (But why do I get the feeling that it’ll still sell out fast?) XD;;;
    Maybe we have to wait for the anime’s release first. 8D

    I wonder if they even accept feedbacks for this one LOL.

    I haven’t played the Saint Beast one before so I’m not sure. XDD Something similar perhaps? XD A Hi-5 over there for being a perv LOL. Have you heard of a new BL game “Hadaka Shitsuji”? That will probably be the most pervertic BL game ever LOL.

    I used to think that DS’s got more otome games, but after reading recent game magazines, many of the new games are adapted for PSP. XD; For normal games, I play with the DS one more over then the PSP. So if you’re aiming for the otome games, PSP’s a better choice. XD Unless you’ve got some particular games you wanna play like Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side♥

    Temptations are hard to resist. XD;;
    (I bought a PS3 just to play Tales Of Vesperia Orz)

  14. Yeah I wasn’t expecting them to release cushion 2 so soon. Cos no. 1 was just sold a couple of months before. They MUST be earning heaps from that since it is produced by N+C, they don’t need to pay for licensing fees (illustration by in-house staff), and the raw materials for making a printed cushion is quite cheap?

    Bedsheets would be awesome too! I’ve seen viewfinder and Vampire Knight ones. I don’t think we can sleep very well in that… cos they are TOO SEXY! Lol ^^ Would be fun to have tho and freak our “normal” friends out when they see it ^^;;;

    RE: Togainu No Chi limited edition set of Pillow+Bolster+Bedsheet
    RE: (Now I sound like some perverted otaku freak LMAO.)
    Well… speaks for me too LOL~

    RE: I wouldn’t dare to send them feedbacks on this. XDD;;
    Go Go… you have JLPT 3 right~ XD please write them a nice nice letter! For all the perverted otaku freaks out there, we’re counting on you! Tanomu! m(_ _)m XD

    Yeah I’ve only played BL games cos…. I’m a perv LOL. (Oh Saint Beast PS2 game isn’t considered Otome game, right?)

    Hmm so far more games are adapted for DS than for PSP, right? Hmm… I have a dusty PS2 and I don’t have time to play much games now. Gah~ so tempting. ^^;;;

  15. WET LOL. *massive nosebleed*
    Well I’m sure if they’re earning a lotta profit from it they’ll want to release another one. XD
    Ahhh!!! A dakimakura would be good!!! VERY GOOD!! Man I wish they’ll make one!! XDD
    In addition to that, they might wanna consider bedsheets too.

    Togainu No Chi limited edition set of Pillow+Bolster+Bedsheet
    (Now I sound like some perverted otaku freak LMAO.)

    I wouldn’t dare to send them feedbacks on this. XDD;;

    Otome games are fun!! You should try playing them!! >w<
    I personally recommend PSP though, they have better graphics and sound quality. Whereas the DS just… Suck a little. X3;; Maybe a little better in the gameplay part. XD;

  16. I kinda preferred the previous Akira’s look. XDDD
    Regretted not being able to get that one, oh well!

    LOL @ Translucent cloth

    Someone should feedback to them about it lmao! *hides* 8D

    Thanks for linking mine too. ><
    Though it's a boring blog. 'w';;

    1. I like that Akira too but I didn’t like Shiki’s pose as much :-\ Hopefully the third one (if any) will simply blow us away XD <3 yeah translucent and -wet- cloth LOL~ and a full-sized dakimakura! The cushion is big but not big enough!!! XD Hmm… you wanna write in to them? kekeke :D

      I've been thinking about getting a DSi/PSP for the visual novel games that have been adapted and your blog posts happen to talk a lot about the games you're into. You're tempting me! DX

  17. Oh great! Thanks for clearing that up! XD
    The release date seems to be on the 22nd… Can’t wait for it already!
    Wonder what’ll my parents think when it arrived LOL.

    (Who knows, the third one might leave Akira with only a piece of cloth.) XD *gets bashed*

    Oh yeah, I wonder if it’s alright for me to link this site in my blog? :3

    1. Glad to help! XD lol~ this one isn’t so bad… the previous cushion will raise a lot more eyebrows lol~lol~

      How about translucent piece of cloth XD *flies off*

      ooh thanks for offering to link here! I’m linking to yours too! (^///^)

  18. I’ve managed to place an order on the last one!
    And I’ve chosen to pay by paypal. So now I’ll just have to wait till they’ve emailed me about the paypal payment? It’s my first time ordering from animaxis, am not very sure. XD;;

  19. I stalked you all the way from AF !

    Yeah…my friend also booked this one for me. I missed the first set and still regret it. I wonder if they would release the third set and if Akira will have any clothes left ! Shikitty must take some of his clothes off and I will die from nosebleed while hugging the pillow !

    1. @Wilhelmina4: hehe you’re always welcome here XD I’m also looking forward to the next possible cushion. Ah~ give us sexy Shiki too!

      @Valle: That’s great! Yeah, animaxis will contact you and send you an updated payment request email including shipping charges when the stock arrives. So you don’t need to pre-pay… just wait for further instructions ^^

  20. (It’s been a VERY LONG TIME and I’m not sure if you remember me LOLOL)
    Anyways! Saw this cushion on the animate website and I can’t help but to want it! Akira’s just too alluring in here… *drools* But I knew I couldn’t order it from animate so I gave up! ;^; Didn’t know about that Animaxis website!! Now I regret not finding out about that website sooner. ;w;

    1. Yeah ^^ thanks for dropping by Valle! It’s not too late to order! Last checked, they still have pre-order stock for the new jumbo cushion but there’s only 1 left now! Do place an order if you really like it. They accept paypal ^^

  21. Nothing better to celebrate this than the anime to come! Ah, ponytale, this time I couldn’t resist and reserved one pillow… This is impossible not to have one and want to hug it – with all the caution, obvious!

    So happy!!!!

  22. @ponytale Yay nakama pillow buddies~XD I will purposely put this pillow akira side up~♥
    I still want the first pillow too i wish someone would just sell the cover only it’d be cheaper.;v;

    @ imacatlover you do have a awesome mother~ ;w; My family is really closed minded, i can’t wait to hear what they say when they see this. XD

    1. So excited about getting the cushions ^^ Yeah if only they also sell the cushion by the cover too. It’ll probably be cheaper I guess.

  23. Aaaaah!! Yup, I’d definitely get it if it was Viewfinder.XD I missed the pre-order for the Yamane Ayano Special Collection box back then so it would be retribution time if there was a pillow released.XDXD

    @imacatlover: I just went through half of the 1st chapter of the manga in manga fox. The story is so dark, I’m afraid I’m beginning to not like it.T_T

  24. @sigma Yeah… I have the same problem xDD When my friends come over, I don’t mind showing them my pillow, but family outside my brother and parents… exuse me while I’m going to find a nice pillowcase! xD;;;

    My mom thinks the first pillow is quite sexy, and laughed at me when I told her I accedently bought it, when I didn’t knew it had a sexy side. However, I couldn’t pull that trick again a second time, so I decided to just be honest and show her the second pillow…

    My mom: OMG… You’re almost just looking right at his peen… .___.;; *stares doubtfully at me before bursting into laughter*

    Yeah… I do not want to hear my fathers reaction about it, cause my mother made me ashamed enough… I think I’ll forever ruin that sweet image they have of me… xD

    @akachan03 Thank you! I tried it too, and it works for me. Only 51 pillows left, though o—O;; This goes way too fast xD I’m happy you got a change to order this pillow, though! Alot of people didn’t get the first one, so I’m happy I could warn everybody about the second one ^^

    @joysatrandom Trust me, once you get addicted to the manga, you want to find the CG’s of the game. Then, you utterly fall in love with Togainu, and after fangirling and waisting all your money on sexy goods, you get interested in Nitro+Chiral… it only begins there, I tell you! xDD After that, it wil be Lamento and Sweet Pool, and before you know it, you’ve spent alot on figures, pillows, mugs, flags and other merch… ^^;;

    @ponytale Wow, that picture looks indeed like Akira’s pose! Akira is sexier, though haha xD

    Yeah, I guess you have a point with that. This time, Shiki has that awesome smirk directed at you! The way both of them are printed, is like they want you to buy two, so you can put them face-to-face or something xD Luckily, we both have bought two, so it’s time for pillow smex!! x’DD (now I only need to find a cheap first edition pillow, so I have two of the first one too, hurhur.)

    I will find Shiki and Akira on a pillow hot, no matter what. I think I will still buy another pillow, if it would show up. What I would like, though, is a little bit more colour in the pillow. I liked that the first pillow had these soft pastel green sheets. They went well with their uniforms, Akira’s hair and of course that sexy body… *w* I think all the white is suppozed to make Akira look more innocent… *coughcough* Maybe they should have used a deep red or something *___*

    9000 yen for a Dakimakura sounds cheap! Well… for a Dakimakura anyway… And OMG, I have to tell you this! Before I got my first Togainu pillow, I was browsing on Yahoo Auctions Japan, and one of the pillows got sold at 56625 Yen…. T-that’s like 627USD/455 euro… @___@ I wonder if that Japanese person hates themselves right now… Even ebay is cheaper, homg…! And it must have sucked even more, when later, the rest of the pillows got sold at 8500 to 10100 yen… I’m happy Animaxis thought of me =w=;;

    1. @imacatlover: LOL your mum sounds really cool XD and yeah I couldn’t help but stare at Akira’s private area thinking if he was anatomically drawn XD That pose of his is just draws your eyes towards there!

      Totally agrees with you about what you told joysatrandom. Once you get a real taste of TnC, it’s a somewhat happy throt down the dark path of Nitro+Chiral’s BL merch and added conflict with the wallet.

      Yeah Akira is definitely sexier XD Estee Lauder used this series of Y-shirt clad beauties to great effect. I was quite attracted by them when I first saw the ads on walls of shopping malls.

      Woo~ Pillow smex! The angles are perfect! I think white looks nice! Dark red would look awesome too. As for paying astronomical prices for limited mechandises, I think the important thing is we shouldn’t lose our heads over such things ^^;;; That person who paid so much probably regretted it the moment the auction closed x_x

      Yeah, Animaxis has very good service! Yes! Let’s wait for cushion no. 3! Please give us a Dakimakura!

      @Ri: go grab it! XD

  25. It’s a good thing I know nothing of Togainu no Chi. Mwehehe.XD

    I plan to start with reading the manga version, now that i was informed by an online friend that it has one.

    But these pillows look fantastic!!>_< If I was a fan, I'd definitely get them. Expensive though.=(

  26. Thank you so much! You don’t know how happy this had made me. Thank you! I missed the pre-order for the previous one and had to use a proxy for it, which costed me a lot @_@ Akira looks so pretty in here ^^

    @imacatlover (I hope you don’t mind me answering for ponytale): you can check the quantity they have left by putting in a large amount, say 100, they’ll then tell you whether they have that much in the basket page. I think they have about 60 left now. :) Btw, thanks for alerting ponytale about this. ^^

  27. Btw, how can you see that there are only 71 pillows left for order? I looked at the page, but couldn’t find it…

  28. Ah! You posted it!! *___* And hee, I see this time you ordered one too! xDD I geuss nobody can say no to Y-shirt!Akira, haha!

    Though I think that the first Shiki was sexier than this one… Maybe because he was a little bit more revealing… When I heard about another pillow comming up, I really hoped Shiki would show us some flesh too xD…

    I wonder if another Shiki and Akira set is comming after this. Maybe we will have sexy in leather Akira! :D Though… no wheelchair Shiki please… :(

  29. Kyaaa~~! omg i love you for posting this~! *dies*/*ordered*
    (because i’m poor i had to choose the cheapest shipping method to save a few dollars. It’s okay im patient person. XD)

    Wah going to have a hard time explaining this to family an friends when they come over.;;

    1. @sigma: XD Now we’re all nakama with sexy male cushions that get us weird looks! I think this Akira is less intense than the previous one tho’ but I’ll probably still put it Shiki-side up when everybody is around lol.

      @imacatlover: I POSTED and I ORDERED! OMG… Akira has a nice pose and expression (o^^o) I could’ve sworn I saw a similar pose on a perfume ad before where all the models were wearing Y-shirts lol… ah found it. It reminds me of this shot:

      This Shiki looks like he is going to get on with Akira after he sheathes his blade or something XD I would’ve liked it if the previous Shiki was looking up at us instead of away.

      They must give us something more for the next pillow. I wonder how they plan to outdo this one, so probably a more sexy Shiki instead? And how about a full-sized one? XD I don’t mind if it is just the cover… (then at least we can save some shipping on the cushion itself)

      @akachan03: I thank imacatlover too cos I like the design of this cushion more than the previous one XD Yeah I checked the quantity like the way you explained hehe

      @joysatrandom: yeah, you saved a lot of $$$ for not being a fan XD I know someone who spent 9000 Yen for a Hibari (Reborn) full-sized dakimakura cover but it isn’t something sexy like this. You would get it if it was viewfinder, right?

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