Goods: No… OBJECTION! 1/10 Bishonen Figure (Mitsurugi Reiji, Gyakuten Kenji 2)

Oh my! What a bishi!

Finally, bad boy prosecutor Mitsurugi Reiji 御剣 怜侍 (Miles Edgeworth) gets immortalised in his very own figure statue! :D and he sure is yummy! I have a feeling they’ll release his counterpart defense lawyer, Ace Attorney Naruhodo Ryuichi 成歩堂 龍一 (Phoenix Wright) in another packaging after everybody has already ordered this set ^^;;;

A quick note about buying this figure. This figure is only available as a free gift from the Limited Edition and Extended Edition of the Nintendo DS game package. Don’t buy the wrong ones if you want this figure!

If I’m not wrong, they are Capcom store exclusives, so be prepared to shell out extra moolah for middlemen services. Why? Cos I tried buying from the website direct but they refused to accept my non-Japanese issued credit card (T_T)

Title: Gyakuten Kenji 2 Limited Edition (NDS) / e-capcom exclusive specials included (Mistsurugi version)
逆転検事2 LIMITED EDITION(NDS) /イーカプコン限定特典付き(御剣ver.)
8,000 Yen (w/tax)
DS game, Special CD and DVD, 1/10 scaled PVC Figure and Strap
Playasia: Order page (Thanks Jes for the heads up!) Their pre-order allocation has sold out but you might still get lucky if somebody cancels their order. Personally I’m going to go for the middleman service just in case. =_=;;;
Big in Japan: Order page (Thanks Nagara9 for the heads up!) Do a comparison with your favourite middleman service and see which is more affordable.

Title: Gyakuten Kenji 2 Extended Edition (NDS) / e-capcom exclusive specials included (Mistsurugi version)
逆転検事2 LIMITED EDITION(NDS) /イーカプコン限定特典付き(御剣ver.)
Price: 7,140 Yen (w/tax)
Includes: DS game, 1/10 scaled PVC Figure, Strap
Both Available: 03 February 2011

Update: Nagara9 found an online store that ships the above internationally. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve not tried them before. Seems to be new. You can give them a try: Big in Japan

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20 thoughts on “Goods: No… OBJECTION! 1/10 Bishonen Figure (Mitsurugi Reiji, Gyakuten Kenji 2)”

  1. I have been a fan of Sugita Tomokazu for quite awhile. He played Sumeragi Subaru in X, who just happened to be my favorite character. I can’t wait for the starry sky anime. I’m totally excited. Sorry to go so far off topic.

    1. @Nagara9: I <3 Subaru too. He was one of my top fav characters. I couldn't watch X the TV series even though I have the DVDs OTL;;; because Tokyo Babylon and X-OVA made me really emo and I still don't want to find out if the same thing happened in the series. But at that time I wasn't familiar with seiyuus so I have no idea that Sugita voiced him until today lol.

      Me too… Animate just announced that the DVD for Starry Sky anime vol. 1 is available for preorder.

  2. @Ponytale- When the first Hakuouki statue comes out, I will absolutely leave feedback about this site. Be it good, or bad. They seem to order exclusive items for out of Japan people so I’m really hopeful. I’ll let you know.

    I thought Azusa looked pretty good. I really want a Kanata Nanami (pisces). Unfortunately I don’t know Japanese well enough to listen to the cds. I have played through Starry Sky~in Spring, and enjoyed that quite a bit.

    1. @Nagara9: That’ll be great XDD I’m hopeful about their service too! ^^

      Kanata Nanami is voiced by Sugita Tomokazu (Kyon, Keisuke, Gintoki) XD little wonder you love him kekeke Starry Sky is definitely one of the most successful franchises out there.

  3. @ Ponytale-I actually had one of my contacts pre-order it straight from Capcom before I found this, however I did pre-order the Hakuouki statues from them. This is my first order from them, so I don’t really know anything yet, but I thought it might be good to pass on the link.

    Also on the note of Altair, they are working on a figure of Kinose from Starry Sky. I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not, but I really hope they make more ;D

    1. @Nagara9: The link is definitely helpful! *hugz* Please continue to share your links and tips with us XD I just wanted to be careful and indicate that they are new… I mean none of us have completed an order with them yet, so I thought it was better to mention it :O

      HE IS CUUUTE!!! I tell ya… once they started ONE, you’ll be sure they’ll do all the 13 boys. Do you listen to the Starry Sky series? If I remembered correctly Kinose Azusa (Sagittarius) is voiced by Fukuyama Jun :3 I want my Gemini boy too! Seems like the blood-letting won’t ease on the bank account in the coming year too.

  4. @ponytale: Here’s the link

    Coming out in April 2011! ^^ The temptation to nab both is very high lol, and those chibi DRRR figures are way cute too!

    If I don’t have too many pre-orders I might try to get them both, then again it also depends when those 1/8 scale Shizuo and Izaya figures by Altair will be coming out, can’t wait to see those–that’s another thing i’m looking forward to next year.

    1. @Jima: Oh my~ Izaya’s pillow cover is cute X3 If I can only get one, I’ll get him. Woah, Altair is doing the boys? Awesome! Let’s wait for more pix to be revealed of the 1/8 duo :D

  5. Err not sure if my comment went through since I don’t see it. I’ll post it again (however, feel free to delete it if you see it twice orz)

    As I was saying, I’d totally buy this for the figure only (it looks fantastic!). I haven’t played any of the Phoenix Wright games though (I think I’m the only one who hasn’t played them lol).

    And off topic but have you seen the Durarara!! Shizuo and Izaya dakimakura’s that are coming out next year? :D

    1. @Nagara9: Thanks for the link! I’ll add it to the post ^^ Are you ordering yours from them?

      @Jima: gaa it went into the spam folder *_* sorry about that. I’m sure there are many people who haven’t played the game before :D

      OMG. lol~ official Shizaya dakimakura? XD No I haven’t seen it yet. Do you have pix or links?

  6. If I had cash floating in my wallet I’d totally buy that just for the figure (it looks amazing!), even though I haven’t played the games yet (I think I’m the only one who hasn’t played them yet lol).

    And off topic but have you seen the Durarara!! Shizuo and Izaya dakimakura’s that are coming out next year? :D

  7. Still no news of the Asami doll figurine? I’m dying to see how it’s like, since the figurine of Youji had to be canceled(?)/post-pone(?) because the prototype broke? T_T

    1. @hirochan: Nope. I don’t think we’ll see any prototypes until maybe March 2011 at least? But I’m just guessing. This is unlikely to be canceled cos it’s commissioned by a few big companies. Youji’s figure was unfortunate tho… :-\

  8. @Anika – Thanks for dropping by :) I’ve used a number of middlemen services before and I’ve tried the following without problems.
    2) (previously crescent)
    Their prices can vary with your shipping destination, so you can also consider getting them to give you a quotation for comparison. All of them accept paypal. For this time, I’m using to get this item. Usually they’ll require full payment before buying the item for you. Hope this helps!

  9. Hi! I’m a long time lurker, but I was just wondering, do you have any recommendations for middlemen services? I reaaally want this figure but I’ve never gone through middlemen before… =_=;

  10. Wow they made an figure of him! He looks really nice!
    I’ve always wanted to play this game.

    Capcom has been making a lot of exclusives lately. I was really sad to find out how many Okami exclusives they made recently.(huge plush of okami and a okami pvc! Super expensive on ebay….;_;)

    1. @sigma: The games are entertaining and addictive ^^ clever too. I was only a little disappointed they were not voiced lol~ actually I won’t be surprised if the series becomes an anime one day.

      Yeah, I saw those Okami exclusives on their store… :-\ making fans’ lives difficult but I guess they won’t be considered exclusives if they are easily available OTL;;;

    1. @Jes: Thanks for the heads-up! However, Playasia’s preorder allocation has already sold out… that’s why the order page is like that. Unless somebody cancels their order, it’ll be listed as sold out when the stock arrives :-\ But I’ll add the link into the post. Thanks ^^ Did you manage to order yours from them? :D

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