Goods: Nitro+Chiral plushies (halloween version)

Just when I resolved to stop buying plushies orz;;;

These are based on Yupon’s illustrations of the ukes, Akira, Konoe, Youji from 2010. See this post.This means we can expect the semes to be made sometime down the road… omg our wallets!!!

This is a classic case of being careful with what you wish for because it might just come true! If you see my old post back in 2011, these plushies were exactly what I wished for when I was reviewing the Nitro+CHiRAL 5 Years artbook orz;;;

Location: 浅草橋ヒューリックホール
Date: 24 October 2015
Time: 11:00 am – 5:00pm

If I’m not wrong, these boys are only available via “special lots” tickets which costs 800 Yen each. I’ll update again when more details are available.

Judging from the detail, I think you can expect a damage of at least 4,000 Yen per plush. And that’s not including shipping and proxy fees since so far most Nitro+Chiral plushies are not sold in usual hobby stores that ship internationally.

Anyway, Aoba’s illustration should be new. I haven’t been very updated with the latest developments, so I could be wrong.

If I can only have one, I’ll go for Konoe. Me and my neko-mimi fetish :P followed by Akira.

Gift will reveal more details when their special site for Summer comiket is launched this weekend :)

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3 thoughts on “Goods: Nitro+Chiral plushies (halloween version)”

  1. These are great!!*Q*
    I’m with you on the Konoe one because he looks the best and cutest!XD I doubt I will buy though because to much. Akira and Yuji look okay, but I’m not sure what to think about Aoba.O_O;; Some how the white disconnects him from his head?*shot*

    1. I just saw the artwork of Aoba that has him in this outfit! Whoa The picture is amazing!! (can has figure of him like that?lol) *Q* Wish it translated better to plushie form.XD

  2. As the Kuji is only available on the 24th and tickets will be crazily limited for sure I bet the plushes and tapestries won’t go for under 10000 Yen each. Especially the Aoba tapestry will be crazy expensive on the aftermarket. I expect 20-30k before proxy fees. I secured 11 Kuji tries with my proxy,hope I get at least one plush or tapestry,I really want Aoba ><

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