Goods: Nendroid Character Vocaloid Series 02 Ren Kagamine Pre-order

Discovered a sweetie from Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Series, Kagamine Len (Kagamine Ren). The 10cm tall figure will be released late October 2008.

He reminds me of Sora from Kingdom Hearts XD I like the unhappy face with the pout. So cute! *pinch cheeks*

He has a twin sister too ^^ Kagamine Rin. Since I’m going to get her brother, I figured I should get him his sister too.

The characters are designed by illustrator Kei, and based on a sound-mixing software published by Yamaha.

An additional note, the “Draw a face” feature is actually achieved by pasting stickers that ship with the figure. If I read the text correctly, that is. ^^

Official Site:

So far, the Nendoroid series of figures are very cute. Their parts are also interchangable too and you can cosplay the characters with one another ^^ I have to exercise all my willpower to not buy all the ones I liked ^^” The only Nendoroid I think looks strange is the Nendoroid petite Kyon from the Haruhi no Yuutsu (Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi).

Anyway, when the little ones arrive, my small Nendoroid collection will go up to 5. The other ones I have are the re-issue of L, Light and Ryuk. Pity they didn’t re-issue Misa-misa (Not that I like her character but… her Nendoroid is kinda sweet.)

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20 thoughts on “Goods: Nendroid Character Vocaloid Series 02 Ren Kagamine Pre-order”

  1. Yep, I’m very, very happy too! I’m also broken but made this sacrifice cos Len is Len, he’s the only nendoroid that I was really waiting for a resale (Zetsubo sensei as well, but Len cames 1st to me). But if I already had a Len I wouldn’t get this new one, pompoms and megaphone are cute but not enough to make me buy another Len. Likewise I won’t buy a cheerful Japan Kaito if they release it.

    Ah, about harem, my Kaito have Hayate and wanted Hideyoshi for him, I call him trapslaver XD but my nendos live a very rotative lovelife, Hideyoshi is with Date until Yukimura arrives, and Prince nendo is coming, maybe he end up with Arawn? What a mess! XD

    1. @Planck-chan: XD yay! Its a great feeling to know a couple will finally be reunited <3

      Lol the boys are free and easy but that's good. Otherwise they'll be so lonely. I read that Date will be reissued when Yukimura is up for preorder. Good news for many who missed out too huh.

      If they reissued sensei I'll try to get another one. Somehow I find him such an amusing character, I really like to have at least 1 more copy of him.

  2. Oh my, pony, have you seen? Len is for re-release! In fact, it’s the Support version, the same nendoroid but comes with cute items like ponpons! It’s GSC shop exclusive, and I ordered mine using a proxy cos I wasn’t too much confident in GSC shipping after Miku issues, and proxy give me SAL option which is better for Brazil than EMS (an easy target for Custom taxes!). I miss this sweetie so much, finally Kaito will have his company!

    1. @planck-chan: yeah I saw the news about Cheerful Japan Len! And the horrible mess they made with Miku’s shipping :((

      It’s great that your Kaito won’t be lonely anymore :D I’ll be happy with just one Len for now cos I’m too broke already ^^;; My Kaito will not be able to have his harem of Lens as long as my bank account doesn’t cooperate lol~

      There’s also rumour that Kaito will be reissued soon. I wonder if they’re going to do it as a support version as well.

  3. I think it should be レン (Re~n) according to the characters but… it seems that most sites (including many online hobby shops_ romanize it as “Len” perhaps due to the way the Japanese pronounce R which always sounds very much like L. ^^; Oh well. I’ll stick to Ren. I popped by your blog, lovely pics you’ve got there.

  4. Not vacation but work-related vacation. LOL
    Dunno the exact time, all i can tell you now is early next month.
    (actually she’s hubby’s friend rather than mine) she done similar shopping last year too
    as long the item is not too big, then probably okay, coz i think she use economy class so only 20 kgs max.

    Nope, different friend. this friend doesn’t like anime/manga but occasionally buy some figurines if it’s cute enough

  5. kekeke is she the one who said she wanted to draw a butt on the face? XD I absolutely love the chubby cheeks… so cuuuute. The first character Hatsune Miku in the nendroid vocaloid series is also very cute too but I shall resist…. resist… resist…

    Ooo… wow that’ll be nice… wah~ is she going for vacation? can I ride 1 or 2 items on your animate shopping list? When would be she exactly? :O Can email me? XD Thanks!

  6. My friend wants to buy both Vocaloid. (Rin and Len), told me she fell in love with the yellow hair and cheek.

    Eh, i have friend going to Japan next month, do you need any help in buying certain figures/stuff? Who knows my friend can help. I’m going to ask her to buy some stuffs in Animate too.
    She’s a friend working at publishing company (translating-publishing Japanese manga to Indo ver)

  7. Of course lol~ XD

    Sure, let’s see how best to make the costumes fit the company’s identity ^^)b I don’t want us to look out of place either hehe.

    Business comes first when it comes to the exhibition loh… must prioritise :)

  8. haha you ever use that funny wig before?

    i’m going to send you my company’s logo. maybe that can give some inspiration or make things more confusing haha..
    the simplest idea i can get is us wearing red yukata (company logo is red) with obi (made in batik) and using neko mimi.
    well maybe we have to find wooden clogs as well..
    It’s like Dr Seuss’ cat in the hat but it’s cat in yukata XD

    Strong possibility of me have to go to Bali in Dec, i realize i have to manage my budget carefully, so i cannot waste much money in cosplay.

  9. Ah~ which reminds me, I do have some funny wigs, like an afro ^^” lol the ones you use for halloween parties, so we can try a Keroro afro gunso hehehe…

    I think the neko-mimi shouldn’t be hard to do… we need a hair-band and some fluffy “fur” fabric that can be bought from craft shops. What colour do you want for your neko mimi? I’ve not made any before so I’ll need to experiment a bit. XD

  10. you can draw face and show it to your friend or loved ones in web cam/pics/MMS…
    sorta giving message.

    Still water soluble marker can make the face dirty, have to clean/wipe it well.
    but i’m pretty lazy, i can be satisfied by not drawing his face.

  11. Yea, so far I’ve not seen figures that have that feature :D

    Your friend has a wierd sense of humour lol~ xD but drawing a butt would just mean drawing a really big W isn’t it? hehehe well, if they do provide a magic marker, it sure is going to be fun.

    The challenge for the boy would definitely be the hair kekeke.

  12. So it’s not actually ‘draw a face’ heh? but still it’s a good idea.

    Well i thought they give some sorta magic marker XD
    I almost spilled my tea when my friend told me to draw a ‘butt’ on the face.
    Their costumes are pretty neat. Should we consider theirs as ‘our costume’ in the expo? (modified of course)

  13. If I understood the text correctly, they’ll provide “seals” (stickers) that you can paste onto the face hehe. I think maybe water soluble markers can do the trick too?

    I think the sister is also pretty cute too and they’ll look good together XD

  14. How the ‘draw a face’ work?

    The big white ribbon tht popped out of her head is annoying, i prefer his brother only.
    Ah well, might buy from amazon JP.

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