Goods: Nendoroid School Life Play Sets

Play Set APlay Set B

Awesome little props for our Nendoroid figures! It’s about time they did something like this!

Nendoroid Play Set School Life Set A comes with:

  • 2 Walls (window and blackboard)
  • floor piece
  • desk and chair set
  • notebook PC (opened)
  • yakisoba bread
  • milk carton
  • chalk
  • a blackboard eraser and
  • a clutch pencil

Set B contains:

  • 2 walls (door and blackboard)
  • floor, desk and chair
  • desktop PC (case, monitor and mouse)
  • notebook (closed)
  • sandwich
  • milk carton and
  • clutch pencil

Play Set A and B

Priced quite reasonably at 1890 Yen (w tax) each and estimated to arrive in December 2008. I’ll be watching out for the pre-orders when available. Cool thing is… you can combine the sets to create the classroom! :D

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11 thoughts on “Goods: Nendoroid School Life Play Sets”

  1. News just out that Goodsmile will make a Nendoroid Kaito *sweatdrop* They’re milking us for all we’re worth. =_= He is cute too but I won’t get him. I’ll consider if they made a Figma out of him tho’ xD

    Yeah… I’m already stretched really thin for collecting Figmas. I started on the Haruhi Figmas because of Figma Itsuki. I thought his smiling face looked quite handsome and watched the anime because of him *falls down* But fortunately Figmas are a little cheaper than Nendoroids. x_x

  2. Wahh! You have all the cool ones! Len and Rin are just so cute!;A;

    I agree that lucky star and haruhi series just has to many versions…X_X

  3. @akiyama: doesn’t seem like they are limited edition but better grab first just in case since re-issues usually take a long time to surface. xD That’s awesome… please take a pic of your display and post it too!

    @Fuuga: Light Nendoroid is such a cutie! He is my fav too. I currently have normal L, Light and Ryuk reissues and Merissa (Melissa?) Seraphy. Pre-ordered Merissa Seraphy Devil version and Vocaloids Len (Ren?) and Rin xD

    I didn’t dare start on Lucky Star and Suzumiya Haruhi Nendoroids cos there are just too many to collect. I passed on the super popular Vocaloid Miku too. My wallet cannot take the stress x_x

  4. this is not a limited item izzit?
    i probably get it once i already have a specific casing to display the nendoroids.

    but you’re rite, the price is reasonable.

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