Goods: Nendoroid Kaito Cheerful Japan Support version (Vocaloid, Goodsmile)

This is a MUST-GET! No more hair-pulling and stress from the words “SOLD OUT!”.

Title: Nendoroid Kaito Cheerful ver. ねんどろいど KAITO 応援ver.
Price: 3000 Yen (w/tax)
Preorder period: 11th October 2011 at 11:00(JST) until the 27th October 2011 at 20:00(JST).
Available: Late March 2012
Purchase Limit: 5 per person.
Order exclusively from Goodsmile’s online store
1) International – and
2) Japan –

This Kaito version comes with the same smiling face and ice cream as the original Nendoroid Kaito, but also comes with a new body, a folding fan and pompons.

A red paper-craft headband is included for him to wear. I think this Kaito is by far the best out of all the other released Cheerful Japan series of figures.

For each figure sold, Good Smile Company will donate 1000 Yen to aid relief efforts in Japan.

As Kaito will be made-to-order, everyone who ordered him will be able to own him this time! Remember to order him during this period if you’ve missed out on the previous reissues!

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What is ‘Cheerful Japan!’?
Cheerful Japan! is a collaboration project between Good Smile Company and other figure makers to help support the relief efforts in Northern Japan. Every month for the next year we will be announcing a new charity project on the 11th of each month. We hope the money donated will help Japan get back on it’s feet even if it’s just a little bit faster!

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25 thoughts on “Goods: Nendoroid Kaito Cheerful Japan Support version (Vocaloid, Goodsmile)”

  1. For me it’s all a matter of money XD Each doll has been a bit less than 40 euros and customs will be around 30 euros (I hope so ^^u) that’s 55 each, and I prefer to know I really have them, and avoid any final surprise.

    Btw, it’s strange that any shop lets you pay on the release date when the articles have to be paid in advance, lucky you! ;)

  2. well if i have to chose btw 50 euros and customs or 60 euros later, i prefer paying 60 euros lol
    ive been there with customs before and i didnt like it -.-
    and trust me, if they are really shipping using EMS you WILL get caught by customs…

  3. @shirokaze: and why not order directly through the official site? I’m from Spain too, and have ordered 2 (one for me, one for my sister ^^) Even if you order just 1 Kaito, there will be 50 euros and you would pay for customs (if any) in March…

    On the other hand, I never saw for sale one of these exclusives after the reservation deadline, and being limited to only 5 per person, later it will be really expensive, wouldn’t be?

    If only I would have had money when Len was released UU

    btw, it’s been a long time since my last comment ^.^U

  4. @ponytale
    as far as i know kaito comes with 2 bodies, the regular one and the cheerleader one.
    and yeah, i decided to pre order it from a local store. its 60euros there x.x
    its expensive, but “only” 10 euro more if i try to get it by proxy/store. i also wont have to worry about customs, and i’ll pay it later :P

    1. @Shirokaze: O_O that’s REALLY expensive OTL;;; but it has its benefits for you I guess. And not having to worry about customs is a big mega plus! DX

  5. @ponytale: yeppp, I’m glad he comes with so many accessories. I only managed to buy one since it’s all I can afford right now :)

  6. @ponytail
    yeah, i know its an exclusive. but theres no group order for my country atm ~.~
    i’ll have to buy it from a local store… so expensive Q.Q
    the good thing is that i dont have to pay right away, but just wait for its release :P
    sigh… expensive x.x

  7. @ponytail
    aw! i want to get 2 too! Dx gakuran is so full of win!
    but im so broke right now, and does any1 know if yes asia is reliable for pre-orders like this?

    i searched their entire faq, but i cant find anything on pre orders -.- i dont know if i have to pay now or what…
    i just dont want to pre order from them and then come up with the surprise that they are out of stock…
    doing this since i cant find a group order for spain >_>

    1. @Shirokaze: This is a goodsmile store exclusive so you can only get it from their online store :O

      For in-stock goods, is ok but they’re not very reliable when it comes to preorder or rare goods, so I won’t recommend it.

  8. Out of all the vocaloids, Kaito’s my favorite and I agree, that this is the best Cheerful version out of the other 3! So i didn’t bother getting those other ones but this is a must have! I missed out on his first one so I’m definitely getting this! Actually, I already ordered him! Even though I wasn’t supposed to buy anything. That gakuran is *___*. LOL moe~~ I have a gakuran fetish lolol.

    1. @momo: hehe gakuran body wins! And so many fun uses for it xD we can put other nendo boy’s heads on it.

      Compared to the other vocaloid releases, the normal version Kaito has the least accessories, so this version really makes up for it.

      How many did u buy? XD if I can afford I wanna get 2…

  9. Hnnnnnnng, Gakuran… I-…he’s too cute! Ow, he got me right in the wallet… Gakuran is absolutely irresistable ; u ;”

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