Goods: Need an extra hand for your bag? Gintoki + Elizabeth to the rescue! (Gintama)

It has been a while since I bought anything anime/manga-related that is remotely useful…

Measuring about 4 x 4 cm each, these 2 items feature illustrations of two beloved characters from Gintama (銀魂), the hugely popular manga created by Sorachi Hideaki. Let’s see…You may be thinking they’re just typical straps that we use to decorate our bags and such… HOWEVER! There’s more to it than meets the eye!

Since I really like the simple but eye-catching design of Elizabeth, let’s take him/her (lol) out of the packing and use it (?) as an example… After you take Elizabeth out of the packaging, you can flip open the hook-like device. Each piece is made of metal parts that feels quite sturdy and the illustration is printed on a matte plastic surface. On the back of the device , there’s a thin layer of “resistance-like” material (not sure how to describe that).

Pic shows the front and back of the device.

Hang it on the side of a table and viola! You can hang your hand-carry items on it now. ^^ I think this is rather useful, especially when we eat at smaller eateries that do not have an empty seat for us to put our bags, shopping bags or any other “hangable” items on.

According to the instructions, each bag hanger can hold up to 5 kg of stuff! But I wouldn’t really test out the claim if I have expensive breakable items in my bag… just in case :P

And you also get to see Elizabeth’s wide-eyed stare (or chibi Gin-san’s cute face) at you everytime you use it!

Love it <3 That also means it is highly unlikely that you’ll forget to retrieve your items when it’s time to leave the place! Cos I’m the type who tend to forget to take smaller items like an umbrella if I leave it by the side or under the the table.

Front of packaging:

Back of packaging:

Each piece of チャームバッグハンガー Chi ya mu Bagu Hanga~ (Charm Bag Hanger?) costs 683 Yen but Animaxis sells them as a set together for 1,365 yen.

I know there are cheaper alternatives out there in the market that costs probably half of that :3 but they are decorated by Elizabeth and Gintoki (^3^)v I like.

Anyway, if you like Hakuouki, you can also consider the upcoming ones that feature all the main male characters in the game. I was tempted but figured since I already ordered the Gintama ones that I’m really pleased with, I shouldn’t be spending extra $$$ on the Hakuouki ones.

Animaxis is taking preorders for them. Do a quick search on their site with “portable bag hangers” and you’ll see the full list on preorder. Selling fast!

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Need an extra hand for your bag? Gintoki + Elizabeth to the rescue! (Gintama)”

  1. They have a bag hanger that comes with the platinum and gold sets of Tokimemo GS3. o: But it doesn’t look really nice so I gave it a pass in the end. And if they ever decide to make one for the other two games, I really hope they don’t just plaster the character’s face on it. XD

    I’d prefer them using the… ‘key’ item of each game in the series. X3 Like a four leaf clover for the first game, a seashell in the second, and a five petaled primrose for the third. <3

    1. @Luvi: ah icic… you didn’t buy the platinum set? :O that saved you quite a bit of moolah there.

      I would like it too if it was quirky like Gintama’s Elizabeth design or more classy ones using your suggestion. If Animaxis sold it separately, I probably wouldn’t have bought Gintoki’s chibi version altho it also looks cute :3

  2. Yup! I don’t use it anymore so I gave it to my mom. …And she’s using it to hang bananas now. OTL

    I would get a new one, too. If I ever come across one with the character I like on it. 8D

  3. Bag hangers have been around for a very long time. I have one from 13 years ago. :D
    But they seem to be getting popular again in Japan. XD

    1. @Luvi: That’s a long time! XD I didn’t know that. One of my friends has it and I thought it was quite useful when I first saw it. I have been thinking of getting my own one of these days but I forgot about it until I saw this pair on sale hehe. Since I got into Gintama just recently I was quite happy to buy it XD

    1. @Sunomiya: Ooo~ have you made purchases there before? :O my main concern about buying things off auctions like these is their authenticity :3 I don’t want to spend a lot of $ and find that I bought bootlegs, especially figures :(

  4. Lol, I’m sorry for bombarding you with posts, but I actually found the plushies for a cheaper price! I know you might already have them or know about them, but just in case you don’t and are interested, here goes:

    Aw, Germany’s sold out.

    Btw, the pictures don’t do them justice.

    1. @Razberry: lol~ no worries XD I -almost- ordered the Italy “flying” pose one when I first saw it for preorder. However budget constraints, so I decided not to. Their prices are quite normal for plushies of similar size: 3000~3500 Yen ^^ So if you consider adding their shipping costs, $150 isn’t a bad deal for all 3 of them at your Kinokuniya store.

      I preferred the smaller ones that were produced by movic… e.g. Germany: and those are the ones you saw on ebay. The prices of the out-of-print ones on ebay are incredible. About 3 times the original price and that’s without shipping :P

      I think the Gintama fabric tray can be quite useful too! You can use it to hold your stationery and accessories ^^ but the down side is, you won’t be able to see the illustrations when the items are inside lol.

  5. Oops, I should have been more specific up there…I meant the NEW plushies for the three of them. eBay actually has Japan and Italy at about the same price. Wow, now that I look at some of the other selections there and how expensive those are, I guess the price on these new ones really isn’t that bad. I wish I was rich.

  6. Kyaaaaaah! I didn’t know you liked Gintama too!! You are just awesome! And those purse holders are so damn cute! I want the Gin one! Btw, I must say I just love the cute merchandise that’s coming from Gintama because of the movie…the other day I just saw a fabric tray of Gin-chan, Hijikata, and Okita. I cannot imagine it being useful in any way but it was just too cute.

    Btw, since you’re a fellow Hetalia fan, I must mention this: have you seen the plushies for Germany, Japan and Italy?? I just saw them at my local Kinokuniya yesterday and literally flipped out…both from the cuteness and the price. They are the most adorable plushies I’ve seen in a long long time but they were like $49 each! And we’re not talking about large sized plushies…they were like just the regular/medium sized ones. Germany’s in his training uniform, Japan is kneeling on a tatami mat with a cup of tea, and Italy is like in mid-flying daydream mode, all splayed out. I can almost hear him saying “paastaaaa!!!”. Man, I want them so bad but that’s like almost $150 for all three of them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen plushies that size that expensive. Waaaah.

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