Goods: Natsume’s bishonen figure! (Natsume Yuujin Chou)

Natsume Takashi

Natsume is finally made into a lovely bishonen figure!

Saw an update of upcoming figures and stumbled upon this pic of a very beautiful statue of Natsume and Nyanko-sensei sculpted from the official artwork of Natsume Yuujin Chou 夏目友人帳 by Alter.

This will probably thrill bishonen statue collectors. I’m tempted too. The entire sculpt and his facial expression is near perfect replica from the original artwork. Nothing to complain about Nyako-sensei. Looks grand/cute as ever XD

Slated for release in July 2010

Damage: 7140Yen

Preorder: Amiami and Animate exclusive

As a side note, we can also look forward to figma Bakemonogatari characters (I hope ALL of them get a figma! Especially Araragi and come with all his hair pieces expressions lol!)


There’s even a Thriller figma Michael Jackson *shock*


Oh there are Evangelion figmas coming up too… but the boys are nowhere to be seen. Only the girls in their plug-suits. Well, hopefully they also make the boys too.

Thank goodness for these previews… they help to budget for must-have items ^^;;;

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28 thoughts on “Goods: Natsume’s bishonen figure! (Natsume Yuujin Chou)”

  1. my rooms a big mess right now too. (i don’t understand i clean up an it take me so long yet…it only takes a few hours for it to get messy again even when i’m careful not to make a mess.) I’m usually in a rush/late to get out the door that i trample/throw things.;;;

    I love the natsume figure an apprently my mom did too;; She wanted to put it in her room;;XD

    ugh i think my mail man hates me.;; Mainly because i order to much in packages lately, that he hates to walk to my door sense im never home to answer.;
    i seem to be having trouble with packages from out of state also.;_;
    So far almost everyone has been open. The mini package you sent me was kinda open too. I’m lucky nothing was damaged.

    ~~~~LOL~ our parents don’t get it right XDD as of now, I’m putting T-shirt Akira side up. No comment from either of them yet lol~lol Yes, Nitro+Chiral should know by now from the sales figures of their cushions that WE WANT MATCHING SHEETS!!!XDD

    lol! yes yes! XD
    daww i think my dad came in my room this week an saw the pillows sense both akira were laying face up;;;; i haven’t heard anything yet from him thank god. how would i explain.;;;

    1. @sigma: yeah he looks so really beautiful! I finally unboxed him ^^ I’m glad I bought him! I took some pics and put him back in the box cos my room is still a mess lol~ including a couple of delivery boxes that are taking up space on the floor. I trample over them a few times already OTL.

      Hmm, I think maybe the post office is being really careful with packages cos of terrorism? :-\

      Hehehe… things are quiet around here too… no comments from parents about the cushion haha XD

  2. Did you get your Natsume figure in? *v*
    I picked mine up from post office today. I love it! Alter is my fav figure company now~ so much detail especially on the tree. *3*

    Oh! I got my Akira (military ver.) pillow in Yesterday (had to put on some pants an chase the mail man down before he almost left again) an omg……..i LOVE it!! Akiras side didn’t get overly wrinkled. *3*
    Why so sexy~
    mom saw them both yet she made a comment on t-shirt Akira. She was like ” you can see his ass.” oh mother that’s the point.;;;

    If they came out with pillows they should make Togainu sheets to match too. XD

    1. @sigma: yep I have!!! Glad you received him too XD I had him a few days back but I haven’t taken him out of the box yet. I’ll do that over the weekend and enjoy him at my own sweet time kekeke. My room is in a big mess right now OTL so that’s partly why I don’t feel like unboxing him yet.

      Hahaha XDD what time did the mail man come? He must be quite impatient to leave so soon.

      LOL~ our parents don’t get it right XDD as of now, I’m putting T-shirt Akira side up. No comment from either of them yet lol~lol Yes, Nitro+Chiral should know by now from the sales figures of their cushions that WE WANT MATCHING SHEETS!!!XDD

  3. I’m looking forward to it too! Yeah this season’s anime is quite duh indeed ^^;;; Durarara!! is very good! Very refreshing. A must watch. I bookmarked a few too but not priority I guess. Heard lots of good things about Skip Beat. Will try to watch one of these days…

  4. AHH omg im so excited thank you for telling me i didn’t even know!XD
    I can’t wait to see her characters animated on screen i hope the animators don’t ruin her style.;

    This seasons animes are ehh. But there are a few jems like ookami kukashi an The book of Bantorra. Durara is a big hit but i have yet to see it. I’ve been watching skip beat an omg its so good! It wasn’t till half way through the series that i noticed mamoru’s voice! He fits the character perfectly its scary…i love it.XD

  5. 0-0 okay now i see why. This makes me happy i didn’t buy them.;;

    I think so i kinda wondered that myself i think it is the original voice actors because there seiyuuing is different from regular seiyuuing lol. i think its still continuing.

  6. lol omg they re-painted there faces there really that bad!?XD
    I need like close ups of there faces to see how bad they are.;

    Hakuoki/Hiiro no kakera pvcs would so rock my world~*_*
    I’d love to see lucky dog an miracle noton figs too. I’d love noboru sensei’s characters an Yes Ai no kusabi~ kyaa so many!! I think loveless/earthian figs would be cute~
    I started watching winter cicada its really interesting i love how they keep with the Korean voices its something different.*v*

    1. Yeah the original paint job was quite dodgy… See this post: hxxp://

      I think after the anime is out this year, we can expect to see at least some Hakuoki PVCs ;) Ah~ how can I forget… Loveless/earthian would make such lovely figs too!

      Ah no worries… we’re always thinking of BL stuff, aren’t we XD Work hard but not TOO hard kekeke… I also need to apply that to myself ^^;;; I’ll probably wait till the winter sonata anime is complete (is it completed yet?) before watching XD It’s voiced by the same actors right?

    1. Yea XD there’s quite a number of upcoming good looking figures to watch out for later part of 2010. But for the boys, so far it’s only Natsume and the potentially yummy Figma Araragi from Bakemonogatari. There’s a number of good looking One Piece PVCs too but since I don’t follow the series, I’m not too hot for them. :D Any particular figures you eyeing?

  7. Thank you planch-chan! XD It’s a nice looking free wordpress theme which I toned down to a greyish-black background ^^ Is the site easier to use? Posts easier to find?

    That’s an awesome suggestion! YES! Val and Havi! :9~ Val does have a drool-some butt kekeke and those demon tattoos WOW! Fantasy figures WILL be great. And I dare the makers to give us R-rated male PVCs that we can strip lol~ XD (better be careful of what I wish for)

  8. Beautiful new site layout!
    Ah, I’d like to see Crimson Spell figures. Val and Havi are gorgeous and have those typical fantasy elements – detailed clothes, swords, long hair – and I can imagine Val as a naked wild demon in a PVC statue, oh my, those buttocks, quite hawt!!!!!

  9. AHHH omg omg rock shooter figma!!! An are those pvc figures!! they look hot definitly on my to get list!*_* sigh Working Overtime here i come….OTL;

    lol, speaking of that what bishi character’s would you like to see become a figure on the market?

    1. Yeah her PVC looks beautiful! The figma version looks lovely too. A must-buy for me as well. O_O Must keep our eyes wide open for their preorders. She WILL definitely sell out in a flash.

      Hmm… I would love to see Gackpoid and Kaito action figure lol~ It’s always more fun if you can play with them. But they have to look good too. The faces of Revoltech figures of Sengoku Basara are a major let down *shakes head* I didn’t buy them in the end. Even the staff at figure shop ami-ami showed in their blog that they repainted their own figure’s faces ^^;; It’s THAT bad.

      I think Hakuoki bishis would look great in PVC form… much like the Harukanaru bishis that you bought XD but $$$ is a consideration. Any other good looking bishi figures are welcome but pity we don’t have all the $ to buy all of them x_x If they decide to release Hetalia figma… my wallet will cry *_* so at one hand it’ll be nice but on the other, it’ll be terrible *dies* Ah~ for BL related figures, Lucky Dog 1/Yura’s bishi figures would be cool too! I also love to have Winter Cicada statues of Kusaka and Akizuki-san… I think a dramatic/lovelove PVC would be awesome. gaah~ and Ai no Kusabi, Sweet Pool (non-chibi)? OMG the wish list goes on! DX

      And I most want a naked slim male figma figure that I can use to interchange with the already released characters lol~ Just like what Nitro+ did with the brilliant and cute naked one-coin chibi Akira X3

      What about you? XD

  10. lol omg i was thinking that when i saw the picture on the natsume figure on the screen an then looked at konoe figure that’s right next to my screen! XD
    It’s very similar even the branch bark almost!
    I love your updates. i hope there will be more bishi figure releases. Ever sense the nitro releases other series have been coming out with figure aimed toward the shojo market~

    1. Hehehe XD the composition is really similar! And they’re also releasing Black Rock Shooter figma and nendoroid this year. Looks really good too! It’ll sure send people into a buying frenzy. Hopefully it’s a normal release and not a limited edition one. If you wanna see more pix go to hxxp://

      It’s good that they finally realise that girls have spending power too when it comes to figurines XD

  11. Yep, this Natsume figure is 2 die 4! Wanna him so badly!!!
    I can imagine my damage, this price + shipping and the (indecent) taxes Brazilian government applies in mailed things that coast US$ 50,00 or more – it’s ONLY 60% of the paid value, can u believe it?
    A question, ponytale: do you have an account @ myfigurecollection or figure-fm? Well, we’ve already known your fab collection from here, it’s just curiosity…

    1. @sigma: I think eventually they might do that ^^ doesn’t this figure remind u of Konoe figure too? XD

      @planck-chan: That’s so expensive! DX Don’t have to pre-order now… maybe wait for a sale or something so that the price is less than US$50? I don’t have an account the sites, too many sites to maintain already XP

  12. I think RAHs are the only pretty ones right now.. I can’t appreciate how Figma Lulu and Suzaku turned out. There’s something about figma eyes that I don’t like.. and the paint job.Ugh.T_T And again, the size.. they just seem so delicate.O_O

    It’s a great thing I’m not rich else I would have bought all Death Note and FMA RAHs long long ago..

    1. Agrees… for the amount of $$$ they cost, RAH sculpts better be good XD I’m kinda disappointed they didn’t release a Suzaku RAH but I guess he isn’t that popular. I find Code Geass Figma figures good enough for the price… the paint job isn’t bad ^^ but when Figma Suzaku was released, his face does look better, and the smiling Lelouch face that came with him is cute too XD But of course you can’t compare them with RAH quality heads. They seem fragile but RAH figures are not that tough either. I broke an arm before, so I know… *painful memory* x_x

      The two Code Geass RAH releases were stingy. Not much accessories. But their face sculpts are beautiful. You won’t regret buying it :) Night Head Genesis is another stingy one but the boys are handsome so… yeah. I can forgive that ^^;;;

      Comparatively, Death Note / FMA / Mushishi RAH were much more generous with accessories since they cost around the same price when they were first released. I haven’t started collecting figures when the FMA ones came out and they’re so expensive now. Definitely not within budget anymore. I ordered the Death Note L and Light RAH at reasonable prices when there was a reissue. I’m glad I didn’t have the money to buy the 1st releases cos by the time I went over the dark side of figure collecting, their prices were pretty crazy since everybody thought they were already out-of-print.

      Ultimate wish list is limited edition Mushishi Ginko… he surfaced on Japanese Yahoo auction recently but at a whopping US$500+ (after all the extra S/H costs and probably import taxes incurred after arrival) I’m too broke for that now *shrugs* If it is fated, I will own him one day XD

  13. I wanna buy one Actsta figure but I don’t know the characters they are producing. It’s currently Subaru Nakajima and Teana right now.. I haven’t watched Nanoha. XD

    1. Yeah, neither have I but I was told it was a good series. I’m generally not into magical girl type of anime any more, so I just had no interest to watch it lol~ I bought Figma Nanoha and Fate when they came out cos I tot they were pretty good-looking action figures at that time compared to what was available then. I stopped at 2 cos when I saw the 3rd one I was like No No No… what if they came out with 10? I’ll don’t want to fall into the trap of completing the set. Thankfully I resisted.

      If they released a good looking boy from a series I like, I’ll consider getting an Actsta but only if it is worth the money. I’ve learnt to become more selective of the figures I buy after quite a high number of impulse buys and regrets ^^;; Anyway, handsome Figma boys are so few and far between x_x so for Actsta, hopefully they give us an awesome bishonen worth splurging on… 9000 Yen is not cheap!

  14. Good for you! You have saved a lot of $$$ lol~ I’m looking forward to the new line too! Hopefully they’re not too costly when figures I like come out in this range.

    Currently the price range is
    Figma is 1/12 ~ 2,500 Yen and up
    ActSta is 1/8 ~ 9,000 Yen and up
    RAH is 1/6 ~ 19,000 Yen and up (nowadays the starting prices are a lot higher than before.)

    Natsume’s figure composition reminds me of Kotobukiya’s Konoe statue ^^ so pretty. I’m an action figures person, but I’ll see how it goes. Probably KIV until a sale or something.

  15. Good thing I realized a month ago that I don’t like figmas.^^ They’re just too small for my taste (OTHERS: and what do you call nendos? –My answer: err, well, at least nendos are super deformed.XD and cute..) If I had the money for fully pose-able figs, I’d buy only those in the RAH and ActSta line.

    A male fig made by Alter!!XD I was also surprised to see this while browsing some WF blog entries. Good luck in buying this.XD

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