Goods: Natsume Takashi PVC Figure Review (Alter Atelier Natsume Yuujin Chou)

Natsume Takashi

Check out the cute little butt peeking out of the window!

Title: Natsume Takashi’s PVC figure
Released in July 2010
Damage: 7140Yen (w/tax)
Animate Japan exclusive (out-of-print)

A renewal version with a more beautiful sculpt of Natsume was released in January 2015

Natsume Takashi’s PVC figure arrived early last week but I haven’t found the time to unbox it and enjoy the figure properly until now :)

Based on Midorikawa Yuki 緑川ゆき’s manga and anime adaptation, Natsume Yuujin Chou 夏目友人帳, this Amiami and Animate exclusive PVC figure has a damage of 7140 Yen (w/tax).

Released under manufacturer Alter’s Altair label, the figure is sculpted by Naoto Moriwaki and Mirano. It is my most expensive non-action-figure PVC statue to date and my first PVC figure from this manufacturer. I’ve heard good things and reviews about Alter’s predominantly female figure releases, so I’m expecting this figure to be well-made too. Come to think of it… I remember reading somewhere that said that Natsume Takashi is Alter’s first ever male figure!

Anyway, here’s a look at the figure’s box packaging… The matte-laminated box measures about 240mm x 210mm x 130mm and as you can see, the design is very beautiful and classy! There is a cut-out window at the back of the box where you can see Nyanko-sensei’s cute little butt peeking out. I find that a very thoughtful detail.

There is also a cover flap where you can lift up and view the contents inside. Very nice! Everything about the package oozes quality. I think it looks pretty enough to be displayed as it is.

After opening the box and inner plastic container, I found that the paints on the PVC give off a slight odour. However it is not very strong, so that’s a good thing :)

Natsume’s features are well-painted and crisp. I like the colour of his skin very much cos it looks very natural. Nyanko-sensei is perfect and cute. (Btw, some of photos aren’t very sharp cos I wasn’t using a tripod ^^;; so the quality of the paint-job may not come across properly)

Photo shows the bottom of the box. The inserted pic is a piece of instruction on how to remove the cast-off feature which is the kimono draped across Natsume’s shoulders. It isn’t attached or stuck onto Natsume’s body, so you only have to gently tug at it to remove it. Very easy to put it back on too.

Front view of Natsume with and without the kimono.

The figure is very well-made, from the sculpt of his hair, hands and feet to the little folds and creases of the fabric on his body, the tree branch, etc. The paint job is very well-done and clean too.

Beautiful detail. If only Nyanko-sensei was also removable lol ^^

I haven’t spotted anything I can nitpick about the figure :P

I think the size of this 1/8 scale figure (180mm) is just right for display. Not too big and bulky. For now, I’ll be keeping the figure in its box first. My room is currently in a big mess ^^;;; so there’s no space to display him.

Is it worth the $$$? Well, I don’t own enough PVCs to give an authoritative answer but I can definitely say this is indeed a quality PVC that you can consider getting and is recommended for people who love the manga/anime series ^^

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21 thoughts on “Goods: Natsume Takashi PVC Figure Review (Alter Atelier Natsume Yuujin Chou)”

  1. Aww man, I’m so jelly.. It sucks because I’ve been watching natsume at hlj for such a long time, and when I finally earned enough money, he’s sold out… My goodness I’m still on the lookout for him though, you wouldnt happen to have any other sites where I can get him do you??
    That figure is just so gorgeous :)

    1. @Akito: hmm I searched a couple of stores which used to sell the figure but seems they’re all sold out Be patient. I think with the 3rd season now showing they might reissue him.

      Otherwise you probably have to try eBay or Yahoo Japan auctions. Good luck!

  2. @ponytale A bit late reply, but…
    Yep, Yuri is for pre-order, pricey but less expensive than Natsumi at AmiAmi… so he’s for December, I had nothing for that month, so I’ve reserved him, hope no need for cancellation…

    1. @planck-chan: no worries X3 You play the games that Yuri is featured in? He is not my priority figure so I’m holding off preordering cos I expect to spend a lot during the December period :P I think maybe at that time there would be other promotions too ^^;; I’m cheapo in this sense lol~ but can’t help it. Every penny counts.

  3. ~~I whipped it out during a work-related photo shoot (out of no choice ^^;;;) once and our freelance photographer was like… ^^;;; What is this? You can throw this away already lol~ and it was true… it wasn’t even tall enough to shoot our subject even after its legs were fully extended. So embarrassing :P

    Aww. ;v;
    I thought they came in only one size i guess not.; That’d be something i’d do too.
    Your job sounds like fun to be going out doing photo shoots! ^v^

    wah i still havn’t brought a new camera yet. I’m supposed to go out an get a used one today because my camera i have is somewhat outdated. It was secondhand so it’s to be expected. I need to get one with nice video recording for the trip I’m on going on. (U-Universal Studios! I can’t wait, i didn’t really have the money to spend but this was once in a lifetime event for me. Ive only ever been to a theme park when i was small baby! XD
    This will be my secound time in a long time they also had a sale so its two park passes for the price of one! I cant wait to ride the Harry potter rides~*spazes* do you like Harry Potter?)

    1. @sigma: yeah… mine is a small, lightweight tripod that extends up to my chest only. I only use it to shoot my figures lol~ so i didn’t need such a good one. Those better tripods are a lot more expensive, taller and more stable. Yeah photo shoots can be quite fun and interesting but tiring if it was an outdoor shoot. I was just helping one of my clients out during the photo shoot. I’m not a photographer hehe.

      Icic… mmm if the used-goods store is a reputable one, I think it shouldn’t be an issue ^^ good luck hunting! XDD Woah Universal Studios! I love theme park rides too… but the entrance tickets are expensive :P I think the Universal Studios 2-for-1 promotion is worth it! Enjoy yourself!!! I’ve been to the ones in Australia once. They had a 2 parks promotions for Warner Bros studio and Dreamworld. Hehe. I watched Harry Potter movies 1 and 2 only and enjoyed them! Meaning to pickup the books one of these days XD

  4. I love Natsume so much!!! :D He’s so adorable and the anime is one of my favorites. I really wanted this figure, but I’m not much of a PVC collector so I decided not to get it since the price is kinda alot (my wallet is safe for now!) lol

    Those are some nice pictures you took though :D

    1. @momo: yeah this is one of the rare few I actually spent big money on. I love Natsume and this design and setting is so beautiful. Having Nyanko sensei perched on the trunk helped to seal the deal in the end. :P Another one I’m quite tempted is the Soldier Blue x Jomy one from Toward the Terra. Still tempted but haven’t got to buying it yet. Sold out already :P

      Thanks for your compliments! XD

    1. @planck-chan: Yeah, I noticed him when I was looking through those wonderfest pics :D but I don’t know much about the character. I think I’ll like to fall in love with him first before I buy him lol~ since he isn’t cheap ^^;;; So you’re definitely getting him?

  5. I did not Natsume’s Book of Friends(that is what it is called in USA) was an Anime? What is the anime name and do you know if anyone has subbed it?

    The figure is soooo cool! Nyako is so funny in the manga.

  6. Your so lucky to own a tripod~;v;

    ~~Icic… yeah take some pics of what you have! If you like we can share your reviews on the blog too X3!

    Eh~ b-b-ut im no good at writing reviews~O//o//O
    lol but thank you! when i take some nice pictures i’ll share with you!

    ~~~Hmm I think for women, we tend to look at a product as a whole package
    ~~~Guys… well, hehe they’re stereotypically focused on the main target only I’m generalising here XD but usually that seems to be the case.

    lol! i see your point nicely put! XDD

    1. @Razberry: Thanks! He sure is beautiful! :3 I enjoyed the anime very much and Natsume is one of my favourite characters ^^ I’m glad I bought him!

      @sigma: oh… mine is a cheap small tripod that I bought to shoot the figures at home :D It works ok but seriously lacking if you need it for professional purposes.

      I whipped it out during a work-related photo shoot (out of no choice ^^;;;) once and our freelance photographer was like… ^^;;; What is this? You can throw this away already lol~ and it was true… it wasn’t even tall enough to shoot our subject even after its legs were fully extended. So embarrassing :P

      Don’t be shy. I’m not good at writing reviews too… I’ve been working at it since I started blogging and have hopefully improved along the way. Just write whatever you feel about the figures. No pressure! :D Looking forward to your pics! Hehe…

      @Tasuki_Honey_Bunny: Yes! The anime is very beautiful and funny too! I wrote a post about it a while back. See the post. If you are a fan of the manga, then you shouldn’t miss the anime :) The anime is subbed. So far I haven’t read about it being licensed yet.

  7. Hi, ponytale!
    It’s been some time I don’t write here…
    My Natsume arrived yesterday but only today I took him out of his box. He’s very well done indeed. He’s my first completed model (well, I have the Sega Prizes of Kuroshitsuji, but I’m not counting those prizes even though I found them beautiful) and the most expensive figure I’ve ever bought too. I’m in love with all the details, from the stunning box to the figure itself. To me was really worth the buying! And I loved your review, you pointed very well the details, and yeah, the Nyanko-sensei lil tail appearing in the box is the best! =)

    1. @planck-chan: Thanks! You’re always welcomed here :D You received your Natsume too! Since I’m also quite new to collecting PVCs I was also worried if I made the right decision to spend so much on just one figure. I’m glad he is so beautiful and I can understand why people fall in love with PVCs. I agree… the Sega Prizes of Kuroshitsuji are pretty high quality for the price and I love my Grell lol~ ^^ As for Natsume, I feel that we are indeed paying more for even finer details and quality. Nyanko-sensei! <3

  8. You took some really nice pictures ^^ (They show him off well~)

    I also received my figure early last week, I was surprised that it arrived so quickly (I think it took 6 days) with SAL shipping to the UK. It was my first experience ordering from AmiAmi and I have your blog to thank for telling me, however many months ago it was, that they were releasing a Natsume figure. ありがとうねええ (^_-)☆

    I do not normally buy figures… I think this is partly because I am male and find it somewhat embarrassing ちょっと・・へんなかんじ (^^); I think the reason why I could justify spending my money on this particular one, apart from loving the show, is that the figure has a very surreal, ethereal beauty, that seemingly draws you toward it (ソシテなつめかわいいから the *real* reason I had to have him! たぶんねXD; ) I think it contains the feeling of the show.

    Umm, I was going to take some pics and write a review, but in all actuality I don’t currently even have a blog yet (>_>) I’ve wanted to make one for sometime, I think I find it hard to know where I should start. Anyway, I’ve read your blog for several months now and I’d like to thank you for giving me something of interest to read and showing me goods that are going to be released in the distant future. Sorry if I write too much, just meant to say a little hello (^_^;;

    1. @Leon: Hi hi XD Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Glad the blog post helped! I enjoyed the anime very much and I’m glad they made a figure of him. I wasn’t expecting Natsume to be a shop-exclusive figure either. But I guess this is Alter’s first male figure so they’re being more careful and selective. Thankfully Amiami ships internationally :3

      As for being male and buying figures… へんじあないよ。。。でも。。。わたしもへんかな。。。 since I’m female but occasionally buy female figures too when I find them pretty lol~ XD Well, I definitely agree with you that Natsume is cute and this figure is indeed very beautiful.

      Ah~ just do it ^^ Do let me know when you start a blog and write your review. I would love to read it too. Try for a free blog service. I’m glad you enjoy my posts and ramblings about stuff I like X3 I’m very motivated to write when you guys come and share your thoughts with me ^^ And once again, thank for saying hello! *waves back* See you around!

  9. That is so beautiful…I love the attention to detail even on the packaging. I don’t have much experience with purchasing PVCs either but I would be happy to plunk down that amount of dough for that figure. Your pictures have really tempted me. Congrats on your lovely new acquisition!

  10. ^o^ you posted him! Love the photos!
    I own very few pvc, i must say this one is worth the price compared to the others i have. (should take pictures of them sometime.;)
    i’ve been noticing something about male figures aimed for females. They have more creative boxs then figures aimed toward male. ‘o’

    1. @sigma: :D Thanks! The photos are a bit out of focus tho… it’s due to the lack of tripod, camera and/or me lol~

      Icic… yeah take some pics of what you have! If you like we can share your reviews on the blog too X3!

      Hmm I think for women, we tend to look at a product as a whole package, maybe that’s why the packaging is nicer and more attention to detail is important? Guys… well, hehe they’re stereotypically focused on the main target only, so as long as their figure product looks good, they won’t be too bothered with the packaging. I’m generalising here XD but usually that seems to be the case.

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