Goods: Nanami Kanata Kiss Me Cushion Starry☆Sky (dakimakura, bishonen hugging pillow)

Thanks to Puchi who kindly shared pics of her Kanata Chuuu~ cushion! We get to see his kissing face :D Previously, all the product shots from the store has a huge “SAMPLE” text obscuring it.

Pisces boy Kanata’s cushion is still available at Animate Japan… most other cushions have already sold out. Looking at her pics made me feel a tinge of regret for not getting Mizushima Iku’s cushion :-\

Title: Pisces Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 03 七海哉太
Price: 2,940 Yen each
Available: Late August 2011
Animate Japan store exclusive

10 September 2011: Pics, text and comments from here on belongs to Puchi :D

My Kanata chuu-cushion has arrived! <33 I’m so happy~~~ ; 3 ; It seems like they sold out of most of the other boys, so I was pretty lucky that my favourite boy isn’t one of the more popular ones! Suzuya sold out in a flash… The only ones left are Hayato, Naoshi-sensei, Tsubasa, Kazuki and Kanata.

Kanata in a box! I didn’t get a photo of the unboxing ‘cuz I got a bit excited~;; It was pretty funny actually… My sister came to me and asked what I ordered so I showed her, and she smacked me with the kiss-side. xD;;

The front side, it came vacuum-sealed like most of these kinds of things, aha~

Kiss-side! Kanata’s face is so sweet, but it’s funny to see it all wrinkled from the vacuum-packaging!

The cushion itself is actually a little smaller than I thought it would be… DS Lite placed there for size reference! It’s about 2×2 DS Lites, while I thought it’d be…bigger, haha;;… Oh well. The material’s kinda nice at least! It’s a little silky and feels nice to put my head on!

Here’s the other side, which will probably be the one that’s facing up most of the time, haha;;… It seems to be a little wrinkled from shipping, but it should smooth out soon!

Well…as much as I’d love to go give my new kiss-cushion a test run by taking a nice, long nap, I’ve got to get ready for work! ;__;” Gotta make more money to buy more Kanata merchandise–! ; u ;

Thanks again Puchi for the pics and review! :D

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13 thoughts on “Goods: Nanami Kanata Kiss Me Cushion Starry☆Sky (dakimakura, bishonen hugging pillow)”

  1. Ahh, I already tried putting it under a blanket partially so it looks like he’s all huddled up, and it was too sweet~ >//u//< <3

    But it would definitely be better to have a full-body dakimakura… oh honeybee. y u such a tease?

  2. Omg… how nice! LOL, Yeah, Kanata is voiced by Gin-chan.

    Aw, now I kind of regret not getting one of Miyaji -___-; But I guess there is Tsuabsa and Kazuki left! Aw, but I really wanted a Miyaji and Yoh one. OH WELL. That saves me money! LOL (trying to cheer myself up)

  3. It feels like such an honor to have my cushion posted like this! ; u ; __<;;

    @tara: Huh…his kiss-face really does kinda look like it could pass as a sleeping face! I wonder how weird my family would think I am if I woke up with that face by me…?

    1. @Puchi: Thanks for sharing dear! XDD I think maybe you can try taking a photo of the cushion next to you just for the fun of it and see what it looks like XD

  4. wow, pretty cushion! Suzuya is sold-out? D8?..Ryonosuke as well? no Yoh? oh ;___; that’s a shame.
    But it’s good you have your cushion puchi-san~

  5. Very beautiful! Kanata is not my fave, but this is really amazing! No Yoh’s left, but still there’s Tsubasa? Oh my, too bad there’s no cash tree on my yard! XDDD

    @Shirokaze: and the fact Tomokazu Sugita is Kanata seiyuu doesn’t help you, you’ll keep seeing (and even hearing) Gin-chan! XDD

    1. @planck-chan: I was also pushed away by the price too (ToT) How we would all love having cash trees… lol~ yeah, Shirokaze is seeing Gin-sans everywhere cos of Sugita XDD

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