Goods: Nagakura Shinpachi 1/10 figure (Hakuouki, Kotobukiya)

Surprise announcement! Nakaguka Shinpachi 永倉新八 figure!

Definitely one of the best character realisation in the Hakuouki figure series so far.

Title: Hakuouki Nakaguka Shinpachi 1/10 figure 薄桜鬼 永倉新八 リアルフィギュア 1/10塗装済完成品 (Movic)
7,140 (w/tax)
September 2012
Size: 1/10 scale so should be around 18 cm / 7 inches or so, depending on their pose.
Movic/Animate Japan Exclusive

Hakuouki (薄桜鬼) figures look similar to the Harutoki (遙かなる時空の中で) figures which were also made by Kotobukiya.

Side by side comparison. HOT.
Both Harada and Shinpachi show their awesome torsos! :D

Besides the lovely details, the base looks good too! But it’s kinda different from the rest?


I wonder if they’ll make more characters? I hope Sannan-san gets a figure too :D

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Nagakura Shinpachi 1/10 figure (Hakuouki, Kotobukiya)”

  1. I love this design of this lines of figures! But I agree with some of the other posts that the mouth is kinds freaking me out with how wide it is :x I wish the NA PSP release of Hakuouki had a Shinpachi route. I would’ve preferred him over Sano…

    1. No, I’m sure that Shinpachi doesn’t have a route in this particular game, English or Japanese…but since they’re others games (Zuisouroku, Yuugiroku, Junsouroku, Reimeiroku), I kind of figured that they must have included him eventually…otherwise why make him so appealing? :D Sorry if my post was confusing ^^;; LoL

    2. @Ericha: Lol~ no worries. That’s true. He is an important supporting character :D I’m rather glad they made him cos that means other supporting characters may get their figures made too. I’m particularly fond of Sannan-san so I hope he gets made :3

    1. His mouth looks kind of weird indeed, but at least better than Kazama Chikage’s. That makes me wonder if the sculptor has a wide mouth fetish or something.

    2. “makes me wonder if the sculptor has a wide mouth fetish or something.”
      I agree on the mouth thing. ;_; If only a bit smaller…
      Does it say who the sculptor is?

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