Goods: Music to your palate (Uta no Prince Sama, Utapri, Canned Bread)

Chibi Utapri illustrated canned bread in 6 yummy flavours

Uta no Price sama Sa Otomate Canned Bread うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪+サオトメート特製パン詰
Ichinose Tokiya 一ノ瀬トキヤ
Flavour: Blueberry

Ittoki Otoya 一十木音也
Flavour: Chocolate

Hijirikawa Masato 聖川真斗
Flavour: Milk Cream

Jinguji Ren 神宮寺レン
Flavour: Orange

Kurusu Sho 来栖翔
Flavour: Strawberry

Shinomiya Natsuki 四ノ宮那月
Flavour: Honey Lemon

Price: 840 Yen (w/tax) each
Available: Early February 2012

These canned bread should be quite yummy. I’ve tried the Togainu no Chi military Shiki and Akira canned bread and they’re pretty good. However, they are not cheap to import since they seem to be Animate Japan exclusives. As of post time, the Jinguji Ren can has already sold out. If only Animate Japan opens a store in my country…

Just curious, does Animate Taiwan stock these anime food stuff?

Matching blueberry and chocolate flavours for the boys colour schemes.

Milk and Orange

Strawberry and Honey Lemon

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5 thoughts on “Goods: Music to your palate (Uta no Prince Sama, Utapri, Canned Bread)”

  1. Otoya+Chocolate= 2 things that I love in a can o/ orz I have no idea how to get these though. Heh, but I’m surprised Masato’s isn’t melon pan flavoured.

    1. @Gakki: Yeah, they probably haven’t developed that flavour yet :D These bread are based on existing flavours already in production.

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