Goods: Motomi-kun and Nano-kun join in the fun! (Togainu no Chi)

Update: Feb 2010


Nano-kun (left) and Motomi-kun (right)

Special features (lol) removable and reattachable cigarette for Motomi-kun and black cat for Nano-kun! Cute!

Damage: 2800 Yen each.

Available only from Gift Online Shop (no international shipping).


Preorders for these two (as well as the water proof sweet pool posters) will start on 20 November 2009. If you go to the website before the date, it shows as SOLD-OUT. Don’t panic! If I’m not wrong, they should be available for ordering later.

I believe they’ll also release Gunji and the remaining main characters like Kau and Arubitoro in the future too. Looking forward to them! XD Better save up first since there’s no other way to get them except through proxy buyers.

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8 thoughts on “Goods: Motomi-kun and Nano-kun join in the fun! (Togainu no Chi)”

  1. 8 inches that’s reasonable. Yea i remember the ones that came as a set this one person had on ebay but its gone now. I hope to see some bargain sets soon too. ;A;

    i wonder if there going to make one of arubitoros? rose would be nice~XD
    Yea rin an keisuke didn’t come with anything did they?

    (the death note figures on your wishlist are so cute!)

    1. yeah… why do we always want the things that are so hard/expensive to get *_* Well, I believe they would make all the Togainu characters XD (o~ hopefully they don’t leave out Kau this time) Yeah Rin and Keisuke only have their dog tags (which are not printed like Akira’s first-press edition)

      I ordered the Death Note nendoroid petit series #1 but the shipment was delayed so I’m still waiting for them… the wishlist set is vol #2 that are not released yet XD Saving $ for em!

  2. The plush i have is this one

    The other plush i have is super smaller (kamui shiro) i’m guessing 5-6 inchs? I hope there not that small.X_X

    lol you like gunji too!? Kya that’d be neat to see~
    I wonder if there going to make plushie out of the other nitro series?
    Mokoto an detachable hamburger ftw!XD

    1. oh~ that’s cute! ^^ Hmm the Togainu plushies are supposedly around 20 cm (seated position) so that’s about 8 inches. I think Gunji would be cute! Love his claws weapons and maybe we can also play with his hood? And my guess for Arubitoro’s special would be a removable rose kekeke.

      Gaa~ They should have given Rin his camera…

      Awesome idea! Makoto’s detachable burger XD XD Love that!

  3. !!!! Nano~~!! Ahh its so cute!*_*
    Gah an he comes with his cat aww. They have the plushes on ebay but omg for alot of money for one. There not even bigger than the jumbo death note plushes right?

    1. Yeah… The cat is detachable and playable by itself! Well if we go by proxy to buy them I think we can save a bit compared to buying from the ones currently available on ebay. There was a seller who sold it at US$85 for Shiki and Akira set, much cheaper than the current listings. I’m thinking of buying them together when more are released… gives me more time to save $ They’re about 15~20cm tall I think… how big are the death note plushies?

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