Goods: Mini bishonen dakimakura collection (Shukan Soine, Animate Girls Festival)

Can’t afford the full-sized version? No worries!

Now we can get smaller dakimakura hugging cushion versions of Shukan Soine CD (週刊添い寝) character boyfriends (Weekly Sleeping Boyfriend) at less than half the price of a full-sized dakimakura (7,000 Yen, w/o tax) by Black Butterfly. However, I’m not sure if they are full/half-body images, single/double-sided cos the website isn’t clear about the information.

There’s a catch though… they’re only sold during Animate Girls Festival 2011 from 23~24 September 2011. BUT we never know. If it is popular enough, they may make more for sale.

Title: Mini size hugging cushion of all 6 characters ミニサイズの抱き枕
1) vol.1 翔 (See review of CD here)
2) vol.2 仁
3) vol.3 智哉
4) vol.4 壮介
5) vol.5 玲央
6) vol.6 和也
Price: 1,500 Yen (w/tax) each
Size: 30cm×15cm each
Available: Animate Girls Festival 2011 (Blackbutterfly/Honeybee Booth A-01)
There are also other nice Starry Sky and Shukan Soine goodies too. View them at the event goodies page:

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17 thoughts on “Goods: Mini bishonen dakimakura collection (Shukan Soine, Animate Girls Festival)”

  1. @ponytale. Ahhh. Well, basically, he’d be a calmer version of Rin ^^!~ I love Rin :) And yeah, I think he’ll make a cute younger boyfriend.

  2. @ponytale – Yeah, it’ll benefit for paying all fees at once -3-!

    I want Okamoto Nobuhiko to voice it like Usui from Kaicho wa Maid-sama! :) Since he sounds soft and sooothing. Yeah -__-; it better not be like Terashima.

    Junjun!!! YESSS, Lelouch :D That would be sooo awesome.

    We are very spoiled for choice! ~_~

  3. @ponytale – I will hope so! But seeing how the first 6 were, I’m pretty sure the next ones will be even sexier as you’ve said *___* But I do hope the old ones make a come back! As I do want them :D lol, I’ll have to save up a lot of money.

    I’ll def go for my fave seiyuus of course! from the looks of the new series, I’ll probably be going for Okamoto Nobuhiko…because I like his voice tho I don’t really like the thought of a younger boyfriend o.o, BUT, maybe it’ll be good.

    Fukujun of course!!! I looove that he’s going to be a tsundere haha! And Midorikawa Hikaru.

    The three I’m looking forward too, but I’m also liking the character settings for the other characters
    as well like :D!

    1. @momo: Yeah… 7000 Yen each ^^;; but if you buy more at one go, its more worth it since we have to use proxies to get it OTL;;

      Okamoto Nobuhiko would be cute XD but I hope his character isn’t so noisy like Terashima was in his volume… I couldn’t sleep while listening to him ^^;;

      \(^_^)/ Junjun for me too! I want him to do a Lelouch lol~ All the other characters sound attractive too… we’re so spoiled for choice lol~

  4. @pontytale Ohhh. I didn’t notice it in that post…hehe I guess it wasn’t obvious enough. >:!

    But I did read the second post on the last 2 guys from v5 & v6 ^^ Oh well, it can’t be helped that missed them. Though that’s too bad.

    Yep! I’ll have to wait for the new series of boys :) Which is quite nice that it’ll be out in Nov-Dec. Gives me a breather. But I’m quite excited for the new series of boys! (I’m looking forward to seeing their dakimakuras too). I have yet to actually listen to any of the Drama CDs from the first series -3-! I’ll have to go back and try to buy them when I have the chance :)

    1. @momo: I think the new boys will look much better cos the illustrator would have had more experience creating designs and poses for them lol XD So you’ll most probably be in for a treat! As for the old designs, maybe they’ll make a comeback. There is a demand for them afterall :3

      Go for your fav seiyuus first XD it’ll sound more awesome lol~

    1. @Mayon: They are characters based on CD covers from Shukan Soine series of CDs. I wrote about them before :)

      Or do you mean to say, you actually know friends who look like them? XDD

    1. @momo: They were taking preorders after the CDs were released :O I did 2 posts on them. The first 4 guys during the 1st series (in the post where I reviewed the first CD starring Hirarin… maybe it wasn’t obvious. and the 2 guys during the second series.

      I’m sure they’ll make more with the new series of guy coming in November 2011 ^^ don’t miss out then!

  5. I like the new BOYS! First picture, 3rd boy, and 2nd picture, 1st boy, I want those :D

    But…you know, I wouldn’t mind a full size Dakimakura! As they are actually kind of cheaper than usual priced dakimakura.

    -__- mini cushion is very mini O___O! (just did the measurement) now I feel like it might just be half.

    BOOOO, lol, are there are full sized ones of the other characters? I know there were from the other 2 from your post :)

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