Goods: Midou Takanori x Mr.R version dakimakura cover (Spray, Kichiku Megane)


Title: Kichiku Megane specially illustrated dakimakura Midou Takanori & Mr.R version (with booklet) 鬼畜眼鏡 描き下ろし抱き枕 [御堂孝典&Mr.Rバージョン](小冊子つき)
Event Price: 8,000 Yen (w/tax)
Usual Price: 8,400 Yen (w/tax)
Size: W500xH1700mm
Material: A&J manufactured standard smooth. Fastener included. Full colour.
Booklet: B5 size. 16 pages. Full colour cover. Contents rough and detailed dakimakura design drawing. Midou’s house, Q&A by Megane to Midou and Mr.R.
Comiket exclusive (Booth: 431):
Date: 29-31 December 2011
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Purchases on the day will receive special xx present.

Description: Kichiku Megane Hugging Pillow series. Follow up to Saeki Katsuya 佐伯克哉 hugging pillow, capturable characters in the game are next! Illustrated by Misasagi Fuuri みささぎ楓李, the dakimakura cover will be presold during Winter Comic Market (comiket 81) 冬コミ

Set includes a dakimakura cover with one character printed on each side and a booklet with lots of information.

Also announced, exclusive Spray store made-to-order only
1) Honda Kenji & Katagiri Minoru version [本多憲二&片桐稔バージョン]
2) Igarashi Taichi & Suhara Aki version [五十嵐太一&須原秋紀バージョン]
Price: 8,400 Yen (w/tax)
Order Deadline: 15 December 2011 – 31 January 2012, 10 am.
Delivery in: March 2012
We can also order [御堂孝典&Mr.Rバージョン] during this period from Spray’s online store VA購買部.
Info Link:
Order page:

Ah~ I found the words to describe their expressions while chatting with you guys. Mr.R has a “come to mama I’ll make you feel good face” while Midou is like… “think you’re up to it? Come here and satisfy ME *smirks*” face. XDD

I think the previous Saeki Katsuya set with the self-cest CD is more droolworthy but what the hell, its MIDOU!!! Must get OTL;;; Mr R looks extremely uke here. That hairless crotch… ^^;;; I don’t think I’ll have the courage to put his side up in front of people OTL;;;

Midou’s pose and expression can go either way… but he does seem more uke as well. Holy!!! THOSE ABS! THAT FACE!!! *raeps Midou* What do you think?

I also want to get my hands on the Honda & Katagiri version!!! (*A*) cos for some reason I find the oyaji very sexy in the game. I don’t really care about the characters in the last version but I’m still excited about seeing the yummy illustrations. I’ll update again when the other images are up!

For folks who like STEAL! They’ll also be selling a STEAL! Winter Comiket Set [Together Mission]
Title: STEAL!冬コミセット『Together Mission』
Price: 3,000 Yen (w/tax)
1) Asuka DesktopAccessory [Asuka Clock] 明日叶デスクトップアクセサリ[明日叶時計]
A desktop accessory voice clock with 50 new voice clips.
Soft slip case featuring illustrated cute chibi character.
Media: 1 CD-ROM
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
2) Calendar (Special illustration x 4) カレンダー(描きおろし4枚)[Dairy Mission]
When folded in half is A4 size. Opened up is A3 size.
Full colour, bound in the middle, each month (? I think it’ll be clearer when the product images are up). Date starts from April 2012

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54 thoughts on “Goods: Midou Takanori x Mr.R version dakimakura cover (Spray, Kichiku Megane)”

  1. Oooohhh, I hope I’m not too late in getting this. I can’t pay my proxy until the 30th, and I’m scared Japan will stop selling it when it’s January 31st. Will they be closing the preorders as his as the clock hits midnight on the 31st for them? ;_;

    1. @tigris-lilium: Remember its 31st January Japan time 10 o’clock! 受注販売の受付期間は、2012年1月31日10:00まで
      It’ll be a pity if you missed out because of time difference :O

  2. Ordered this dakimakura a couple of days ago, finished the payment as well!!!
    *squeals like a crazy, loyal Midou fan xD*
    Bought it through Tokyo Buyers proxy and it cost me $140 (including dakimakura price + commission + domestic shipping)…pretty good price in my opinion, but I would love to hear from other fans here who also bought this dakimakura using different proxy services.
    How much did you actually pay for the dakimakura? ;)

    What can I say, KM was one of the first BL games I played, and is still my all-time-favorite.
    I love Katsuya, don’t get me wrong, but I just about MELT for Midou *o* (Yusa Kouji-sama!)
    And the pillow is a work of art, especially Midou’s expression >.<
    Mr R. is also very, very sexy, I ADORE the hair <3
    To be honest, I like this version a little more than the Katsuya version xD
    Which is why I finally succumbed and bought the Midou/Mr. R version in the end….

    Will also be asking a local shop to have a pillow made for me, to fit the dakimakura cover dimensions, because this way I'll save some $$$ rather than buying a Japanese dakimakura through middlemen again ^^; (Yikes, the dakimakura pillows are pretty expensive O.o)

    Thanks Ponytale for sharing your experience on using Dakimakura covers before,
    now I know I'll have to be careful with this one when I receive it ;)
    Will definitely use this Midou dakimakura, but not for sleep, just for decoration on my bed xD
    And since I have already educated my folks about my yaoi and bishounen obsession, I dare say, I will be putting the Mr. R side for public view as well xD
    Well, when we expect company and friends, that's another story…maybe then I'll just switch to Midou's side xD
    My girlfriends will definitely drool over it when they see it though lol

    1. @Gwendolen: I used for this one. I registered and found that the site can accept overseas credit cards. Sometimes shopping sites only accept credit cards with Japanese names and have to get a proxy to buy on our behalf. The handling, local shipping and final shipping fees should total around 2000Yen and up. It’s about the same as Tokyobuyers? The only good thing is that I probably don’t have to pay for it immediately.
      I ordered Midou/MrR and Honda/Katagiri orz;;;

      I’m not planning to use them yet, so I guess I’ll save the money of buying a dakimakura for later. Yeah these things are expensive DX

      As for me, I might have to hide the dakumakuras if my relatives come visit lol~

    2. @Ponytale, thanks for the tenso site, I will keep it in mind for future reference ;)
      So you also ordered the Honda/Katagiri dakimakura, wow, your wallet must hurt xD
      I would also love to order the Taichi/Aki pillow, but I only want it for Taichi, so not enough reason for me to actually buy it.
      Oh, right, you have to buy 3 dakimakura pillows for your 3 KM covers O.o
      A lot of money to spend, so good thing you are not using them yet!
      Yep, these pillows are sexy to have, but a bit tricky when you have company over xD

    3. @Gwendolen: *_* yes it does but since I’m placing the order directly at the store, my credit card will only be charged when they ship. The pain of immediate payment isn’t there with usual proxies lol XD Just postponing the inevitable. I don’t think I’ll ever want to use all of them at the same time tho… no space in my bed to sleep! I’ll end up sleeping ON them instead of with them if that happens lol~

      I’ll probably use only my Shukan soine covers for now. I ordered the upcoming ones as well. I don’t think my folks have the stomach for the uber sexy KM ones yet.

    4. @Ponytale: yep, postponing the inevitable payment feels better, even if it will still hurt your wallet later no matter what xD I know the feeling lol
      You are right, it is IMPOSSIBLE to use all of the pillows at once, no place to sleep xD
      So yey for not having to pay for so many dakimakuras (^ ^)b
      True, the shukan soine ones are so pretty, no one can really complain about them!
      Good for you for ordering them! ^^
      The shukan ones are posh sexiness, you can’t disapprove of such classy sexiness xD
      Compared to these, the KM ones are a little too sexy for your folks, I understand ;)
      But keep getting your parents used to them, because it will definitely be worth having one of the KM pillows on your bed later on, even just for decor and drooling (*^_^*)

    5. @Gwendolen: Yeah… and I just received my December 2011 credit card bill orz;;; I seriously overspent.
      I limited myself to ordering 2 shukan soine covers too. In the end, I wanted 4 of the designs DX
      I wonder if that day will ever come lol~ there’s no way to hide their sexiness… cos both sides are nosebleed inducing.

    6. @Ponytale: ouch, that bill must hurt >.< this is exactly the reason why I don't have a credit card, but only a debit card…the temptation would be too much for me, I would buy every bishounen-related good out there xD
      Oh, I also wanted the Katsuya KM dakimakura, so I feel you…it sucks when you can't buy them all, but at least we got some/most of them ;)
      And yep, no way to hide their sexiness, no matter what xD

    7. @Gwendolen: April will be another scary credit card bill month ^^;;; so many preorders will be released then, like Ai no Kusabi blu-ray, Togainu no Chi figures etc
      I see the Katsuya KM dakimakura on Yahoo Japan auctions occasionally, so you can monitor it if you still want to get it.
      Yeah, so far I’ve been lucky the folks at home haven’t mentioned anything about the bishies on my bed lol~ won’t be so sure if I revealed the KM ones XD

    8. @Ponytale: I feel you on the scary credit card bills ^^; I was able to resist the ANK DVDs due to the high price of the limited editions (because if I was going to buy these, I would buy the editions with the tokuten goodies), but still, I have pre-ordered many games with release dates dating to 2012-unknown, so yep, I get the feeling on preorders and sympathize with you T^T
      I will buy the Katsuya KM dakimakura when I have the money to afford it, for sure.
      Thanx for the info ;)
      Ahaha, I suppose you might be in trouble if you revealed the KM bishies xD
      Those are very hard to miss! *q*

    9. @Gwendolen: I wonder if AnK is still going to be a 13 episode release. There seems to be no mention of it in the website *_* 13 x 10,000 Yen orz;;; It’s a huge dillemma… on one hand I want more episodes, on the other its like my gosh… ~$$$~

    10. @Ponytale: So far, for certain they’re releasing the 4 ANK OVAs, which are approx. 30min. long each (not counting any extra content such as credit-less OP/ED etc.)…I think what they’re planning is to see how the OVAs do in sales, and then see if they’ll do the 13 episode release too. I think they’ll be doing the exact same thing with the Finder DVD also, see how the sales do first. And I heard that a proper Finder anime release is always open for discussion, so that’s good news for us fans. Finder is definitely getting a proper anime release, the fanbase is huge ;)
      But even if they do a 13 epi. ANK release, I think they will be selling DVD vols with more than one episode per volume, or at least that’s how they usually release anime in Japan.
      So rest assured, you won’t be spending 13 x 10,000 Yen xD
      I reckon it will be more like approx. 4-5 DVD volumes for the whole ANK 13 eps. anime series, when and if it is released sometime in the future.
      To be honest, I suspect that the only reason the 4 ANK OVAs weren’t cancelled for good, especially after so many times the project was dropped, was because they had already done some significant work before they re-considered about not releasing it, and so they finally decided to go ahead with the release >.>
      Let’s hope an anime release with more episodes also follows!

    11. @Gwendolen: I believe they cancelled AnK initially because they simply ran out of money. Maybe they managed to raise some capital along the way that allow them to finish at least 4 episodes? Maybe they should consider doing a Kickstarter kind of thing to get the starting funds for the production. Not sure how feasible that is since I don’t know the exact cost involved in anime production… but one thing I know is that it is definitely expensive.

      If they do release a 13 episode AnK, I hope they do something similar like Tiger & Bunny blu-ray which has Eng subs for the same price.

      It would be yummy to have Finder animated fully :D but to be honest, I don’t find the story very interesting. I enjoy it because of the hot men and even hotter sex :P

  3. have you decided which dakimakura cover you’re going to buy? i’m thinking about the Honda/Katagiri one although the site still has sketches. i know there is not many days left to place the preorder.

  4. My love is devoted to megane katsuya, but in general I’m a big fan of thr megane game and I grab as many merchandise as possible, I dunno about this one.. Mr R looks too coquettish here.. Kinda sick >_<
    Honda and katagiri aren't my cup of tea, but aki and taichi are my next favorites- good combo. Both so sexy ;)

    1. @Urusaii: Yeah, BL merchandises are generally so rare. I would grab them if I can afford it too. I think the final illustrations for the remaining designs will look awesome :)

  5. thank you ponytale chan for the rakuten link~! *rabu*
    yeah unfortunately, my estimate was still correct as those pillow are still worth almost

    60$USD each x 3 = 180$! ( 177$ to be exact) + the kichimega pillow case 8400 yen (107$) x3 = 25200 yen (323$)

    in the end it still cost 400-500$ USD! TuT! and shipping + fees aren’t even included yet TuT. I will take photos when all of them arrive together as a happy family xD!

    1. @K.K. The good thing about this store is that they vacuum pack the stuffing. The reviews are quite good too. For the custom size, its a steal compared to Cospa’s which cost double or more.
      If only the exchange rates aren’t so bad… =_=
      I’m looking forward to your pics! XD

  6. My katsukatsu pillow at home looks lonely.. so I need to get the rest of the cast too xD so yeah.. I’m going to buy all of them xD;; I really want to hug that mr. r & midou !! XD though I dun really want to know what will my friends & families’s reaction be when they see Mr R XD!!!

    B-But It’s okay Mr.R… I will readily jump forth into your arms anyday! TuT!

    Aside from that the 3 dakimakura cover + custom pillows for each of them… that might be sky rocketing at 400-500$ for me XD;;; considering the customized pillow size can be expensive.. its okay. As long as it doesnt shoot up to 700$ my bank account is still safe.

    1. @K.K. Are you going to buy stuffing for all of them? Oh MY! Your bed is going to be so crowded XD
      You can try getting the 170 cm pillows from Rakuten which has a reasonable price Try this ink×50/
      I would LOVE to see your pics when you get them all!

  7. MY MONEY TO GOINGgggggg!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I jsut saw this on spray’s website! and now you have it up too! OMG!!!

    Midou Midou MIdou MIDou Midou! HUFF HUFF HUFF! somehow I feel more happy….
    perhaps maybe midou is my favorite character compared to megane then.. OTL or maybe its because megane had noma, while Midou had mr r. HAHAHA I RABU MR. R!

    either way my money is going out! I can now have more kichimega pillo set! I have katsukatsu pillow sitting at home TuT! so buying the rest ofthe cast is okay too….. my money…. and MIDOU *rapes* that face, he needs to get *rape now ima sugu*

    1. @K.K: Are you going to buy all? I’m going to get the Midou/Mr.R and Honda/Katagiri versions if possible. I have the Katsu/Katsu cover too but haven’t used it *_* too precious.

  8. I honestly screamed when I saw Midou xD
    Holy crap his expression is sooo seke-ish though more towards uke :p
    Like he’s saying, “you’ve come this far so whats stopping you now? -smirks-”
    oh god now I'm thinking of Yusa Kouji…

    my male friend would probably want to buy Honda's ver…


  9. Oh yeahhh. Maybe I would get him but I’d love to see the rest of his dakimura first. Cause remembering Saeki’s…^^; his other side was like mostly naked haha XD

    Ahhh~ I’d like to see the others too!

    I have to agree, Mr.R looks rather…embarrassing LOL so I try to not look at him (plus yes, that hairless crotch is just too much to see!) but Miduo is just sexy~ :D I’d want to use him!

    Aw, but I do hate the fact that the pillow are 500mm x1700mm…meaning…custom pillow! >: Too bad it was 1600mm since I have that pillow size.

    1. @momo: The other roughs are out! Check them out :D

      Saeki’s is hot! But Mr.R is truly embarrassing OMG after seeing the update I’m like… speechless. But I’ll buy for Midou. (ToT) I think my mum will think Mr.R is a girl cos of the long hair. If she could mistake Aoba from Dramatical Murder in my poster to be a girl, Mr.R will be worse ^^;;

      Yeah I think 1700mm is too big :( But its possible to find the pillows from Rakuten. I bought a 1600mm from there.

    1. @Mayon: lol~ if they get too naked, I can’t use or display them… so NO XDD But I think it’ll be nice if they can include the fully naked versions as a bromide or something.

  10. I like Mr. R but I wouldn’t show his dakimakura side either xDDDDDDD. Still, there’s just something in his expression that I like, for some reason xD.

    And Midou; he’s Midou, nuff said.

    1. @Asamisa: Mr.R has a “come to mama I’ll make you feel good face” while Midou is like… “think you’re up to it? Come here and satisfy ME *smirks*” face.

  11. Miduo looks so sexy! <3 *rawr~* I'm happy that they made him! I really liked Saeki's design too. Mr. R looks…super uke o;

    I'd love to grab Miduo for myself but I think I'd feel too weird having that displayed…and seeing that its a comiket exclusive = more money to spend. -o-;…SUCKS!

    1. @momo: We can order it from Spray’s store from 15 Dec onwards. Still need a proxy but should be cheaper than comiket commission. I wanna see Katagiri’s design… for some reason I’ve always found him sexy *oyaji-moe*

      Mr.R’s pose is so embarrassing to look at orz… I can’t take my eyes of his crotch… so… hairless… \(*A* \||)

      MIDOUUUUUU *raeps* So hot. Love his cocky face. Must get! His pose isn’t as embarrassing as Mr.R’s. Lol~

  12. Holy! I loved Midou’s design! His expression looks like he trying to say ‘C’mere tiger~’ XD
    Just wondering though, why is it that the price for this one’s different..?

    1. @Lir: YESSS (^///^) so HOT!

      It’s probably cheaper this time because they don’t have to pay extra for the seiyuu to record a CD. The previous set included a self-cest CD voiced by Saeki Katsuya’s seiyuu, Hirarin :3

  13. Midou-saaaaaan–!!!! omg!

    Ahh, my wallet. I can feel it dyiiiiiing… I told myself I wouldn’t buy a dakimakura until Honeybee decides to release Starry Sky ones so I can have my hasubando, but… this is tempting… haha… “OTL…

    1. @Puchi: So many male dakimakura in one month is a killer *_* I’m also eyeing 2 of the Shukan Soine designs OTL;;; have to make a decision after their designs are out.

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