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Project BM Setsuna
I think this place is fast turning into a bishonen figure and goods news blog =_+

Anyway…. OMG CHECK THIS OUT! Another Medicom Bishonen!!! Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (機動戦士ガンダム00) Setsuna F Seiei (刹那・F・セイエイ) and I’m not even a fan of the series… first episode put me to sleep after 5 mins and that 5 mins includes the fantastic opening song by Laruku *MEGA sweatdrop* (o… I didn’t know he was voiced by Miyano Mamoru, if not maybe I would’ve persevered until I saw his character *shrug*)

I would love to get this figure tho ^^ Available -exclusively- for pre-order from this online store.

Fully poseable action figure with fabric clothes, stands 30cm tall (Are you sure? He looks kinda short), has two sets of hands in fist and open pose… stingy… just like the Lelouch Project BM figure x_x

Pre-ordering period only from now *extended* till 3 September 2008 end of September. 17,640 Yen (w tax) Evil pricing ~$~ Goods will be available in December.

Update: Found out that Yesasia will accept pre-order for this… the damage? At US$341.09? Sorry, you’ve got to be kidding *shake head* Seems kinda exploitative compared to the original listed price.

Update again: Came across this official parody trailer for Season 2. Warnings: Potential Spoilers, BL moment (I could’ve sworn I saw one), chicken rice and a decapitated head … among others XD

Now if the whole anime was like this, I’ll definitely be watching it lol~

Incidentally, the character designs seemed to be what the prop plus petit fortune chara trading figures were based on ^^ They’re kinda cute but with limited funds I wouldn’t shell out $ for them.

Gundam 00 Prop Plus Petit

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10 thoughts on “Goods: Medicom Project BM Setsuna Gundam 00”

  1. I tried to email you the pics but the mails bounced back :P mailbox exploded already. I uploaded to savefile and emailed you the link. Check it out ^^

    I think MK was banned. But we managed to buy the “copied version” from games shops anyway. The copyright issues were not that strict then.

    I bought the yukata off yahoo auctions. Arrived this morning! I put them on the RAH 301 Kai Naked figures that I have. Yay now they’re not naked anymore XD

    Anyway, the yukata made the usually faceless Kai figures very sexy (=*_*=) kinda scary loh now that I think about it LOL~ I haven’t put them on Naoto yet. Seriously -MOE- leh…

    O there was a Misa-misa cosplayer in the pic I sent u but I think the quality of the original pic is not that great tho’

  2. yep. thanks a lot. it’s late but still okay XD and dun wurry abt the article.
    Sometimes pics are saying much. LOL

    Wow, it made it to the front page news. The game didn’t banned from SG. right?
    I have to admit the game is violent and make me chill, the charas ain’t cute also.

    Where do you bought the 1/6 yukatas?

    I think Chun Li RAH is more lovelier than Misa. In anime-manga-game world her chara is better than Misa.
    Misa is annoying. Misa cosplayer in here is absolute sucks.

  3. Ooo… Sub Zero wears the same outfit as Scorpion, except that his is blue colour. I can’t remember who I used =_= I suck at fighting games. I like to watch my brother play tho’ :D Yea when the game first arrived here, it created quite a huge controversy cos of the graphic violence when the fatality was performed. It even made onto our front page news!

    I love Chun Li’s curves in the RAH figure. It looks lovelier than the Misa Misa RAH figure which I passed. I’ll KIV and see if I can afford it since I also want to get my hands on the Angelina Jolie lookalike she-predator.

    *fufufu those clocks are cute to have but too expensive hahaha. Anyway have you heard of those CDs that record the seiyuus counting sheep for you so that you can sleep? I listened to a few… while listening I kept smiling and like.. totally cannot sleep at all XD

    I have the Mirage of Blaze R1 DVDs. It is also one top fav bl anime XD

    I went a little crazy over the 1/6 yukatas =_= and bought quite a few. They’re on the way to me now.

    Work is crazy busy leh… would you like me to email you the pics to the sg convention and scan the intro text from the event booklet? I most probably can’t make the article deadline already. I can’t seem to find the right angle to cover it.

  4. Wow…i must read wiki too.

    I play MK, in fact i play many fighting games (including the silly ol’ ShaQ-Fu in SEGA)
    Im not familiar with Sub-Zero and use Scorpion or Raiden instead, MK have many charas and sequels. My last MK is errr MK4
    As for the plot, i think it’s quite original and ‘fatality’ is absolutely cool.

    I think my bro is lot better than me in fighting game, if i win i can sense than he actually letting me win. XD

    Yep, i think Chun Li RAH is very detail. It’s great, too bad im not a fan.

    Tht voice clock is extortion XD, oh i have Mirage of Blaze mangas.

    Im trying to be sensible..dreadlocks is okay but dreadlocks in blond? Yuuchhh

  5. I read the wiki… apparently Lockon has a twin brother ^^”

    yea~ if you come across any lovely 1/6 yukatas, pls point me to them too XD

    I liked the soundtrack of Mortal Kombat and the characters in the movie are also very faithful to the original design too. I used to play the game on the PC with my bro keke… he was really good with one of the characters called Sub Zero. I always die under his hands =_= sigh* The fight scenes was quite nice I think. Such an old movie… can’t remember exactly.

    Voice clock kekeke… those guys really know how to milk people’s money. There’s Morimori (25000 yen!!! on Yahoo auction) and Miyano Mamoru voice clocks (4000 yen, still reasonable) too. Oh and Mirage of Blaze voice clocks as well, with Sho Hayami and Seki Toshihiko. Out of print tho’ those 2.

    Haha.. yeah that angle is bad… I think she looks pretty good in the movie. Not her best since not many people can carry off that look. Even Gackt and Hyde look bleah when they had dreadlocks/twisted hair.

    I think market response will be very good for Chun Li RAH. I love the little detail that they also took into account: her well-contoured muscled legs! Very nice (^^)b Its just a matter of time that Tekken characters get RAHed too?

  6. Lockon should be main chara.

    Tht is absolutely kewl and Naoto will look hot in yukata, lemme me know if Naoto already got his new outfit. Gonna have smashing pics.

    I watched Mortal Kombat too, but i dun remember much about the movie.

    Ah-ha a clock, nice but it’s coming from ol’ saiyuki.

    An awful angle for her, anyway i hate her hair in Gone in 60 Secs. Looks like she’s having bad hair day, isn’t she?
    after Chun Li, i hope Tekken will get its turn to made into RAHs.

  7. And I have to mentally repeat to myself again not to buy XD
    Check this out my dear Saiyuki-phile… wake up to Sanzo’s どうしてもおきないってわけか・・・ and Gojyo’s おはよう、朝ですよ etc XD

    No idea loh… Lockon is an important character but… not the main right?

    Hobby Japan also reports about upcoming RAH right? I think this Setsuna is test market figure cos he is only available for pre-order at ONE store. Sheesh. Yeah his expression is not as nice as Lulu’s ^^ You know, I’m hunting down 1/6 size kimonos and yukatas for my RAHs… the Barbie syndrome has overtaken my logic. Just imagine Naoto wearing yukata… *droolz*

    I may make a post about the babes later keke… bishonens get priority lol~ My wallet is permanently bleeding *_* ever since I discovered figure collecting.

    Okie the 2nd babe? See this pic (this is an awful angle =_= but it best shows the similarity between the figure and Angelina Jolie in Gone in 60 seconds),,5825465,00.jpg

    I didn’t watched Street Fighter x_x I think it looked kinda stupid from the poster. The other game turned movie I enjoyed was Mortal Kombat tho’ :D

  8. yep..tht’s why i bought Gundam 00 chibi voice i-doll. Love the seiyuus XD

    Oh well Setsuna must have long lines of fans..hopefully the next projectBM chara from 00 will be Lockon.
    I didn’t watch 00 too…unless they visit Antique Bakery Ha-Ha

    Maybe you should wait instead of burning tht $$$, unless you like Setsuna so much. He isn’t fun to look at, not even as handsome as Lockon…or as sweet as Lulu or as hhhot as Naoto.
    Oh well gonna check HOBBY JAPAN for this Setsuna and hopefully i have something to tell you or able to scan pics from the magz.

    Hooo..gonna make post for this Chun Li RAH anot? MEDICOM very agressive, this is a serious threat to my credit card Ha Ha Ha
    Tell me who does she looks like? My mind’s blank.
    Do you watch Street Fighter movie? the one with Van Damne and Kylie Minogue LOL.

  9. Yup its under the Project BM! series. Lockon is more handsome loh that’s for sure… (and he is voiced by MikiShin! wah~ XD) but Setsuna is the main character so he gets special Medicom treatment lol~ I didn’t continue watching this anime so the info about Lockon and Setsuna I got was from wiki ^^ I’m still considering if I should burn my $ for this or wait for it to pop up on auctions at the end of the year. Between this and the Mushishi rah, I rather be getting the Mushishi one since they cost the same.

    Btw, Chun Li is also getting a RAHed! I think she looks pretty awesome, altho I’m not exactly a fan.

    I ALSO want THIS lovely babe. Guess who she looks like? ^^

  10. Gundam isn’t exactly my cup of tea but if it’s Lockon Stratos instead of Setsuna (RAH or projectBM?) i will definitely buy it.
    I bought HARO robot (in the anime belong to this Lockon character) i love how HARO speaks and rolls…Lockon ii kanji???
    And it’s looot cheaper than this Setsuna. XD

    Not fashionable character huh?

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