Goods: Male Plushies Lucky Dog 1, Hakuouki, Sweet Pool! (Gift)

After making us real happy by coming up with plushies based on Nitro Chiral’s Togainu no Chi characters, Gift makes more male plushies from Sweet Pool, Lucky Dog 1 and Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan!

Four characters from Hakuouki are already on sale. The remaining characters are in the works. Check them out from Gift’s official site. Almost all the popular online stores like and stock them and they ship internationally. Hijikata (first plush) looks kinda… o_O But everyone else are cute. I’m looking forward to seeing what Harada’s plushie will look like. ^^

Update: here he is :) not as cute as I wanted him to be tho…

General damage per plushie: 2800 Yen (w/tax)

I’m not sure of the official release dates for Lucky Dog 1 and Sweet Pool plushies… but should definitely be within these few months!

Youji is cute! Thanks Sigma for the heads-up. I hope he also has accessories to go with him, like what they did for some of the Togainu no chi plushies. Mini bathtub?? lol~ And how can Makoto be complete without his hamburger? I would love Tetsuo to come with removable spectacles and/or umbrella ^^

Crappy image for Lucky Dog 1 plushies I know but check out the stripes! and the multi-coloured hair. Can’t wait to see the official pics :3

Here an updated pic taken from wonderfest 2010 Summer! (25-26 July 2010)

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8 thoughts on “Goods: Male Plushies Lucky Dog 1, Hakuouki, Sweet Pool! (Gift)”

  1. Hijikata’s face on that plushie scares me. I can just imagine what his reaction would be if he ever saw that plushie. XD And… Harada’s head look lopsided. orz

    I was wondering the same thing. Why isn’t Lamento getting as much love as all the other series? It’s my favorite among the three! TAT (Mainly because of Rai and his big fluffy tail XD)

    1. @Luvi: Totally… Okita has a cute :3 “Konata” face tho. And they took Harada’s side-parting to the extreme lol. Looking on the bright side… I can save some $$$ for buying other stuff cos they won’t be a priority on the shipping list :P

      Yeah, if Lamento plushies ever get made, they have such potential to be mega cute.

  2. It’s probably just me being finicky again, but the Hakuouki plushies look… off. orz
    I can’t really see the Lucky Dog ones properly, but they look a little more promising. XD; I might just get the entire set of em if they look okay. o:

    1. @Luvi: I agree with you ^^ The Hakuouki plushies aren’t exactly spot on. I think their casual wear version (if any XD) may look nicer! Faces wise, I think Hijikata is totally off x_x I’m ok with the other three :)

      Lucky Dog ones look like they’re going to be fun! Hmm… I hope they do Lamento ones too. Why have TnC and Sweet pool but no Lamento? Wants cat ears! XD

  3. Hiii!

    I’m saving up to go to the december comiket! Haha I wonder if they have tour packages hehe.

    I hope Nitro+Chiral release some nice stuff this year tooo, though there seems no end to the lovely merchandise (:D or :'( ?)

    1. @Sunomiya: XD woah~ have fun! I’m sure Nitro+Chiral will definitely be selling new year packs (calendar for 2010 etc) ^^ and most probably some new goods as well as the current ones. Bring $$$ :3 Not sure about tour packages tho keke

  4. OMG~!! LUCKY DOG PLUSHIES~~~~~~!! *dies*

    omg omg guilo and makoto i so want whyyy my money~! *cries*
    i still haven’t even brought me a akira an shiki yet….;;
    (this is truly the time to be saying zetsuboushita!)

    1. @sigma: My bank account joins you in saying zetsuboushita~ XDD

      The good thing is that they usually don’t get sold out that fast because stores which ship internationally usually don’t carry the BL ones :3 Anyway, they’ll probably be released during the next comiket… should be in July/August XD Let’s look forward to them.

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