Goods: Maji LOVE 1000% Uta no Prince Sama Nendoroid Puchi Petit figures (Goodsmile)

Update: The boys turn out to be Animate Japan store exclusives orz;;

Title: Uta no Prince Sama Maji LOVE 1000% Nendoroid Puchi Petit figure 『うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE1000%』 ねんどろいどぷち
Price: 3,992 Yen (for box of 8 figures)
Release date: November 2012
Maker: Goodsmile Company
Animate Japan Exclusive, so proxy buyer is required since they don’t ship international :(
Preorder Link
Description: 6 designs + 1 secret.
From A-class: Ittoki Otoya 一十木音也, Hijirikawa Masato 聖川真斗 and Shinomiya Natsuki 四ノ宮那月.
From S-class: Ichinose Tokiya 一ノ瀬トキヤ, Jinguuji Ren 神宮寺レン and Kurusu Shou 来栖翔.
They’ll be figurised wearing Saotome school uniform and there is also secret design.
Size: about 65mm (non-scale), comes with a base and sold in boxes of 8 figures.
Sculptor: 松田モデル

Thanks to planck-chan for the update. Animate exclusive!!! Darn, that will add at least 20-30% more to the original cost due to proxy fees D: Their upcoming Altair figures may also be Animate exclusives too.

Update: If you’re interested, you can consider getting them in a group-buy (Thanks Angela for the link!) I’ve not used the service before, so please go ahead and check with the buyer located here:

Final official shots.

Last update 4 May 2012: Don’t our coloured prototypes look great?

Revealed during Super Comic City 21

I think this is a must-buy :D

Pity about the blurred pic but the boys look good! Characteristics captured very well.

Shou’s hat is removable :D and Natsuki is simply adorable.

Last update 12 February 2012: The boys will be released as trading figures, in blind boxes. There will be total 6 designs and 1 secret. The S class boys, Kurusu Shou 来栖翔, Jinguuji Ren, 神宮寺レン, Ichinose Tokiya 一ノ瀬トキヤ are currently in development.

From left, the A class boys, Hijirikawa Masato 聖川真斗, Shinomiya Natsuki 四ノ宮那月 and Ittoki Otoya 一十木音也

I’ll definitely try to get my hands on these cuties but who knows… Uta no Prince sama is so popular now, maybe full-size nendoroids of the boys are also in development?

Also planned are 1/8 scale figures of all the boys, with the first one being Ittoki Otoya, made by Alter (ALTAiR product line), followed by Ichinose Tokiya. I think the rest of the figures for Starry Star boys after Kinose Azusa will probably be on hold now that this is announced?

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72 thoughts on “Goods: Maji LOVE 1000% Uta no Prince Sama Nendoroid Puchi Petit figures (Goodsmile)”

  1. Lol, this post appeared in the Random Posts at top, and I thought, hmm right chance to share with Pony!

    I preordered this on Nippon-Yasan, but due to No.6 dakimakura I had do cancel my order, no money for that! But ended up being nice, because full set at that time would be customs for sure. Then I started to get boys one by one: firstly with MFC users that were selling the extras then on Rakuten, and now my Starish set is complete! <3 Best is that few figures were not taxed! They're totally cute!

    Ah, and about No.6 daki, it's still with lucy4, I'm waiting the right moment to have it sent, I mean, $$, after so many customs this year and Aoba's coming, it's difficult have extra money.

    1. @planck-chan: Things worked out well! XD I’m glad! I guess this reply is so overdue and you probably already received the dakimakura…

  2. Hi!
    A quick update: I will be able to order 20 boxes.
    9 boxes are taken,I’m waiting to hear back from 4 others.That leaves 7 boxes still for taking.

    Total costs(for those who are interested) will add up to 4000Yen plus shipping and Paypal fees.
    A deposit of 1000 Yen to secure your box must be paid until next weekend.
    The rest of the payment will be due in November. Pm me if interested under lucy4 at

  3. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing my comment regarding my group order ^^
    Until now I received 6 requests which leaves 4 boxes still available for taking.

    Pm me on under lucy4 for further information;)

    1. oh good, so at least they are not doing the super ridiculous thing where you could get 2 of the same figure and none of another figure…i hate the ones where even if you bought the whole box it still doesn’t guarantee you the whole set….

    2. @iced_wine: So far I get complete sets (+extras depending on the set paclage) for all my past Goodsmile nendoroid petite sets *_* so it should be quite safe. I hate those trading figure boxes that don’t guarantee full sets too.

  4. I’m actually really pissed off at the fact that they’re Animate exclusives since I’ve been eyeing them for months. Just what were they thinking?! -RAGE-

    1. Fortunately, I’ve found someone on who is kind enough to organise a group purchase from Animate with minimal extra costs. Her eBay feedbacks provide good credentials. Here’s the comment that she left on MFC if anyone’s interested:

      She’s trying to gather enough people to place a preorder for 10 sets so the more the merrier!

  5. I’m so mad at GSC for doing this. Like, REALLY mad. I don’t even know why they would make it EXCLUSIVE! LIKE WHY? UtaPuri is SO popular. It would sell SO well for foreign markets and YET, they make it exclusive.

    I have a feeling that the Altair figures might be exclusive too :X I mean…look at Kinose Azusa…he was SO, it’s a 50/50 chance that the UtaPuri ones would be. T___T; I don’t want it TOO! SO …SO…I won’t hurry up to get the nendoroids since I want to get my hands on the scaled figures more.

    1. @momo: Sadly for us D: Maybe they want to cater only to local fans or to save $ from using 3rd party distributors. Hopefully they won’t make the utapri scaled figures exclusive too *_* Hakuouki and Starry Sky figures are bad enough for our bank accounts!

  6. AAAHHHHHH Pony, GSC screwed with us! Why Animate exclusives??????? NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I was really determined to buy them, but if that means immediate payment and fees, I’m out! Bid deception, and it also can mean those Altair figures of them end up Animate exclusives in the future!

    1. @planck-chan: that sucks orz;;; If you can find fellow friends in Brazil to share the cost in group buy might be good *_* And you’re right… Altair figs might be Animate exclusives D:

  7. Oh I so want to get them *O* Was waiting since first photos of not painted prototpes came out! I SO hope they will be avaliable on Ami Ami, CDJapan or any kind of shop in english with international shipping, I NEED TO GET THEM IN MY HANDS ;A;
    Like, all of them *O* Finally Syo with removeable cap <3 I think they're even cuter than voice figures… I hope they will be similar quality <D Voice mascots were really good!

    1. @Azyryt: I’m sure they would, since its utapri. They do look cuter than the voice mascots :D tho I also agree that the voice mascots are awesome too!

  8. i’ll wait for the full nendos, even if its unlikely cos they are boys…
    cos i only want otoya and ichinose, so buying the whole box of chibis just for 2…
    im already broke cos i had to buy a new laptop =(

    old one got bad x.x

    1. I agree… the good thing about petites is that they’re overall cheaper than buying nendoroids of all the boys individually ^^;; Maybe exchange with your friends?

  9. Six designs and one secret…
    That’ll be slightly problematic since the Nendoroid Petite sets come in packs of 12. T_T Not sure what I would do with the leftovers.

    1. I guess that’s also a possibility. However, there wouldn’t be much point in a secret figure if they’re not packed as mystery boxes. I was hoping for the Class A and Class S trios to be in separate sets so I can just collect them without worrying about repeats and extras. Don’t care much for Cecil m’fraid. XDDD

    2. @Angela: Now that you mentioned Cecil, I think he will most likely be the secret :P And knowing how Utapri economics works, they’ll make us spend extra $$$ for duplicate figures orz;;

    3. You can always sell leftovers on Ebay or LJ Utapri community, I’m sure there will be a lot of interested fans who want to purchase like..noly one nendoroid XD I’d go for it <3

  10. Iyaa~ Kawaii sugiyo~ I really need to buy them!!
    I mean like all of them! The shading and coloring looks so fabulous!
    Good Smile Company is getting even better with every release!
    Especially Sho is really cute, but Ren also… awww <33
    Funny thing is… I'm not even a fan of UtaPri, but these little Puchis make me
    wanna be one~

    1. @miharu: The character designs are pretty awesome. It’s great that Goodsmile did a good job with the nendoroid petites :D I’m not a big fan either but the boys sure are eye-candy! Quite difficult to resist.

  11. Too cute my Lord!!! But I’m not so sure about getting them, I prefer the scaled figures or waiting for the full-size nendo…
    I’m sure in the end I will get all of them…
    Waiting for Ringo-sensei!!

    1. @AoiSora: Full-size nendo is not likely since they are male figures but we never know. Maybe Ringo sensei will be released later too!

  12. Don’t know how I missed this post back in February?! Normally don’t go for nendroids but these… Will we have to get straight from Goodsmile? And an Altair fig too? Otoya-kun can sit right next to Azusa on my shelf.

    1. @AoiSora: I believe the petites should be for general release. Utapri is mega popular after all.
      The Altair fig might be a 1/8 instead of 1/7 cos I couldn’t find the source post with that information already orz;;; I hope I’m correct tho. It’ll be pretty awesome :D

  13. I’m glad they are petits not the full size nendoroids, coz they look just as cute in a much cheaper form. I am really happy to hear the full scales will be made and by ALTER– they are even more reputable than kotobukiya!
    Petits, full scales, and plushies– all just for UTA pri!!
    Your post has made my day, love your site with all the new info! Btw, do u have a good website (in Japanese or not, I don’t care) that does a review of wonderfest ? And one that shows alot of pictures for planned releases ?

    1. @Urusaiii: Yeah in a way I’m glad too. But full-sized nendoroids may get us more goodies to with :)
      I haven’t searched around for detailed WF info, but you can try for figure updates!

    2. Very cute! Are these pics from another figure event in Japan?
      The petits are small and cute and are always adorable. I’m glad they aren’t full nendoroids. I never find nendoroids “cute”

    3. @Urusaiii: I think from Super Comic City 21? Or was it something else that Goodsmile took part in.
      Full nendoroids are good in that they have more swappable parts and the quality is generally better :) Petites are definitely cute… since they’re smaller size.

  14. these are soo cute!!! I have started buying cute chibi figures!!! Just this weekend I got a Dark(black) magician girl (Yugioh) and a Starry Sky figure (Cancer one)!!!

    Random note:

    So can’t wait for my Tiger&bunny figures!!

  15. the chibis… imight pass.. or buy on sale… probably pass

    but i will consider buying altair’s otoya and ichinose
    will not preorder… so if i miss otoya, i wont buy ichinose
    all depends on wallet and month… and if im still around europe lol

  16. Awww… those figures are so cute!!!
    I might get them when they are released.. but I’m more interested in the ALTAiR figures.. :P

  17. definitely want these~~~but is it going to be like the rest of the kotobukiya trading figures where you get all figures when you buy the box? and also, if 1/7 figures are also planned…how much is that going to cost?!!!!!

    1. @iced_wine: Well, at press time it seems to be so, but who knows if they’ll do a sneaky Persona 4 megane/no megane version orz;;; I was all ready to but it until I read the fine print. Put me off the temptation to buy the set completely (;o;)

      I’m surprised at the 1/7 scale too… I hope I didn’t read it wrong.

  18. Wow first Gackpoid and now them ♥ This is figure heaven!
    With 6 boxes I think the teachers are omitted?
    I came across the thought that the secret might be the headmaster? ヾ(^▽^*おわはははっ!!

    1. @Ilona: Probably. The teachers are side-characters after all :-\ but that’s not to say they won’t consider making them in the future. I think the secret might be the “unlockable” character? Or maybe Satsuki lol~

    2. Ah! I didn’t thought about that! You mean the guy who turns into a cat / the green guy, right? I totally forgot him ^^;

  19. I AM so HAPPY for the scaled figures and they are going to be m ade by ALTER! OH YAY!! <3

    GOD, Wonfes…is making my wallet BLEED.

    Cause I want these nendo puchis toooo!!

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