Goods: Maeno Tomoaki Personalised Voice Alarm Clock

Maeno Tomoaki fans rejoice! :D

Title: Angel Alarm Clock homme Maeno Tomoaki 「天使の目覚し時計 homme」 前野智昭
Price: 9,240 Yen (w/tax)
Preorder start: 17 November 2013 (Customise name cut-off date 10 December 2013) No cancellations allowed.
Official site:

Order direct:

Fans of Maeno Tomoaki would be excited to know that you’ll get to have him call you by your name when he wakes you up. There’s a name list the company provides but if you can’t find your name, you can submit it if you order before the cut-off date.

If you’ve ordered a voice clock before, it is possible to order only the SD card version (without the clock) from directly at a lower price but you’ll need a proxy service like to help you with it. Or hope that Comicomi opens preorder for SD card version :)

Like other clocks, Maeno Tomoaki voices 3 characters that you can pick to wake you up. There is one wake up voice for each season and a normal wake up voice pattern, so total of 15 voices to choose from as well as special voices like Oyasumi, etc.

Character bios! \(^0^)/

I’ll update when information is available.

List of names you can choose for Maeno Tomoaki to call you by (Standard list):

あい Aiあき Akiあけみ Akemi
あこ Akoあずさ Azusaあっこ Akko
あみ Amiあや Ayaあんな Anna
いっちゃん Iicchyanえっちゃん Ecchyanえみ Emi
えり Eriかおり Kaoriかこ Kako
かずこ Kazukoかずみ Kazumiかな Kana
かよ Kayoきい Kiiきみ Kimi
きょうこ Kyoukoくぅ Kuuくみ Kumi
けい Keiこぅ Kouさぁちゃん Saachyan
さこ Sakoさえ Saeさおり Saori
さき Sakiさっちゃん Sacchyanさゆり Sayuri
しぃちゃん Shiichyanしのぶ Shinobuしょうこ Shyouko
じゅん Jyunすみ Sumiせい Sei
せっちゃん Secchyanたぁちゃん Taachyanたかこ Takako
ちぃ Chiiちえ Chieちか Chika
ちゃこ Chyakoちよ Chiyoとうこ Touko
とこ Tokoとも Tomoなお Nao
なっちゃん Nacchyanなな Nanaのぶ Nobu
のり Noriはな Hanaはる Haru
ひろ Hiroふう Fuuまぁちゃん Maachyan
まい Maiまき Makiまさ Masa
まちこ Machikoまな Manaまみ Mami
まゆ Mayuまり Mariみい Mii
みえ Mieみお Mioみか Mika
みき Mikiみく Mikuみさ Misa
みち Michiみっちゃん Micchyanみどり Midori
みな Minaみほ Mihoみや Miya
みわ Miwaむっちゃん Mucchyanめい Mei
めぐ Meguもえ Moeやえ Yae
ゆい Yuiゆう Yuuゆうこ Yuuko
ゆか Yukaゆき Yukiゆみ Yumi
ゆり Yuriようこ Youkoよしこ Yoshiko
よっちゃん Yocchyanりえ Rieりか Rika
りっちゃん Ricchyanりょう Ryouれい Rei

Technical details:

1) Alarm 目覚し時計
– Can set up to 3 alarms.
– You can choose the voice you like or own music.
– 5 minute snooze.

2) Player. 2G memory
– Format: mp3・wma
– It can copy audio from your PC with USB cable.
– SD card usable
– Random play, sleep function.
– Sleep function between 10 to 60 minutes

3) Speaker
– Can be used as a speaker for PC and mobile phone with line-in cable.

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Maeno Tomoaki Personalised Voice Alarm Clock”

  1. My proxy is telling me that in order to get the SD card, Capolla needs the alarm clock. Do you know if this is true? I’ve bought previous clocks. Do they need some sort of proof? My proxy wants to cancel my order, because he’s not sure what will be sent. I told him no and that I will pay for a clock if there is a problem. Capolla is not responding in a timely fashion for his questions. There is no price for the SD card on the web site. I saw the 5460 yen mentioned and that is what I paid. Was this there previous price?

    1. @yudashin: If u have the previous order number, please give it to your proxy, like how I replied to SnowMiyu. See our comments. You only need to give them the actual alarm clock if you’re ordering the 1st series (Morimoi, Yucchi etc) Maeno is 2nd series so you only need to supply the order number.

      And the price you paid is correct. I’ve verified again with capolla last week. It’s the same price as we previously paid for the SD card :) Here’s an excerpt from capolla staff’s email reply:

      販売価格  5,200円 消費税別
      消費税    260円
      合計    5,460円

  2. Well… I don’t know if I should cry or laugh now… I’m happy that this clock is available, but it’s so expensive and I heard that this clock is a really normal alarm clock…. Do you own one of these clocks? Is it worth to get them? ^^ I’m not sure if I should get this one for myself on Christmas… LOL I love Maeno, but THIS is so pricey… ;w;

    1. @Haruna: The clock has alarm and radio features which isn’t worth that much but we’re paying this price more for the seiyuu rather than the clock. It depends on how much you think is worth paying for your favourite seiyuu to call your name ^^;; It’s not a cheap thrill (cos of the price orz;;) But if Maeno is your honmei, I think maybe it’s worth it. The good thing is that the recordings are saved in high quality mp3 files that you can save onto your computer or mp3 player.

      Our main issue as non-Japanese is that we don’t have a Japanese name that is on their list :P If you’re considering to buy the clock after the deadline to customise your name, then I would say it isn’t really worth the price.

      I have Yusa Kouji (honmei <3), Morikawa Toshiyuki, Kishio Daisuke, Toriumi Kousuke, Morikubou Shoutarou's clock. Missed out on Hirakawa Daisuke's cos I only found out after the deadline.

    2. Thank you so much for your reply! I still don’t know if I should get this clock, but if I want a talk track with Maeno too, so I need to hurry and decide before the 10th December. My nickname is actually on the Japanese list, but I guess it’s nicer to have him call my full not shortened name? xDD

      I’m still fending on buying this clock or Drama CD’s. xDD A hard choice… orz

    3. @Haruna: Gaa~ nice to have your nickname on the list at least XDD Nickname may sound sweeter? kekeke :D Which Drama CDs are you eyeing? Are they limited editions? If not, you can always buy them at a later time if they’re within budget.

    1. Hmm, I’m thinking of ordering (SD ver.) through How will I be able to choose my custom names? Will they manually contact me to fill in the order details? :o

    2. @SnowMiyu: When ordering the SD card version, I left the details in the comments form when using fromjapan to order. For example: お申し込み 前野智昭ver. Hi, I want to purchase the SD card version of this item (with customised personal name) Some information required when placing order. Please give me a quotation. Thanks! 1) 前回ご購入時の受注番号: XXXXXXXXX (from Comicomi 2) バージョンを選択: 前野智昭 3) SDカード購入 5,200円 消費税 260円 合計 5,460円 4) お名前を選択(追加): Your Name (in katakana)
      I ordered Torikou’s SD version successfully, so it should work for you too. Hope this helps :)

      Maeno’s SD version –
      Here’s the updated text example you can enter for your fromjapan order cos I just realised that the form fields are different now.
      1) お名前を選択: 他/追加 2) 追加ご希望の方はご記入ください: Your Name (in katakana) 3) メッセージがありましたらばどうぞ: 前回ご購入時の受注番号: XXXXXXXXX (from Comicomi

    3. Just received the first quotation. However, they mischarged SD card version for the price of the whole clock (8,800 yen instead 5,200 yen). Partially my fault for not including the SD card price while ordering. ToT; Already contact them about this I really hope I can make it before 10th Dec. Q_Q *is nervous*

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