Goods: Lucky Dog 1 Plushies Revealed! (Gift)

Gian’s Plushie! I think his face looks pretty good and I love his striped outfit and hair.

Check out the mascot too! Mega cute. WOOF! I love that the hood can be removed ^^ Nice touch there!

Hopefully other characters look just as good!

Damage: 2800 Yen each
Available on September 2010

Gift’s Official page for the two of them, open for ordering on 1 July 2010.
1) Gian and
2) Mascot

Update: 2 July 2010
Good news everybody, you can preorder Gian and doggy Ranu at most hobby shops which ships internationally ^^ check em out!
Gian CDJapan
Mascot CDJapan

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7 thoughts on “Goods: Lucky Dog 1 Plushies Revealed! (Gift)”

  1. Yup! But if I were to buy a whole set… it’s gonna set me back by at least 100 bucks. Again. OTL They’re smart, putting up the mascot for sale as well. ;_;

  2. Gian~! so cute i love them! There cheaper to buy on the site but when it comes to ebay their so expensive. ;-;
    Aww if only i was a japan resident.;___;

    1. @Luvi: It should! :3 Somehow the stripes make him uber cute!

      @Sigma: Hmm… if Animate Japan stocks them when they’re released, we have a better chance of getting them cheaper than ebay if we use a shipping service like :3 Thanks to Luvi for the suggestion. Cos Gift online shop doesn’t accept credit card payment and Tenso doesn’t provide cash on delivery services :P

  3. lahfdskkgjsg This is one plushie set I’m getting for sure! *A* And hopefully, they’ll arrive on time for my birthdaaaay. 8D 8D 8D

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