Goods: Lucky dog 1 Plushies Ivan and Gulio are next! (Gift)

These two Lucky dog 1 boys are next!

Gift just announced the release date of plushies for sweetie pie with a dark side, Giulio Di Bondone ジュリオ・ティ・ボンドーネ and foul-mouthed softie Ivan Fiore イヴァン・フィオーレ

Damage: 2800 Yen (w/tax)
Available for order: 5 August 2010

Don’t they look cute together :D Hmm.. where did Gian’s cigar come from. Very Mafia boss indeed! XD

(Hmm… maybe it is from Motomi-kun from Togainu no Chi Plushies Series).

Gulio’s ahoge (strand of hair sticking out) is very well-made :3 His plushie’s expression captures his character setting pretty nicely too.

Sigma you’re right. He is missing his scarf DX I wonder if we can remove his trench…

As for Ivan… ooo~ I love his outfit too ^^ but the plushie didn’t capture his look that well.

I was quite disappointed by the Wonderfest plushie pics of the last two characters, Bernardo and Luchino… especially so because my favourite character is Bernardo :-\ Anyway, let’s wait and see how it goes…

Gift Online Store
1) Gulio

2) Ivan

I’ll post other international stores’ preorder links when they’re available :)

Btw, Black Rock Shooter plushie (3675 Yen) will be up for ordering on the same day too… but I think if I have the money, I would rather spend on her figma or other figures. They look waaay better :)


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10 thoughts on “Goods: Lucky dog 1 Plushies Ivan and Gulio are next! (Gift)”

  1. Ivan’s swears.. It’s rare to hear Hiradai swearing like that XD

    ohh, there’s also new TnC plush, but since I’m not really into TnC I’ll just try hard to collect tose 5 boys and maybe Ranu too~

    1. @Rin: Yep yep XD That’s why it seems strangely endearing. I mean I’ve never heard him play a character who swears like that before.

      Yes! The new TnC plushies are uber cute. If you are a fan, you definitely won’t be able to resist XD

  2. Ivan Plush is so cute~
    (well he’s my favorite Character in the game too XD)

    I already pre-ordered Gian Plush, and maybe tempting to order those two too..
    I really want to collect all 5 plushs since I like LD1 so much X3
    Btw CDjapan open a pre-order for those 2 plushs until 18th August

    1. @Rin: Yeah :D these boys are so likable! I love it when Ivan swears lol~ cos he sounds so strangely endearing hahaha XD

      Me too, I have Gian and Ramu on preorder. My budget should be able to allow for the other two boys too… but gaah~ Togainu’s new plushies are coming out too OTL and I really want those as well. What a killer year 2010 is! Such a happy problem :P

  3. AmiAmi has them up for preorder now actually. :P I am still thinking who to get. Gian, Guilio or Ivan? :(

    Any suggestions? :p

    1. @Jes: It really depends on who you like :3 I ordered Gian and Ranu. I’m still considering if I should get the other boys too. I’m really tempted to get all of them but only if budget allows. They don’t look like they will be sold out anytime soon, so I’ll take my time to decide.

  4. I love them. I like the Giulio’s ahoge, too. ;3 And Ivan plushie is so cute. I like the Gian Carlo cigar. Indeed so bossy. Haha. ;3

    1. @GlaringDream: Yea ^^ hopefully they are also sold in international stores too but I haven’t decided if I’m getting everybody :P cos since not all are cute :(

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