Goods: Lucky Dog 1 figures (Wonderfest Summer 2011 Garage Kit, Hush-Hush)

I would have probably tried to get these cuties if I knew about them earlier.

Title: Lucky Dog 1 Garage Kits (various)
Available: 24 July 2011 (Wonder Festival Summer 2011)
Price: Not sure OTL;;
Maker: Hush-Hush

The sculptor’s Lucky Dog 1 garage figure works on display at their booth.

Latest work: Gian Carlo (1/8 scale)

Luchino Gregoretti (1/9 scale)

Pinky St. customs of Gian Carlo, Giulio Di Bondone and Ivan Fiore,

Check out the blog here for the interesting “making-of” processes:

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Lucky Dog 1 figures (Wonderfest Summer 2011 Garage Kit, Hush-Hush)”

    1. @Jake: They are garage kits sold during the festival. They no longer available but if the sculptor decides to re-release them, you may get a chance.

  1. omg, how’d we miss this~;o;
    They looks so awesome! I love the Gian Carlo (1/8 scale). Only a few colors are involved so it would have been easy to paint.
    Those Pinky St. Are so cute!! <3333

    1. @sigma: Yeah :( I only saw the report at Hobby Channel after the event. But I have no idea how much they cost. I couldn’t find the information on the sculptor’s blog OTL or maybe he/she removed the price after the event ended. I would have liked to get Gian’s figure too. And probably the chibis.

      Let’s wait for the next Wonderfest and see if this sculptor takes part again :D

  2. Ah! I think I’ve seen this person’s Pinky St. mods on Pixiv before! If there were non-garagekit figures for LD1, I think I’d buy them, but…unfortunately my handpainting skills are pretty bad, so it wouldn’t work too well! Ahah~;;

    Good luck with your GK though! ^ – ^

    1. @Puchi: Yeah :D I’m totally new to GKs too. I guess if I can’t do it properly I’ll just display the unpainted figure as it is… ^^;; or get someone to paint it for me.

    1. @iced_wine: yeah I think so :O I’ve not owned any GKs before but I bought one via proxy from Wonderfest recently. I have completely no GK painting experience whatsoever… but I didn’t care ^^;; Still waiting for it to arrive.

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