Goods: Limited order period! Togainu Akira boxer pants + White Military Shiki x Akira one-coin chibi (Animate Japan, Kotobukiya)


Don’t wait up because the Animate Japan limited order period is only till 5 December 2010 Japan time! The order period is extended! ^^

Animate Japan doesn’t ship international so you’ll need middlemen or forwarding service to get them.

1) Akira boxers 咎狗の血 AKIRA‘S BOXER PANTS (2,500 Yen)

2) Yu-pon Illustrated boxers 咎狗の血 とがいぬのち お絵描きぱんつ Drawn by ゆーぽん (2,500 Yen)

3) Military white one-coin figures Shiki x Akira set 咎狗の血 アキラ&シキ ~ちみ軍服せっと~ (1,050 Yen) -SOLD OUT-

If you want, you can come back to this post later while I update the details ^^;;;

I have no idea when they put those items up for order and such a darn short notice too! (Probably trying to clear their stocks before Christmas OTL I hate them =_=) But love them at the same time too… cos these are all LIMITED EDITION items previously only available during events such as Comiket 78 and AGF.

Yu-pon Illustrated boxer Pants (Detail)

Akira Boxer Pants (Great for cosplay)

And last but not least, pic of the white chibis

Just a note. There wasn’t any mention about freebie post cards or extras that they gave out during the events if you ordered from Animate Japan, so if they’re one of the reasons you’re getting these goods, I thought you might like to know :O

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34 thoughts on “Goods: Limited order period! Togainu Akira boxer pants + White Military Shiki x Akira one-coin chibi (Animate Japan, Kotobukiya)”

  1. lol akira looks so out of characger in that picture, and lol id buy those just for the sake of having the picture of the very hot akira :D hahah and the chibi akira over his ****

    1. @banoni: I would if it can fit ^^;;; cos Nagara9 was telling me that it is quite small so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. If not then I’ll give it to plushie Akira lol~ :3

  2. @Levi – They should be the same. I also have the ones with the green bases :) These red bases are from the Chiral Forest chibis. Maybe the photo is just for illustration ^^

    But I’m glad you have your chibis too!

  3. @Razberry – I agree totally. It’s so sad that they wasted such an awesome opportunity to make Togainu no Chi great among the mainstream audience (and yeah the BL fans too). The more I think about that the more emo I feel OTL;;;

    YES. If they were trying to build up atmosphere with Akira walking around, I’m like… sorry… it ain’t working. I just don’t understand why it turned out like this :-\

    I don’t think I’ll be very motivated to shell out moolah for the TnC DVDs like I did for the Junjou Romantica DVDs. I definitely loved JR anime and was very very entertained by it. But TnC anime… it’s just one big long sigh. (T_T)

  4. @ponytale I know, that’s another sad things about the anime: I can’t recommend it to ANYONE. I would never recommend it non-BL fans because there is nothing in it for them to enjoy. Like you said, the animation is poor, the action scenes are sub par, and then there’s like holes in the story large enough to drive a semi through. Not to mention, there’s also lack of character depth or development or even background. We see glimpses, but not really enough to make us care about the characters if we didn’t know anything about the game. They also never really bothered explaining the contest or the world in a way that makes sense. Instead we just get scene after scene of Akira walking around doing absolutely nothing to accomplish his goal. I think I yelled “OMG, DO SOMETHING!” a few times at my screen. And then I also can’t recommend it to BL fans either since there’s hardly any BL in it. Sure, we have pretty boys and a few scraps of s-a moments, but that’s hardly enough to sit through the rest of it. I hate that we have to settle for half-assed efforts like this just because us poor BL fans don’t get much in general. (T_T)

  5. oh no~~! i was rooting for the akiraXshiki ending……T.T….i don’t even like keisuke…he’s so whiny…and not powerful….

    1. @iced_wine: Assuming that the season ends at episode 13… that means we only have 4 episodes left to go. I don’t think they have very much time to do Shiki’s end properly without spoiling the whole thing :-\ well, unless there’s season two…

  6. @Ponytale: I really like Motomi (2nd I think), but Rin is my favorite….at least in the manga anyway. Keisuke is probably my fave in the anime. I just felt like most of Motomi’s information was cut out, or delivered by another party. It really seems like, other than Aki and Kei, no one really has any depth in the anime. I keep watching, because I love them, but after a really cool looking trailer I got really excited. Now I’m a bit disappointed with it. I should be happy though, at least it got animated…

    1. @Nagara9: Yeah, only Akira and Keisuke were the most fleshed out in the anime but I guess they needed to focus on one main route, so other characters took a backseat. From the looks of it, I think they’re probably going to do Keisuke x Akira happy end. Tho I lol’ed a bit about the screwdriver that they showed on the desk in Akira’s room in Episode 9 ;P

      I think if it was a straight to DVD 18+ release, they might have probably done a better quality anime. But then again, if they might also run out of budget like the dropped Ai no Kusabi remake :-\ so yeah… we should be happy that it got animated successfully.

      OH and to add on… I’m also kinda disappointed I can’t exactly recommend TnC anime to non BL lovers now… cos suppose if the action. storytelling and animation were good, you can get people to appreciate it and overlook the supposedly BL (altho’ there was none) in the anime and really enjoy it as a mainstream work…

  7. so happy that they are re-releasing these figures~~~ they are so cute~~~

    do the figures have a pre-order deadline? Tokyobuyers said they didn’t find the deadline (b/c i was trying to order right on the 5th).

    is there any way i can refer you with tokyobuyers? b/c i’m a first time customer, and paypal is taking 2-3 days to confirm my bank account…i’m just afraid the figures are going to be sold out by that time, and tyokyobuyers said they can make an advanced purchase if i can refer someone who is already a customer with them.

    i know it’ a lot to ask, and i’d totally understand if you don’t want to :)

    1. @iced_wine: there was a deadline last week but they removed it this morning :3 *whisper* maybe the demand wasn’t as high as they thought ^^;;;) But seriously, they should give it more time so that more people can find out about it.

      No worries, I don’t mind that at all. I’ll send you an email.

  8. I’m really glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like it. It just seems like such a lackluster attempt. To me the only characters that really act like themselves are Akira, and Keisuke. Motomi doesn’t even seem to serve any purpose. I dunno, even disregarding the awful animation, the story is ill paced, and clunky. For my most anticipated anime of tyhe year, I think it also my most disappointing. :(

    1. @Nagara9: Yeah… and all of us thought they would do a much better job than this. I wonder how much budget they allocated for this. It doesn’t even have much CG or anything. They could have saved that extra work on multiple openings and endings and spend more time on the actual animation itself.

      Is Motomi your fav character? :D I think if they wrote the script tighter, all the characters would have better screen time.

  9. I’m still watching out of loyalty to the characters and the seiyuus, but my patience is quickly wearing thin. Animation, pacing and story issues aside, I can’t figure out why they had such an obviously low budget to work with. I’m actually rather shocked by how much they have to skimp on the animation as a result. Do you know the story behind that?

    1. @Razberry: Not sure about that… I read that they were going to redo episodes 1 and 2 and that’s why the DVD release was delayed. Hopefully they also improve the other episodes before releasing them as DVD too. In some of the later episodes… the quality of the artwork and characters were so bad (out of proportion bodies and distorted faces) I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was also expecting better action fighting scenes but it was such a disappointment. And like you, I kept watching out of loyalty OTL and that’s probably why I wasn’t very motivated to write about it.

  10. OMG~~ can’t believe they are releasing the shiki x akira military chibis again~~~~~~~~~~!! Thank you so much for sharing the news~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just placed an order with tokyobuyers, hope they can get it for me….even though i’m cutting very close to the deadline….*sigh*….wish i’d seen this post yesterday….

    so with tokyobuyers, they don’t need your credit card or any payment info when you place the order?

  11. OMG, the boxers are hysterial. Especially the Yu-pon ones!

    Btw, Ponytale-san, what do you think of the anime? I’m surprised you haven’t reviewed it yet!

    1. @Razberry: Yep! XD super cute… can’t get enough of Yu-pon’s chibis!

      Hmmm mixed feelings about the anime… the first episode was very meh… in terms of animation quality. After that I really lowered my expectations ^^;;; and began to enjoy it more. I may do a review after this season ends.

  12. Thank to your entry I was able to order the white military coin figures *A* I thought I lost my chance when my friend could not go to Comiket >< Thank you~!

    Didn't have enough cash to order the boxers, though they look so cute.. But I guess they would not fit any way, haha :D

    1. @Sug: That’s great! XD I was surprised they popped up too! I’m glad I found out just in time and able to share the good news!

      I paid a lot more for them when they first came out OTL;;; but it’s okie XD I hope everybody can get their hands on them if they can! Cos these chibis are really cute and at 1050 Yen (well minus proxy fees) They’re a much better bargain than the set (including the armband) sold during the event.

      ^^;;; I hope they can fit, otherwise I’ll have to go lose some weight from my butt hahaha… this 2500 Yen is probably going to be the most expensive ever underwear I’ve ever bought lol~

  13. hehe….yeah….Each one comes with a thin plastic image. I think those are the best part. The normal black boxers have the sexiest picture of Akira included. Yum!

    1. @Nagara9: *nods* I’ve already placed my order. One of the main reasons I wanted to get the boxers is for the images too ^^ (we’re such suckers, aren’t we?) especially when I’m not even sure I can wear them now that I know they’re really small OTL But hopefully they can fit :D I wonder what other yummy surprises they have in store for fans :3

  14. @Nicky: They could be unisex, but I think they look like they are made for girls. Very tiny girls. They are very small. I can actually wear them on my head without them sliding down. Lol Don’t ask….

    1. @Nagara9: woo~ I was wondering why the boxers don’t have size specs when I first saw it. And from what you described… it sure is small. *_* and okie… I won’t ask why you did that lol lol

    1. @Nicky: Girls can wear boy boxers too! ^^ Anyway I think they’re designed to be unisex so it should be okay~ Maybe Nagara9 can answer your question hehe she has a pair XDD

    1. @Nagara9: Should be okay! And it’s cheaper too… cos the arm band isn’t necessary :P They were previously sold together for 2000 Yen + free postcard.

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