Goods: Limited Edition Togainu no Chi Akira Damage version 1/8 scale PVC figure (Kotobukiya 5th Anniversary)

We just can’t get enough of that glorious ass :)

Just revealed during Animate Girls Festival 2011. Kotobukiya is going to make a limited edition 1/8 scale figure of Togainu no Chi’s Akira that will only be sold at Kotobukiya store.

Title: Limited edition Akira Damage version 1/8 scaled figure ( アキラ ダメージver. )
Available: Spring 2012
Price: 7120 Yen (w/tax)
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Sold only at Kotobukiya store:
Or International shipping
Or through these proxy sellers
1) Big in Japan
2) Tokyo Hunter

Shot of the planned figures. Shiki, Akira normal version and damage version.

Back view of Akira Damage version. Ripped T-shirt. I think his jacket is probably a removable cast-off.

Face and stomach teaser shot. Damage version Akira has a different face from the normal version.

Simply beautiful! I’m so excited! More shots of the normal versions Shiki and Akira figures here.

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90 thoughts on “Goods: Limited Edition Togainu no Chi Akira Damage version 1/8 scale PVC figure (Kotobukiya 5th Anniversary)”

  1. ;o; just sent amiami my cancel on these two lovely’s, i know i will regret it but the dollar to yen kills.

    Can’t wait to see pictures though~<3

    1. @sigma: *hugs* The exchange rate is really bad and we don’t know what else is going to happen OTL;;; But I’m sure you won’t regret it. To be honest, I feel that maybe next year there will be a sale and you can grab the boys at an even better price!

  2. I’ve actually purchased from them a number of times and so far so good.The price from other local store is quite low as well.Guess it’s just the change in exchange rate (I live in Asia btw). I’ve deciding to purchase both version of Akira.I think they will look as good when placed back to back ^_^
    I just dun love Shiki as much as Akira who is showing more skin >//<

  3. Visited my local store’s website and found that the price has dropped an incredible US$13 to US$74! Maybe now I can have both Shiki & Akira (& not separate them like their military ver. counterparts). Am so tempted to wait and see if the price will drop further but this is so much like a gamble :/

  4. @Shirokaze: Lucky you! That’s cheaper than in the Kotobukiya web woooaahh, omedetou! ^^

    I’m so useless for these things… don’t now how to search in FJ… ^^”

  5. deposit payment is available but full payment will safeguard against any increase in exchange rate.hmm,damaged version is nice but I can’t display it (I’m still in the closet about liking BL stuff :/) so I guess I’ll stick to the normal version.I actually thought Shiki’s pose is quite bland. Guess akira will have to be alone again (together with military akira).Blame it on my wallet!

    1. @Aira: yeah the exchange rate is incredible nowadays OTL;;; I think damaged version is still rather mild when you consider the fact that Akira is still fully clothed. He looks like just any other male character who had just been through a tough fight? XD

      I agree about Shiki too… I was a little disappointed by his pose but the final prototype looks good overall, so its still acceptable I guess.

  6. Just saw that my local stores have open the pre-order for the figurines,including the akira damaged version! But I’m so short on cash.Having a hard time deciding which to buy >_<

    1. @Aira: If your local store sells it at a reasonable price, why not? :D It’s probably more convenient for you right? Do they expect full payment or just a deposit?

  7. @ponytale

    just ordered my exclusive akira for 6000 *0*
    shipping not included lol

    thank god that girl (or boy lol) posted that site in MFC *0*
    im so happy Q.Q now i wont be poor

    and oh, idk why it doubles https i never noticed cos its autofilled e.e
    fixed now, i think x333333333

  8. never mind, the shipping rate is hell ~_~
    but i find this comment in MFC quite interesting

    “FJ is commission-free, but they do charge a ‘system usage fee’ which was 285yen.
    All together I paid 5,997yen for the pre-order.
    You still need to pay for the internal and international shipping, which I’m pretty sure will still be cheaper than Tokyo Hunter’s 8,500yen + shipping.”

    From Japan’s web FAQ says they wont ship by SAL any order above 6000 yens …
    i sent them a mail asking about this… cos i dont want ems.. -.-
    customs will bite me

    1. @Shirokaze: Hope you can get a good and safe order! :)

      Btw, when you enter your URL, you don’t have to type http:// again, just enter will do ^^

    1. @Shirokaze: They’re relatively safe to get figures and depending on your location, shipping varies. Some countries get free shipping if they buy over US$50 if I’m not wrong.

  9. akira damaged version is up for preorder in playasia…hehe, i preordered the normal akira n shiki at amiami….should i get the damaged fig too…..? *think think* XD
    ohmy poor card..

  10. I don’t usually read news on figures, I just preorder them when I see something I like, and so today I saw the normal Akira and Shiki ver and preordered them.

    Now I read you blog and I’m already dying for the damage ver so I guess I’ll end up buying the 3 of them, damn consumerism lol

    I guess I’ll have to order it by proxy too so I can pay it latter, meanwhile I’ll be hunting for every penny I see around u.u

  11. @ponytale: I ordered the damage version first because I wanted to pay it now. XXDD

    Don’t ask me why, but I see 2012 full of preordes T.T So now I’m thinking about where to order the other 2. AmiAmi and pay them in March/April with the risk of a lot more preorders coming out along this half year for the same dates plus the euro maybe even weaker than now ¬¬. The other option is BIJ and let the figures paid just in case now that I still have some bucks… @_@

    1. @izas: You have a very good point… the global economy looks rather gloomy… I guess for the must-haves, it’s probably good to be able to pay for them now while the exchange rate is still ok.

      The “bad” thing about AmiAmi and many figure stores nowadays is that you can’t cancel orders *_* I think there’ll be more boy figures coming out and preorder systems are very terrible for budgeting.

  12. I totally forgot about the damaged fig.OTL already pre-ordered the regular ones. why the damage one is exclusive?? Not fair~ but the regular ones fit the budget~ ;o;

    1. @sigma: I ordered the damaged version first… the normal versions I’ll wait a while… doesn’t seem like it’ll be sold out that soon ^^;;

  13. I’ve just paid my pocket-DAMAGE version in BIJ … now I’m totally broke TAT

    but muahahahahahaa he’s finally mineeee XXXDDD


    for all 3!….. i wanna stab myself *commits harakiri*
    i cant pay for the exclusive one Q.Q
    i wasnt expecting them to go for preorder so soon!!!!!

  15. mmm I have to admit that I’m a bit upset about Akira’s face in both figures :/ maybe the hair? The one it’s going to be mine for sure is Shiki (fufufufufufu) *-*

    Shiki and Akira normal edition are up for preorder in AmiAmi, HLJ and HobbySearch. But we have to wait till April… I want them NOW!!! DXXX

  16. Beautiful it’s not enough to describe it. If this is only the <> version, dear god I want to see the actual ones.

  17. Well, part of me doesn’t mind such since, you know,at least I’ll “save money” instead of getting all three, aha.

    This is that one moment I miss my ex-proxy, since they were the only one I knew that did in-store orders.
    So seems I’ll be needing to -recontact some old acquaintances OTL

  18. If you know when the release date of the damaged version, please post it!!
    Btw, speaking of AGF, are there any other events for females in Japan??

  19. @ponytale
    Oh! I made it!? O__O
    So if i want to reply to someone i use the “@” ??
    Im sorry for the mess in the comments ;__; Im too new to this site here
    Question: U say Kotobukiya has an online store too,right.
    I guess it is in japanese but maybe i ll find a way to order from there.
    Can u plz provide a link of the online store when the figures get released [directly to the figures page] so i can see if i can make this work?
    Thanks!! ^^

  20. Umm i keep trying to post a comment here but it seems i do something wrong ^^’
    Is there a way i can comment on this site via twitter? o__o
    Its a really nice site and i want to be here too T___T

  21. I feel like the shiki one looks the same as the old one, and at least the Akira looks better than the old one (the face of the old one looks so odd..)
    Akira and the bloody scars are his selling point!!
    But what do u mean kotobukiya store? Do they have The online store??
    Ugh they better make a kichiku megane figure now.. We did the survey!!

    1. @Urusaiii: Damage version is gorgeous! I like the other two too but that’s the priority.

      Yep, their online and physical store, if I’m not wrong :)

  22. I’m a little disappointed with the figures, at least the normal shiki and akira.

    So, it seems, instead of getting the pair I’ll just focus all my strength and money-power on buying the lovely damaged version.. hopefully ; H ;
    They’re so evil for making it a “store only” merch OTL

    1. @Oru: aww *hugs* I’m sure the official shots will bring out their beauty much better :)

      The damaged version is a definite must-get!

      I just hope we can all get our hands on him. They should make him to order like some figure companies do.

  23. @ponytale

    NOOO SHIKI!! As much as I want him to have a exclusive version (which I’m thinking he may) I don’t…BECAUSE, lol, my wallet already hurts :O

    But we’ll just have to see.

    1. @momo: Akira damage version was a little surprise, so I’m expecting a limited well. Since Kotobukiya has been doing that. Maybe a Shiki Line version?

  24. Long time lurker. ;;

    This is gorgeous. Am loving the detail in the clothes and his jacket. :) Makes me want to replay the game again, never did finish Shiki’s route.

    I’m still waiting for the day when they re-release the military figures. *le sigh*

    1. @surrealistic: Thanks for commenting :D

      Actually so did I… I had to stop halfway for Shiki’s route too then I had to reinstall my OS. OTL;;;

      I hope you get your wish! They released them twice, if I remember correctly!

  25. OMG they look so so delicious :D I love the definition they put into their bodies <33
    Can't see the other two's faces well enough to judge them but something about the damage Akira's face looks a little off. Or is it just me o_o;

  26. @planck-chan

    you’re sooo right. It’ll do a major damage to my wallet.

    I love Koto for making this but then I hate them for making it a SHOP exclusive! But this makes me believe that their other versions will be a standard run (which I hope) BUT EVEN SOOO, I will do my best to get them! Can’t pass it up!

    1. @planck-chan: You said that right!!! Pure blissful damage. You know, we’re such helpless ukes when it comes to Nitro+Chiral goods OTL;;;

      Thanks for sharing the pic! XD

  27. @ponytale

    I will be staying in Japan until 2013 and will be doing a Shopping Service.
    I hope that the Akira figure will be released at the end of march during my holidays so that I can travel to Tokyo for one or two days(I’m staying in Kyoto).

  28. Forgive me for being one of sadist in your life Aki-chan… *bows* but AKIRA is just SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL IN DAMAGE STYLE~!! AHHH—–!!! that’s what like people said, “HANDSOME GUY WILL STAY HANDSOME EVEN THEY CUT OFF ALL THE HAIR AND STAY NAKED~” that’s simply describe you Aki-chan~ :D

  29. I hate limitd edition… three figures and its can buy only on kotobukiya store…( japanese store right, not the us store) -.- ( I lie in germany)…this will be very very exepensive -.-… and no releasedate…no preorder possible -.-….I hate my life.

    1. @Levi: Limited editions are expected. They released limited editions of the old designs too.

      I’m sure you’ll be able to get them :3 don’t hate ur life lol

  30. Hnnnnnnnnng…~ Man… I think this… This would be worth dishing out some money in the spring time to fly out to Tokyo… oh mannnn. EXCLUSIVES ARE EVILLLL.

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