Goods: Let sexy male bits in these 3D mousepads cradle your tired wrists (R18, parade, NO, THANK YOU!!!)

And did I mention, “R-rated”? ^^;;;;

If you like to see Akiyama Hiroyuki’s naked ass under the yellow band in full glory, please visit parade’s store… The highlighted pinkish red area is where the 3D would be. Woo~

Title: Hiroyuki 3D mousepad 「NO,THANK YOU!!!」博之立体マウスパッド
Price: 5,775 Yen (w/tax)
Preorder period: 20 February 2014 – 31 March 2014. Preorder may close early if the maximum quantity is reached. Customers will be contacted for payment after ordering.
Available: mid May 2014
Maker: Parade
Order link:
(We probably need a proxy for it.)
Size: W215 x H265 mm
Material: Rubber, polyester
Packed in blister case.

First in the series of NO,THANK YOU!!! 3D mousepads, featuring original artwork by game illustrator 三兵志麻. Each mousepad will also come with a postcard and short story written by scenario writer 雨宮充.

In case you’re unaware, NO, THANK YOU!!! is an 18+ BL game released in 28 June 2013 by one of the new game makers, Parade. I haven’t had time to write a more detailed post about the game then. In general, you play an all-round seme who gets to bed the rest of the main male characters you meet. Setting is at a bar where the seme, Haru works at after he loses his memory. One of the fun points of the game is that you can toggle the characters’ body hair on/off when you play the game lol~ Well, I guess it’s nice to give fangirls and boys the option since some prefer hairy men while some like ’em smooth~

Anyway, here’s a clearer cap from March 2014 issue of Cool-b magazine.

And a sample of the short story with a scenario related to the illustration. It’s pretty much talking about the sex scene :3 The story will be printed behind the free postcard (naked version of the same illustration).

As a teaser of what the mousepads of other characters will look like… one of the main ukes here, Inui Kouichi.

His short story teaser.

Hadaka Shitsuji also released an official male 3D mousepad of one of the characters from the chest-up as a tokutens when you order the game from Toranoana. I think Koutarou’s mousepad would like something like this with the 3D stuffing?

According to the magazine, rest of the main characters will also get their own mousepads and news of their preorders will be announced as and when available. Naked ass is great but not possible for everyday use orz;;; I have a month to consider if I should get it for collector’s sake. What do you guys think? :D

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Let sexy male bits in these 3D mousepads cradle your tired wrists (R18, parade, NO, THANK YOU!!!)”

  1. ahhhhh such a shame I missed this ;__; (though I probably would just be drowning in debt right now lol) I just finished the game and it’s absolutely wonderful! I’m usually not really one for overly muscular guys but the story is so interesting and Hiroyuki (or Hiroshi~~ as Haru calls him) is my all time favorite. I hope they’ll make a lot more merchandise of him in the future!!

    1. @smile: Aww… I’m sure they’ll make more awesome goods for the fans. Maybe even a reissue! Do watch out for it in case that happens!

  2. @ponytale: I got a response from the maker. Success! Thanks so much for the idea. I think this is a rarity, but I’m glad they were kind enough to accommodate me.

  3. @ponytale: Thanks for the idea! I contacted on their site. Hope to get a positive response.

  4. @ponytale: I missed the cut off date for this and wanted it so bad. :(. What’s the likelihood of it showing up in the secondary market?

    1. @yudashin: oh dear… its possible but you can expect to pay a lot for it *o* How about try writing to the maker to see if they can accept one more order? It’s only 3 days after the cut-off date.

  5. Ooh there’s considerations for bara-fans! /i’mnotabigfanofbarabutthesefansdeservessomelovingtoo

    I want to see more of these mousepads catering to fujoshi and fudanshi being produced(I don’t mind fanmade ones but I want to see more official ones).

    Though if I get ones that are like these(complete R-18 exposure of any parts) that’ll probably when I’m living alone or being hidden in the depths of my R-18 stash with probably mouspad ‘pants’ over it lol

    1. @Gradian: The final coloured design looks hot! Definitely earned its R18 label ^^ If I was working in a company doing BL related work it’ll see the light of day… but that’s not quite the case here :P

  6. I think my husband would think I had finally gone over the edge if I bought this. But I am intrigued for collection’s sake. I’ve seen the artwork for this game and the guys are a bit overmuscled to my taste, but it may depend on the mousepad design.

    1. @prettyvillian: The coloured pics of the mousepad are up! I have to admit the character is hot *o* but… but it’s not a mousepad I can use with a straight face lol~ just a few more days before preorder ends! Decisions, decisions…

    1. @Shirokaze: Well, do they have an option for you to turn off the hair on the game itself lol~ just that it isn’t available for the mousepad… ^^;;

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