Goods: Lelouch Lamperouge Zero Statue (Megahouse)

Code Geass Megahouse Zero

What a beauty with gorgeous detail… I’m seriously tempted (T_T) May break my no-statue rule once again.

Megahouse Zero Statue
Damage: 7,980 Yen (w/ tax)
Available: Late April 2009 / Improved version reissued: August 2011

Info: 1/8 scale, standing at a whole 245 mm worth of delicious bishonen goodness.

Code Geass Megahouse Zero


  • Alternate face
  • Zero mask
  • Alternate left and right arm
  • Lelouch’s sword
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16 thoughts on “Goods: Lelouch Lamperouge Zero Statue (Megahouse)”

    1. @sigma: I just realized something. Both characters Azusa and Lulu are voiced by the same seiyuu Fukuyama Jun <3

      Don't regret. I'm sure it'll be more difficult to get Azusa's figure than this Lelouch in the future. Especially cos Azusa is animate exclusive. It's the right decision!

  1. Did you see that this figure is going to be rerelased in August?
    But his face with contact eye seems slightly different this time

    Dunno when he’ll be up for preoder though. I’ve always wanted him, but as I have many orders I really can’t buy everything! But as I’ve seen the prototypes of a Emperor Lelouch and Suzaku coming out ( I think is better wait and get those two, so Lulu won’t be lonely.

    1. @planck-chan: woah they look awesome! :O If I buy one of Lulu, I’ll be sure to get Suzaku if they make him *_* I’ll keep a watch out for them! Thanks for the headsup :D

  2. Arghhhh…I want this…lol. I could imagine my mom’s face right now…”WHAT?! YOU PAYED HOW MUCH FOR THIS?!”…XD…lol, I guess I’ll admire it from afar…

    Hmmm…But where’s the Suzaku figure?! XD…He’s gotta have his lov…I mean best friend to accompany him on the shelf…XDDD

    1. Yeah I gave up on this too. Pretty as it is… I prefer to buy action figures that I can play with XD There wasn’t a Suzaku figure to go with this one… but I think it isn’t surprising cos Suzaku is definitely not as popular as Lelouch ^^

  3. OMG! Major wants. D: I’ve been wanting a figure for forever now but I can’t find the money to order one. T_T Agrees with the “best-looking Lulu statue” statement. D:

  4. OMG…. This is awesome! You’re tempted? Me too! Just tell yourself I’ve no glass cabinet to display this baby… (or maybe you do?) Figurine collection is way too expensive! Don’t do it! Lol…

    If i’m you I’ll buy it though. When I have cash to burn. It looks really good.

    1. *cries* I’ve already fallen deep in the dark side of figure collecting… I know I shouldn’t burn more cash on this one x_x but the sword looks great. I already have the Medicom Project BM version, but it didn’t come with the sword (T_T) I think Lulu’s face also looks very good here. This is by far the best looking Lulu statue released to date.

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