Goods: Lamento SnapPs Konoe

Oh my~ What a cutie! :3 *meow*

Yea, I know I’m a bit slow since this little figure was released a long way back in December 2007.

Drama resolved.

And why did he arrive so late? Well, the story goes like this…

I placed a pre-order with Playasia when it was first announced in 2007. So after that I waited… and waited… and waited… till February 2008… still no news of Konoe when he is supposed to have been shipped in December 2007 already!

So, I became upset when I couldn’t find him anywhere else until… I found another online store Toyslogic ( And what did I do? I placed an order with them since they indicated on their site that they have it in stock.

And then? I waited and waited and waited… Sheesh. NO NEWS AGAIN! What’s their problem??? *insert Lulu’s Seriously… expression* And my enquiry emails were ignored. &^%@#$%#@ They were supposed to be an OK online figure retailer judging from various good feedback posted by their customers. I’m pissed because Toyslogic already charged my credit card for it. [Update 28 May 2008: They offered to refund me since they couldn’t find the item altho’ it was reserved. They’re trying to locate it for me now. Anyway I asked them to hold the refund until they are absolutely sure they can’t find it… Let’s see.] *&@*&#%&@#*#@& So BUYER BEWARE. Hmm ok, maybe as a deposit but hey please answer my emails? At least Playasia did not charge my credit card for unshipped goods. Anyway, I’ve already cancelled my order with Playasia but will still patronise them for their otherwise good service record. As for *&%$#% Toyslogic, I’ll wait and see what they have to say about my delayed order. [Update: 25 May 2008: Issue currently in the process of being resolved. I finally got a response only by posting in their forum. The admins were friendly and helpful. If only their email responses (which was non-existent) had the same standard. 28 May 2008: Okie… there’s an improvement…]

SnapPs KonoeIn the end I found and ordered Konoe from Hobby Link Japan late April this year. I’ve made previous orders with them and I learned to trust their indications about stock availability. You might wonder, why didn’t I just buy from them in the first place? Well, cos they mislabelled the product name as SnapPs Demonbane and I didn’t find Konoe when I searched their website :P Just a stroke of luck when I finally saw the item listed there. Yep, they have since relabeled the product name to SnapPs Konoe correctly.

Anyway, a quick review about the figure (couldn’t resist adding a bigger pic :3):
Lamento SnapPs Konoe costs 1500 Yen (w/o shipping). He is made of soft vinyl and stands around 11 cm tall. Very cute face and well-sculpted. To be honest, he is too cute to be an accurate representation of the character in the game. Hahaha… I don’t mind that although I prefer the Lamento one-coin series’s Konoe.

He comes with a detachable tail and additional holes on his shoulder for SnapPs figure compatibility. All SnapPs figures are compatible with one another, so if you own other SnapPs figures, you can swap their parts around. Cosplay? Oh Yeah Baby! LOL~ Konoe’s head and arms have limited poseability but he is meant to be displayed rather than as an action figure. Generally he can stand better if we attach him to his base :)

Konoe is my first SnapPs figure. I have a wishlist item that is Togainu no Chi SnapPs Akira who is an Animate Store-only product and plans are underway to get my hands on him… lol~ as soon as my wallet decides to cooperate, that is :3

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49 thoughts on “Goods: Lamento SnapPs Konoe”

  1. Yea i consider the berserk factor as a reason for liking Tamama. During normal state Tamama is very polite and cute…a lovable character indeed!

    Of course, it’s just a school uniform. Doesn’t have to show anything except that you’re a student. The guy must be really really shallow minded.

  2. Erm I forgot to add… those were intentionally lewd comments. I don’t know that guy at all. I can still kinda remember what he said and the tone of voice he used. *pissed* He thinks young school girls in uniform can bully. ( T~T) And I thought I was such a tomboy already… still get targeted by strange men. Hmm, maybe that’s why I like Tamama. It would feel so good to go berserk on these people and blast the bloody hell of them out of this universe.

    But… I don’t think I’m big leh… just average. And our uniform was quite loose and it made us look flat too. That person is just looking for an easy target.

    It is possible that a gay guy can still sexually harass somebody bah… hehe

  3. It’s not fair, becoz we dun go around in public commenting somebody’s penis right in front of their face.
    Come to think of it we understand men insecurities a lot better than they understand us.
    The moral of this disappointment is probably ‘finda ya’self a nice and sensitive guy’ XD

    I had my period late so i’m pretty flat back then among my friends hee hee…
    I learn than men can be childish when it comes to breast, dun they ever got breastfeed by their mom? *sigh*

    I think gay won’t do something like tht, don’t ya think?

  4. ( T~T) why are there such people in the world… I got verbally molested when I was around 14. Minding my business when crossing an overhead bridge and this young, ok looking guy (probably in his 20s) commented about my breasts out of the blue as we passed each other. I couldn’t believe my ears. I was wearing my school uniform at that time. There wasn’t anyone else and I shouted at him. He walked away fast. I didn’t do anything else and I felt so helpless. :(

    Yeah… sunblock is your friend! XD

  5. That kinda molestation happen to me but i whacked the guy with my school bag. (i’m 16 back then)
    but yeah i can understand that shock came thru us first before we act or scream, also there’s some point that we dunno what happening to us.
    and i also agree that it can disturb a girl up to the point of traumatized.

    yeap, unhygienic and definitely stupid. nothing good that you can gain by being panty-less in public.

    I know the feeling too, once got sunburn becoz swimming in the hotel pool. At tht time whenever i’m lying in the bed i have to say, “aaaagghhhh….”

  6. I also feel insecure without a bra x_x cos I’ve been molested in a crowded area before. A middle aged old guy elbowed my breast then winked at me when I stared at him in shock as he walked away ( T~T) I was 10? 11? Too young and traumatised to say anything at that point in time. I only told my mum when I got home that day ( T~T)

    And panty-less is kinda unhygienic right? -_-”

    Oops wrong degree.. 1st/2nd degree. XD I mistook the levels as higher is less severe. Yah she’s ok and have healed. It was so funny cos all of us couldn’t sleep properly cos it was so painful and we looked like roasted meat.

  7. My boobs is not the size so pumpkin so no way me being bra-less.
    I heard rumor about panty-less female, it’s so insecure (yes) and not healthy (yah you know lah…)

    HaHa..yeah it’s her own choice. Her career is going downhill so fast and all we can hear from her now is nasty news or gossips.

    OMG, can 3rd/4rd degree burn heal perfectly?
    It’s dangerous play in the sun these days, the threat of skin cancer is scary.
    It’s true the earth is not so kool anymore.

  8. That’s true… I didn’t see her as a role model so I wasn’t bothered :P I think most people wouldn’t want to be panty-less in public… x_x so insecure… hehehe bra-less is not for me too but I think some people really feel more comfortable without it.

    Britney is just sad la… but its her choice. What a bad choice for her album name. Now she really black out already.

    Hahaha… XD I also tried once… we had a lot of fun but after the game we were sun burnt pretty badly. One of my friends had to see a doctor cos she had 3rd/4th degree burns o_O Poor thing.

  9. Actually the her-not-wearing bra disturbs people, especially her less-fabric style annoys people as if she’s trying to show off the whole time. i understand the US public opinion are mostly concern becoz Posh-Beck are role model/idol for kids/teens
    Yeah i notice celebrity world is somewhat colorful but sometimes there’s no good antagonizing people too much, you’ll lose sympathy thou got covered a lot by media.
    Personally, I dun intend to be bra-less or panty-less on public.. XD

    Speak of Britney, dunno what happening to her. her career seems ended in a snap. I heard she had an album called ‘Black Out’ last year, but that’s just it and haven’t heard anything about’er again
    Her pictures (courtesy of paparazzi) are even more scandalous ^-^

    I tried beach volleyball before…but only for 10 minutes becoz my partner is fainting on the beach. XD *suddenly drops*
    it kinda makes me feel guilty, no more beach volleyball.

  10. Yeah I read that cpu parts can be very poisonous x_x

    That’s right! I tried scuba diving when I was in brissy. ^^ Hmm… If I’m not wrong, Sentosa doesn’t have a designated spot for scuba diving but I think you can do that in Sentosa’s Underwater World and feed the fishes inside the big water tank. Clubbers island ah… I think it is only very happening during events like Zouk Out which is held at the beach heh. The beautiful people also like to play beach volleyball there lol~

    Hmm… whether of not Vic wants to wear a bra is her own choice loh~ I wonder why those people are getting so upset for. At least she didn’t get photographed for not wearing her panties while out and about like a certain B*Spears. :P

  11. It’s horrible but in Indo, somewhere in Jakarta..old computers (CPU/monitors etc) are thrown into the ocean. actually it’s very dangerous for environment and living organism in that part of the sea.

    Thanks for the tips, i’ll try to keep calm and remember that XD

    In movies/travel program the O2 tank seems light and diver dun have difficulty. i guess reality is different. Try that in Queensland?
    Does Sentosa island have scuba diving spot too? or Sentosa is the clubbers island? XD

    yea, i must admit they look good together. other than that i dun care, i read in a tabloid that Vic was actually criticized by Americans because she’s the bra-free type. There’s a comment saying that they don’t care if she did that in UK, but this is US.
    I think it’s a cheap way of getting an attention.
    I know that bra can be restraining for some women but it can’t be that bad.

  12. OMG… I didn’t think of how dirty sea water could be… x_x now the thought of drinking sea water is worse than before lol~

    hahaha… yeah staying calm is most important. For some reason, when we tense up, we’ll sink like a stone ^^” Its difficult to dog paddle in a kids pool cos it is not deep enough hehe… The trick to dog paddle I think, is like as if you’re cycling in the water and you use your arms to “stir” the water. I’m not sure if that is the best or correct way but it keeps me afloat ^^

    I tried scuba diving when I was in Oz… cos everybody was saying it was cheaper there and it is one of the best places to try scuba diving. It was a bit scary tho’ and quite uncomfortable. The oxygen tank was really heavy. Even when we were underwater, I felt really clumsy. It was difficult to maneuver around and the pressure built up at the nose can be quite painful. My friend wasn’t able to “equalise” the pressure and she had to give up half-way. We didn’t see many fishes the day I tried. The first 10 minutes or so was ok but as the tide was changing, the currents lowered the visibility. My instructor wanted us to get out of the sea too cos changing currents would be dangerous for newbies like us. He said if we were caught by the currents and pulled out to sea, that’ll probably be the end of us o_O eek. He was typical aussie haha and quite a funny guy. But as for the scuba diving in the open sea, if I said I had a great time, I would be lying :P It wasn’t that bad I guess and was an interesting experience.

    I’ll watch out for Gamera then ^^ The monster looks kinda cute tho hehehe

    Ah~ I can’t remember where I read it. XD If my memory is correct, Victoria said she confronted Beckham again later on and asked him why he didn’t call her after she gave him her phone number hehe. After that they started going out. Their children are cute ^^ remember there was a big scandal about Beckham cheating on Victoria? It was in the newspapers quite often. The photos published included those of their children cos Victoria became pregnant again in an attempt to save the marriage. Hmm… anyway, they do look rather good together.

  13. Wah Lau, tht’s the purpose?! Aiya cannot believe it.
    Drinking sea water is terrible, especially when you think about those dead fishes, garbage, and junks thrown into the sea.

    dog-paddling? O_o must practice at kids pool XD, the second thing is to stay calm, right?
    have you ever try scuba-diving? to me it’s an expensive hobby.

    Monstrosity movie is popular in Indo, by popular means in cinema or aired on local tv station. I dunno what to say but those kinda movie sometimes hardly scientific and contains lots of stupidity. Well, the genre is Hollywood-made and still a popular genre.

    Similar movie about giant-monster/creature that i can recommend to you is made in Japan, which is Gamera The Brave. (
    It’s neat and with touching ending. the child actor and actress played well and convincing.
    Dun be shame if this movie makes you cry a little, i think this movie creates emotion and i like it very much.
    Oh yea the child actress is very cute (no longer child LOL Kaho is already 17), i hope she can be a famous actress one day.

    According to Beck’ confession on reader’s digest he is too shy and Vic did give him her telephone number but there’s no bit about she’s being upset or what.
    Never saw the kids picture. I’m afraid i’m not a fan of their news and gossips.
    Beck and Posh big poster can be seen in Tachikawa station during 2002, dunno if still there or not.

    Well i’m glad mine is a gift ^_^

  14. Hahaha… that’s the purpose mah… the banana boat is intentionally slippery XD Its quite exciting but you have to remember to hold your breath when thrown into the sea or you’ll end up drinking the sea water or getting it up your nose. ouch x_x

    Mmm… in the open sea, it is easier to float cos of the salt content (more dense) but eventually you’ll still have to do a bit of “dog-paddle” to keep yourself afloat. But cos of the same reason, it is also more tiring to swim in the sea.

    Eek… Anaconda and Lake Placid is in the same league of “sea monsters'” But I’ve only watched Anaconda. The story was rather predictable cos I could guess who was going to go next lol~ I didn’t watch Lake Placid of the Eight-legged Freak tho ^^

    Ah~ I remember seeing his face on the Meiji chocolate packaging. Quite yummy ^^ the chocolate. I think Posh said during an interview that she was the one who approached Beckham and gave him her phone number. He was too shy to call her back and she got upset lol~ Their kids are rather cute. She is under a lot of pressure to look good and probably overdid it. :-|

    Haha… must be very comfy! XD yea I remember the jersey was quite expensive.

  15. Banana boat? oh yeah that yellow boat…the ending is all the passenger thrown into the sea, is that so? doesn’t make sense to me. what’s the use of the banana-boat after all? XD
    ooh there’s no cheap jet-ski rent, it’s expensive too in here.

    I don’t know how people stay floating in the open-sea. That’s pretty dumb, right?
    Yea, i watched Jaw on local TV in new year’s eve…scary but so much better than other monstrosity movie such as Anaconda, Lake Placid, Eight-legged Freak etc etc

    Haha Beckham is very famous in Japan, he’s the spokeperson for Fran (Meiji) years ago. I think his popularity soared becoz he married to posh spice.
    She looks anorexic with the most unnatural boobs, looks prettier back then.
    Oooo..that expensive? i have one too from SG (gift from cousin) it become my official sleeping-wear (the size is too big)

    There’s no school like old school. XD

  16. I don’t swim well but I like the relaxing feel of being in the pool :3 I also have a fear of swimming in the open sea. Thanks to the shark movie Jaws ^^” Watching such movies when you’re a kid has long term repercussions lol~ But I’m ok with boating. I’ve also tried the “banana boat” before. It was fun but a little scary after I got thrown into the sea. o_O We had life vests on so it wasn’t so bad. I’ve not tried jet-skiing tho’ cos it was not cheap. I’m not sure how much it costs now.

    XD That’s cool! Is he very good? Park Ji Sung is like Yao Ming to the Chinese I guess ^^ The basket baller of Houston Rockets is the first Chinese to play in NBA. He is like China’s national hero.

    I accompanied my friend to get a Man U replica jersey for her brother as a birthday present (can’t remember which player) and it already cost more than S$80 per piece. Can’t imagine the cost of the original ^^ I don’t know much about soccer players, except for the ones that my friends mentioned, like Ryan Giggs, Nakata… erm… who else… *scratch head* can’t remember already. Beckham is an exception cos he is really exposed in the media ^^)

    Oo~ old school but still enjoyable XD The Mummy III? Woah will look out for it. I loved the series kekeke.

  17. I cannot swim, or at least lousy in swimming but i need sport so football is a choice.
    Of course it’s a small team (coz it’s inddor football) we usually play out against any team we can find during session.

    It embarrass me but not just claustrophobic, i feel not comfortable with ocean (ocean, not water) that’s why i dun wanna go boating ot jet-skiing.

    Yea Man U is very popular in Asia, i like Man U but a specific player named Park Ji Sung (which a korean) as a Korean descendant i feel proud that a Korean can play in Man U.
    I planned to buy the original Park Ji Sung t-shirt but i heard it’s very expensive XD
    so far i’m pretty happy with my picture posing in a street that bears his name (in Korea)

    Yea DDR counts as an exercise, keep on doing it^^

    A friend told me the action is a bit old-school. i’m waiting for The Mummy ^^ Jet Li is there too

  18. That’s the one! And cos he was weak (fell sick? recovering from injury? I can’t remember) The monks caught a big fat frog and cooked a nutritious porridge for him so that he can regain his strength. lol~

    Yep… if you watch Forbidden Kingdom… you’ll still feel the same hehe. The sparring between Jackie Chan and Jet Li is a joy to watch tho’

    Some of my friends are Man-U fans hehe… Your own football club? That’s awesome! ^^ I can’t handle contact sports, like basketball, soccer, judo… I think too much about accidentally hurting the other party and I can’t go all out on the field. I must play sports that separate me distinctly from the opponent, like badminton, table tennis… XD

    Anyway, I don’t exercise much nowadays. I only play DDR on PS2. I love to swim but don’t do that often enough ^^

    Toyslogic said they’ll try to locate from the supplier since they can’t find the reserved item. I guess I’ll give them a bit more time then.

  19. Shaolin that where Jet Li trained himself from scratch? (carrying water, chased by dog)
    Yea, i think i watch Shaolin Temple on a late night TV movie.
    Why am i getting the feeling that Jet Li’s english is still..err wonky?

    I like football (as in soccer XD) and fan of Arsenal FC (UK premiere’s league). Sometimes i play indoor football with friends. I need to do some exercise but i don’t like going to gym so i formed a football club.

    What’s the current news from toyslogic?

  20. hehehe.. XD

    Shaolin Temple is his first movie :3 His character was rescued by the temple after his family was killed by an evil guy (The same evil guy acted as the father of the daughters in the movie you mentioned kekeke). You’ve probably watched Shaolin Temple too.

    These people really love their football o_O I’m generally not into these types of sports at all.

    Yeah… too much excess. Fans would probably just want to remember him during his peak :)

  21. *raised hands* i plead for innocence.

    Nope haven’t watch The Forbidden Kingdom. Shaolin Temple?i’m not familiar with titles thou probably watched too.
    Earlier movie when he was 17 or 18, and i think he played as a guy with lots of brothers and there’s a rival of family with lots of girls. Gah, cannot remember but my hubby said it probably Jet Li’s debut.

    Ha Ha Ha…it’s marked in the football history.

    Yea, but during the end of his career he became fat and sweaty.

  22. Hehehe… yeah… reversible would be rather interesting XD~ Hmm should I suppress the evil thoughts…. AARRGGHH I’M NOW EVEN MORE POLLUTED THAN BEFORE! Take responsibility akiyama! lol~

    If I work in the entertainment business? I’ll probably be backstage staff XD

    Yesh… he was so cute then… *dreamy eyes* My first Jet Li movie was Shaolin Temple keke. He still looks pretty good now cos of his baby face ^^ Did you watch his most recent movie The Forbidden Kingdom? With Jackie Chan. It was rather entertaining cos the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously hehe. Lots of martial arts cliches and fanboying made for the western audience.

    Church of Maradona… o_O well he is dubbed the Hand of God for the controversial goal…

    I find young Elvis very good looking. Those men from the 20s~60s have a certain charm, don’t they? Elvis was seriously oozing manliness XD I’m not a fan of Elvis but his songs are pretty catchy. Yep, his aviator shades are funky!

  23. Same with you, i cannot placed him on specific seme or uke category, depends on his couple, right? so yea *agree* he is reversible and he should consider that as a blessing. XD
    I’m sure Take-fans have their own suspicion or speculation, fangirls are like that.

    I dun have celeb-personality too. If i have to work at entertainment business i probably take job as manager or make-up artist not the celebrity. No talent either^^

    OMG! we have the same first crushes!!! Yay!

    In Argentina there’s church of Maradona..the guy is like a living-god down there.
    Do you like Elvis? His songs are not bad (especially if you hear his songs on Lilo and Stitch^^) but his studded costumes is too weird for me.
    Thou i don’t mind have one of Elvis glasses XD

  24. Hmm… *rubs chin* That uke-seme prospect about Takeshi has never crossed my mind before lol~ cos I never really thought he could be gay XD Anyway, let’s see… His handsomeness is manly but not exactly alpha male type nor does he give off any distinct impression of femininity… Probably reversible but with leanings towards seme? *looks out for homing missiles shooting out from Takeshi fans* Lol~

    I don’t mind a little limelight occasionally but not all the time. So scary x_X I don’t have a personality suited for celebrity. I rather you just leave me alone in my own little world and I’ll stick my head out of the closet or come out to play once in a while. :3

    I think Aces Go Places has at least 4~5 sequels? Hehehe… crazy! I remember watching these old movies as a kid. Jet Li was probably one of my first crushes X3

    Their lifestyles I guess. Barry Manilow gives me an impression that he is very clean-living and wholesome person. Maradona… well… maybe he has too many temptations… like Elvis.

  25. Yea you have a point. it’s easier for commoner like us because men tend to look at us just the way we are. (we’re hardly popular or have celebrity side XD)
    Or maybe he’s picky ^^ Ah, best wishes for him anyway. Even if he is a gay..better find himself a hot bf too!
    I just dunno if Takeshi is seme or uke XD

    Aces Go Places have several sequels or what? I cannot remember the name of the actors. Sometimes i also watch Chinese classics such Shaw Brother’s movie…cannot say i like them all but it sorta give a new experience.
    Do you watch old Jet Li movies? KungFu Master etc etc

    but some guy are still skinny even in their old days such as Barry Manilow. others go fat fat fat such as Diego Maradona.

  26. Hehe… good for them!

    lol~ would be an interesting experience ^^” very stressful tho’ to be in this type of limelight. I think a superstar like Takeshi would find it hard to meet someone not fazed by his looks and fame. Hope he finds the suitable one for him. :D

    LOL~ at that comment XD

    oh yes! Aces Go Places is so classic! Love em~ I’m not sure of the other two but maybe I would recognise the Chinese titles XD For some strange reason I actually missed out on the two mafia movies you mentioned. But I remember they were soooo popular and all the guys I knew wanted to own bikes and be like the gangsters lol~

    pffff~ heard that guys! Go dating with your wives ok! Or you’ll become fat! XD

  27. Good thing indeed, they just have their second child last year.

    Whoa, you go girl! If he is a gay you can still be his companion during movie premiere, social appearances and award night. You both dun have a rigid commitment but he still treats you nicely. A friendship with Takeshi won’t hurt.
    Or another possibility Takeshi is the type of man who still looking for a perfecto in his life.

    I’d like to think that the westerners are pretty ignorant HaHaHa…

    Old HK comedy? Hmm..such as Aces Go Places, Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star or….Shaolin Popeye?
    I used to be a fan of Young and Dangerous then followed by Born To Be King, you know those HK mafia movies^^

    NO, it’s not a girl thing but it’s pretty common issue shared among couples. Of course men are evolving and they don’t consider dating is an old story but yea most men prefer nesting in their couch^^
    That explains why some men becoming fat after years of marriage.

  28. woah… x_x well, at least he took responsibility for his actions, so that’s a good thing.

    Yea, entertainment gossips cos he not only did not have a companion, he has no scandals or rumoured girlfriends either. Takeshi should be in his mid-30s ^^ Just did a search… his birthday is October 11, 1973. woo~ still have chance if he is not gay lol~ XD

    I guess comparatively, we get to watch more asian programs (naturally) and are also exposed to western TV. So maybe that’s why we can differentiate faces better ^^

    The old HK comedy movies are very entertaining :D They don’t do it like that anymore hehe.

    Most couples I know, after marriage, esp the guys just want to relax and vegetate at home after work. But… don’t they realise that they should still go on dates with their wives to keep the spark alive? *sigh* Maybe its just a girl thing :-\

  29. My friend was kinda wtf but i guess it served him just right. He went to college in Melb, didn’t graduate but succeeded in making his gf pregnant.
    They got married in Indo then we don’t talk no more, not becoz the Andy-incident but his wife is fiercely jealous.

    Takeshi Kaneshiro is rumoured as gay? I don’t know about that. Man, i’m so old-school HaHaHa. So Takeshi is still single? He’s almost 40 or what? It’s not like he’s ugly or what to remain single.

    Haha you’re right. I think westerners are very innocent in eastern-type faces. All is chinese unless they speak else. XD

    so his name is Ng Man Tat? I always think of him as uncle-sidekick with no name.

    Yea happens to my Mom and Dad too, but my dad likes to stay home (yea couch potato too) because he likes to watch Chinese/Japanese/Korean martial art series.

  30. LOL~ what was your friend’s reaction? XD Hehehe… to be honest, they kinda look gay… Simon especially ^^” Andy Lau not as much but cos he is outwardly single for such a long time, its not surprising that gay rumours sprout up. Same goes for Takeshi Kaneshiro too…

    Erm, yeah… I’ve got one or two aussie friends who tell us that they can’t really tell Asian faces apart *MEGA sweatdrop* But then again, I’ve got Asian friends who tell me they can’t really tell Caucasian or black people’s faces apart either… so yeah… ^^” I find that unbelievable cos it comes quite naturally to me.

    I read an interview of her before and she was saying like she has more than enough money now, so she wants to do movies that she is interested in. I like Stephen Chow too XD and his best uncle partner in crime Ng Man Tat!

    Oh~ the stay at home and watch DVD and not watch in cinema phenomenon happens to almost every married couple I know ^^” my dad also became couch potato nowadays but partly cos there aren’t any good movies showing that interest him.

  31. Well, the idea of Simon and Andy are gays is forced by my husband. Couple of years ago i have this Indo-friend and during his schooling days in Sg secondary school, Maaa the guy seriously believe himself look like Andy. *puke* just because a girl who liked him said so.
    He think highly of himself so i decided to give him a lesson by saying, “Andy’s gay, so you must be gay too meh~.”

    The hollywood interpretation of Japanese faces is very shallow. Zi Yi, Yeoh and Gong Li are chinese-type actresses and yeah we are familiar with them so doesn’t sound very convincing. but since the target also hollywood i think they passed easily as ‘asian’ actresses.

    Maggie look hot in HERO. she played dumb hong kong movies back then but gradually she became a serious actress playing in less-slapstick comedy movies.
    Ghaa…are you fan of Stephen Chow? ‘Kung-Fu Hustle guy?

    Yea your dad is right and lucky you to inherit his movie genes from him. does your dad still go to movies? or he quit and prefer DVD after married?

  32. Yea, most of the idol types are just like eye candy. Talent-wise… there are some who really can sing but not many but they serve their purpose… which is to entertain lol~ so I guess its okie hehe…

    That was what I thought too! I think because it was a Hollywoord movie, it is even more commercially driven. They were obviously trying to target the China market by casting an-all Chinese cast as the main characters. I think it kinda backfired in a way cos we’re very familiar with the actresses, especially Michelle Yeoh and Gong Li. It felt strange… at least to me. It was like watching Jet Li as a bad guy in Lethal Weapon 4. I wanted to leave the cinema XD IT IS JUST SO WRONG!!!

    I find Gong Li looks more sensual now and she’s certainly more beautiful than her younger days. Michelle Yeoh looks fab too :)

    Well, Zhang Yimou was criticised for Hero cos people didn’t understand what it was about, so he filmed House of The Flying Daggers just to silence them… I’m like… right… -_-” My dad liked Hero but nearly fell asleep watching Daggers. After watching it he said, what the hell was that about? So stupid. The story. LOL~ But we enjoyed the action sequences and the overall prettiness of the movie. My mum, as usual, no comments. I think I inherited the movie-buff gene from dad XD

    Ah~ I didn’t notice that about Donnie Yen… XD They all look so good hor~ *salivate* And Maggie Cheung too… :9~~~

    Yup, The Road Home is a slice of life story in a small village. I can’t remember exactly, but the story started where a young male teacher from the city came to the village to teach the children there. I can’t recall if he was originally from the village or not. Zhang Ziyi’s character fell in love with him. The strength of the film is in conveying the characters’ emotions. It reminded me of how it felt like to fall in love for the first time ^^

    HAHAHAHA… you ah~ Andy Lau is rumoured to have a secret wife and children while Simon Yam is already married to supermodel Qiqi and has 2 children (or 1? can’t remember) XD

  33. Oh yea Gackt is far better than those pampered cute boys idol. Mature idol sounds better than teen idol. I guess you notice that Japan have large numbers of cute boys and cute girls idol such as News, WaT, Morning Musume, Hello project blah blah…
    Most of them are cute-looking with average or lower than average voice.

    I didn’t watch Memoirs of Geisha. Still feeling weird tht a Chinese actress played as geisha named Sayuri, is even more weird because the gentleman is played by Japanase actor, Ken Watanabe.
    Does it strike you as weird? if they can find Japanese actor then why can’t they find Japanese actress?
    Michelle Yeoh and Gong Li are exception, i like them both. Gong Li is very sexy and i think her acting is superb.
    Yea House of The Flying…have good cinematography (Yimou’s habit) but it ended there. too artistic when sometimes movie is not all about scenery and colors.
    While watching Hero i realize i never saw Donnie Yen smile. XD
    Ah i heard abt The Road Home, setting in a village or sort of?

    Well well Carina Lau is one of the most elegant chinese actress. The gay one is probably Andy Lau or Simon Yam (i’m spreading rumor^^)

  34. I love his voice too… ^^ and he has a very good vocal range and talent. And the body~ He is a little on the skinny side but wow… all yummy muscle~ hehehe yea I also like it that he is older than me too. Feels like I have more chance (yeah dream on HAHAHA) compared to the cute idol boys XD So far he has been rather consistent in his works and he is very successful in creating a quirky image that I think makes everybody love him even more.

    Yup her name is Yang Wei. Tony Leung has a long time girlfriend Carina Lau so he is probably not gay ^^

    I didn’t watch Memoirs of Geisha. Somehow just missed it. They sounded quite strange in the movie trailer although the cinematography looked good. I might have been more keen to watch it if it was an all Japanese cast speaking Japanese. I don’t mind reading English subtitles XD

    As for House of Flying Daggers, I think she looked very pretty in her Tang costume but that was about it. Also good cinematography. I liked the opening dance that she performed for Takeshi Kaneshiro’s character. It was so lovely. But her acting sucked. The story sucked too. Her other film, Hero, I liked the story and everybody in it except her lol~ Same feeling for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ^^” I actually enjoyed her first film, The Road Home 我的父亲母亲, the most. It was also directed by Zhang Yimou. A simple love story but very touching.

    Hope you enjoy Close the Last Door too! Yep, thanks (^-^)v

  35. For Gackt fans, i’m not a fan and for non-Gackt fans i am a fan. Confusing but tht’s the way it is.
    I’d like to confess something weird and it kinda disgust myself too but three major factors why i like Gackt,
    1. Good voice (including ability to make songs, write lyrics, composing etc etc)
    2. Long legs (looks hot on tight provocative pants thou i heard super-tight fitting pants can kill sperms)
    3. His a lot older than me. (about 35-40 perhaps?)

    Gackt have weird PVs and i’m not sure what he’s trying to show his fans that’s why i don’t wanna collect any of his CD+DVD. I kinda limit myself because i know i probably get tired of him one day.

    Yeah, the actress (dunno her name) is the typical of classic beauty. Not explosive beauty but elegant. Good casting eh?
    As for Leung Chiu Wai/Tony Leung, i heard rumor of him being gay but i hope not. T_T

    Do you watch memoirs of Geisha? what’s your opinion of Zhang Zi Yi? other than her skinny-ness of course^^
    I think her acting is leaving something to be desired-i watched her movie (House of Flying Daggers) with Takeshi’s sucks and i cannot believe her poor acting because she was soooo popular thanks to Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

    Thanks for the link.
    Well it’s big deal because movie postcard is not easy to get but console yourself by getting another 1st press R2 DVD^^
    Wish you luck!

  36. HAHAHAHAHA… you’re a rational fan. I prefer to be a rational fan too (altho irrationality takes over from time to time lol~) I like him too but I don’t go crazy over buying or hunting for his first-pressed stuff. Thank God. Otherwise I’ll be even more broke. My first Gackt CD turned out to be a bootleg *MEGA sweatdrop* I bought it off yesasia many years ago. Yesasia has since cleaned up their act and do not carry any bootleg stuff anymore. At least from my recent cd/game orders, they were clean. I think Gackt’s PVs… well… most of the time he looks like he is in pain when he tries to emote ^^” I also think his live concerts are better.

    Everybody in MoonChild either over-acted or couldn’t act, except for the female lead. She was pretty cute and natural :) I liked her… but then she had limited screen time lol~ I’ve not watched Lust Caution. Over-hyped till the curiosity was no more since the media reported lots of detail. I’ll catch it someday ^^” tho’ not high priority. I find the actress very pretty and looks just like the delicate women on those vintage shanghai posters.

    Close the Last Door story is about Japanese salarymen. The release of the DVD was surprisingly low-key. The plot and characters are fun and has a refreshing sense of humour characteristic of Yamada Yugi manga ^^ Stars Morimori, Suzumura Kenichi and Toochika Kouichi. I found a veoh link that has English subs and summary. Check it out.
    Veoh –
    Official site –

    I couldn’t buy it off Amazon Japan when it was first released cos of the fear of censors *long sigh* Other online retailers that ship internationally do not carry it. I think I already missed out on their R2 first press that came with a postcard LOL~ I shouldn’t make it seem like a big deal right? But I can’t help it X3

  37. Gackt is a sucker on movie *slapped by Gackt die-hard fans*
    I like him alright but at least i have a good head to say gif critics or compliment.
    Plus i couldn’t care less about him except his songs and concert DVD.
    Dun even buy the first press or limited CD because i think his PVs sucks or at the least boooooring.
    Am i still a fan or not? LOL

    Lee Hom’s acting on MoonChild is pathetic (same goes with Gackt x Hyde) but he’s doing well in Lust Caution.
    Ah you watch Lust Caution or not? aired in SG cinema?
    The explicit sexual scenes stirred some controversy but by the time me and hubby watch it we both agree than we’re not aroused, we’re feeling depressed and scared by the freaky unusual love-making.

    Nope. Do you have info on ‘Close the Last Door’? i wanna know more about it.

  38. Indeed… if the cast and production is good… maybe it could work out ^^”

    Hahaha… I didn’t know about that Moon Child tidbit. Yea the whole movie is fan service. Do you know the story was written by Gackt? XD They kinda just hang around one another and try to look cute/cool. My friend fell asleep watching it while I was grinning throughout at the cuteness of Gackt and Hyde lol~ Bad acting for most of the actors but it wasn’t so jarring cos I expected it to be really bad anyway. Cos before that, I watched Lee Hom’s first movie, a HK B-movie flick called King of Fighters (something along the line) His acting was so horrible I couldn’t stop watching till the end just to see how much worse he could get.

    Yup. But Okane ga Nai anime gave me that kind of impression too although it was also delayed due to quality issues. I wonder if the fans felt cheated? If I was one, I probably would.

    Fortunately, Fuyu no Semi was pretty well done. As for Ikoku, the animation looks beautiful but I’m not a fan of the story. For the more recent animes, Kire-papa anime was ok but the first episode felt very rushed. It was quite funny but I’m not that crazy over the story. Another BL anime title I would love to add to my collection is Close the Last Door by Yamada Yugi-sensei. Morimori stars in it too. It was generally quite good ^^ Have you watched it? Not sure when the sequel would be out tho’

  39. Yea but Japan have quirks for live-actions such as Jigoku Shojyo, Meitantei Conan and Nana, Prince of Tennis, Death Note, GTO etc etc
    Also many low budget/rate production house use ex-porno movie director. This happening during Moon Child (Gackt, Hyde, Wang Lee Hom) the movie is nothing but a fan service and i dumbly fall in love with Gackt.

    Sometimes the author or copyright holder getting greddy and didn’t pay much attention to details.
    As for Bl i think fans are more critical and demanding, that’s why Yamane and Nitta Youka wants nothing but the best. It boost up the manga sales and popularity as well.
    Also good BL anime is a nicer way to introduce BL for those who prefer watch than read.

  40. Haiyo~ please don’t do live-action! More often than not, live-action adaptations screw up our fantasies. And if the actors can’t act… (which happens quite often in lower budget Japanese productions lol~) omg… the blasphemy x_x

    As for anime… I believe it depends on the animation studio, budget and the quality control by the author? So far Junjou Romantica anime has been rather nicely done. Nitta Youka-sensei and Yamane Ayano-sensei delayed the release of Fuyu no Semi OVAs and Ikoku Irokoi Romantan OVA respectively because they weren’t happy with the animation quality. The final product were not the best but can be considered quite good.

    I’ve watched Nana but not Nana 2. Well, Nana was ok but the pacing is kinda slow and acting so-so. *yawns* Hmm yeah… probably sucks is the right word to describe it lol~ The anime was so much better!

  41. Yea but there’s also danger of high expectation which can lead into disappointment.
    We all know that fans always have bunch of thoughts of how the anime should be..

    I can cope with Togainu anime ver. as long not a live-action BL movie. Why? i don’t think i’m able to enjoy Shiki hotness in real person. He looks sooo good in drawing and it’s just weird to see him as a real men.
    Death Note movie is a successful example but it’s just different with Togainu.

    oh yea, i’ve been meaning to you watch Nana and Nana 2 movie? played in SG, no?
    Am i the only one who think the movies are sucks?

  42. Would be interesting if they turned Togainu into an anime :D It has action, cute guys and dark undertones.

    Yea, some people are really good at these things. Besides making models, I’ve watched on TV competition for people who make miniature items out of flour. I can’t remember the name of the program but they’re really amazing.

  43. Yea heard that too, but it’s quite popular in here and i’m not sure many knows about it.

    Plus i’m too lazy to do it HaHa..if i bought it probably it’ll stay in the box and un-painted forever.
    some people like it but i just like to buy something ‘whole’ and no further work needed unless small-time assembling.

  44. Haha same as me ^^ I heard fate/stay night was based on a H-game turned anime?

    I think Konoe pinky looks ok but the need to paint it is a hassle. No experience with painting models either. Agrees! SnapPs expression is cuter. Making a mistake on the painting for such “one-of-a-kind” models will definitely make me go (oロO)

  45. oh i don’t follow fate/stay night…just buy the shifty on impulse.

    i oso have one pinky street out of curiosity, but i don’t quite like the expression of the pinkie(s)
    Snaps expression is cuter.

    *sigh* never like or wanna buy those non- pre painted figurines….i’m no artist type hahaha
    but i do have grey figurines of Astro Boy/Tetsuwan Atom…still in the box because not eager to get my hands dirty and make mistakes wif painting.

  46. I was kinda shocked when I see on my bill that they charged me when they were not even sure that they could stock the item ( -_-|||) So I’ll have to be extra vigilant when going through my future bills now.

    Saber Shifty… ooo I found the pic on ebay. That’s very cute! I’ve not watched this series before but I ended up buying Revoltech and Figma Saber too cos she looks very cute. I stopped myself from buying the SnapPs tho’

    Ooo.. Pinky Street is very cute too ^^ Better not start buying one or it’ll never end lol~ Japan is the country that came up with paper dolls right? I remember I love playing with those when I was a kid. I think Pinky Street dolls are just like that, except that the parts are plastic.

    I found by accident that there’s even a limited edition event-only Pinky:st Konoe :) but it is unfinished, so you’ll have to paint it yourself.

    Ah~ Konoe’s neko-mimi and tail wins hands down for the moe factor ^^ As for SnapPs Akira’s selling point? His naked torso XD LOL~

  47. No cares! still toyslogic dun have right to charged you cc, it’s called a scam.
    And they should give you notification instead of being quiet as clam.

    SnaPs reminds me of my old fate/stay night Saber’s soft with add-on accs such as sword, costumes etc but that was 2006 and heard no more abt Shifty.

    Hmm..Akira has the look of a regular BL school boy, i think Konoe’s better.

    Japan released so many stuff like these non? like Pinky Street series..are people still love role-playing hahahaha.

  48. Yea, it sucks. I have a feeling they did not secure the licensing for selling the SnapPs but they took orders anyway. Maybe hoping to have a big enough order to get the license to sell it. Playasia probably doing the same thing.

    SnapPs Akira is also a sweetie. Take a look here:

    And yesh~ if you also buy Konoe, you can detach his neko-mimi and put it on Akira XD This Akira also comes with naked torso (with detachable arms!) So fun hahaha. I’m also disappointed they don’t have Shiki too. He would’ve been so cute with the neko-mimi!

  49. Wtf? oredi Toyslogic oredi charged your credit card? that’s an absolute pain in the %*%

    It’s cute although unlike the usual Konoechibi potrayed in one-coin figure or other merchandises.

    If you have link for Akira SnaPs please share, perhaps it’s an absolute cute and will make me wanna buy it thru my cousin.
    No Shiki SnaPs eh? too bad…..going to give him a neko-mimi hahahaha

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