Goods: Lamento BEYOND THE VOID Poster Calendar 2013

Konoe and Rai frolicking with their calendar selves…

Yep! You’re looking at my new cat boys calendar for the new year!

Title: Lamento BEYOND THE VOID 2013 Calendar 2013年カレンダー)
Price: 1,200yen (w/o tax)
Release Date 13 October 2012
Size: 90 cm x 52 cm / 1 Page (Poster Type)

Newly illustrated by Nitro+Chiral illustrator Yamada Uirou 山田外朗. Both sides of the calendar are laminated for durability.

I received this calendar since October 2012 and have been waiting eagerly to use it. For some reason I didn’t get around to using the Togainu no Chi 2012 calendar of military Shiki and Akira I had :(

Here’s a quick review if you’re considering getting it too. Still available from CDJapan.

The calendar is housed in a thick cardboard box.

Side view with information. POS-CALE WIDE. Hmm.

Another side.

And next.

Information about the calendar being laminated on both sides for longer lasting use and that it is really wide sized!

And about the calendar illustration being newly created by Yamada Uirou.

Top of the box. Time to open it!

Ooo… sneak of what is to come :D

What a beauty! The front side is matt-laminated and the artwork print is truly gorgeous!

Back of the calendar is glossy-laminated. Probably helps if we’re using sticky tape to paste on the wall? The paper is quite thick too.

The actual portion of the poster where the calendar is located. Right at the bottom. I’ll say that only takes up 5% of the while poster. This I guess is what we want. And the best is, it doesn’t eat into the illustration which is great.

Konoe and Rai plushie strap for size comparison. The poster is HUGE. Too lovely. Gonna love the neko-mimi eye candies (/^o^)/ Hmm… stop looking gloomy, Plushie Rai XD

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11 thoughts on “Goods: Lamento BEYOND THE VOID Poster Calendar 2013”

  1. Nice review! I have all three, too. I, also, love the poster, especially Asato. Still waiting for the Asato plushie. ^^

  2. you can’t always do that to me T_T
    i’m very short on cash, but after your post i endet up ordering 2 calendar :/ ( yeah, i’m one of those girls that always buy one for use and one for collecting ^^° )
    i also have the shiki/akira one, which was great quality. so i believe this one will too. ^^

  3. The illustration is so pretty! I considered getting it, but I don’t have enough free space to actually use it..and thE shipping costs were higher than the item price ;A;

    1. @Sug: Yeah it’s big and beautiful! I haven’t found a way to hang it without having to spend much more $ on the frame. Probably will make the frame from mounting boards. And yeah, the shipping costs more than the poster orz;; But I bought 2 so if you divided by 2, its cheaper orz;;;

  4. The calender looks nice. I love your plushies. Konoe and Rai are just adorable! >///< I'm shocked that the plushies are that big. O o O I imagined them much smaller.

    1. @King Rein: Yeah, they’re about 2/3 of the usual plushie. I think if they’re too small, Gift won’t be able to give them so many cute plushie details.

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