Goods: LalaParadise Birthday 2013 DMmd Dakimakura Cover (Custom, DRAMAtical Murder, Koujaku x Aoba)

Get a room now you two… (^///^)

Oops they’re already in my bedroom! :D After much research and your suggestions, I finally decided on a Japanese printer to print the 160cm x 50cm dakimakura cover from the winning entry of my 2013 Birthday Contest! Thankfully the artist moritatsubaki was kind enough to give me the really high resolution files needed for a proper quality print. This dakimakura cover cost me 9,900 Yen a pop (excluding shipping and forwarding fees) orz;;; . Anyway, the package arrived today!

Gaaah~ THIS! Koujaku’s handsome face <333

Since this is the first time I’m printing from this company (, I chose the cheapest option available at 9,900 Yen just in case. The material is called “silky snow suede” and as it turns out, the print quality and colours look superb! The material feels durable and cool to the touch too.

Breathtakingly gorgeous <333

Front and back view of the cover. 160 cm is a good length for my queen-sized bed :D

Aoba plushie happily checking out Koujaku and Beni. *o* The artwork is so beautiful!!!

And Koujaku plushie doing the same for the other side :D I love Aoba!!!

Koujaku: Ooo look at that sexy ass… <333
Aoba: (=///=)

The cover comes with a zip at the bottom.

There is a lovely sheen on the smooth fabric.

Great details and crisp printing shown in the extreme close-up of Beni.

Aoba lends a hand to put the stuffing inside the cover.

While Koujaku pokes around Aoba’s ass again…

Koujaku: …that ass… <333
Aoba: (=///=) not again…
Me: *nosebleed*

Zips up nicely~

Koujaku: I look fabulous, don’t I?

Me: Both of you do!!! \(^///^)/

Koujaku: <3 <3 <3
Aoba: <3 <3 <3
Ren: Z Z Z

Thanks moritatsubaki for the awesome artwork!

Sweet dreams are made of these <3 I’m sure I’ll sleep really well tonight hehe…

A great way to end a challenging 2013 and welcome the new year :)

Wishing all a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

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8 thoughts on “Goods: LalaParadise Birthday 2013 DMmd Dakimakura Cover (Custom, DRAMAtical Murder, Koujaku x Aoba)”

  1. Hello there,

    I absolutely love this dakimakura! It looks so well done you could swear it was an official product. It would complete my collection if I could obtain a dakimakura with these characters of my own so I contacted moritatsubaki. I offered to pay her if I could get a copy of the image but she politely refused however she said she asked you if you could have another one made? I must admit it seems like a bit of a hassle to go about it this way but she really wouldn’t just let me pay her for some reason. I assume she misunderstood me on account of the language barrier but I can assure you I have no ulterior motives here and I would never use it for commercial purposes that would be an insult to the artist. I would be more than happy to pay you to have one made? or just for the image if you don’t want to go through the trouble of contacting the printers? Either way I figured I might as well ask, It’s not every day you come across a dakimakura of this caliber.

    Thanks for you consideration and happy new year!

    1. @yumekyun: Happy new year! Sorry for the late reply. How about commissioning MoritaTsubaki to create a new dakimakura artwork of the dmmd boys that is exclusively yours? :D I’m sure it’ll be just as amazing if not more!

  2. OK OK OK OK You seriously have no idea how much I need these! I would pay any amount I would pay you I would pay the artist I would pay anyone I just need my precious baby in dakimakura form! *trembling in anticipation*

    1. Do contact the artist, MoritaTsubaki and commission her to create your very own dakimakura design of the boys! She is an amazing artist and I’m sure she’ll make it special for you too! :)

  3. Merry Christmas!!!^^
    That really looks fantastic O.O
    I wouldn`t have thought it`s not an official good.
    Are you sure that not the original artist of the game won your competition? XD
    I could need a hug of Koujaku too in the moment…
    Won`t you lend him to me for a second? Or at least fluffy Ren…
    I would wish that these pillow would really become available in future.
    My poor porte monnaie…
    All of these releases and conventions at once. kanben shite kure yo~

    1. @kitsunebi: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Yeah, the final product is amazingly beautiful. All credit due to the artist, MoritaTsubaki and the printer. It was worth every penny *o* I’m planning to print another one for safekeeping ^///^ Gotta save up some cash first. Okie, gives u Koujaku + Ren virtual huggies!!! \(^o*)/

      2013 has been an amazing year for us fangirls, isn’t it? There’s lots more to come in 2014 and I’m looking forward to them! (tho like yours, my wallet doesn’t lol~)

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