Goods: LalaParadise Birthday 2012 Bishie Pillow Case (Custom, Dakimakura Cover, Snapfish by HP)

It’s been almost 2 years…

…since we last saw these boys! Lovingly illustrated by dairytea, who won my Birthday Contest back in May 2012 :D It wasn’t easy to find a printer that does a “full-bleed” print for pillow cases. Until I finally found Snapfish by HP which does what I needed. At that time, each printed pillow case costs US$39.80 (excluding shipping). Compared to US$25 per pillow case for my 2011 winning entry, it was just too expensive. Until last December, there was a 50% off sitewide Christmas discount going on. And it seemed like a great bargain!

The custom printed pilow case cost me US$19.90 to print and another US$11.99 for international shipping. Grand total of: US$31.89

Since the pillow case was shipped from the US, it took a few weeks to reach me. When I finally received it, I’ll have to say the printing was very good but the colours were slightly dull compared to the original artwork due to the fabric. The size fitted most generic pillow cases perfectly. The printing is one-side only. The other side is blank and white.

Here’s a closer look to see the lovely artwork. However, I was rather disappointed by the material used.

The fabric is soft but kinda too thin for a pillow case. And the problem is… it felt like it wouldn’t survive more than a few washes before fading or stretching orz;;

It’s a pity I can’t really use it :-\ but it definitely looks awesome as a poster artwork instead :D Though I need a proper frame to hold it up cos the cloth is too soft =_=;;

Anyway here’s a big thanks to dairytea again for creating such a lovely entry! Visit her site for more awesome artwork!

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