Goods: Kyon x Itsuki in Speedos Review (Set G, Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Ichiban Kuji, Banpresto)

Do guys do that (secretly) to each other when doing their business at the urinal? :P

Title: Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu Ichiban Kuji Premium G Set Endless Eight version Kyun Chara Set 涼宮ハルヒの消失 一番くじプレミアム G賞 エンドレスエイトver. きゅんキャラセット (一番くじプレミアム 涼宮ハルヒの籤引)
Available: Early December 2010
Collection: Set of 8 character designs sold separately.
Price: 800 Yen per try. This is one of the 20 lucky draw items.

For online purchase, the price depends on where you buy it. Many are up for bidding on Japanese auction sites.

There are eight figures to collect in Set G, including the boys, Kyon キョン and Koizumi Itsuki 古泉 一樹 and kimono + swimwear versions of the three girls: Suzumiya Haruhi 涼宮 ハルヒ, Nagato Yuki 長門 有希 and Asahina Mikuru 朝比奈 みくる.

Similar to the figures in Set D, the figures in Set G are also nendoroid-sized. But as a lucky draw item that costs the same, Set D is definitely more worth it since it gives you two figures instead of just one per win. But since the figures are different, collectors will probably still fork out the cash for the sake of collecting a full set of 8.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t noticed by now. Kyon isn’t naked. He is just topless because he is wearing his swimming trunks from Season Two of the anime during the Endless Eight arc. If you’re interested, check out Episode 3 in that season because it has a couple of mild BL fan-service scenes like suggestive looks and overly touchy-feely shots, etc. If you’re a fujoshi, you’ll sure be able to spot them lol~


Itsuki: My my, I never knew you had such a nice ass ♥

Okie, back to the review. Both swimwear figures of Itsuki and Kyon each come with a base and back support. Both figures stand about 10 cm tall. Kyon’s base is blue and Itsuki’s is magenta (or purple). Nobody expected them to make a figure of Itsuki in Speedos, did they? Well, it’s high time we poor fangirls get some fan-service figures too ^^;;; and the result looks good! :D

Both boys need their bases to stand due to the angle of their bare feet. I love their expressions ^^ Kyon’s expression is based on his happy face when he sees Asahina Mikuru in a kimono and Itsuki’s face (is when he is peeking at Kyon! Nah… fangirl delusion~) looks in-character and handsome too. Besides the expressions, I like their posing too.

I’m very sure Goodsmile won’t be making a nendoroid Itsuki. I wonder how many fan letters they received during the past few years before they finally decided to make Kyon nendoroid *shrug*

Side views. Remember I asked the question about the seeming crack on Kyon’s top side hair? Well, it is the same in this Kyon version, so I think it is a manufacturing result.

Very nice details of the hands and feet. Love those little fingers and toes. Ooo… and Itsuki’s belly button too! Sexaay lol~

Side views.

Back views. Nice sculpting!

Kyun Chara Kyon disassembled. Only the head is removable.

Kyun Chara Koizumi Itsuki disassembled. Only the head is removable.

Random close up.

Random close up. Sexy speedos and cute toes.

Random close-up. Cute everything.

Random close-up. Such cute, chubby cheeks :3

And yes. They’re holding hands. Either that or Itsuki is grasping onto Kyon’s wrist. It’s just not shown on-screen in the anime ;) Those sneaky animators.

By the way, I’ve managed to buy the correct Newtype issue that has the mail-in coupon for Banpresto’s Newtype Original version set for Disappearance ver. Koizumi Itsuki 古泉 一樹 and Suzumiya Haruhi 涼宮ハルヒ However, you need to send them a local postal order. No cash allowed. That means you still need to have a Japanese contact to do it for you locally. Fine. I’ll give up for now and try to hunt him down in auctions in April after it is released.

ハルヒ&古泉 消失ver.きゅんキャラセット

Newtype / Newtype Henshubu

Find out why Kyon is in this predicament in the special BL figure manga post here ^^

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Kyon x Itsuki in Speedos Review (Set G, Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Ichiban Kuji, Banpresto)”

  1. LOL! omg figure comic was great i love it! XDDD
    the figures are so dang cute!!
    the screenshot you have up there with them underwater is my favorite scene from the series.XD

    ~”Do guys do that (secretly) to each other when doing their business at the urinal? :P”

    hmm i always wondered that too…..must suck to be male at a work place and find your male boss at the stale when you get there. awkward……………;;

    1. @sigma: hehe glad it gave you a chuckle or two XD

      Yeah it was such a cute episode, I was squeeing a lot in my mind when I saw it *heart eyes*

      Hahaha… never really understood why men have the urinal ^^;;; so embarrassing but then again, they are men, so… they have to be “man” enough to take it XD

  2. Aha, I see ~
    Itsuki is no doubt rather charming. I’ve never seen much of it but from the few scenes I did watch, he kinda gave out that creepy smiling-pervert aura XD

    Kyon’s happy face, however, has a lot to be said about it as well! He looks hilarious. Always thought he looked rather serious/concerned thorough the anime.
    Good luck on getting the other Itsuki at a decent price ~

    1. @Oru: Itsuki also has a kuro-hara feel beneath that smiley face. (Which he only shows Kyon XDDD *BL mousou overdrive*)

      They are a nice pairing and are reversible in my BL filter because Kyon can be a uke=in-denial when Itsuki is being a kuro-hara seme and on the other hand Itsuki can be a sasoi-uke (the uke-on-top) when he isn’t seme to Kyon. XDDD

      Thanks! I hope so! But I won’t feel too bad if I can’t have him cos Itsuki’s face is quite similar to the one he has in speedos.

  3. Random to the post itself, as I am not a follower of the Haruhi series (nor plan to), buuut – darn, that last screencap of them holding… whatever is is they are holding is actually darn cute : C

    1. @Oru: To be honest, I didn’t get the Haruhi fandom when it first started either. Watched the 1st ep and went huh? Got busy and dropped it.

      A year later, they came out with Haruhi’s figma figures I was like hmm… ok… and then I saw Itsuki’s figma and guess what… I found myself really attracted to his face ^^;;; and I REALLY WANTED HIM! So in order to justify my buying the figure, I wanted to know what role he plays in the anime, so I watched it and loved it (altho I found Haruhi really annoying some parts ;P) and then the rest is history.

      That episode had a couple of mild fan service scenes… stolen glances, touchy-feely, teasing etc. So the BL fangirl inside went squeee~ but after that subsequent episodes didn’t deliver in the BL department OTL so we should adjust our expectations lol.

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