Goods: Kyon Review (Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi Ichiban Kuji Set D, Banpresto)

This was an impulse buy.

Title: Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu Ichiban Kuji Premium D Set Disappearance version Kyun Chara Set 涼宮ハルヒの消失 一番くじプレミアム D賞 消失ver. きゅんキャラセット (一番くじプレミアム 涼宮ハルヒの籤引)
Available: Early December 2010
Price: 800 Yen per try. This is one of the 20 lucky draw items.

I got it from Playasia so the price was US$19.90 per set. For online purchase, the price depends on where you buy it. Many are up for bidding on Japanese auction sites.

This set came with smiling Nagato Yuki 長門 有希 and Kyon キョン. I like both of them but more importantly I wanted Kyon. Playasia mistakenly labelled this set as nendoroid petit, so I was mislead by them. When the box arrived, I was so surprised by their sizes. They are nendoroid sized, not petit! Pretty awesome.

That’s the box packaging. It does look like a nendoroid petit box but the figures are much, much bigger. Usually there are 3 figures in each nendoroid petit set. Kyun Chara Yuki comes with an extra arm and her glasses are removable. Kyon? Just himself ^^;;

Back of the box. This is the first time I bought an ichiban kuji set so… it’s a new discovery. By the way… I haven’t watched the movie yet so I’m not sure what the story is about this time.

Lots of pics so I’ll split this into two posts. Both Yuki and Kyon each come with a base and back support. Both figures stand about 10 cm tall.

I think the head sculpt and facial expression of this Kyon figure captures his personality and original design more accurately than the nendoroid version that Goodsmile made. Also, if you compare this to his nendoroid petit version, this one wins hands down. Btw, now then I realise that there are so little figures of both Kyon and Koizumi’s added together compared to the zillions of figures of just one Haruhi girl.

He doesn’t really need his back support to stand. The little holes in the base can hold him up quite well. Paint work is pretty crisp and clean.

Another angle view. As you can see. He looks generally well-made. Close to nendoroid quality without the removable parts except for the head. No wonder it was mistaken as one. If we were in Japan and won it at 800 Yen, it is quite a bargain.

However, there are two “crack lines” on the head at the top of both of his sideburns on the left and right. If you have this figure, is yours like this too?

Top view. Kyon’s figure can stand pretty well on his own without a base too.

Kyun Chara Kyon disassembled. Pity only the head is removable in Kyon’s case.

Since he is about the size of a nendoroid, I tried to fit his head onto Zetsubou-sensei’s body… much to sensei’s despair lol~ Here you can see the difference between their neck joint and joint holes.

Due to Goodsmile’s ball joint design, it cannot be hidden inside Kyon’s head. As for Sensei, his hole is a little too big for the joint on Kyon’s body, so his head is relatively loose but looks ok.

I was too lazy to look for another ball-joint to get around the issue and used sensei’s scarf to hide the ball-joint on Kyon. :D The effect turned out pretty good! Handsome, no? I love guys wearing kimono/yukata XD

Sexy back.

Since Zetsubou-sensei has NO PROBLEMS fitting onto a Kyun Chara body… Here’s more despair for him *evil laugh*

Anyway, back to the question that Kyon was asked right at the beginning… Well, Banpresto is making Newtype Original version set for Disappearance Koizumi Itsuki 古泉 一樹 and Suzumiya Haruhi 涼宮ハルヒ but it will only be available in late April 2011 as a NewType magazine mail-order item at 2,900 Yen. OTL;;; so it is very unlikely for me to get him because he is going to cost a lot more than the price of 2,900 Yen. Shipping 500 Yen + magazine cost. Not to mention middleman fees. Cut-off date is 21 January 2011. AND I’m not even sure which issue it is =_=;;;

ハルヒ&古泉 消失ver.きゅんキャラセット

((((((((((((((((( ZETSUBOU SHITAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! ))))))))))))))))))

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