Goods: Kuroshitsuji Trading Arts Vol. 1 Box

Kuroshitsuji Trading Arts

Although it can be depressing to not be able to own the gorgeous but expensive Kuroshitsuji Sebastian and Ciel statues that cost like almost a hundred bucks each…

There are always alternatives available for fans. Not to mention the amount of $$$ to be made from us.

Introducing… Square Enix’s Kuroshitsuji Trading Arts Vol. 1 Box (黒執事 トレーディングアーツ) with a total of 6 figures to collect! *sweatdrop*

There are 8 pieces per box, so we’ll be forced to buy two extra ones =_= Square Enix has done it again. They are -evil- Well, unless the extras are the characters we don’t mind having.

If I’m not wrong, you should be able to collect all 6 in one box.

Damage: 6,720 Yen (w/o tax)

Available in February 2009

Characters: Ciel, Sebastian, Lau, Madam Red, Grell and a secret.

They look pretty good from the photo but reality bites. There are just too many drool-some figures out there. So they’ll be on the wishlist to be revisited during a sale. Hopefully they’ll be still available when that happens.

But if you’ve got cash to burn, get it from here or here!

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8 thoughts on “Goods: Kuroshitsuji Trading Arts Vol. 1 Box”

  1. chants: *sale sale sale sale*

    Woah wait till you see the next post I’ve planned… I discovered MORE BISHONEN FIGURES coming our way!!! I’m happy but my wallet isn’t *sighs*

    chants: *sale sale sale sale*

  2. @BOTH: it’ll be awesome lah if we live as neighbors…can exchange for trading figures etc etc.
    Why dont we all joined hands and pray for SALE..c’mon people XD

    @Fuuga: same with you, since it comes with 2 extras i wait until the price drop. no guarantee tht i will get the 2 characters i like so.

  3. @akiyama: Yesh my dear… I was already drowning in drool when I saw the statues… this is the end lol~ xD But I will wait for a sale. *keeps fingers crossed for more SALE* xD

    @Fuuga: We can expect to see more xD So exciting!!! It’ll be cool if Ciel in dress is the secret xD That’ll be the ultimate in (non-yaoi) bishonen figure fanservice! YAY~

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