Goods: Kuroshitsuji Static Arts Komadori Ciel PVC (Square Enix)

This detailed PVC of Ciel in the pink ball gown will probably be another collector’s item in the making.

Title: Kuroshitsuji Static Arts Komadori (Japanese Robin) Ciel 黒執事 スタティックアーツ 駒鳥シエル
Damage: 9,975 Yen (preorder discount up to 25%)
Available: Late September 2010
Size: W155×H95×D188mm
Weighs 340g and comes with a display base.

Lots of Kuroshitsuji goods, including the Nendoroids of Ciel and Sebastian are slated for release this September. I wonder how the wallets of Kuroshitsuji fans are holding up… lol~ I for one will most likely suffer the consequences since I have a big list of goods from other series coming during late Aug/Sep period too…

That said, we can probably expect Sebastian Tutor-version to be released to complement Robin-version Ciel?

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18 thoughts on “Goods: Kuroshitsuji Static Arts Komadori Ciel PVC (Square Enix)”

  1. ep! i don’t think its a figma never mind! it strangely look that way;;(i guess the hand position threw me off~ XD (omg if only there was a zetsubou figma it would sell out so fast X_X)
    pvc is still cute though!

    1. @sigma: OMG… you got me sOoOo excited there… but it ain’t a zetsubou figma (T~T) Anyway sensei’s PVC’s design was first released as SEGA’s Sunday x Magazine figure prize last year. I managed to get one… phew~ :D

      Yeah, we have male collectors who didn’t know any better thinking Ciel looks cute lol~

  2. @Ponytale: *v*! I saw the updated figma post of them they look so great! araragi is super cute~~!

    If i ever get vamp araragi i don’t think i could afford the other two girls;. : ( Araragi is still nice by himself though he would be awkwardly placed. XD

    *tempted to get this Ciel* OTL;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    1. @Razberry: ^^ yeah… too many things on the shopping list already. I have to pass on this one.

      @sigma: Yea! I think the Bakemonogatari figmas are a must for me now that I’ve seen the pics. I’ll pass on the Araragi PVC since I’m getting his figma :)

      Hmm if you really like Ciel, then get it if you can… the prices may rise like the previous releases. Mmm but then again, will male collectors want to sell him after they realise that he is a trap? :D lol~

  3. hahaha! Yes! When I posted this on plurk, someone said it looks like Black Rock Shooter girl. LOLOLOLOL.

  4. Ponytale, thank you so much for the heads-up on this!!!!
    I placed my pre-order with Amiami already, I love this figure!
    It’s Square Enix, what more can I possibly want^^
    (Some months ago I bought Square Enix’s Sebastian’s figure…now I can pair them together XD)
    Anyways, thanks a lot, your site always has awesome info.
    As a long-time fan of anything Yaoi/BL/Bishie related, I truly appreciate it^^
    *Bows humbly*

    1. @sigma: I think maybe it’s the angle the photo is taken. Araragi figma looks handsome! :D I’m happy at the way he looks. I don’t mind getting Senjougahara figma cos she looks good and is cheaper. I mean… you can buy two figmas with the price of one PVC OTL but if we bought the Vampire Araragi PVC which costs x amount of money, we have to fork out 2x more for the girls which equals to 6 figmas in total *_* Yeah, the vampire girl has a very cute design XD I love her googles! I think a figma of her would look great too.

      @Gwendolen: Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Glad my posts helped :D I’m looking forward to see how Tutor Sebastian may look like! I hope they do a matching pose with this version of Ciel.

      @gen & banoni: Btw, I’ve already seen comments from male collectors on other website who thought this version Ciel to be a cute girl and they are considering buying him! Trap! So in the end the makers win :P

  5. omg i’m loving the Araragi figma! why does it look huge for some reason. Looks so good! ;A;
    an yes it’s a conspiracy because with just the figma too he will look lonely without the others.XD
    i saw the figure for the vampire girl an she looks really good! i hope they make a figma of her.

  6. Agree with banoni though I think it’s not overly gay (like you said, it’s just overly girl!), the pose killed the figurine for me. If they have one with Ciel looking pissed/embarrassed in that pink little frilly dress, that’d be sooooo much better! Don’t you think?

    1. @banoni: Yeah, you have the Gintama figures! XD I also splurged on Natsume Takashi’s PVC too. A post about him coming up.

      Icic… Sigma bought hers off ebay and they really turned out to be bootlegs but fortunately she didn’t pay the actual price for them.

      @sigma: Araragi is dressed in vampire garb XDD Gosh… he’ll be expensive too *_* judging from the price of the other two girls. I’m tempted DX but he wouldn’t look as complete without the girls right? What a conspiracy!!!

      Also here’s an update of Araragi’s figma pic (completed)

      @gen: Agrees! That would have made an awesome looking Ciel figure! I’m now looking forward to Tutor Sebby X3 cos if they can somehow make the two figures match… then it may be ok to have Ciel in this suggestive pose ;)

  7. @ponytale: My receipts for my Alter Takashi Natsume and other PVCs are testament enough. T__T Curse you PVCs and being an impulse buyer. Hahaha.

    So far, I’ve not seen the real version of the Square Enix figs of Kuroshitsuji.. all I’ve seen are bootlegs so.. they were major turnoffs. Haha. That’s my main problem with nendoroids and square enix, there are a lot of bootlegs in the market, that when you buy the real deal, other people will still think you bought the BL ones. =_=;

  8. Despite being a yaoi-fan, seeing how overly ‘gay’ Ciel’s pose is in this fig, I can’t bring my self to be ecstatic. T__T Will probably pass on this one.. And I’m not a square enix fan.XD And the fig is expensive. Booo~!

    1. @banoni: Lol~ I didn’t think it was overly gay… but rather… overly girly! XD But you’ll be surprised at how many folks love this version of Ciel. The details are pretty tho. Comparatively I prefer the previous Square Enix Static Arts release where he is wearing a blue suit and top hat and posed standing with a cane in hand. See this. The good thing about this release is that we can most probably expect a Tutor Sebastian to follow ^^ Yeah… well, PVCs are generally expensive :- that’s why I try not to buy them if I can help it.

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