Goods: Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Nendoroid


Tell me I’m not dreaming…

Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Michaelis Nendoroid (せばすちゃん・みかえりす ねんどろいど)
Damage: 3500 Yen
Arrival: July 2009 (Can’t wait XD)
About 10cm tall


Such a cutie! A must-buy for Kuroshitsuji fans. Totally love his Neko-love indulgent face. I’ll update again with links when pre-orders are open! ^_^ According to Goodsmile’s notes, Ciel’s Nendoroid is currently in the works! So quickly go save up another 3500 Yen for Sebby’s Bocchan! If they do decide to make other characters like Grell and Lau, it would be a bonus I guess.

Okie, one more piccy before we go.


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37 thoughts on “Goods: Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Nendoroid”

  1. sigh still debating if i should get him. i don’t really want ceil but he comes with the extra for him…

    have you seen the trailer for the next season? i’m totally lost as to what happened to sebby an ceil.(from anime ended it just ended there?) you think the new butler is somehow sebby?

    1. @sigma: That’s precisely why they included the tea set with Ciel… to make us buy him. If I was on a budget for only one nendoroid, I definitely would only buy Sebby. =_= anyway I ordered Ciel too. He may become out-of-print in the future and hard to find like Sebby was.

      Yeah, Sebby and Ciel are replaced by a new pair which is not in the manga. I think they want to let the ending in the first season be. These two are new characters created for the anime but other characters from the manga will still make their appearances in the anime. Character design is done by the mangaka tho’.

      @thelaziwaiter: Get him if you can ^^ He is very cute! And they have a reissue now so don’t miss your chance to buy him at the original price.

  2. Hmm~ I’m sure it isn’t voiced… unless I’m missing something? lol~ I find that the game is almost always cheating cos we always win the board game right?

    I think the upcoming BL games will probably have better storylines ^^ but at least the game play style of Prince x Prince is different from the usual.

    Have you tried playing Kichiku Megane R Fan disk? The typing game was so hilarious XD I haven’t completed the original game yet and went straight to the fan disk. I haven’t finished both of them yet.

  3. I agree~ *a perv too lol!*

    they weren’t voiced?Hmm….it’s been awhile sense i played them but i thought they were voiced. Must be the typing game i was mixing it up with;

    Yea… I was actually expecting more from prince x prince…but i was happy with the reinard endings both sad and disturbing but different which is good. I wasn’t to found with the other endings but they were still okay. I never did get the extra/secret character. also the game is played differntly. It goes by day/month(?) system and choosing the character. It was confusing for me to play but there is a guide.;;

  4. *o* oh! I love that seiyuu (suzumura)

    Hm I don’t remember what the name of the series was…

    ~~Shimowada Hiroki voicing the first uke… OMG. I thought he was a real girl when I first heard that track. But the seiyuu is a guy!!! *dead*


    I can’t wait til lucky dog comes out!!
    Kya hes going to be in another game that’s great news~*hearts*
    lol computer generated hmm you mean the “gusha gusha” sounds? Yea…XD;;

    Oh! about chihiro being seme only once there was actually another time he played seme! I just remember because i got done playing it recently but he did one of the princes in the prince x prince game. (The one with the green head band-thingy)

    I’m on episode 6. At first the story really does seem predictable because i got the same reaction when i watched episode one an stopped watching it. But i had brought the game last month and started to play so i was curious how it would play out in animation. So i got back to watching it, It follows through well with the game i haven’t got to far in the game though. (on episode 2 in the game sadly XD) It’s been getting better but no major surprises yet.

    1. *sweatdrop* Yesh~ the *gusha gusha* lol~ XD It bothered me while playing Absolute Obedience hahaha… I think instead of the wierd sound effects to help us with the visualisation, I rather listen to the seiyuu moan in tune and imagine the progress of their H. ^^;;; But of course, if the sound effects are good, I don’t mind *perv*

      Yea, it seems that so far 蒼井夕真 has only voiced Yura’s BL games and cds so it’s good to hear him in Lucky Dog ^^ Oh yeah, I played the mini games! They’re cute but pity not voiced… I like the board game the most. I couldn’t get the typing game to work either :( Maybe we need a Japanese Keyboard for that.

      Oh~ Prince x Prince! I didn’t play it but I’ve seen the CGs. They’re are so pretty XD But it is basically just a cute PWP, H game, right? :O

      Uwa~ ToA game! :D that’s definitely gives you more incentive to watch the anime. I’ll put it on the “waiting list” for now tho’.

  5. I meant Suzumura Kenichi (Suzuken) XD who was Lavi in D’grayman, Hikaru in Ouran… hehehe

    Were you talking about Kohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku! Series and Teikoku Sensenki? All the uke paired with Fukushima Jun’s character were really shota. Miyata Kouki’s uke in Kohitsuji was cute ^^ and in Teikoku Sensenki, it was quite obvious two of the seiyuus who were uke to Fukushima Jun raised the pitch of their voices but Shimowada Hiroki voicing the first uke… OMG. I thought he was a real girl when I first heard that track. But the seiyuu is a guy!!! *dead*

    Tennenouji’s upcoming BL game Lucky Dog will be using 蒼井夕真 again ^^ but this time, his voice sounds really different. Higher pitched. I also recognised a few other voices (Miki Shinichirou, Hirakawa Daisuke and Yusa Koji!!! *squee*) and I’m really excited about it. Love the character design ^^ but I’m heisitant about placing an order cos I find the sound effects of the H in Tennenouji’s BL games very “computer generated”… kinda distracting XP

    I only watched episode one of Tales of Abyss ^^;;; I liked the animation but the story seems predictable. Did you finish watching it? Any surprises?

  6. Suzuken? Never heard of i think;

    Yay for new up coming seiyuu! I really like chihiros non bl role as luke in tales of abyss~I hope he gets more roles he’s voice is versatile. ‘w’
    Omg yes!! Fukushima as a seme killed my in that drama! The uke with him sounded SUPER SHota Uke!
    I couldn’t listen to anymore after a few mins….OTL;;

  7. lol poor grell. Sebby is a player.

    ~~~Seku-hara (sexual harrassment)

    I’ve learned a new word! XD
    i think i’ll give the non bl ones a listen to when i have time.

    Yea his only seme role ;o;
    playing the game and hearing chihiros voice acting for first time made me look for other roles he has done. I was disappointed to find that he played uke in everything i found.;;
    Hes okay as uke but…because i heard him playing seme first i’ve gotten used to him being…well seme.;;
    (Listening to him as uke sounds weird a bit but i don’t mind it either~ *shot*)
    i don’t know but when ever i come across a seiyuu i’ve never heard before usually the role they are playing at the time has a effect. I’ll usually end up like them playing that role that they played more than the other role.(confusing XD)

    kya~ i love hibikis seiyuu if you ever find any anime/dramas with him in it let me know.;v;

    (I’ve notice alot of the seiyuu in this game are not as popular as others. Like akiras seiyuu. I looked up his name an only found a few roles hes played. ;-;
    I actually downloaded an watched the phantom master movie to hear how he acts without playing a bl role. He only had a few lines but it was really good. (the anime is interesting btw 0-o)
    as for the drama were he played seme….NO *headdesk*)

    here is the game.
    (i couldn’t get the typing game to work on my pc. If you figure out give me a heads up. ^v^)

    1. Well, if it gets the job done ^^;;; but that scene was very unexpected. Sebby is a very serious and hardworking butler lol~

      The non-bl ones are not so “exciting” *cough* lol~ cos most of them can put you to sleep. But the seiyuus can be quite funny when they’re making comments/complaints about you not sleeping ^^

      Ah~ no wonder. I only knew Suzuki Chihiro as an uke to everybody XD But don’t worry, I believe he’ll get more seme roles in the future as long as he stays in BL ^^ Even Suzuken managed to get a role to seme Kosugi Juurota, so there’s hope! Hehehe… kk, I’ll keep a look out for Hibiki’s seiyuu. I think some of the seiyuu in Miracle Noton are relatively new (and young), so they don’t have as many roles. I can’t imagine Fukushima Jun as seme unless he is paired with someone even more uke than he sounds. That’s really quite a challenge to find tho. I was planning to give Phantom a try too. It looks interesting ^^

      Thanks for the upload! I’ll try it out later ^^)b

  8. Hehe I love that one too XD Erm…yea, I think he did *censored spoiler* the nun, otherwise Grell wouldn’t be so upset ^^;;;

    o~ otomen, the manga where the guy likes all the girly things? hehehe yeah that’ll be cute!

    Gaah~ Thanks for the upload! I loaded them on my ipod and listened to them continuously from vol.1 to 4 and it makes me wonder… how do you sleep with so much Seku-hara (sexual harrassment) going on throughout the night? Poor Akira.

    That said, I did fall asleep a few times at some points during the sheep counting in the 2nd and 3rd vol. but each time I was awakened by Akira’s moans ^^;;; That’s not very helpful, Akira!!!! DX Lol~ now I understand why you couldn’t sleep when you listened to them. Try the non-BL Hitsuji series if you really want to zzz. Hehehe.

    Mmm is noton Suzuki Chihiro’s first seme role? I think so far he is like 99.9% uke in BL XD Yeah would be cool to hear more of Hibiki’s seiyuu. He has a lazy sexy seme voice which is yummy ^///^

    Yeah, have to make time to play the game! hehe

  9. The nendoroid cat pose is my favorite. ;w;

    That’s reminds me in the scene with the nun did he really *censored spoiler*! XD

    lol aw the death note anime ending was good and the Near arc isn’t so bad. The endings differ from manga to anime a bit.

    Yea that would be neat to see OVA series of kuroshitsuji~
    There’s alot of interesting series being turned into anime lately. I hope they turn otomen into a series someday.I think it’d totally be worth it.TTvTT

    Here are the oyasumi miracle noton series (i finally uploaded them XD)
    (Kouki x Akira)
    Takeuchi Ken x Fukushima Jun
    (Masomi x Akira)
    Sasanuma Akira & Fukushima Jun
    (Hibiki x Akira)
    蒼井夕真(?This seiyuu needs to do more roles)x Fukushima Jun
    (Noton x Akira)
    Suzuki Chihiro(Fangirls) & Fukushima Jun

    (I probably made a mistake with seiyuus;)
    I think once you play the game you have a better understanding of whats going on.
    I’ll upload the mini games later on.^v^

  10. Undertaker x grell forever~ yes! They do have an eternity of life together XD

    Agrees! The ending was done well! While the anime was in broadcast, I stopped myself from reading the manga for fear of spoilers ^^;; so I’m not sure if Pluto was in the manga… but if I’m not wrong, I remember reading comments that the pluto/onsen plot was an anime-only filler episode? And now we get this classic Sebby-loves-neko scene recreated in Nendoroid form. XD

    When L *censored spoiler* (in case people do read comments lol) I lost all motivation to read/watch Death Note :P I know I should continue watching it till the end instead of skipping everything in between to go straight for the ending… *sweatdrop*


    Yesh~ just like Tamaki of Ouran, the “princely”-type host lol~ Definitely one of my all-time fav series XD

    Let’s hope for a new Season of more Kuroshitsuji fun. It doesn’t have to be after the ending. Could be about their other exploits since the manga seems to be still on-going.

  11. hmm…i would love for a second season..b-but…but…*likes how it ended*;;;;;
    Yea in my view i was very happy it wasn’t a cliche ending that turns happy. It was nice to see sebby keep to his true character/nature.;;

    Alot of people feel the same for code geass in wanting a third season because they think it was left open apparently. I just got done watching the last few episodes of the second season…it was Sooooo~ Great!! *_*
    As much as i want more code geass i don’t because the series ending was the best! It seemed similar to death note in some ways but not. I think light was more evil and selfish in how he wanted to do things to get what he wanted. As for Lulu..hes is just to great~
    My eyes were watery at the end. The whole story to me was so romeo and juliet/star crossed lover (in this case star crossed-dreams)~ TTATT

    Yes i keep forgetting ceil is only 12!;; He looks older a bit.
    He acts to mature for his age just like ritsuka from loveless and also miharu from nabari no ou.

    lol!! I Loved that part too! Undertaker x grell forever~! XD

    I liked the part were sebby was paying so much attention to the black cat that pluto got jealous! His “wan wan” crys were to cute! I was surprised when he was naked most of the time in anime. (fanservice!) XD
    I havn’t got far in the manga at all. Does pluto appear in it?

    ~~~Hahaha that’s the guy who gave us Ciel-in-a-dress fan service. His personality reminds me of a host XD

    Ouran Host club? lol Tamaki? (i think that’s his name i cant remember. I havn’t seen all of the anime yet) Hes funny XD

  12. Yeah and many people are saying that the ending is still “open” enough for a possible third season, since it wasn’t shown what Sebby did to Ciel after that.

    Undertaker x Grell is my fav XD especially that episode where Grell saw how handsome the undertaker actually was hehehe and Grell went “Oh~ hug me” XD Feels kinda sad how Sebby always snubbed him yet he never gave up (Pluto is so similar :P) so I’m glad Grell found undertaker instead lol~

    Hahaha that’s the guy who gave us Ciel-in-a-dress fan service. His personality reminds me of a host XD XD

    Ciel was a confused little boy ^^ and we tend to forget he was only 12.

  13. I finished watching kuroshitsuji……*A*
    Ending was EPIC i love it~!!
    I’m hoping the ending will be almost the same in the manga but i hope the plot toward the end is different. I loved all the characters especially pluto,Griell and the undertaker! Super kawaii~ XD
    I wish this one character had more screen time he cracked me up

    my liking for Ciel went down abit…*sniffles* hes so mean ;-;

  14. @akiyama: Nendoroid Rem would’ve been interesting… ah~ Samurai Champloo is awesome! XD I’m waiting for the DVD reissue by Funimation to be the released. Anyway, and remember those figures of Jun and Mugen I ordered? They were delayed till end April. Wonder how long more =_=

    @fuuga: yep yep, can’t wait to see the final version of Nendoroid Ciel. He’ll be a darling definitely. Hehe no worries and take your time with the anime… ^^

  15. Yeah poor misa. but it’s her fault anyway for being so annoying. XD
    I was expecting Rem nendoroid more than Misa ha-ha…

    Yeah will watch Kuroshitsuji after i finish S.Champloo. ~very entertaining~

    anyway see you in a week or so….
    (hopefully your wishlist still available)

  16. *stares*

    ;Q; S-s-sebastian~!! Hes nendoroid is so cute!

    I cant wait to see what Ceil looks like.*hoping he wears like his pvc figure outfit*

    1. Yeah! Totally cute! XD But we shouldn’t be seduced by the demon lol~
      Have you watched the final episode?
      Ciel’s nendoroid is cute too! The prototype is out (I can’t find the link). He is wearing the similar blue outfit with a small gothic feel top-hat as the animate-exclusive statue but in chibi form of course XD

  17. Hahaha I feel the same about the Death Note boys. Poor Misa XD

    Kuroshitsuji anime has concluded (24 eps) but if I’m not wrong the manga hasn’t ended yet. Anyway, although the anime wasn’t perfect and has its highs and lows, it was a fun ride while it lasted. The parts leading to the last episode was a little weak but I do like final scenes and ending. The characterisation was pretty consistent. That I have to say it was a major strong point. Don’t want to spoil it here. Do watch it when you have the time ^^

    So yeah, Sebby, Ciel and Sensei are must-haves for me. Definitely.*nod nod*

  18. I’m torn up between Ciel and Zetsubo. Because i relaize it’ll be weird to have Sebby without Ciel hmm….
    Just like having Light nendoroid without L or Ryuk ( no care for Misa ha-ha)

    1. VERY NICE. Definitely worth it. ^^ The chance of this statue having a rerun once sold-out is almost nil compared to Ciel. Seijuro statue coming soon huh! Time flies… I already busted my budget, so I’ll have to work harder to earn more moolah for the upcoming ones :P

      Last checked, Zetsubou nendoroid is also sold-out at the local store but still available online, so no worries if you want to get it in the future.

  19. I’m sure Ciel will be great…i just don’t have the budget.
    I’m after a certain batman ‘dark night’ statue so yeah gotta let Ciel go.

    Will probably buy it later when i have the extra version perhaps.
    There will be re-run, right? ha-ha.

    1. That’s true. You’re definitely more disciplined than I am XD Which Dark Knight statue is it? I know there’re a number of impressive RAHs available, including the one that has an awesome looking bike.

      But not to worry, I’m sure Ciel Nendoriod will have re-runs if it is sold out since the anime seems to be quite popular. ^^

  20. @akiyama: Yea, but it’s okie even if they cos I already have the Rement versions of teapot, cups and saucers lol~ Gothic/victorian furniture would be awesome tho.
    If we had our way, I both both of us would buy almost all the nendoriods. The ones that are released recently are all so well made and cute!!! I guess we have to be realistic and focus the ones we really like. I think Ciel would be real worth it tho’ The prototype looks great. He is wearing his signature blue top hat and gothic looking outfit. He will be a lovely piece.

    ( ^_^)b Keep me updated about the product progress. I hope it takes off and gains a huge following!

    @dolly: Hey! Thanks for dropping by and commenting! LOL~ I’m glad you found my reviews/recommendations useful (sorry about the hole in your wallet tho’ I’m also in the same predicament XD) Ah~ you own Big Chibi Shiki eh? Good on ya! I only have the little ones hehehe What other bishonen figures do you have?

    You’re a Rement collector? I started buying some of the rement goodies like sushi and cakes cos of my figures.

    YES… I can’t wait to get my hands on Sebby and Ciel Nendoroid too.

  21. Thanks to you, I am now a fan of One Coin (Togainu, Lamento, Basara), and nendoroids (Sayonara, Sebastian & Ciel). Oh yeah, I have the large SD of Shiro from Togainu, does that count? Will feed all of them Re-mento goodies.

    No money saved but I will be surrounded by cute, cuter, cutest. The wait is hell.

  22. right, english/vic theme would be nice, especially if they come with mini teapot and cups, saucers.

    my budget can only stretch to this one, so i have to skip Ciel. *sigh*
    I’m happy to have many nendoroids available on the market but at the same time this could interrupt my saving money plan….

    yep, the ad is oredi there. i think the tees will be ready on april.
    i’m gonna update you with the size chart soon.

  23. wow. cute indeed and pretty at the same time.

    I’ve predict this nendoroid becoz of the popularity of kuroshitsuji but t still come to me as a surprise in seeing how good it looks.
    Oh yesh i’ll be making yoyaku for this item…

    hopefully Kuroshitsuji will inspire more play sets.

    1. Yea! English/victorian-themed sets would be nice ^^ I think Ciel Nendoroid would look lovely too. The prototype is out *_* can’t find the pic. Oh I noticed the T-shirts coming soon ad on! XD Keep me updated k!

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