Goods: Kuroshitsuji II Ciel in Tea Party Set, Sebastian fasterner accessory (Movic)

More adventures of anime packaged foods…

Title: Kuroshitsuji II Ciel in Tea Party Set 黒執事II シエル イン ティーパーティーセット
Price: 945 Yen
Animate Japan store exclusive
Description: Size measures 13.5 x 17.5 cm, stickers of characters on each tea pack, 6 packs of tea. One freebie fastener accessory of White Rabbit Sebastian.

Animate Japan’s tea goods have similar packaging. This is one of them used for Kuroshitsuji.

Back view.

Ingredients and info. The teas and their origin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Assam and Darjeeling (India). Expiry: 22 March 2014. How to drink tea? Tear the aluminum packet, take out the tea bag. Put the tea bag into a cup. Pour hot water into the cup. Note: Please use tea bag only once. Wait 1 minute before removing the tea bag. Drink. Lol~ dummy proof instructions. :D

Side views. 2 bags of each flavour.

Box, tea bags and the freebie charm.

White Rabbit Sebby is Assam Tea ^^ So cute.

Alice Ciel is Darjeeling Tea.

Last but not least, Ceylon Tea.

Main purpose of buying this item ^^;; Ooo~ heart-shaped tie accessory? I just noticed it.

Back of the charm.

I like tea :) but I haven’t tried these tea bags yet. The charm is pretty nice and it was the main purpose of buying this item. For the price I guess it’s ok… most similar straps and accessories are around this price anyway. It’s like the accessory is the main item and the tea bags are freebies lol~ Still available from Animate Japan as of time of this post.

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7 thoughts on “Goods: Kuroshitsuji II Ciel in Tea Party Set, Sebastian fasterner accessory (Movic)”

  1. @Shirokaze: thank you for the description! I like Mate (or chimarrão, as it’s called in South), and this cocido form is more or less what we usually drink in São Paulo, mostly from tea bags. I think the most common here is make an infusion and drink it hot with sugar and lemon.

    @ponytale: Mate (Yerba mate in Spanish or Erva mate in Portuguese) is a very good tea, it’s caffeined, and we often drink it with lemon drops.

  2. @Plank-chan
    yes, in Paraguay people drink both Mate (hot) and Terere (cold).
    I dont drink mate cos it’s too hot for me, and terere… i rather drink water xD
    i’m one of the odd people who dont drink any of them. terere only if im really really thirsty lol

    then there’s Mate Cocido, which i do drink cos its good D:
    wiki: k, wiki description did not convinced me.
    Cocido: melted sugar in a pot, thrown in water, let it boiled, and then throw in burned yerba.
    let it boiled again, strain the yerba so you get only the liquid and there u go =D
    Or just buy cocido which come in tea bags and dusty form (like coffee) :P
    yeah, im no good with cooking terms and stuff >.>

    mom always gave me tea when my tummy hurt,
    so thats why i drink tea when i feel bad D:

    1. @Shirokaze, planck-chan: That’s quite a lot of work to brew tea :D but I guess the result tastes much better? I would love to see and try it some day.

  3. @ponytale: The set looks cute! I luv bunny Sebby! You should try the tea, cut with care and enjoy the flavors!

    @Shirokaze: wow, that’s funny! There are some kinds of tea that are rather for ill people, others more for babies, but mostly tea are delicious, as I don’t drink coffee, I always drink tea or hot chocolate. But in Paraguay people don’t often drink Mate (on Brazil it’s called chimarrão or tereré)?

    1. @planck-chan: I’ll try them out sometime! XD I wonder why they don’t release more scaled figures of Kuroshitsuji characters :( Bunny sebby would be awesome!

      Caffeine-free herb teas are good for the body! I also enjoy them as well as the black teas. I’ve not heard of those type of teas you mentioned. Must find out more about them!

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