Goods: Kuroko Tetsuya Glasses Stand Review (Kuroko no Basuke)

Gin-chan: Now what do we have here…

Title: Kuroko’s Basketball Glasses Stand Kuroko Tetsuya
黒子のバスケ メガネスタンド 黒子テツヤ

Price: 2,480 Yen
Available: Late October 2012
Size: W16 cm x D11 cm x H19 cmD
Company: Bandai
Description: An ordinary looking plushie transformed into a glasses holder!

Gin-chan: Eh?? Where did he go???

Gin-chan: AH THERE HE IS AGAIN! When did he…?
Kurokocchi: … I was here all this while…

XDD Kurokocchi glasses stand was on my wishlist… I lost the battle with myself in the end and finally succumbed to the Shadow orz;; I think I probably have a thing for guys with blue hair (and a deadpan expression) ^^;;

How it works? Well, instead of the reversible Kuroko Tetsuya plushie which was also available separately, I decided to get this one cos there’s actually a practical use to it (trying to convince myself to feel less guilty about buying unnecessary things lol)

There… he actually looks very similar to his reversible plushie. But they seem to have compacted his face/cheeks more and also sewn his thumbs to keep them in this position. In a way I felt that it made him cuter than the plushie version.

Front and side view. His duck tail hair is so cute. Love those ears and tiny feet too. He can sit up very well on his own.

The material used is pretty nice. Soft and smooth texture like plushies made by GIFT. Good quality.

Now let’s get him to try on a pair of megane…
Geeky chic!

Side view looks like this. So you do have to make sure there is space behind for the glasses to hang out. Otherwise it falls off quite easily if it hits something. Kurokocchi doesn’t really hold the glasses tightly. We’re only “resting” the glasses on him.

Back view. Cute but a bit strange lol.

Side view again. See the distance between the glasses and his face due to the nose piece. So depending on the design of your glasses, he may not be able to hold them up. I’m speculating here (pardon the pun lol) but it is generally stable cos of the support from the hands and ears.

Gin-chan: So you’re Kuroko Tetsuya… new kid on the block?
*better keep my arm on him in case he disappears again*
Kurokocchi: … Yes.

Ponytale: Time for body check-up! Gin-chan, please remove his glasses and hold him down!

That’s the label. Made in china as usual.

Kurokocchi’s bottom. It is filled with “beans” that weigh him down and give him a stable base.

Oo~ Kurokocchi’s tummy!

*pokes pokes* Looks like a baby in diapers XD So technically speaking the top is removable but logically, his head is too big for us to do so without ripping his Seirin 11 shirt.

Kurokocchi: I’ve been molested…

My 3 different shades of blue (^o^)/

Big brother Gin-chan :D with Aoba and Kurokocchi.

Definitely recommended for fans. If you don’t wear glasses he can be your sunglasses stand :D So far, he has made me smile every time I looked at his geeky megane face. I guess its money well-spent? :P

Although Kurokocchi is out-of-stock now, Bandai would be restocking him in December 2012, so watch out for the preorders. Also, they’re releasing Kuttari cushion versions (like Gin-chan above.) in December 2012 too and this time they’ll be making Kuroko Tetsuya, Aomine Daiki, Kagami Taiga, Midorima Shintarou and Kise Ryouta. Preorders are up!. No pictures yet but I hope they will cute like the one above.

On a side note, Aoi no Exorcist boys Okumura Rin and Yukio as well as the boys from Magi (Aladdin, Alibaba, Sinbad) will also get Kuttari Cushion versions. Preorders up too and hope they upload the photos soon!

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13 thoughts on “Goods: Kuroko Tetsuya Glasses Stand Review (Kuroko no Basuke)”

  1. These pics are amazingly cute!!
    The Gin san plushie is the one that’s wrap around the neck right? There are new productions of similar items of Kuroko and Magi available, but from what I’ve seen their body are fat and round and they don’t look as good… Since you have the real item, Is yours like that as well?

    1. @urusaiii: yeah I wasn’t expecting such cuteness either. Hmm Gin-chan looks pretty good compared to the new ones from Kuroko no basuke and Magi. I’m a little disappointed. I’ll make a quick post about Gin-chan and share more detailed photos when I can. I’ve been hella busy D: sorry for the late reply!

  2. “I see what you did there.” ~ XD

    Too cute!! I am excited for the Rin and Yukio ones!*___* will think about getting one.

    1. @momo: Gin-chan is usually restocked so watch out for him. They’re releasing new Gintama characters too so I’m sure they’ll restock him nearer to the release dates.

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