Goods: Konoe Plushie Strap (Lamento Beyond the Void, Gift, Animate Girls Festival)

Have I mentioned before? I love chibi characters who have cheeky (^w^) for a mouth :3

Title: Nitro+Chiral Plushie strap 3 Konoe ニトロプラス キラル ぬいぐるみストラップ3 コノエ
Price: 2,100 Yen (w/tax)
Available: Animate Girls’ Festival 2011 September 2011. It was sold out at Gift online store when it opened preorders.
Gift online store:
Reissue order opens 17 January 2012
Konoe December 2012 restock Gift Shop order link:

Last update: 26 October 2011. The mandatory mug shot.

Cute cute baka neko :D

Hanging by a strap~

I have difficulty getting Konoe to sit up, so I got some help from poogie (Monster Hunter)

Front and back view. Konoe measures about 17cm tall including his ears.

Side angles. :D I love his face!

And those cute cat ears neko-mimi of course.

Back and side views. Check out that tail :D

Close up of his outfit. They’re sewn into his body, so the pieces can’t be removed

Very good quality stitching. The embroidery used for his eyes are very fine.

Love the little bits of fur sticking out. Comfy felt-material for the hair and outfit.

Strap is removable :D

Another view of the back from the top.

The ribbon can be untied but since his outfit is stitched to his body, we can’t strip him.

Another view. The tail indicates he is happy? XD

Oops! Butt shot XDD Poogie looks amused.

Plushie strap Konoe is seriously cute and his smaller size makes him even more so. Nitro+Chiral /Gift really should make the semes too (;_;)

Remember December 2011! That’s the period that a reissue is planned for. If you missed out on Konoe’s order, watch this space for preorder date updates!

Hehe… Konoe’s seiyuu Hatano Kazutoshi 波多野 和俊 (left) playing with Konoe’s plushie in Nitro+Chiral’s Ustream live broadcast on 28 October 2011. He is kinda cute ne! :D

Telling viewers who haven’t played the game to play it lol~

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43 thoughts on “Goods: Konoe Plushie Strap (Lamento Beyond the Void, Gift, Animate Girls Festival)”

    1. @yudashin: They’re going to make Rai next. It’s confirmed. But I didn’t post anything cos there are no pics yet :3 Hopefully the rest of the cats get plushie straps too.

  1. @ponytale
    Sorry this is so late, but awww! I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m glad you managed to get at least one book signed ;) What manga was it for?

  2. Ahhhh!~ This is so cute! xD I just love his kitty smile =3

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is the ‘Animate Girls Festival’ the same as ‘Anime Girls Festival’? Were you able to buy any books there?

    1. @tart: Yeah he is a sweetheart.

      I didn’t know there’s a Anime Girls’ Festival ^^;; maybe its the same thing? The official name is Animate Girls’ Festival since it was organised by Animate Japan. I managed to get only 1 autographed manga. The few other autographed books I ordered were sold out OTL;;

  3. @ponytale:

    Sorry to be spamming up your Konoe post but now this has to do with Konoe and Lamento =3
    I checked nitro+chiral site today and they have just happened to open up a site for Lamento’s 5th anniversary!
    I think it’s gonna be open for 4 weeks and there is info about events, drama cds and wallpapers, first off is Konoe =3 dont forget to grab it since it’s for a limited period of time ^^

    1. @Rukia: No worries dear! I saw the update! Haven’t got round to making a post yet. Time flies huh! I think most of us didn’t realise that Lamento is going to be in 5th Anniversary already :3 I’ll go grab the wallies! XD

  4. @ponytale:
    Lol yeah I saw the KISS autumn cosplay, it was funny haha ^^
    well I’ll enjoy the short stories, anyway we’ll be getting wallie for miyaji’s bday in some days =3
    Lol I created an account since I misread the instructions XD
    Oh well, it’ll be useful if I ever order something from honeybee themselves, dunno if it’ll be cheaper than Amazon but I guess the account will be useful somehow =3

    1. @Rukia: The KISS autumn pic isn’t new. I remember seeing it in the past but cute to adapt it for Halloween cos it is perfect for the event lol~

      Yep, always useful cos sometimes there are official store only limited editions that you can’t get elsewhere :)

  5. @ponytale:
    the answer is 21 and I think the prize are short stories =)
    I thought I read wallp in the blog but well xD

    1. @Rukia: Yeah I cheated just now and got the right number ^^;;; cos I’m busy now so I haven’t found all the pages yet.

      Yep, the prizes are short stories and a funny KISS face painted Autumn boys hahaha XDD

      The wallpapers are to commemorate drama cd ZodiacSign vol 4 release ^^

  6. @ponytale

    you’re welcome^^ glad to be of help

    Really? but is it with my username? cos I just created an account lol using my proxy’s adress lol XD

  7. @ponytale:
    I’ll try to check out that site! also! dont forget to grab the newest starry sky wallps for your collection, and there’s a halloween event on the site that it’s available for 11 days, something about finding miyaji in the site but they ask you for a user id and password ._. I’ve found all the miyajis but I dont know how to make an account lol XD I’ll check out nitro+ site maybe they have something up =3

    1. @Rukia: XD thanks for the headsup!!!

      You need to enter starrysky as the user and if I’m not wrong the password is the number of Miyajis you found! I’ll try my hand at em! XD Found 12 so far OTL;;;

  8. Aww, Konoe is super adorable! I love his smile.

    I love how Gift makes the plushies’ clothing super realistic!

  9. waaa I love it it’s soo cute, I gotta have my credit card ready for december as well! is it expensive to use a proxy server? because I made an account at tenso after you mentioned it but I was like “0_0” when they told me the shipping prices lol.

  10. @ponytale
    y would die for more lamento plushies!
    i just love cat boys x.x
    i love theeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmm
    so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa asfasdfsadfasfasfasdfasdf

    if i could i would order 2 konoes… but i cant with all the figures iv ordered Q.Q

    1. @Shirokaze: :3 One is good enough but we can never have too many XDD Good thing about Gift is that their plushies will definitely be reissued if we’re patient enough. The only catch is that they’ll only be available from their online store which doesn’t ship internationally.

    1. @izas: AH I SEE!!! The poor fan girl next in line after you! Lol~ XD But I’m glad you got him! I think they’ll most likely restock him around the same time as Konoe too.

  11. Aren’t they the cutest! I had a proxy purchase both Akira and Konoe from AGF :3
    I wished I had gotten Y-shirt akira when it was available T_T

    1. @sawwie-chan: Glad you have yours too XD Don’t worry about Y-shirt Akira. He is such a favourite, Gift will definitely reissue him.

  12. Simply adorable! I love cats, his catears are the best! He’s so sweet, mine is on proxy, I combined him with support Len. Too bad I can’t afford new Kaito right now, so no gakuran for me ;___;

    I can’t wait to have my Konoe Really, a Rai plushie this size would be perfect, he’ll be alone.

    1. @planck-chan: When is support Len available? :D aww… maybe they’ll do support Kaito again?

      Yeah… they really should make the seme cat boys :D

  13. So cute. I totally missed out on him so I hope I can get one in December. o.o also, do you know if Aki is getting a re-issue too?~

  14. Miss him, will try in December (if I can afford ^^”)… At least manage to buy Aki-chan. Do you know if Aki will be re-release too?

    I second the chibi-semes! XD

    1. @izas: Oh~ I didn’t know Akira strap is sold out. too.. Hmm… I’ll watch out for updates then. I only remember seeing the news about Konoe strap.

  15. Wah, so cute so cute. I’m very tempted to get one but I’m on a tight budget right now /sob. If it were another character though…

  16. Omg, this is so super adorable! ;A; *squee*
    Now I’m looking even more forward to receiving mine – currently it’s at my proxy, together with the first box of the Chiral gakuen coin figures…

    They should make Rai too, so Konoe is not as lonely :DDDDD *biased*

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