Goods: Kitchen accessories for figma (Yuu Kawamura Sekirara)

Figma Yuu Kawamura

I’ll probably buy this figma for the kitchen accessories OTL;;;

These accessories come with Figma Kawamura Yuu (河村 優) from a game called Sekirara (I have NO IDEA what it’s about Ok, so it seems it is an 18+ eroge ^^) The character looks sweet but I’m going for her accessories. I can imagine lots of uses for the apron especially with my other figmas ^^

Damage: 3000 Yen (w/tax) More expensive than usual figma releases due to the extras.

Temporarily sold-out. Like wow. Preorder was just announced a few hours ago. Lol~ I wonder if figmas of BL characters (IF they are ever released) will generate that kind of demand.

Anyway, I’ll wait a bit for more online shops to open their preorders :)

Figma Yuu KawamuraFigma Yuu Kawamura

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24 thoughts on “Goods: Kitchen accessories for figma (Yuu Kawamura Sekirara)”

  1. D: My comment got cut off. OTL

    Nope. Thank god. XD; I was pretty bummed out for awhile, but then I used that money on a PSP and a ton of otome games. Then I realized I’d probably be regretting that bid if I did win it. orz

    Yeah. >_< You'll have to keep balancing on one leg too. XD

    I have a pineapple scented perfume. :'D Have you heard of the Harajuku Lovers series of perfumes? They have really unique scents. *w*

    1. @Luvi: oop~ must be due to double pointy brackets…

      Thank GOD you didn’t win that bid. I think you might regret it too cos that is a major sum of money!!! *_*

      Oh~ I’ve seen those perfumes before. I’ll check them out next time :3

  2. Nope. Thank god. XD; I was pretty bummed out for awhile, but then I used that money on a PSP and a ton of otome games. Then I realized I’d probably be regretting that bid if I did win it. orz

    Yeah. >_w<

  3. :’D I was one of those people crazy enough to bid US$3000 on a doll once. orz

    Cactuar! I’d cosplay as one too! XDDD Though you’d probably get sore arms and legs by the end of the day. >_< Dojikkos are those really clumsy girls you see in anime and manga. Those who're always falling over, bumping into things or dropping stuff? XD

    Yeah, but it does seem to be a little too fruity for Sephy though. o3o

    1. @Luvi: OMG o_O did you win that bid?

      Yeah, a cactuar would probably be a popular character that people want to shoot so you have to keep posing like the adorable idiot that he looks like XDD It’ll be fun kekeke

      Oh~ icic… not familiar with most anime terms OTL;;

      Ah~ indeed… especially the pineapple! I think that’s kinda unusual. But I have a feeling I would like the scent :3

  4. Hmm, it’s possible, but most Y!J shoppers aren’t really willing to pay the extra amount for overseas shipping when there are sellers for the items within Japan. :<

    Nah, I don't have the confidence to cosplay him. XD; I'm more suited for the stress-relief or dojikko characters. …Or so my buddies say. orz

    I've seen it! But it was a little too expensive so I don't think I'll be buying it. (That, and I plan on getting a PS3 sometime this week or next. XD)

    1. @Luvi: That’s true huh… I didn’t think of that… unless it is truly a unique figure. I’ve seen people pay a lot for custom 1/6 volks dolls made by an overseas seller before but I guess her dolls (face-up and costumes) are very beautiful indeed.

      Stress-relief (hehe if it was me and my idea for stress-relief, I would cosplay catuar lol cos cannot see the face lol~lol~) What’s dojikko? :O

      I won’t be buying that either but curious about the ingredients and scent. I think it would be nice :3

  5. XD That’s true. But they’ll be really worth investing in if you can find a way to sell them on Y!J. :< Since bids don't really work in forums or LJ. And Ebay is a money grub. -3-

    Nah, Rai's shirt is too big for me. I got it custom-made to look his size. As for the muffler… I sprayed a vanilla mint cologne I mixed on it (since Kaito would probably smell something like that) and molest it from time to time. LOL *pervert*

    Hahaha, when you have been collecting PVCs for as long as I have, you'll naturally keep a look out for quality and all that stuff.

    1. @Luvi: Do you think it is possible? I tried signing up for a Y!J auction account but didn’t get very far cos I can’t understand what I have to do *_* Yeah I agree. Ebay’s charges are too much. The auctions are so much more expensive nowadays.

      Icic, so you cosplayed Rai too?

      Vanilla mint! Hahaha XD that’s rather clever (and yep kinda pervy lol~) of you… :3 oh they’re releasing a Sephiroth perfume! Have you seen it? The content of the perfume looks rather interesting ^^

      Scent breakdown:
      Top: Apple, Plum, Bergamot, Aqua, Peach, Pineapple
      Middle: Freezia, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Jasmin, Lily, Iris, Cyclamen
      Last: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Sweet Amber, Musk

  6. Well. I save a lot of money… only to spend them on the female PVCs. OTL Oh, and random articles of cosplay outfit from characters I like. Like… Kaito’s muffler and Rai’s shirt. XD; *hopeless fangirl*

    The Harutoki figures were a little off, too. ;3; Their proportions seem a bit odd so I skipped them as well. TwT Lemme know what you think of Natsume’s PVC when you get it. 8D

    1. @Luvi: They have high resale value tho so may turn out to be good investments lol~

      Ooo Rai’s shirt is cool :3 Kaito’s muffler is practical too! They can be worn but you don’t do that do you?

      Icic… XD you’re the connoisseur. I thought they were quite pretty. Ah~ Natsume… my most expensive PVC to date. Why-did-I-buy-him… it must be the word “limited/exclusive” that did me in =_=;;; Maybe if Ami-ami stocked the Animate exclusive Sebastian/Ciel PVCs I might have bought them too. Anyway, he’ll be available in end June ^^

    1. @Luvi: Well, it’s a good thing in a way cos u save a lot of $$$ :3 I usually don’t buy PVCs. No space to display anyway but I succumbed to the BL ones. I have TnC PVCs and from Lamento Asato and Bardo. Missed out on the other 2 neko boys since I started collecting late. I would love to have Rai and Konoe too but Konoe’s face looks a bit off.

      I think the Harutoki PVCs look pretty good but I’m not a fan. I pre-ordered Natsume’s PVC (Natsume Yuujincho) that will be released in July. Hmm hopefully won’t regret it ^^

  7. You” just see me selling most of my female figures to make space and money for the male ones. XD
    Hmm, if the boys are anything like me, then they’re probably saving on food and clothes so they could buy the girl figurines too. XD

    1. @Luvi: which isn’t a bad deal since girl figs fetch good prices XD Which boy PVCs/figs do you have?

      Indeed… guess that makes me another one who forgo other creature comforts for otaku hobby =_=

  8. It’s a little unlikely though, since majority of the female fans don’t really have a habit of spending on figurines. They’re more attracted to merchandises and stuff. :/ ‘s probably why companies tend to focus more on the female figures. ;3;

    1. @Luvi: yeah, hopefully the trend changes… gradually :) cos a sudden influx of male figures will kill our bank accounts. I wonder how the boys manage with so many pretty girl figures lol~

  9. XD Ah, how I love this series. So much fanservice. <3

    Yeah, if they had just made the joints a little smaller and a little smoother, I might have just bought the figmas. ;3; The knees were a little weird too, now that I think about it.
    GSC is really good at sucking up fan's money. XD

    1. @Luvi: Totally! I also didn’t expect it like it so much <3

      Agrees… GSC is money magnet =_=;;; but a good thing cos other companies are jumping onto the 1/12 action figures market now and quality will hopefully get even better ^^ In a way figma is like the poor man's RAH? I just wished they made more better looking anime boys.

  10. Haha nope. I was planning on getting them until I saw how… awkward their shoulder joints look. >_< I was thinking of the hadaka apron idea too! XDD Like like… Kyon comes home to find Koizumi wearing nothing but an apron in his kitchen. Then a bunch of stuff happens which inevitably leads to sekuhara. 8D

    …………and I have a ton of other scenarios forming in my head as I typed out this comment. XD

    1. @Luvi: yes yes! and Kyon’s eyes would go all white, frown with all the ||| lines down his forehead XDDD while Koizumi goes about his business as usual and giving him a seductive sidelong glance (naked ass facing Kyon of course) and gaaa… imagination running wild too XDD

      I actually bought Koizumi’s figma because I liked his smiling face *seriously deprived of cute anime/bishonen action figures, so I didn’t care too much about the joints* But I guess since you collect PVCs, you would hate the look of those joints cos comparatively, PVCs are so much more beautiful. At that time, I haven’t even watched the anime although I read so much about it. Didn’t really care about the buzz X3 But after that I finally decided to watch the anime to find out what this character is about, then I went on to buy Kyon figma and the rest of the gang. Figma sales WIN . Ponytale wallet FAIL.

      @Mito: Choose the loudest message and I’m sure you wake up! The other clocks work for me XD except for Hakuouki one which failed once or twice cos I chose a really gentle message (and I was probably too tired too)

  11. the extras are cute. I love the figma it self never heard of the game though. I think bl figma would generate the same demand. *_*

  12. …I’d LOVE to see a Koizumi figma wearing that apron. While harassing Kyon.
    Or the other way round but still with Koizumi harassing Kyon. XDD;

    1. @Luvi: Lol~ great ideas! Do you have figmas of those two? And if we can find someone to make that custom naked figma boy body too… hadaka apron lol~ Kinda *cough cough* if you really think about it. It’s a Japanese-only pr0n fetish, right, this… *need-to-sanitise-brain* OTL;;

      @sigma: Yeah me neither. It is based on an 18+ eroge XP I just placed an order for it. I think the release is quite limited. Mostly sold out… ordered from HobbySearch. Can’t wait for BL figmas or other action figures.

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