Goods: Kimono Akira, Konoe and Youji chibis (Nitro+Chiral)

Animaxis is taking reservations for these cuties ^^ They accept paypal now, so that’s helpful for most of us!

Nitro+Chiral Maneki Flag

Mousepad is (840 yen) (Btw, why are mousepads so expensive?)

I ordered the Maneki mini flag (630 yen) :P Reservation deadline is 25/02/2010. It maybe extended but no guarantees.

Nitro+Chiral Maneki FlagQuoting info from Animaxis’s product page: This is a “Manegi” (small flag / mini tapestry) featuring illustrations of the characters of the hit boys’ love game by Nitro+CHiRAL: “Togainu no Chi”, “Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-” and “sweet pool”. “Manegi” was originally used in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, usually hanged at the water place to purify your hands. It is also regarded as a cloth to bring good luck, and nowadays this “Manegi” is used as a tool to bring in luck for business success, etc.

This item can be displayed inside your room with the rod and string that comes with the cloth.

The surface of the cloth is printed with the image Akira, Youji and Konoe dressed in Japanese men’s kimono. It also has “Nitro+CHiRAL” in Japanese hiragana, to give a good sense of Japanese taste.

Size: approx. 350 x 2200mm
Materials: fabric with full color print
Comes with display rod and string

The cute Valentine and Nitro+Cafe chibi versions are also available as mobile phone stickers (approx 65 x 165mm at 368 yen each).

Nitro+Chiral FastenerNitro+Chiral Sticker BNitro+Chiral Sticker A

I’m still pondering over the rest of the items… and I’m tempted by the mobile phone strap (893 yen) ^^ there are too many nice merchandise coming out this year! ~$$$~

Info about the strap: Decorated with cute metal plates featuring Akira, Youji and Konoe illustrated by Yu-pon from “Togainu no Chi”, “Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-” and “sweet pool” by Nitro+CHiRAL, this is a lovely strap to decorate your mobile phone.

From the lanyard hangs a golden colored ring, attached to 3 golden colored chains of various lengths. One chain is attached to a plate depicting flower, second one is a chain in loop decorated with plates depicting Youji, Konoe, and a flower, while the third one is attached to a metal plate depicting Akira. Flower plates are semi-3D created with rubber, designed to look like “rakugan (one of the traditional Japanese hard dainty sweet, made of soybean and rice flour mixed with sugar)”.

Size: approx. 150mm long
Materials: rubber, metal

Expected release date for all items: April 2010.

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13 thoughts on “Goods: Kimono Akira, Konoe and Youji chibis (Nitro+Chiral)”

  1. Buy the teacup… you know you want to… @w@

    …J-just like I want that Shiki/Akira mug! *sob* Why is it so cute ;A; Luckily I already have the Sweet Pool mugs, though! Aww, man. I’ll need to think about those cute mugs… I’m going to my first yaoi convention this March, so I need to save up some money for it >__<;; I SO hope to come arcoss some cute TnC/Lamento/Sweet Pool merch… ♥♥♥

    1. @imacatlover: Ordered!!! (T_T) OMG my wallet… Maybe the convention might sell the TnC mug! So save for that first. I believe it’ll still be available at cosmode even after the event :)

      @bangin-san: Lucky you~ it’s so much easier and cheaper for you to get these goods ^^ Would you be cosplaying all the different outfits they’ve worn? XD

  2. Hehe I’m also a big Yuupon fan! If I see goods with characters she designed, I have to struggle not to buy everything… x_X Ooh~ those teacups are cute! DX

    Ah~ as for Nitro+Chiral mugs, *_* I can feel your wallet shudder…
    Sweet Pool:
    (One of them is still available here-

    And an old release Togainu: hxxp://

  3. ^___^ I ordered the flag and the stickers ♥♥♥ Thank you for the heads-up! Those Yuupon chibi’s are just too hard to resist for me >‿>;; I think March/April is going to be Yuupon chibi month for me. I also ordered the TnC teacup at HLJ and the Lamento/Sweet Pool/Togainu badges they have on preorder on their site

    Damnit, these chibi’s always rob my wallet… They are so cute though… *sob* And what do I hear about Togainu no Chi mugs? *___*

  4. “I’ll be getting the flag and strap tho’ cos flag is something different and the strap is… cute *cough* *my bank account weeps in resignation*”

    Excuses. Excuses.XD We all gotta have excuses when purchasing something. I do the same thing when purchasing my Viewfinder items. “Oh, there’s never been a mug before, I gotta have one.” or “’s got *insert character name* on it!!”

  5. aww seems i missed out on pre-order.;_;
    These are definitely cute i love the charm! If they have any left on release date i’ll think about getting em.^^

    1. Although the deadline is over, they’re still accepting it for now, just no guarantees will be able to get the stock but they don’t charge before stock arrives, so no worries :)

  6. OMFG! All these goods! needneedneedneed!
    (hoy! that’s a long time! ^^”)
    I think it’s time for me to extend my site-list were buy AniManga’s goods… Can i ask you your favorites merchandising site to buy safely? This strap HAVE To be MINE! OwO*

    1. @joysatrandom: yeah I love them too much for my own good. ^^;; And the thing is, I don’t even use a mousepad! *trips over the other Nitro+Chiral mousepads I bought and never used*

      I have too many interests that cost money *_* so I won’t buy everything they release :P even if the collector freak inside says I WANT. And these things are unnecessary expenses :(

      I’ll be getting the flag and strap tho’ cos flag is something different and the strap is… cute *cough* *my bank account weeps in resignation*

      @Amana: Yeah it’s been a few months since they last released goods ^^ The strap looks nice! I compiled a list of stores I bought stuff from ^^ check it out here: Buying Boys Love Items Online

  7. You really love Nitro+ Chiral, don’t you?XD It’s good thing I’m not in games else I wouldn’t know how to balance all these fandoms.

    And oooh. Thanks for the tip about Animaxis finally accepting paypal. That means, I can finally buy from them!! They won’t accept my debit card previously. huhu.

    Why are mousepads so expensive? — I asked this question once also. Haha. 840 yen is like.. $9.30 for you and Php420.00 for me. With our country’s standard of living, I can already buy so much with 420 pesos.. e.g. 5 complete meals or a small bag of groceries.

    If there’s anything to blame, maybe it would be the standard of living in Japan. Sometimes, I compare the prices of items in US and items in Japan, and it makes me wonder, which one is really the most powerful country in the world given these cost of living??O_O A bread for 500yen, wth?O_O

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