Goods: Kichiku Megane Saeki Katsuya reversible eye mask, curtain and more (Comiket 84, Spray)

I’m watching you…

Normal Katsuya’s cute expression!

Title: New illustration. Kichiku Megane Saeki Katsuya Reversible Eye Mask 新規書下ろし 鬼畜眼鏡 佐伯克哉 リバーシブル アイマスク
Price: 1.575 Yen (w/tax)
Preorder period: 22 August 2013 – 17 September 2013 (payment must be made by 20 September 2013)
Available: Mid October 2013
(You’ll need a JP proxy buyer like Fromjapan or Lucy to get it)
More Info:
The theme is temptation eye mask!? Megane Katsuya shows the unyielding spirit of the seme while normal Katsuya shows his ukeness by averting his eyes in embarrassment. Use the eye mask to express how you feel each day!
Material: Polyester satin

Amusing item from Spray that I would love to have :D Newly illustrated by mangaka Misasagi Fuhri. First released in Comic Market 84 back in July 2013. This online store took a first round of pre-orders prior to the event and now they’re taking a second round of preorders! If you wanted to these items and missed it at that time, now is your chance :D

Product sample front

And back.

There are other interesting Kichiku Megane goods on sale and you might want to check them out too! Link:

Kichiku Megane New illustration double-sided shop curtain 鬼畜眼鏡 描きおろし両面のれん
Price: 8,400 yen (w/tax)

That delectable looking ass and hadaka apron *o* but 8,400 yen is kinda steep.

Kichiku Megane Special trait miso soup 鬼畜眼鏡 特性お味噌汁
Price: 850 yen (w/tax)

The ingredients don’t seem too different from usual miso soup :P I’m curious tho.

Check out these items from other Spray titles too :)

Gakuen Heaven 学園ヘブン 伊藤啓太 お昼ね座布団 cushion
Price: 3,675 yen (w/tax)

STEAL! 小林 明日叶 お昼ね座布団 cushion
Price: 3,675 yen (w/tax)

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