Goods: Kichiku Megane R Sawamura Noritsugu x Matsuura Hiroaki dakimakura cover

HOT!!! Sub-character dakimakura by original illustrator, Misasagi Fuuri’s doujin circle.
Preorder ends today! DX

Sorry for the late notice! I only found out about it just now (*o*) Preorder for the dakimakura cover ends tonight Japan time 20 August 2012, 2400 hours.

Title: Kichiku Megane Matsuura . Sawamura Dakimakura Hugging Pillow 鬼畜眼鏡 松浦・澤村抱き枕
Pre-sold during Comiket 82 (August 2012)
Event price: 8,000 Yen

Preorder price 10,500 Yen (w/tax) at Stellaworth
Order Link:
Available: Early September 2012

Size: 160 x 50 cm
Rating: 18+

Created by doujin circle headed by Misasagi Fuuri みささぎ楓李, the original illustrator for the Kichiku Megane game series. These 2 sub characters are right: Sawamura Noritsugu 澤村紀次 (a do-S megane. Paired with Megane Katsuya) and left: Matsuura Hiroaki 松浦澤村 (appears in Honda Kenji x Normal Katsuya routes). Apparently she conducted a survey about making the dakimakura cover some time back in July 2012 but I was completely unaware of it.

The 160 cm size is pretty good cos it is easier to find cheaper inner stuffing for. If I bought it, I wouldn’t have to buy another stuffing :) On the flip side, it won’t be “size-compatible” with previously released official Kichiku Megane character covers which measure 180 cm each.

Sawamura Noritsugu is Saeki Katsuya’s 佐伯克哉 childhood friend. He appears in a flashback in Spray’s first Kichiku Megane 鬼畜眼鏡 game and as an uke target in Kichiku Megane R 鬼畜眼鏡 R. This character is voiced by Kishio Daisuke 岸尾だいすけ.

Matsuura Hiroaki is Katsuya’s University school mate and appears in Kichiku Megane R seeking revenge on Honda Kenji. This character is voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi 中村悠一.

Much as they look rather sexy and attractive, I’m too broke now because of JJ’s dakimakura cover :( so I’ll give this a miss. Partly also I found out too late and didn’t make the budget for it. If you decide to buy it, please share with us pics and such :D

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35 thoughts on “Goods: Kichiku Megane R Sawamura Noritsugu x Matsuura Hiroaki dakimakura cover”

  1. @ponytale: lol, well I think the picture is the most tempting one *o* If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have considered!

  2. @ponytale: Yep, Tenso doesn’t do COD. I just put it to COD for now so that I could purchase it through FromJapan. In the case I get a second one, I guess I could just sell it or (maybe keep it). They only charge payment upon shipping. So Stella wouldn’t send it out until they get paid.

    1. @King Rein: Standard lengths of dakimakura covers are 150cm and 160cm but that’s because it used to be only for female characters who usually aren’t taller than that. The target audience are usually male, so only female characters were widely available.

      With the recent trend of more male characters making their way to this particular segment of products, the length of dakimakura covers now extend to 170cm and up. The longest so far is 190 cm :)

    2. Oh okay.
      190 cm? That’s long.
      Thank you for the information but I wondered like if there were any small ones like a normal pillow size. ^ – ^
      I remember that I saw an Durarara Izaya dakimakura in an online store. ( Unless it was a fake dakimakura… – . – )
      So, I’m wondering if there are any others like that size. ^ – ^
      Thank you for the information, darling!

    3. @King Rein: Yeah, crazy right lol~ but since the scale is 1:1, that’s the character’s real height :D

      Yep, there are small ones, for example the Animate prize pillows. Do you have a link to the store?

    4. @ Ponytale

      Yeah it is crazy but cool. ^ – ^
      So Animate has small ones?
      That’s cool.
      I forgot the link but I’ll send it to you when I have it, okay?
      Thanks for the help. darling!
      ( Huggles )

  3. @ponytale: haha, yeah, I wonder about that. Well, I just went in and switched it to COD and just left it at that. Then I went and purchased him through FromJapan. They’re so quick in ordering (when they working) :3

    I’m so excited to get this! it’ll be my 2nd dakimakura lol!

    1. @momo: It would be nice to write in to cancel, in case they really send your order to Tenso and can’t receive payment :O Tenso don’t do COD if I’m not wrong.

      Your 2nd? XD awesome!

  4. @ponytale: Really? shoooot! I don’t know if it will work now or not! I wrote my credit card name in katakana (even though it’s supposed to be English) so I’m not sure whether this will work or not! Now I’m worried if it’ll go through or not >.<; Do you think it would end up just being rejected? (since it's not the correct name).

    I still have my order from FromJapan pending. HMM…

    Will the sale on the dakimakura be over soon though?

    1. @momo: I don’t know if they get to verify the name when they process the order. If they accept the Katagana name I’ll love to use it on other JP stores in the future ^^;;

      Stellaworth’s announcement on twitter was that the add to cart button will be disabled at the end of 20 August 2012. So I’m not sure how long more it’ll stay up there.

  5. @ponytale: I checked out on stellworth’s website using a Tenso’s forwarding address. Didn’t know they had a buying service! Yeah, I was impatient since I wanted to secure the dakimakura before the pre-order closes.

    Aw! I know what you mean! If I just dropped 13k on JJ, I most likely wouldn’t have gotten this either. But I’m happy I’ll be able too! The designs are so sexy and I have the stuffing for it!

    btw, idk what’s up, but I can’t see my comment on this page as well as other comments o.o Don’t know if it’s just me.

    1. @momo: I tried to order other stuff from stellaworth in the past but the shopping cart wouldn’t let me check out with my credit card when I typed in my English name D: So I’ve been using fromjapan.

      Thanks for letting me know! It must be the wordpress cache plugin causing the issue. I’ll tweak or look for another plugin and see if it can be solved :)

  6. So I ordered using tenso because I was too impatient to wait for FromJapan. I knew I should have waited a few more hours, because then, FromJapan replied -.-

    lol, but oh well, I ordered it already. Hope the order went through o.o! Not sure if they would accept my debit since well, it’s not a Japanese one.

    1. @momo: It’s ok! Better to secure it first if you want it badly! Did you order on stellaworth website on your own and used Tenso’s forwarding address? Or used Tenso’s buying service? I’m sure it’ll get through.

      If I haven’t just blown >13k on JJ’s daki cover, I would have got this one too :( The size like you said is just right for my stuffing.


    I hope it’s not too late to get it! >.< I sent an order in for FromJapan b-but…now I'm worried. I can still cart him though. UGH, if only they shipped international!

  8. HOLY SHIT. I WANT THIS AND IT’S THE RIGHT SIZE! Because I can’t get JJ since he’s too GOD damn expensive, I’m getting this!

    Hope it’s not too late to order! -.- Just sent in a request for FromJapan but they’re usually fast.

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