Goods: Junjou Romantica Tissue

Received a Junjou Romantica anime promo tissue packet that was distributed during the Tokyo International Anime Fair

(=^_^=) cute~ (kind of like a cheap thrill for me :P)

And no… I wasn’t at the fair… would’ve loved to be there tho’ sigh…

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2 thoughts on “Goods: Junjou Romantica Tissue”

  1. 団扇? :D I had to check using my Japanese IME hehe…
    Speaking of which… I also have a Vampire Knight uchiwa from the fair! Happy gal~ (=^_^=)v Yeah, I’ll treasure them!

  2. Ha-Ha i understand how you feel.

    I received identical tissue packet from One Piece (OP) last year.
    Yeah it’s kinda like cheap thrill for me, it’s just a tissue packet but not everybody can have it. ^^

    Anyway, it’s a very cute Junjou tissue packet. Please never ever use it. ^^
    If you’re sweating use a uchiwa instead XD

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