Goods: Junjou Romantica Stuff

Scouted around for some upcoming and in-stock Junjou Romantica stuff… so many wishlist items! Too little $ (T_T) Just a quick one first. Will update this post as and when I’m less busy.

Junjou Eye Pillow (I SO WANT THIS XD Hiroki’s piyo eye mask!)Junjou Romantica Trading Cards! One box to collect all… if I’m not wrong.
Junjou Romantica Eye MaskJunjo Romantica Trading Card Box / Character Goods
Junjou Romantica Can Case :DJunjou Mobile Strap
Can case / Character GoodsJunjou Romantica Mobile Strap
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108 thoughts on “Goods: Junjou Romantica Stuff”

  1. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to get that junjou mobile strap. Do you know where I can get it from?

    1. @EgoistLuv: Thanks for dropping by! This mobile strap has been sold out for a long time already :O I think your best bet would be Yahoo Japan auctions or ebay. Good luck hunting!

  2. okay so… im looking for the cute little panda head that Usagi uses for an ash tray in junjou romantica, so if anyone knows where i can buy one can you send me a link or something pleaseee :D
    it would be much appreciated.

    1. @kini: Thanks for dropping by! I don’t remember coming across that cute ash tray when I was hunting for Junjou Romantica goods :3 I’ll keep a watch out for it and send you an alert/email if I do! XD

  3. just so you know I ws incredibly lucky and found it on a japanese ebay site. It was a pretty penny coming in at 40 dollars total with shipping but well worth it!

    1. @sheryen: Trading cards are still available but eye mask is out-of-print already. Fans disk are similar to sequels of popular BL games but instead of full stories, most of the time they contain shorter stories of the characters in the previous game and mini-games ^^

      @Minerva: That’s great! ^^ Yeah, $40 is more or less the going-rate for it including shipping and handling… since most of the time the bid starts at at least 1500~2000 Yen.

  4. I have been looking for the eye pillow everywhere can anyone help me find it! The cost isn’t important but I just want to find someone who carries it! Thanks :)

    1. Hi Minerva, your best bet for this item now would be Japan Yahoo auctions *_* cos its been out-of-print for quite some time. I’ve not seen it on ebay before either. Good Luck!!!

  5. Hey Hey! How’ve you been? :D Yeah seems like we’re both busy :( Not enough hours in a day, they should make it longer ! More time to buy neat merchandise lol.
    Oh so you got a double mini towel then? Be sure to take a pic when you have time :3 I’d love to see!

    Totally! I really like his blog and the pictures he takes. A new give away already though, show your desk lol. There’s some interesting ones out there. Fun to see all different kinds of desks, which makes me want to change mine :(

    Ah I see! Hmm I own some Japanese ones, can’t read em yet though. Can you read yours? xd Can’t wait till I take those classes, I’ll be finally able to read my manga! Aside from the English ones :P
    It’s true though, scanlations often beat the licensed stuff. I used to read alot of scanlations as well, but it died out for me at one point @_@ Not sure when but quite a long time ago..years really ._.
    Ah what manga is she famous for? I still have alot to learn from you when it comes to BL stuff :P

    Mhm I see. Though it looks like the anime culture is much bigger in Singapore really. So I wouldn’t expect less on a con. It’s like, you go there with a goal you know. You want to buy certain things and then you end up disappointed if they don’t have it. Well that was the case for me, since I saw Naruto/Bleach at every stand -_- Really disappointed me..there’s so much better series out there, I also think they should come with a wider variety so people who like less popular stuff also get what they want. On the other hand, they might think it won’t sell so they won’t bring it, understandable..sigh, this is tough xd I did see some BL manga though, lucky xd No goods but still better than nothing at all~

    Hm I don’t mind H-scenes. I’d love to see em really xd lol. Will definitely check this out as soon as I’m not as busy and beat from work :( Comi-Comi is working for me now, thanks < BL galore !! They ship overseas right?

    Action figures are cute. They’re coming with new figma again. I still don’t see any that I’d like! Probably for the best..I’d be broke anyways xd. Did you order any new figma, since you like em and love to play/pose em? :3
    Not sure if you like Gintama but this Gintoki figure is sexy :( Seriously..I never expected a Gintoki PVC ! Are you getting this too?
    Gah speaking of Togainu no Chi figs, I got to sell em xd -happy- The money goes to a new cabinet, going to Ikea on Thursday and see if they got anything nice <3 I’m so excited!
    Hm magazines are fun really, especially if they come with goodies. That’s what I like about Japan, they love goodies too lol. I subscribed to a Dutch Anime magazine couple of years ago. It was okay but they usually did reviews and boring contests, no I unsubscribed cause it just wasn’t worth the money. But something like Animage or Megami looks far more interesting.

    Yay pics :3 You owe me some lol! Mugs are the best really :P My love for em is still overflowing xd. Ordered a K-ON! and Maria Holic mug. They are adorable, can’t wait for em ^^

    Ohh TM Revolution has such a nice and strong voice yeah! I keep saying I’ll look into it and I really will, need to write this all down though ._. sigh..busy busy lol.

    Ah the Shounen Sunday figure right? The Sensei figure looked nice for it’s price. Tried eBay or Yahoo Japan yet? xd
    Bah I know how you feel, I canceled alot pre-orders too. I actually feel better about it, since they aren’t things I REALLY want..I just wanted to ‘have’ em ._. Terrible really. But now I’m honestly trying to only get what I truly want! Some figures which is a total surprise cause I’d never thought of getting any new ones ever again. Though I ordered a bunch of Hitman Reborn posters..*sigh* couldn’t control myself! This is the last time I’ve bought posters :( No frames at the moment to hang em up anyways..
    Which CD’s are you getting? -curious- CD’s are always fun and worth it. Music is really captivating and stays with you in your mind, cd player, iPod etc.. lol!

    I got some new stuff in, will take pics next time :( -lazy-

    1. Yeah! I enjoy work most of the time but oh welly… I want more time to spend on hobby lol~ (Much like what one of the anime characters in Genshiken 2 said.) Anyway I’ve got to rearrange the stuff in my room again! Cos it’s starting to pile up with figure boxes and CDs. *_* Only 1/2 way done. Promise the pics will come after that. Pity Danny’s contest is over but I don’t think I’ll want to expose my messy room to the whole world tho’ lol~

      I can recognise Hiragana, Katagana (but Katagana took me quite a while to remember) But I’m on very basic level when it comes to the language. It is definitely easier to read the actual Japanese manga than on screen cos I have to concentrate really hard on the text in order to decipher it and my eyes and brain can hurt lol~ I can read Chinese, so sometimes I can guess the meaning of the Kanji but Japanese Kanji often has different meaning from the Chinese counterpart, although they can look almost exactly the same.

      I think we can’t help having some expectations considering the scale of conventions are like in Japan. Baby steps! Baby steps! We might get there but I’m not so hopeful about BL here tho’. Anyway, don’t worry about BL ^^;;; I’m not an expert either. I was attracted by one of Ike Reibun’s one-shots about sexy love between yakuza men. Plot-wise, to be honest, was quite typical BL fare. Nothing fantastic ^^;;; In terms of saving $$$, perhaps it’s good not to get back into manga lol~ Have fun with the games! Fan disks are shorter and less time consuming in general… suitable for busy folks like us :P Yep. Comi-comi ships overseas using EMS ^^ They’re the top choice for recent BL items.

      The last figma I ordered was… limited edition Suzaku. I think some of the recent ones were cute but not must-haves. I’m learning to better control my spending. The latest action figures I received were the Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth and Cloud. I think Megahouse’s GEM series of figures are lovely. They managed to capture the character’s facial expression perfectly! Gintoki looks great! I find their Lelouch release rather awesome too. But I -MUST- try to stick to no PVC rule. Or I’ll be seriously broke (as if I wasn’t already) (T_T)

      Hahaha good for ya! BL figures have quite good resale value, don’t they? XD I guess I’ve learnt to expect “free-stuff” when I buy Japanese anime items. Like DVD/ CDs/books, there’s the so-called first press/limited period editions etc etc… all just part of a great marketing ploy to make us go crazy with the credit card swiping and preordering x_x As for Shounen Sunday Zetsubou-Sensei, it’s okie not to have him. I’ll live… but I’ll still consider getting him if he is cheap. Oh~ I’m going to Ikea during the weekend too. Planning to eat their signature Swedish Meatballs and our localised jumbo sized fried chicken wings kekeke.

      I ordered some Seiyuu sheep counting for better sleep series LOL~ And The Sky Crawlers and Toward the Terra anime OST along with a book whose release date is in September. I’m considering getting Soul Eater Best CD too but waiting for a sale. I don’t put up posters anymore so I don’t buy them but I received a few along with the CDs I ordered, like Code Geass Best collection CD and Miyano Mamoru’s Break CD ^^ Nice to have but~ no space/frame to display in.

      More pics are always better hehehe. Anyway recent listings were kinda boring, isn’t it? There aren’t any upcoming releases that make me go WOAH I MUST HAVE ‘EM! This shopaholic is feeling lonely XD

  6. Gosh I’m sorry, busy days again!! *huggles* Back for sure now, lol! Totally $$=mugs. Got 2 more in, but didn’t take pics yet :( Will do sometime soon.

    Those towels are so cute. I guess it would be ashame to wash em yeah since no one knows what will happen! Well I thought maybe if I see a really nice towel that I want, I’ll buy one eventually. For now..not really :x
    Thank you very much for that tool site. I had no idea such a thing existed! Very handy indeed, which got me thinking..and then decided ‘Oh right..there’s always Yahoo Japan..duh ._.’ So I got some stuff there again but it’s Golden Week so they won’t ship it out for another couple of days :( I did end up buying other stuff on eBay. I’m terrible xd

    Yeah people collect the strangest things anyways, so we shouldn’t be surprised that those alien things actually get bought xd.
    His old room is nice too, totally! He’s in a commercial now, pretty neat. He sure is living the ultimate life (well looks like it rofl).

    Ah Chinese huh. I had no idea :x I guess you haven’t bought any of their English manga yet? Kinda curious how the translations are. I’ve spotted so many typos and whatnot in US ones. Makes me wonder who the heck is doing all that! Do you plan on getting any manga anytime soon? I went to Animecon 2009 here in The Netherlands. Decided to go on Friday only, not the whole weekend. I’m glad really since this was the first BIG con I’ve been to (been to a smaller one before). Lots of manga available at this bigger con. But oh boy the waiting line for the dealer area was so long! Glad we got in pretty fast though. Then again, I was looking for particular stuff and didn’t find any of the things I wanted..simply because it was all so mainstream and nearly Naruto and Bleach merchandise ONLY! With some expections here and there but it was hard to believe that there was no One Piece merchandise at all. And no Hitman Reborn stuff..I don’t think I saw any Sailor Moon stuff and I totally expected some but wow! Nothing @_@ So I ended up only getting the AIR Movie DVD and Kanon complete DVD :x Got my hopes up too high I guess xd But neverthless..the cosplays were enjoyable as in, I had a good laugh seeing guys in wedding dresses and skirts!

    Got the same issue here, my friends aren’t really into anime. More into gaming. I don’t mind but it would be nice to have someone to talk to about anime and everything that comes with it. Glad there’s the internet and lots of people who seem to be interested and just want to share their hobby with eachother.
    I understand though. Lots of people here think that ‘cartoons’ are for kids as well. And when you explain anime, being Japanese cartoons and all, you get the odd look xd But you know what I’m talking about anyways! It’s just a shame that they label it as ‘kiddie’ while it’s not all that childish.

    Gah I forgot about aarinfantasy! Ofcourse :( I will sign up this week. Guess I’ll start with some games and then move onto drama cds if possible. I bet they are fun to listen to yeah with all the sex talk :3 yum, BL~ Hahaha! And thanks for the comi-comi site! Forgot about that as should see my bookmarks, so many unorganized and then I forgot what I bookmarked ._. Gotta sort em, sigh.. *checks site..* Wait it doesn’t work :( what happened?! ._. Does it work for you?

    Agreed! HLJ needs a point system, but don’t think they would. They make alot of money so probably no need to give discounts to customers rofl. Greedy bastards :(
    I just don’t like how things get sold out so fast..or discontinued..or put on back order..ugh. It happened to me so much, that I’m basically forced to check HLJ on a daily basis and order stuff as soon as possible :x
    That statue is very nice indeed. Tempted aren’t you? xd Haha, get rid of your no-statue policy :P There’s alot of nice figures coming out soon. You better get something nice! Today I ordered Kotonoha Katsura by Kotobukiya at HLJ. Nice promo pics really. Too lazy to link you one though, sorry xd *sleepy*

    Hm I don’t order magazines. Is Animage fun? The april one is sold out lol :( I was thinking of getting a Dengeki G’s Festival magazine whenever a new one comes out. They come with amazing gifts = yay!
    You got a mug?! Picture! I’d love to see it :D Mugs are so cute right? Would you use em? I still can’t decide if I want to or not..

    Thank you, I’m pleased to be here xd very fun! Guess I should be reading about blogging a lil more before starting one. I won’t be all that busy for a while (I think..) so maybe I can pull it off!

    As long as you have fun doing the shoot, that’s all that matters :D And you can do so much with Zetsubou sensei! He’s silly anyways, you can think of something nice xd.

    Ah so that’s how Miku is so popular. No wonder if others can make the music too, no doubt it would be popular! But a Gackt version..gosh, that’s really silly xd. Do you like Gackt? I don’t really know his music, I heard like one song or something and forgot the name of it. Was pretty nice though. Sigh, I need to get more into Jpop/rock xd Got any recommandations?!

    They are lovely! The prints on em are high quality and very beautiful. I’d drool on the Hibari mug but then it would get..quite..sticky..but yeah, my love for mugs is big!
    I got some other stuff in, will make pics sometime soon. Share your new thingies too! I’d like to see your obessions lol.
    Gah pre-orders up till August *faints* I know your pain ;_; Though pre-orders are horrible don’t you think? I had over 20 items on pre-order and ended up canceled some..due to lack of money x.x Wanted to get the Little Busters! and Clannad character dishes. They are adorable..but oh well! I gotta remind myself that I should only get what I REALLY want. You know that feeling right? xd

    1. Hey! Same for me. Very busy with work as well. (T_T) I received a couple more deliveries too. Seriously lack of time to write or take proper pics. Sigh~ Anyway, I might use a moyashimon towel that I accidentally placed a double order for XP Crescent shop closed during Golden Week… I suppose that helped us save $ hehe

      Danny definitely looks like he’s working smart and playing hard ^^ Very inspiring!

      Nope, I haven’t bought local/overseas English version manga before, only Chinese and Japanese ones ^^ I read complaints by fans that English scanlations often beat the official licensed ones in terms of translation quality :P Chinese ones seem ok… little typo issues but unless we compare side by side with the Japanese version and have a good command of the language, we’re all probably none-the-wiser. I placed an order for Ike Reibun’s new manga at Comi-comi. I like her drawing style. But it would ship later in June with an upcoming BL game “Lucky Dog” I ordered.

      Mmm… Glad you had fun at the convention! XD So far I’ve only attended one local Anime Fest last year. Pretty good quality cosplays too. But no guys in dresses hehe… I think we can expect mainstream stuff to dominate these conventions but I think if we compare the popularity of manga/anime in our countries, we do have more selections available. However, NO BL items in sight whatsoever. Probably too sensitive for local authorities and the exhibitors probably don’t want to risk getting into trouble.

      Lol~ for a start, you can try the fan disks of BL games. They’re lighter on the brain and easier to understand *_* Kichiku Megane R Fan Disk is pretty enjoyable. The mini typing game was hilarious. Maybe you’ll like to read up a little bit on the character backgrounds but it doesn’t really matter if you don’t. I enjoyed Bokura no Renai Shinrigaku Fan Disk too. Lots of H in many variety *cough* I have no problems loading comi-comi. Try this link:

      Ah~ I prefer action figures, cos I can play with and pose them XD but I made some exceptions and bought the Togainu Military Akira and Shiki statues during a sale. Ah~ Kotonoha is a pretty girl hehehe… Mmm, so far I haven’t placed any new figure orders. I’m determined not to get carried away since I made a number of regretful purchases in the past. Must save some $ for a Japan trip next year too! XD Anyway, I already have a lot of preorders (which you’re aware of) lol so yeah… I don’t usually buy magazines. It’s typical with anime/manga/seiyuu pics and info. I only bought this issue for the free Kuroshitsuji poker cards. There’s a few pages of setting artwork for the anime too, so it was a bonus.

      Work and life in general has been keeping me very busy too. Haven’t been able to update much for the past 2 weeks. I’ll shelve the Zetsubou sensei project for the moment. As for the mug I bought, I’ll probably use it as a pen/stationery holder on my desk XD I’ll post pics soon.

      Gackt is always good XD, L’arc~en~Ciel (Gundam 00), TM Revolution (He sings many popular anime opening songs! Soul Eater, Dgrayman, Sengoku Basara. Such a powerhouse voice for a tiny guy ^^) There’re many awesome bands and singers out there but I don’t fangirl over them anymore, so I don’t exactly have many recommendations that are really current.

      And latest update. Pre-orders are up till September now -dead- I understand how you feel. I cancelled a few preorders before but so far I haven’t regretted the decision very much (only slightly for one item, a Zetsubou Sensei figure which is now sold out everywhere. But I’ll live lol~) I’m still considering if I should cancel some of my CD preorders but probably will decide when the release date is nearer.

  7. Hey hey! Been busy xd Sorry about that lol. Work tires me out :(

    Hmm I don’t own any towels yet, but some do like nice so I was wondering maybe I should buy one. But yeah no idea if they are good quality, I think they are since Cospa has nice stuff usually. Kinda expensive still though for a towel but it’s a collectable..thing. Lol!

    About the bootleg issue, I’ve been searching for Hitman Reborn figures by Yujin. Man..eBay is flooded with bootlegs and some sellers look trustworthy with respectable feedback, barely any negative feedback. But they are located in Hong Kong :x What do you think? Try or no? xd

    Haha yeah those weird alien figures pop up nearly daily? Lol! And they are freaking expensive too :P Yet most of em are sold out in only a couple of minutes! Amazing for such ugly figures LOL.

    True that, I can’t imagine living in a cramped otaku room honestly. Ofcourse it looks fun but not tidy at all! Danny’s office is nice indeed, he rearranged it though, did you see that? It looks quite spacious now. He’s hiring someone to work for him, must be a dream job for any of us out there!

    Hm may I ask what language the local manga is ? I’m not too familiar with Singapore :( But I’d like to know, so do tell!! Haha xd
    Though what a shame if they edit things in the manga. Do you still buy em even when editted? Maybe they should just put an age rating on the cover? :x Not like it would hold down minors anyways, but then it’s your own fault for getting a trauma lol!
    Ah so none of your friends know that you’re interested in BL? :o May I ask why you rather keep it to yourself, apart from the fact that it’s porn I guess lol. I think here it’s not as a big deal since The Netherlands allows gay marriage and such, though that doesn’t mean there’s no discrimination. There is ofcourse, but it feels like it’s more natural here that there’s straight and gay people. So I think that’s why it’s being accepted more easily. I like BL too, probably haven’t read/seen as much as you but my friends do know about it. I don’t mind since it’s nothing I should be ashamed of, porn is matter what gender is starring in it hahaha :D Is what I think :P

    Yeah it’s a fact that we are still the minority when it comes to enjoying our hobby. I learned from it as well, like looking back at your own experience with those clients..if they look weird at an object or whatever, I explain what it is and that it’s my hobby. I won’t start about it out of nowhere, only when people ask me personally or like I said before..when they look oddly at something rofl. Cause I remember in elementary when I told my buddies about ‘Japanese cartoons’ they would say I’m nuts, lol. Except for the boys because they loved Dragonball Z and I’d discuss it with them. Now then I was a little kiddo, so I figured out later that DBZ isn’t my kind of anime LOL. But it’s fun to think back, plus it was one of the few anime they broadcasted here, so there wasn’t much to discuss with friends at the time when it came to anime. But honestly, I’m an adult whoever asks me about my hobby, I will answer truthfully ofcourse, just..I won’t mention ‘I LIKE YAOI!!’ out of the blue. Actually..most people, first thing they would say is (from past experiences) ‘Oh, those Japanese cartoons?’ Or ‘Oh Japanese cartoon sex right? Hentai right?!!’ It’s fun to see how people don’t have a clue about anime and just assume you watch hentai LOL.

    Not familiar with drama cd’s. I thought of picking up some but couldn’t decide..and then the idea faded away rather quickly xd But it’s something I will definitely do when I’m going to start my classes, along with BL games. I have a hard time finding BL games though..downloadable ones :x same goes for any kind of eroge game. I’m not a great googler lol. I’d also love to BUY BL games, just looks like there isn’t many places to get em from..and using Crescent for all that..bye bye wallet xd

    The posters caught my eye right away! They also caught my wallet right after that LOL. Ugh, I fall for these traps daily :( Pre-ordered a bunch of other stuff, the Furude Rika and Hanyuu (Higurashi series) figures by Wave look real good on the promo pictures, so I ordered em right away!
    But yeah that’s what I dislike about HLJ..stupid order stop! I missed out on stuff before cause of that, so yeah I learned my lesson and if I find someplace else to order, I do that! HLJ is my most reliable source though, so easy and don’t have to pay for pre-orders right away.

    Yeah DPD is awesome but I think it’s limited to certain areas only, not sure actually..but it’d be nice if more sites used that shipping method with the same rates ofcourse..

    Blogs are fun and interesting, so that’s why I’m sticking here if you don’t mind hahaha! Your way of writing is entertaining, I don’t think I could be as fun xd Plus my English isn’t flawless, that’s quite an issue to me but oh well~ Though, do you need any HTML knowledge for blogging?

    Haha xd ‘wanted to do BL things’ that’s hilarious. You should totally! Photoshoot :3
    You have a ton of cute figma and Nendoroid, so you’re bound to get inspiration sometime :D
    Hm can you explain to me what’s so great about Miku? Or well..what made her so popular? Isn’t it an cyber idol or something…who sings? I read something like that, but couldn’t really go with the hype..not my kinda thing :(

    I promised pics of my loot, came in on the weekend. From left to right; One Piece mug friend sign|Hitman Reborn mugs Tsuna, Yamamoto, Gokudera, Hibari Discipline Committee and Vongole Family mug! Soul Eater Excalibur T-shirt and Itoshiki-sensei !! Believe it or not, I pre-ordered MORE mugs lol..I love em ;_;
    And since my storage area in the cabinet is cramped.. There’s so much more stuff behind all that ;_; Aahh!

    1. Missed ya! *hugz* Busy is good (Busy = $$$ = mugs XD ) but take care too! ^_^)

      I have a couple of moyashimon hand towels and mini hand towels but I don’t use them cos I don’t want to find out if they spoil easily XP Mugs are great cos they don’t depreciate like towels do. As for ebay, I haven’t bought any figures before. Try using this tool to check for negative ebay feedback ratings since ebay doesn’t display those anymore. It may help you decide if you want to order from a seller. ^^

      Crazy indeed. Those alien figures. And they look small and cheap too ^^;;; But maybe they are considered rare finds among figure connoisseurs. *shrugs* I’m mainstream when it comes to figure collecting. XD I just checked Danny’s latest post. I guess since he’s hiring another person, he can’t have the whole room to himself already. I still prefer his old room tho’.

      Our local manga publisher started out licensing and publishing only in Chinese. This is their website. But I think they’ve started to publish English versions now. I think from the publisher’s point of view, something rated G/PG has a wider audience than something that has a higher age restriction. Economics $$$. I think the shops can also get into trouble (fines?) if they aren’t careful about selling restricted items to minors.

      Most of my friends are not into anime or manga. They’ve either “outgrown” them or were never interested in the first place, so the topic wouldn’t really come into our conversations, so naturally none of my friends would know about my BL interest. The few who watch anime occasionally would know my fangirl obsessions over seiyuus or cute anime bishonens lol~ but that’s about it heh. No wonder people think fujoshis live in their own world. I kinda agree XP *sweatdrop* General views about homosexuality here are still relatively conservative too. Japanese anime is more common in Asia, so we don’t get the “anime = hentai” kind of looks here as much as you do but BL is still relatively underground.

      Hmm, most of the time, after telling clients it is Japanese anime, they’ll have a deep-in-thought ah~ I see kinda of expression and then the conversation ends there in awkward silence *sweatdrop* So that’s why I don’t bother anymore. Life for an (adult?) otaku would be so lonely without the internet cos we’re still kinda expected to outgrow “cartoons” when we get older here.

      I think it’ll be good to start with BL drama cds that are based on licensed or scanlated manga so that you can read along and learn what they’re talking about. I think my listening improved a lot after getting into drama cds. But be-warned! The first words you’ll pick up will probably be all the H and sex talk hahaha *hides* If you’re looking for BL games, sign up at aarinfantasy forum. I buy my BL games from ^^ They ship by EMS. I also picked up a couple of titles from Mandarake and yahoo auctions using crescent. I’ve not played eroge/hentai game before, only BL ones.

      HLJ would’ve been perfect if they had a points system. They also have items that are not always available in other stores ^^ like clothes and accessories for 1/6 figures. The wave figures look very well-made ^^ little wonder you placed your order! I have a no-statues policy, so I try to keep to it or I’ll be spending so much more than I already am. I’m tempted no doubt. Look at the impressive hair of this statue from Harukanaru!!!

      Did you order the April copy of Animage? It comes with a free pack of Kuroshitsuji poker cards! Very lovely. I just got mine yesterday. I’m also starting to notice glasses and mugs cos of your obsession lol~ My Togainu mug also arrived today! I haven’t unwrapped it yet. (^///^)

      You’re definitely welcome here hehehe. Well, you don’t need HTML knowledge for blogging. Just get an account with and you can start immediately ^_^)b But if you want to customise your blog more, some HTML knowlege would help.

      Haha xd ‘wanted to do BL things’ that’s hilarious. You should totally! Photoshoot :3
      An idea had been brewing since I received my Zetsubou sensei last month but I should plan it out properly. Cos after all the setup and preparation, it may just turn out to be lame x_x and disappointing.

      Well, Miku is a character created for a singing voice system software that you can use with a Yamaha keyboard. There are many original and fan music videos created by users using this software and it contributed a lot to her popularity. There’s even a gackt version of this software! That’s why I’m hoping for a Gackpoid figma or nendoroid but it seems quite unlikely probably due to licensing issues. Check out a short post I did: Kichiku Megane x Gackt.

      Wow those Reborn mugs designs are cool! I like it that they cropped and captured their expressions with impact. I love the T-shirt too XD And yay Sensei! Ah~ I saw your near otakukai figure XD She’s a cutie! Well, if it is any consolation… I have preorders all the way up till August. *dead*

  8. Yeah it’s a shame. Animate has such nice stuff, ofcourse it would be sold out fast ;_; And using for example Crescent for all that, wow I don’t want to imagine the high costs lol.
    You know the thing with dakimakura is.. I think, well most people seem to collect em and then hang em onto the wall. Same with towels and such. I’d love to buy a towel but not sure to actually use it or not..

    For most things it’s easy to pick out the bootlegs, but just aren’t sure right? :x Like for example there’s tons of eBay shops in Hong Kong who sell nice things. It says it’s a legitimate item by official companies and such..also their eBay feedback is usually around 99.6% or a lil higher, not many negative feedback as well..still hard to purchase from em. I’d love to but..don’t want to end up with bootleg things like you said :(

    Hm I thought Mandarake had alot of doujin cd’s? I didn’t spot any drama ones. Usually there’s a whole load of doujinshi, some figurines and weird trading figs or gachapon. Not sure what they are LOL. But it’s always good to check daily right? In case you find something awesome. I’d regret it if for example I didn’t check today and miss out on something ;_;

    Jokes like that are fun xd It does get you thinking though. If I had a true otaku room, I can’t imagine what my friends would say lol!
    I was wondering, are most manga in English there? :x Because those are more expensive (usually) than the local language ones. But maybe also cause you’re closer to Japan than I am, you’re bound to have more options when it comes to buying merchandise in actual stores. Do you go down town at all or do you purchase everything online?
    Though you say you’re shy, is that why you don’t BL stuff in actual store? xd Not too long ago I went to the American bookstore here, hadn’t set foot there in years .. I told you about that xd so yeah wanted to check on stuff, saw Junjou Romantica vol.1 and 2. And bought both ^^ I was with my father and he said ‘What kind of manga is that?’ and I replied ‘It contains boy-love!! :D’ He only looked strangely at me and made this face ._. ..Oh well LOL.
    Don’t know if I mentioned before but I sold most of my manga couple of years ago, only kept the ones I really wanted and I have some Japanese ones..which I can’t read yet LOL. Bought em for when I was going to learn the language xd finally this year I’ll be taking Japanese class at a language institute rofl.

    Mhm honestly I always thought I should buy DVD’s but since it’s not my cup of tea..yeah I just didn’t. But you’re right. So I picked out some DVD’s and ordered the AIR TV series + Movie, Kanon complete set and Clannad Season 1. I love Visual Arts/Key so yeah xd Haha. I have some Ghibli DVD’s though! :) Though I’m officially crazy and went on another ordering spree (please lock me up with no computer near me LOL) went for Kuroshitsuji posters and some Little Busters posters.
    HLJ had an order stop on both of em and I’m impatient lol.

    Ah yeah if you buy small things then EMS is expensive. I guess even Mandarake understands then that you’d request SAL. You know I’m extremely happy that whenever I buy from (I don’t order from em as much as before) but they have this shipping method called DPD, delivery time is usually within 5 days and it only costs 5 euro, package may weight within 10 kilo’s I thought. Now that’s cheap..and fast.

    Do you read other people’s blog? I do sometimes, it’s probably how I got to yours haha. I was looking for something and ended up here :P But you’re right. Many figurine blogs or sites dedicated to figs only. I wish people would review other stuff too besides figurines and DVD’s. I did see some mugs here and there but not a blog dedicated to it. Hey maybe I should start a trend here :P Hahaha. I’m not blog material..wouldn’t know what to say and where to begin @_@.

    Nice way to determine what to buy and what to pass on! The Haruhi figma look cute, I can see why you’d buy the whole set. It would feel incomplete otherwise right? xd Plus now you can make em all do the Hare Hare Yukai dance :P Like it hasn’t been done already LOL :(

    :D Haha I figured you’d think it’s a nice idea. I surprised myself with the idea xd Great thing you e-mailed Max Factory. Never came to my mind to do that!! And to support you I also e-mailed them (including CLAMP Figma ;] ). Two people have more power than one :3

    You got him so soon! So you should let him play with your other Nendoroids :P I’ve seen some really cute photoshoots which got me thinking and I’d love to try something similar. Seems like that Hatsune Miku is really popular among the Nendoroid and Figma craze. I see lots of photoshoots starring her. Very cute!

    1. I would be afraid of using the towels in case the colour runs. Are cospa towels good quality? They sure cost a lot. I think framing and hanging the towels or dakimakura is nice, especially if the design looks good ^^ But I can’t imagine hanging something so revealing on my wall lol~ I think most of us (relatively seasoned figure collectors) can spot bootlegs when we see them but problem is, if we buy them online, it’ll be a big hassle to try to get our money back.

      Mandarake International has a couple of drama CDs but the ratio is probably 1: 100 on the Japan site and they’re usually not the ones I’m looking for. Yeah some of those trading figures are strange (or ugly) and look like aliens, right? They can also be quite expensive. I wonder who collects them ^^;;; I feel the same way about checking daily too *shakes head* We’re shopaholics. XD

      I think those otaku rooms are too cluttered (you can’t even see the wall or floor hahaha) but I’m quite impressed by a few very well-organised ones. I like Danny Choo’s office space very much.

      English manga generally cost about S$5-S$8 more cos they’re imported from the US. Local versions are cheaper :) but they practice self-censorship. If they think certain scenes might have problem getting approved by our censors (violence, nudity, bad language and other questionable/extreme content), they may just remove or replace it. I buy mainstream manga/artbooks from bookshops if they’re cheaper than online stores. I always spot new merchandise online first then do a comparison keke. As for BL stuff, I only buy them online. Shy XD and partly cos my BL interest is a closeted thing that I can’t share with my friends ^^;;; I don’t want to be caught dead buying pr0n (yeah I think many Yaoi can be considered as such) by clients/aquaintances either *_*

      Most people don’t get anime and it is pointless to try to explain to them. “Adults who watch Japanese cartoons” lol~ are still a minority. I met a few clients with raised eyebrows (out of curiosity?) over my Akizuki Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto laptop wallpaper in the past. It looked something like this but I photoshopped the background to make it big enough as horizontal wallpaper. Can you imagine having to explain BL? *dies* I can understand your dad’s reaction.

      I gave away or sold most of my older manga too ^^ kept the ones I liked the most. I also thought the same thing when I bought Japanese manga then. Besides reading manga, one good way to learn Japanese is to listen to drama cds. It helps you remember words and pronunciation better. Playing BL games is good for listening and recognising/reading kanji too lol~ XD If we don’t collapse from bloodloss, that is.

      My, my… Kuroshitsuji posters are sexxaay and Little Busters collection are great value. Sometimes after HLJ does an order stop, the item may go immediately out of stock after it arrives, so it is safer bet to order elsewhere unless you don’t mind taking the risk XP

      Wow that’s awesome :O and 10 kilos is a hell lot of weight for 5 Euros!

      I surf occasionally and read other blogs too. I started this blog cos there’s a lack of BLCD reviews and fell headlong into blogging figures and other stuff too. Yeah why not start a trend? Don’t worry about the writing. You’ll find it easier to blog as you go along, especially since you’ll be sharing your views about what you love!

      Thanks to Itsuki x_x I spiralled down the Haruhi figma collection swirl. Anyway I wanted to do BL things to him and Kyon (like SuzaxLulu) lol~ but their “relationship” wasn’t as inspiring/intense as the Code Geass boys. Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed for Clamp and Junjou figma! X(^_^)X Nendoroid Miku is uber popular but I didn’t buy her (reverse hype? But I have her figma) ^^;;; I have Nendoroid and Figma Rin and Ren tho’. I ended up pre-ordering the recent Nendoroid Kagami Miku instead. I want to shoot my Nendoroids too but… need inspiration hehe.

  9. Oh my, those Togainu mugs are sweet! Too bad they are sold out yeah, but I noticed stuff on the Animate site gets sold out quickly! I’ve been wanting to get Hitman Reborn stick posters from there but sold out as well :P Haha xd. So are you gonna get those mugs through an auction? They look so cute, it’s worth it if you like em!
    I checked HLJ and it says ‘Gintama japanese tea cups’ so they are really tiny tea cups, such a shame ._.

    Mhm agreed, though I can see the humor of the Makoto makura. Probably best to..IF you like it, own one but don’t actually use it..that might be a lil creepy xd

    Yeah really eBay was amazing for a long time, but now it’s just not as good and not much rare stuff comes by. Plus a sh*tload of bootleg things, that’s already been there for years ofcourse but it looks like it gets worse each time I visit eBay lol! Though Mandarake has legitimate items so nothing to worry about and fantastic prices for rare figurines. Guess we are really shopaholics huh? :P Checking their stock everyday LOL.

    Hm I guess when you saw the pile of merchandise in your closet it got you thinking huh :x I have that sometimes with the empty boxes in my cabinet. But then again like you said before, with a job it’s affordable and it’s your own money so you need to spent it, haha!! Better to spent it on something you really like and can enjoy for a long time.

    Ahh Hello Kitty is awesome and so adorable, it’s hard to resist that kind of cuteness. But yeah if she wasn’t able to buy anything back then and now she can, no need to hold back. Though I can clearly see the difference with your situation about the manga prices. Here it was the total opposite. Ofcourse ordering online was cheaper than buying it in the stores but I was one of those who enjoyed going to an American book store (down town) who only had a couple of shelves with manga. I’d e-mail em alot too for new stock and such, but they were expensive and I was young so I’d save up my allowance every week and buy some manga whenever I had the chance to do so. Now they have a whole section with manga, all of em way cheaper than it used to It’s still a fun store and I hadn’t set foot in it for years until some months ago. Nostalgic xd !
    But yeah I think you’re right. If someone really enjoys their series, they will probably buy something related to it eventually. For a long time I always thought I’d have to at least buy one thing from each anime/manga I’ve seen or read, even if it’s a lousy keychain..that was my way of supporting my fan-ism. Silly huh LOL.
    Though honestly I think we should be all grateful that there’s so much excess to anime/manga nowadays, so indeed..those who whine should really get lost. Nowadays there’s at least 2 fansub groups for 1 anime, it seems like. Lol.

    Hm yeah if everybody supported the industry it would make everything so much easier and most likely cheaper too? Since that’s not the way it is at the moment and yeah probably never will. I guess everyone supports their fan-ism in their own way. It’s a shame animation studios and the like, don’t get the shares from the merchandise sales right? It’s understandable in a way, but still. I still plan on buying some more DVD’s but we’ll see how things go. As long as there’s enough people who buy em (thanks whoever does!! LOL) the industry will keep flowing and I want to be part of it ^^ .. even if buying merchandise doesn’t help the studio’ my heart it will :(

    Yep the current yen rate is not too great, but there’s always next year. By then let’s hope things are alot better and we can spent money on nice merchandise lol.

    Hm both were from the Nakano store. Next time if I see something nice and decide to get it, will request SAL to see if they will accept that. Just cause it specifically said they didn’t do SAL..I never asked :( ah well, you taught me something :P thank you haha xd

    You know I actually thought of buying 2 of each mugs but wow the shipping would be so expensive so yeah..gotta be happy with 1 each. I’m always extremely careful with precious things to me, so they better not break :( Though have you actually seen anyone with 2 or more of each mug? From all collections I’ve seen, not many collect mugs @_@. I wonder why..

    Forgot about Tsubasa and xxxHolic yeah! The amount of cute and cool characters they have is indeed huge, will it be worth it for our wallets? :P Haha that’s the question! Omg wouldn’t Junjou Figma be adorable? ._. It just popped up into my head out of nowhere! But seriously you have quite some Figma! Lots of money haha. Do you plan on buying more? It’s already a miracle you resisted some :P I see there’s alot of Figma out, must be hard to choose :x

    Otakukai with Nendoroids would burn a hole in your wallet LOL! I’ve seen people who still do it anyways. Maybe also cause there’s more variety to it since you can change accessoires and such?
    You got Sensei already?! So fast! And poor guy is in your otaku closet being all in despair rofl! Bought it online or went down town somewhere? Got mine from HLJ and should come in this week. I’m excited :3 I’d love to do some photoshoots when I collect more Nendoroid xd Gotta buy a good camera first, hmph ;_;

    1. Items on Animate sells out really fast and they don’t ship international T_T By the time I found enough items to buy at one go (to maximise the extra charges using 3rd party service) they’re sold out. Makoto makura… very creepy to use indeed. Hell, it might turn out to be a rare collector’s item in the future XD

      If only there was a way to make sure items on eBay were legitimate. I’ll really upset if I paid full price for a bootleg. That’s why I always try to buy from Japan sites. Checking Mandarake everyday has become a habit but I don’t make impulse buys anymore. But if they had more CDs listed, I think I might. Their drama CD product list on the English site pales in comparison to their Japanese site. Although they entertain enquiries about their Japanese site only items, they don’t always oblige when we request for them. It depends on who was handling your query ^^;;;

      My friend was joking that all those figures will be my dowry when I get married Lol~ Indeed, when manga became more common, it should be cheaper, right? But ours only became more and more expensive *sweatdrop* Maybe there’s a licensing requirement that the price must be tagged to the Japanese rate? Nowadays, we have many comics shops and 2 Kinokuniya book stores. So if you like most mainstream manga, you’ll be spoilt for choice. And to think we only had bootleg manga and only 1 shop carrying licensed translated manga when I was a student XD That’s nostalgic but that very first shop is no longer in operation. We can also find BL manga on sale here if we look hard enough (our govt doesn’t want to encourage homosexuality, so technically speaking, these items are often banned or censored). Anyway, I’m shy (~lol~), so I only buy them online.

      Buy the DVDs if you really like the series. Isn’t it interesting how there’s so much guilt involved in our hobby and we keep thinking we’re not buying enough? If we were never exposed to fansub/scanlation in the first place, I guess we would never have to feel this way. Sighs~ But there’s no turning back now.

      Yeah I tried my luck with Mandarake cos shelling out an extra 10~30 bucks for EMS shipping for a very small package of clear folders or CDs just don’t make rational sense if I can help it. Seems cheapskate lol~ but I used to buy like crazy, so every buck counts T_T;;;

      Figure collectors seem more common since there are more figure blogs around. Maybe there are also collectors like yourself but they don’t make posts of their mug collections? From the way these mugs and tea cups get sold out and reissued, I think they are very popular goods too. ^^

      I used to buy Figma and other goods as long as I liked the design but now I classify them as must-haves, nice-to-haves and to-be-classified. Otherwise I can go open a figure shop already XD And I wouldn’t have bought the whole Haruhi gang of Figma if I didn’t see Itsuki Figma. I liked his smiling face a lot and ended up buying everybody cos they have to be a set right? “Sucker!!” *points at self* Sighs.

      WAH JUNJOU FIGMA WOULD BE AWESOME!!! I’ll definitely get them all *_* You inspired me. I just sent an email to Max Factory and asked them to make Junjou Figma XD Opps I forgot to mention Clamp figma. (Maybe my white angel wants to prevent me from spending too much lol)

      It’ll be nice to have a few of the same nendoroids cos they have up to 3 different faces that you can display in. All of them are so cute! But reality bites ~$$$~ =_= I preordered Sensei when he was first announced. I got him around last month hehe. Invest in a good camera ^^ You’ll have a lot more fun shooting your collection.

  10. Are you going to buy some cups through Crescent? Or were you just curious? xd Yeah those new Gintama cups are cute, but oh so tiny ._. 5cmx7cm something like that! I’m not getting em :( are you? Don’t resist your temptation LOL!

    Haha I know right, but face it..beat up guys are a whole lot sexier than dead ones! When I first saw the Makoto makura I just thought ‘This must be a joke or a photoshop thing, right?!!’ but actually exists rofl :x

    Yeah guess you’re right about that. eBay is pricey but sometimes there’s nice stuff. I remember when I was an eBay addict..I’d check everyday for new items and bought a lot of ‘nonsense’ stuff that I didn’t need at all xd But now I check every now and then to see if there’s cute things. I grabbed the Junjou poster there too!
    And thanks for the links to the manga, I downloaded em, going to read em Sunday :D

    Closet otaku xd Hahaha I can totally understand though! :) When you don’t have enough space or the right kind of cabinet to display your things, it’s best to just pack it away for a while. But promise you gotta make a picture someday :P
    Don’t you think back some times though, like as you said in your student time and only bought some manga and magazines simply cause it was the only thing you could afford? xd I did the same, bought manga and the only Dutch anime magazine available at the time. Saved up every penny from my allowance to buy 1 manga volume every week, lol! But I feel now that we’re older (I’m guessing you’re in your 20’s? Sorry if I’m wrong LOL..I assumed :[ ) ofcourse we have alot more to spent, a job makes it all easier but also harder because there’s so much to choose from that you can afford but still have to make choices cause you simply can’t buy it all at once! I always felt I had to support my love for anime and manga. And figured that I’d do it through buying merchandise, not so much DVD’s though. But don’t you think it’s so much easier for people nowadays to just NOT support their fan-ism but who only watch and read things online and don’t support the industry by actually purchasing items? I find it so sad :/ Personally I can’t stand those kind of people lol. While most of them are probably kids? Okay then I guess they aren’t able to buy for example expensive figurines, but hey we started off like them too and still bought small and less expensive items like manga and magazines!

    Thought so, it did look like a big fat baby LOL! But oh so cute :( Though there’s some cute Natsume Yuujin Chou items out there. Totally get the tea cups :P Hahha I’m only bad influence, trying to make you buy things :( bad Kaz!!

    Are you going to Japan anytime soon then? :o ! It’s pretty close to Singapore right? I’m jealous! A flight from Holland to Japan is a long one, but I’m trying to go there next year ^^ Need more monies

    I remember FMA being such a hype when it came out. It is a good series but maybe a little overrated :x I’m not so much for the hyped up series, for some reason it makes it less fun to watch. It might be a personal thing xd
    But yeah I read that too, people expect K-ON! to be like Lucky Star/Haruhi. I certainly hope it won’t be any like those two as much as I enjoyed them, each anime should be unique though I know most things have been done already..but you can always hope, right? xd
    I want to watch Sengoku Basara as well >< will add it to my list right now!! Higepiyo? Is it any good? xd Baby chicks with mustaches sounds scary LOL!

    Yeah I think it happens in every MMORPG. There are bound to be people who annoy the crap out of you and you wish they would get lost or stab themselves :P I think that’s also a big turn off for anyone who just wants to play a fun game but others like those ruin it, you know? For me that’s also one of the main reasons to quit all together, a shame because I liked the game but if the people aren’t nice..yeah it really doesn’t motivate you to keep playing :/

    Hm well Minase Nayuki was 2000yen + 500y fee + 2200yen shipping, 4700yen in total. For a rare figure, second hand but looks like new @_@ is so cheap! And let’s see..Tsukimiya Ayu also second hand..looks like new too @_@ was 2500yen, 500yen fee, 2800yen shipping because the box is a whole lot bigger that’s probably why. But it’s still under the retail price and a rare figure. They go for 100+ dollars on eBay :x So it’s definitely cheap all together, I’m very happy!
    But I didn’t request SAL because on the order form it specifically said they don’t ship by SAL, EMS only. So I never asked, but you’re sure they do? If they do, I will ask the next time. I’ve been wanting to ask for Airmail to see if it was cheaper but I thought to myself ‘Omg don’t be a cheapskate, you already got these beauties at beautiful cheap prices and if you really like something..Kaz it’s okay to pay a lil more! Still under retail price anyways!!’ xd Hahaha.

    Yup I have heard of it haha. It’s pretty.. hardcore if you actually buy 3 of the same, but it’s understandable in a way. If I had the money I’d do the same..but alas I do :P Gotta be satisfied with only one of each :) I can imagine myself with 3 Nyanko-sensei tea cups..LOL. Oh man I’d have so much joy xd too much joy probably :P But yeah that blog, I read the article! Really funny and that friend of his bought 7 copies, now that’s hardcore!
    I think like you explain your own situation, that’s not a bad thing at all to buy 2 of each you know. Especially if you really like it! Nothing to worry about, it’s not that otakukai yet haha xd If I had enough money, my mugs collection probably would have been 3 times as big, 3 of each mug LOL. I wish.. :(
    Figmas look really cute though, I don’t own any yet because I haven’t seen one I really want/like. I hope they will make figmas someday from Card Captor Sakura :( Now that would be cute..Sakura in her cute costumes, yay! Do you have alot of figma yet? It’s kinda the same kind of popularity with Nendoroids it seems, both very cute and come with accessoires and such. And cause we had a talk about Nendoroids not too long ago, I pre-ordered a Sebastian one. After I did I saw you were all over it on your blog LOL. I figured you would be! :P Same goes for the Itoshiki-sensei. I had to get one too :P Probably getting it in this week. Did you get yours yet? :3

    1. I happened to see these Togainu mugs from Amazon and Animate (sold out already T_T so auctions here we come) and I’m seduced. O~ I didn’t see the details for Gintama cups. Maybe they’re for holding sake, that’s why they’re small XD but for that price, that’s kinda expensive. And I resisted lol~

      They should work a bit harder at the designs to make them more appealing to girls. *shakes head* Maybe they think the guys would buy Makoto dakimakura as something ironic to own and talk about.

      I used to do that on ebay too! And after discovering Mandarake, I also check it everyday for new stuff and buy stuff I don’t normally buy but now I have better resistance over the temptations. *_* Oh yea, enjoy the manga!

      Doing a “stock take” on my purchases is a good reality check. I’ll take a pic next time hehe. When I packed and found I almost couldn’t fit everything in the closet. It kinda hit me and made me slow down the spending spree. Thanks to online shopping, we are exposed to so many possibilities (behold the perpetually bleeding wallet!)

      Mmm, I think we were quite deprived back then so now that we can afford and have access to these items, we’ll try own ’em. For eg, one of my friends loves Hello Kitty when young but didn’t have money to buy them. After she started work, she bought lots of Hello Kitty items just to pacify her inner child. Aren’t we all like that? XD But I think things were more expensive now. Manga used to cost say S$1.50 during my student days. I saw prices rise from S$3~S$6~S$9 or more now. Yea, I’m old ^^;;; I think if you really like the anime/manga/music, you’ll buy it in the end. Maybe they can’t afford it now but in the future, who knows? ^^ What I don’t like is the attitude of people who take all these things for granted and then whine and complain when they can’t get their next scanlation/fansub fix as if the world owes them a living.

      In the utopia view of things, suppose if everybody buys everything they ever downloaded, and the industry responds with more economical prices, it would be wonderful. But I don’t think it’ll ever happen that way. So prices keep going up and the people who do buy will continue to pay more and more. If I’m not wrong, I remember reading that animation houses get a % from DVD sales (they should also get $ from other Region DVD sales too. I’m not sure) but they don’t get any cut from other merchandises like figures and such. Seiyuus also don’t get royalties from the characters they voice so maybe that’s why they often branch into singing (I believe they get royalties like usual singers) and other activities like concerts, plays, etc to supplement their income. So the only people who really make lots of $$$ are the license holders. And it is unlikely they’ll “share the wealth” with everybody who had a part in making the series a success, right? ^^;;; So the cycle continues.

      Natsume tea cups are wishlist items XD must resist * resist. I’m also saving up for a Japan trip. It’s not the best time to visit Japan now due to the exchange rate. Hopefully next year would be better ( ^_^)b Gambatte! Gives us more time to gather the $$$ kekeke.

      Gaa~ I have to limit the number of anime to watch. Busy *_* Sengoku Basara has quite good action but it has a wierd take on the characters of that era. So far so good tho’ some characters are very idiotic XD Higepiyo is a strange one but I’ll see how it goes. I like offbeat, quirky ones like these hehe

      That’s a bargain! Good on ya! XD If the item is from Nakano store, you should be able to request SAL. It can be worth it to ship smaller/lighter items on SAL. EMS is better for bigger/heavier items. Airmail may cost just a few dollars less than EMS depending on the item, so I seldom use it and would just go for EMS or SAL.

      Yep. I’m amazed by the otakuism of that guy too. 7 copies! Gosh… Anyway, it would be nice to have at least two of each mug. One to display, one to use or both for display. One to show side A and one to show side B of the mug design.

      Let’s hope the recent Tsubasa Chronicles/XXXholic OVAs prompts a Clamp x Figma collaboration so that we’ll get our wish ^^ -BUT- it will be a terrible thing for our wallets. There are just too many Clamp characters that I love.

      I used to be a Figma slave and go crazy at every new release but I’ve learnt to resist. So far, I have Code Geass (Suzaku, Lulu), Lucky Star (school uniform versions), Haruhi gang (school uniform versions + Witch Yuki), 2 characters from Nanoha Strikers(successfully resisted the other 2), Vocaloid (Miku, Rin and Ren), Fate/stay night (Saber and Rin) That’s a lot (T_T) ~$$$~

      Yep, I preordered Nendoroid Sebby! A must-have but I couldn’t do otakukai tho I love the design cos Nendoroids are about 1.5 times the price of figmas. I’ll die from all the wallet blood loss if I ordered more than one. I have Sensei in my closet too. He is going all ZETSUBOUSHIIITAA!!! about being cooped up in there lol XD

  11. Hmm I don’t remember if they charged 25% extra to the Junjou mugs and glass set I got there. Well all together it was more expensive than buying it in a regular store ofcourse because of the bank wire fee and the Crescent-shop fee for making the purchase through them. All other mugs are from HLJ, so no extra charges :D Saves me alot of money haha xd

    Yeah the only other boy character dakimakura I’ve seen is someone who bought a custom made makura and well this official Makoto one, which is pretty shocking as a makura LOL. But like you said importing a pillow is expensive..I’ve been thinking about doing it but then like you mentioned ‘make a pillow’ is what my mother came up with too, lol. I can’t sew but she’s going to help me when I have the Hibari makura here. I’ll definitely show you xd and well if making a pillow doesn’t work out for us, I’ll buy one online!

    Shitajiki are cute though and easy to collect, just some of the eBay ones are so expensive :/ that’s a shame.
    Oh wow that’s probably the weirdest story I’ve heard..about possessed penises LOL. Man! After reading the review, I seriously need to read this. I can find scanlations of this somewhere? xd

    Gosh less than 100 is still..alot !! You should display them and then take some nice pictures :( I’m always curious about other people’s collections seeing as I’ve been an anime/manga fan for 10 years now, but unlike others I haven’t really built up a huge merchandise collection. I’m just too picky when it comes to buying stuff xd But well I’ve seen people posting their bedrooms/houses and such filled with merchandise. There was a competition ‘ show your otaku (bed)room’ on recently. I was shocked at some of these rooms honestly..they were packed with stuff, posters all over. Now I do understand if you’re excited over anime/manga but I really wonder where these people get the huge amount of money from to finance it all. Plus it looks like most of the people who post on that site are students, so..seriously..where do they get their money from?! They rob banks on the weekend, I’m sure of it :(

    Oh my I’ve seen that Nyanko plushie too, it’s too cute right?! I thought it was pretty expensive but it looked like it has a decent size though. Are you getting it anyways?

    Yeah my list is getting bigger and bigger every week as well! So the new FMA season started, have you seen it yet? I haven’t so I’m catching up where I left off with season 1. Only 10 eps to go anyways xd And there’s always some new series that get all hyped up even with only 1 ep released, such as K-ON! First ep was okay but it seems like there’s fans already..gosh people get real, it’s only the first ep that’s been out!!!

    Ah you mean player vs player right? I’m happy that wasn’t the case with Maple, I think only one version actually has it though..forgot which one but it’s suppossed to be on wikipedia or strategy wiki somewhere. It’s just a shame that cyber bullying exists with nearly every community :(

    Yeah I figured they did, such a shame but other than JPQueen I really love Mandarake. They update EVERY day lol! And they get in alot of nice figurines as well for nice prices since most are second hand, some opened and some unopened new in box. It’s where I got my Minase Nayuki from Kanon figure last week! Shipped by EMS and no custom charges yay! I got the Nagato Yuki (right picture) from a forum, new sealed in box. It really made my day, was looking for these 2 figures for a while!
    And last weeks big treasure (to me at least LOL) Tsukimiya Ayu (Kanon) bought through Crescent-shop came in last week. I was soooo sad when I missed out on her only because I had no money for her ._. and the same goes for the other 2 figures above ^ .. and on the left Kyo and Ryo mug (Clannad) and ofcourse Nyanko-sensei !!! And today I managed to get my hands on the same Tsukimiya Ayu at Mandarake for a steal price! So I’ll have 2 and what for? Don’t know..LOL!! I’m never lucky though..honestly..bad luck usually xd but today was a lucky day!

    1. I asked them. Crescent doesn’t charge extra for mugs. Phew~ cos I read their T&Cs and they mentioned about extra for breakable items. They’re probably referring to larger glassware like vases and such? Anyway, I saw a new series of Gintama tea cups on HLJ. So cute together *_* I was tempted.

      They have a really wierd sense of humour to produce such a dakimakura *MEGA sweatdrop* Why do the guys get sexy girls and all we get are either beat-up (Hibari) or dead (Makoto) boys. Anyway, might be good to make your own pillow cos those “official” pillows are very expensive. 4500 Yen! DX Yep! Yay for supportive mum XD

      Prices on ebay are usually inflated cos the seller needs to pay fees/commission for their goods sold but I guess if we want it bad enough, we’ll pay =_= Google is powerful. Enjoy vol. 1 and vol. 2 You can also join forum for all things Yaoi too ^^

      I didn’t want to count all the figures I have.. escapist *_* but I’m sure I haven’t hit 100 yet. I’ll find a day to take pixs. I currently have one closet full of figures/cds/dvds/manga/artbooks, so you can kinda imagine it? I had a challenging time fitting everything inside, so I wouldn’t want to have to take them out and put them back again so soon. I’m literally a closet otaku! (Almost everything is hidden away [in the closet]! XD) When I was a student, the only items I bought or could afford were manga and maybe some magazines that came with posters. Currently I have a few items/action figures that I’ve taken out to “play” with/display, so I don’t have a typical otaku room. Maybe I shouldn’t feel so guilty about this hobby since I’m paying it with my own money now *shrugs* but I still do. Rational brain (financial planning) vs emotional brain (hobby craze)

      Yeah Nyako-sensei plushie is the size of a big fat baby XD But I’ll pass cos I think importing it would be very expensive due to the size. If I were to visit Japan and see it on sale, then I’ll consider getting it. Hand-carry luggage kekeke.

      I haven’t watched FMA 1st season cos I didn’t watch/have access to much anime/manga for a couple of years and it was shown during that period. I’ll try to catch up on it. People who like K-ON! seemed to hope it’ll be another Lucky Star or Haruhi. I’ve not caught it yet. So far I’ve only managed to watch Sengoku Basara, Haruhi-chan and a wierd little short about a (oyaji-like) “baby” chick with a moustache, Higepiyo.

      Yea, fortunately Maple has the foresight to keep it relatively community friendly or there’ll be cute floating corpses of our maple characters on every other map ^^ cos to be honest, there ARE times when I met really rude or just plain cheating players that I seriously wished there was a kill/beat-em-up function available DX

      Nice! Did you get them at a bargain? I remember those figures were expensive when they were first released. Mandarake is great and their used goods are often almost mint condition. Oh yea, you can also request Mandarake to ship via SAL. The staff may do that if they can but if not, they’ll just go straight to EMS in their quote.

      Hehehe… very pretty! Happy, happy days! XD Have you heard of the term “otakukai”? I first heard of this “phenomenon” while watching Lucky Star. According to Konata, hardcore otakus always buy 3 of each same item. One is to watch, one is to keep just in case, and one is to use. Check out this blog for more info. I may not be hardcore yet (I hope not o_O) but if I can afford it, I try to buy at least 2 of items I really love, especially if they’re very rare. For example I have 2 each of Figma Lulu (who I love) and Figma Suzaku (like damn rare cos it is seriously limited goods), Togainu one-coin chibi (love), etc. SO! You just took one step forward towards OTAKUKAI level! XD

  12. Weeh, I know right! The mugs caught my heart so easily lol. Just paid for another batch, this time from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. That’s also why I couldn’t resist the Hibari dakimakura :x But I do agree with you, they should be sexier right? :/ I mean when I look at dakimakura for guys, the girls are like half naked ;_; we want that too!! But really you’re so lucky if dakimakura are pretty much common there @_@ it’s not at all here :( Curse Europe! I honestly think we don’t have anything special here, so sad..and I had a little bit of hope of finding the big pillow here and tried the Ikea website. Not sure if you know Ikea but it’s a Swedish company that sells a ton of nice furniture and other goods for your home. But too big sized pillows rofl :x There went my hope! Though I’m pleased with the Zero and Kaname sheets, no worries :P Hahaha I can sleep just fine xd whenever I’m using the Zero one, I’ll take a picture ofcourse :3

    Oh man you got me all jealous, especially the Junjou shitajiki xd I’ve been wanting to get some but I want so much..I couldn’t decide xd. And you bought such cute fasteners! As long as you’re happy you got em, then it’s alright to spent a lil more on something whether it be the shipping or not xd Wait that’s just an excuse LOL, sorry :P Is that from an anime as well though? I haven’t heard of that title before. Been noting down all these series I have to watch (someday) or yet to continue, dropped alot of things as well :x

    Thank you for your kind compliments haha! I was thinking of getting a new cabinet soon, but I figured I don’t want a glass overload in my room. Like one with glass on the sides of the cabinet..iit will damage the figurines from the sun overtime ._. But with those plushies in there, I don’t have much space left for other figurines..IF I ever decide to buy a sh*tload more :P Only bought 3 more so far which I’ve been looking for, they’re all being shipped to me so pictures soon :) And I’ll probably re-arrange some stuff since I gotta make space xd I’ve been picky with figurines from the start, that’s why I don’t have all that much, plus like you said..they are expensive ._. I can’t see why there’s people with outragious numbers like 100+ figures and it looks like their whole room is a store LOL.
    I have a love for plushies ever since my childhood. Some of the anime ones have been gifted to me, but bought most of em myself :3 Like the BearBee from Kyou Kara Maou (the orange bear plush) I just HAD to get my hands on it when I saw it on the KKnM site, cuteness weakness took over lol.
    I have a ton of non-anime plushies too, and they don’t all fit on my shelves xd

    Yeah the figure that’s broken now, I got it for my birthday a few years ago. So I’m a little sad now :( But super glue to the rescue (hopefully lol) It’s Nakoruru (by Max Factory) from a game called Samurai Spirits. She’s real cute but bound to break as one leg floats in the air with no support haha xd

    Oh yeah I forgot to give the names, I’m so dense :P First one is Rika from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Very good horror anime, if you haven’t seen it..go watch it now! xd Unless you’re afraid of horror or it’s not your type of anime ofcourse, lol.
    You already know the second cup, so third is from Maria-sama ga Miteru. Kinda shoujo-ai/yuri anime and it’s fun!

    Mhm I agree. It’s mostly to just have a high level character and show off, sad indeed. But it seems like nowadays if you’re not a high level char in MMORPG’s or any of those kinda games, you’re a ‘nobody’. Status, power and money is important even in games. It should be the total opposite. Games should be played with none of that, it’s to escape reality for a bit, just relax and play your ass off xd But it’s just my opinion anyways @_@

    I’m also not too familiar with Dead or Alive, I’ve played it a couple of times but it didn’t really impress me. The moves were pretty lame and I’m not surprised there’s a feature to make the boobs bounce bigger ._. They are

    Yeah Soul Eater’s art is unique and the story is refreshing. I’m 2 eps away from the end, but the plot keeps surprising me and I’m like ‘WTF?! NO WAY!’ alot lol! Though Skip Beat is such a good laugh and the characters are so fun. It’s definitely worth to see if you’re in for a big amount of humor combined with drama!
    I read your review and put it on my to-watch list! I also have things to marathon through, so I’m gonna do that first :3

    Oohhh I didn’t even try LOL ._. Usually try that before buying thoughtlessly, my denseness caught me again xd But it looks like they don’t update that often? I keep seeing the same items @_@

    1. Once we have a weakness for something, it takes a hell lot of effort to resist it XD Does Crescent charge you extra 25% (or 2500Yen) for shipping/handling of your mugs? :O I see breakable items handling charge listed on their fees info.

      Yep, they could do waaay better for boy character dakimakura designs. The Hibari one looks like we’re hugging someone ready to beat us up anytime ^^;;; The Vampire knight poses on the bedsheets are so much sexier. How about making your own pillow? I think if you need to import those, shipping may be quite expensive *_* Ikea has stores here too. I don’t remember seeing body pillows on sale tho’ Yep! Please send a pic when you get one :D

      I don’t have many shitajiki/folders ^^ most of what I have are from BL series or those that feature cute guys hehe… Chintsubu fasteners are quite rare I guess. I’ve not seen them anywhere else but *_* so expensive… sigh~ They’re from manga by Yamato Nase-sensei (大和名瀬) About 4 guys who had their chinkos (penis) switched over or possessed and it is a very funny series. I have the BLCDs too. Review/summary here ^^

      In a way it is fortunate I seldom buy PVCs since they’re double/triple the price of figmas and such. I have less than 100 figures now but if I carry on like this, I’ll get there *_* Yes! I noticed the BearBee!!! It is so cute XD I didn’t know it was available for sale. Right now my only plushie temptation is the cat, Nyanko sensei from Natsume Yuujin Chou. I’m resisting it cos I already have a ton of non-anime plushies, all vacuum sealed and tucked away in my wardrobe.

      Notes down “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni”, “Maria-sama ga Miteru”, “Soul Eater”. Too many anime, too little time (T_T)

      I guess when there’re people involved, status, power and money will always be important. Fortunately Maple is more community driven and doesn’t allow players to battle/kill each other. I read stories of other MMORPG where bullying can be really severe.

      I think JPQueen update their books more often. Other items not as much but rare things do surface once a while and in very limited quantity. It’s usually pure luck to stumble upon those :P

  13. No worries Kaz ^^ I’m glad you drop by! Lovely pics you got there. Your phone is being nice!
    Mmm… I’m feeling the allure of these well-made mugs and cups too… -I-must-resist- *_* *Repeat* -I-must-resist-

    Ah~ that’s a cute Junjou poster! I bought Season 2 Junjou pencil board and folder set from comicomi recently and a Chintsubu chinko fastener set from movic. The fasteners were very cute but cost a bomb to import. If I knew how much it’ll cost me in the end, I wouldn’t have bought it *swallowing my silent tears*

    So far we haven’t seen Zero bedsheet pics huh? Kaname is the more popular one. Oh I know, you can have Kaname as bedsheet and Zero as the dakimakura. Bishi overload! XD Can you really sleep?

    I’ve seen that Hibari Dakimakura too. Rare in a market filled with times infinity girl characters. But why can’t they make it sexy like the ones the boys get? Since it costs 9000 Yen, I want my fan service of sexy bishonen poses XD The Vampire Knight ones were definitely good. Anyway I normally also sleep with a dakimakura :P its a carried over childhood habit. We also call it 抱枕 in Chinese (literally translated as “hug pillow” similar to Japanese text 抱き枕) and use the usual bolster cases. I think it is more common in Asia? Cos bedsheet sets I bought in Australia didn’t include bolster cases.

    Your cabinet looks good and the glass display is a must to minimise the dust. You have a very cute plushie collection too XD I agree that you have to be even more selective when it comes to collecting PVC statues cos they’re so expensive to begin with. It is such pain when figures are broken (T_T) As for your new loot of mugs, I only recognised Gintama. Which are the 2 animes feature on the other mugs?

    The in-gold farmers earn $ from providing the service… demand and supply I guess. Well, some people just want a character to show off with but don’t want to invest the time to play it. Sad.

    I remember reading about fighting game Dead or Alive. The player can adjust the amount of “bounce” of the girl characters’ breasts lol~ Ah~ so that’s the catch. I’ve not played it before tho.

    I checked out Soul Eater’s 1st episode. I love the art! XD Story is pretty refreshing too. *adds to watchlist* I heard many good things about Skip Beat. I’ll keep it in mind too ^^ Probably marathon after both seasons are released XD As for Koutetsu Sangokushi, if you can get over the trippy everything, you might enjoy it like I did in the end hehe. My review here.

    For JPQueen, you can add the items to the shopping cart and the shipping fee will be calculated for you before checkout. It is usually a little bit more expensive probably due to handling charges.

  14. Hey hey, been a while..have been busy sorry :( Lol.

    Thank you very much! The Junjou mugs are truly beyond cute ;_; Gah. I’m so glad I have them now, haha!

    I got a whole lot more coming on the way, not just mugs though. I suddenly got the I-really-need-to-buy-merchandise fever :x and I’ve been pre-ordering don’t wanna know lol! Whenever I get something new, I’ll just try to make a picture ( nice..) and then I’ll post it here :3 Been actually thinking of getting a
    dakimakura, they look so comfy and who doesn’t want a hot bishie on their pillow?!!

    Yeah gosh, I read that too :x scary right? People actually play that much and pass out, too bad they really aren’t going to do anything about it. Plus I don’t see how they can avoid these kind of events. I’ve read it happens alot in China recently, cause of the in-game gold farmers they play and level up the characters for Western people. Too lazy to level up your own character..then don’t even play at all! Lol..

    Oh yeah fighting games..guys who use girl characters..that’s actually cute lol. And there’s tons of neat girls in those games. I remember playing Tekken, Mortal Kombat and stuff like that. Awesome characters xd

    I totally recommand Soul Eater, it’s fun and the action is really nice too. I’m not an action type of person, but this is really interesting. Final ep is 51, but no idea if there will be another season @_@

    Ooooh, what a nice song, my god :( I really love Suwabe Junichi ! His voice just gets to me somehow lol. Is Koutetsu Sangokushi any good? I see it takes place in historical settings. Probably gonna check it out this weekend anyways, seeing as some anime are in their season finals and are ending/have ended xd Gives me time to watch other stuff. But I’m so sad..Skip Beat S1 ended :( and now we all gotta wait for S2 ;_; I haven’t laughed this much in a while with anime, Skip Beat really got me hooked.

    Yeah for whenever I’m gonna use JPQueen, I’ll ask for a shipping quote first. I still doubt we have IPMO..The Netherlands is sometimes pretty retarded with this kind of stuff..heck I couldn’t even find a poster tube at the post office..but I have bad sight so maybe I overlooked it LOL.
    I’m glad I can expect what the final shipping will be for sites like HLJ and CDJapan. Makes it so much easier to decide!

    I forgot to upload the Kaname sheet last week so
    here it is. And thinking now, I should have used Zero..because there’s no good bed sheet pictures of him. Oh well :(

    And this weeks
    loot and the

    Junjou poster I got today! It’s so cute, got it on eBay.
    And the

    cabinet I was talking about, the sunlight reflects onto the glass though, so you can’t see everything..and it looks kinda empty midrow on the right. A figurine I had broke so I don’t have that many figurines..I’m too picky when it comes to that xd

  15. Yeah debts are nasty..guess we’re in the same boat here too. Clearing mine as well, rofl ;_; Though, it doesn’t stop me from buying what I want xd that’s the bad thing about it.

    Oh man, I know right. You just think ‘One more level and then I’ll go to sleep’ end up staying way later :( Honestly, I think these kind of games are pretty..dangerous! When I first tried it out (someone introduced me to the game) we played together and it was fun for only an hour or two, then we would go out and do other things. But it was only a matter of time before I got addicted and played nearly the entire day. I think it’s the same with games like WoW, that’s super popular right? Millions of people play it. Makes me wonder if most of em even have a job :x Isn’t it sad? ._.

    Well it’s an entirely new class, but has similarities to the ‘Bandit’ class since it’s close combat (as far as I’ve seen in videos and heard from friends of mine). So it’s probably family of the Thief classes yeah. I wasn’t too impressed, the damage rate didn’t seem all that great..and ANOTHER close-combat character is just bleh.
    Hahaha oh gosh, that’s extremely funny! Nowadays it’s actually normal to beg for Cash shop money/clothing and whatsoever. While I do think alot of girl character players are actually girls..there’s alot of guys playing girl characters as well ._. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing..but I had some male Maple friends who did it on purpose with their girl character, to try and get a guy with a guy character to buy them stuff in-game. Now that’s kinda creepy..It actually worked, that’s the odd thing about it lol.

    Ahhh really? That means I gotta go check it out for sure lol. I started to recognize his voice more often now, also didn’t know he does the voice for Death the Kid from Soul Eater..gosh I’m not so great with seiyuu rofl ;_;
    Ah I’d like to hear it :( Maybe it’s somewhere on the net! -goes to check- I’ve only heard him sing for Prince of Tennis image songs, but I enjoyed it alot. Was looking for the solo album he did for PoT and it was out of print everywhere (this is a couple of years ago xd) Such a shame..
    Yeah Junko-san has a nice voice, it’s the voice I recognize in nearly everything really. Also makes me excited to hear her again in the new PoT OVA, yay!! :3

    Yeah they are less than the more expensive one I had couple of weeks ago. It gave me the idea to let everything from Crescent-Shop shipped by SAL now. Screw EMS !! I don’t mind waiting for a week or two anyways, gotta wait with pre-orders too so why not wait again if it can save me money!

    I haven’t asked the post office yet though, I don’t see anything nice on JPQeen atm xd for now I’ll just use Crescent-Shop. They are nice and helpful!

    I finally took some pictures of my recent loot. Ofcourse I forgot to upload the picture of Kaname on my bed :( I’ll do it next time we talk lol. I’m a newb when it comes to HTML stuff so if this doesn’t work..sue me :( Lol

    CLANNAD heroines, Gintoki, Hijikata
    Lucky Star heroines, Gintoki’s strawberry milk, Madara!
    Junjou mugs set
    Zero likes mugs too..

    1. Lovely sets you’ve got there! They must have been really heavy *_* My fav vote goes to Junjou mugs XD Strawberry milk and Madara! And woo~ Zero is surrounded by them! kekeke. And you’ve got more coming your way? XD It is so hard to resist temptation!

      I’ve read news about young people who die of exhaustion due to gaming (warcraft types). They didn’t sleep for days and then literally dropped dead at the game centre. Somewhere in asia, I can’t remember the exact countries but not in SG tho’. I think you have a healthy gaming habit. Nowadays our lifestyles are overly revolved around the computer screen.

      Yeah, most girls would use girl characters ^^ that was what I started out too hehe. But I know that for fighting games, many guys like to use girl characters. Hahaha I agree about the creepy bit where guys pretending to be girls are flirting (soliciting??XD) with other guys for gifts lol~

      O~ I didn’t watch Soul Eater ^^ although I would love to. So many episodes *_* no time. Mamochan is really popular now, so you get to hear him voice leads in many major anime. He was Kira in Death Note, Setsuna F Seirei in Gundam 00, Tamaki in Ouran High School Host Club just to name a few.

      I found a link to the song I was talking about. It is from the Koutetsu Sangokushi “Go Forward” OST. I have it and it comes with a DVD too. Quite enjoyable. Still available at HMV and CDJapan ^^. As for POT albums, maybe you can try Yahoo Auctions Japan too? That place is really a treasure trove of hard to find goodies.

      It depends on your shipping weight and package size. Sometimes EMS may cost less than SAL/registered SAL! If you have something big and heavy, sometimes EMS may be a better bet and you get it faster :P But if it is a smaller item like for example Kotobukiya Military Shiki figurine, SAL is definitely cheaper and worth the wait. Try asking for a quote before shipping? JPQueen shipping is also slightly more expensive. So we have to compare prices from all over the place to get the best bargains =_=

  16. I would if he wasn’t in debt, haha! I can’t possibly tell him to buy new games, poor guy xd

    Yeah I played alot, on a daily basis really. Which is very bad for your health! But that’s something you don’t notice yourself when you’re addicted xd Though I got out of it and I can’t possibly see myself doing this kind of thing again @_@ That would be horrible.
    Highest is still 200 as far as I know. I don’t read any updates, all I know is that they released a new job, the Pirate. And some new quests ofcourse and other stuff probably.
    Haha a boy character? Yeah I can understand why, it really is a bother when guys approach you if you have a cute girl character. But I guess that’s what youngsters do nowadays :P Rofl, made it sound like I’m ancient too :( And yeah even in the virtual world, your clothing, hair and accessoires seem to matter alot too. Which is pretty sad, also the fact that it needs to be bought with actual money..that’s not a good example at all! Kiddies who use their parents creditcard to buy pixel items, yay! Hahaha xd

    Oh my, Miyano Mamoru has a nice voice too ;_; Omg I had no idea he does the voice for Fuwa Sho (Skip Beat!) Oh man! I did recognize him in a few other anime, what about female seiyuu? For some reason I really love Minagawa Junko’s voice. She did the voice for Echizen Ryoma (Prince of Tennis, yeah I used to be such a fan!) I don’t know what it is but it’s just so..nice and it fits the character so well and it doesn’t sound feminine at all, haha!

    Honestly I wish they would just scrap the whole customs tax nonsense!! I’m a lil scared now..I have like 4 packages on their way to me, not including pre-orders..but still ;_;

    Hmm I’ll look into it, I didn’t see anything about IPMO on our post office website. And they never mentioned anything at the post office..I remember first time I bought something from CDJapan (when they didn’t had PayPal yet..or maybe I didn’t had it..I don’t remember!!) I sent cash in an envelope, rofl. It got there safe and sound though, but wauw..glad there’s no need for that anymore!

    1. Yikes~ debt = bad… I’m actively working at clearing mine too lol~

      Agrees. When I used maple for hours on end, feeling tired and exhausted, yet couldn’t tear myself away from the screen, the little angel in my mind kept asking me…”Why the hell are you doing this? Precious time is slipping away… and you have to sleep!” While the little devil would say, “Just one more level, just one more level…” LOL. Same thing happened when I was addicted to The Sims. While I keep those characters happy and satisfied, I deteriorate and waste away hahaha… the irony.

      Mmm I think Pirate is for the thief class? Sounds interesting but like you, I wouldn’t want to be hooked again. Yea I started with a girl character and the boys always assume the girls are damsels in distress and keep trying to “help” us level up. I just want to be able to enjoy the game and have some privacy. Anyway after switching to a boy character, I really enjoyed looking at my boy bounce around on the screen :P He was once harassed by a girl (I suspect is a male player) character who wanted him (me) to buy her clothes (costing real $) from the virtual shop. Sheesh. Unbelievable.

      Yeah Miyano Mamoru released an album recently! It is very good. I’m planning to buy it in the future ^^ Hopefully the limited edition will still be available by then. =^_^= mmm as for Suwabe Junichi, I have the Koutetsu Sangokushi OST but I didn’t realise he also sang in it *checks CD and falls down* He had a solo, sentimental number “kokoro ni hana no aru mamade” which was very beautiful but I wasn’t too impressed by his singing voice (it sounded flat cos the pitch was a little low for his vocal range) ^^;;; However it grew on me. I found a few other songs which has a more suitable range for his voice. His technique may not be as good as Mamochan but still pretty enjoyable. Minagawa Junko sings well both in her “boy” voice and normal voice :D I like her too!

      Don’t worry :O If your upcoming ones have total values less than your last package, maybe they won’t be taxed?

      I think the post office should have that service ^^ If not, you can enquire at your bank. Wow cash… but if you send by registered mail, it should be ok? :P

  17. He doesn’t have the game lol ;_; That’s sad! But soon he will bring some of his games, so we can play. I haven’t even played Mario Kart for the Wii yet! It’s sold out in our city :( Lame..and too lazy to order online, haha!

    Well I played alot, so then you ‘get to know’ people better, which makes you stay on the same server I guess. Unless they move with you, lol!
    And well you know how alot of people go like ‘I have a level 200 character!’ to ‘impress’ others?.. I really do have a level 200 character .__. that’s why I quit. (I’m not here to impress, don’t get me wrong!!). I ‘finished’ the game, lol. Aside from the 200 character, I had some side characters..about level 20 ish, to store items like you haha!

    Gaah I know right. His voice is usually the one I recognize the first out of all other seiyuu. I agree about the player-type though, lol. It does sound like that but oh so sexy xd I also like his singing for image songs!

    Well I checked the website (I forgot there was a website for it..) and it doesn’t list a specific price, it’s calculated with a certain % over your purchase. I’m not a star with Math, but the more expensive your purchase, the more you gotta pay I guess ._.

    Ah, where do I get an International Postal Money Order?! (Man what a long word lol!) I’ve heard about it before though. Do I get that at the post office? ._. I’m so clueless..

    1. Gaa~ maybe show him some youtube vids of the game to entice him to buy? lol~ XD

      Wah~ Lvl 200! That’s some major time investment ^^ They’ve created new worlds and such. Is the highest level still 200? I remember reading that they’re creating new Job levels for you guys hehe. I mapled cos I was curious what the big fuss was about. I usually just kept to myself or played with my cousin for the brainless stress-relief while training my character hehe. Girl characters always get pestered by the guys who are looking for virtual girlfriends. So pointless since you don’t even know if the player is even a girl in real life =_=;;; The role-playing might have been fun if I were still a teen but I don’t have patience for these things anymore. So I used a boy character in the end. Even then, I was minding my own business while waiting for the ship to fly, my boy was singled out for being gay (he was dressed in cute cupid gear and wings lol~) =_=;;; Virtual world. wow. And I’m considered an antique among the hordes of 10-year-old kiddies in SEA server. I only met less than a handful of working adults over 20 during my short stint in the game. Interesting while the fever lasted tho XD

      Yea, his suave voice is pretty distinctive. I don’t have a list of fav singing seiyuus but Miyano Mamoru tops the list if there was one XD I’ll go check out Suwabe’s.

      For SG, usually customs tax is only applied for imports over a certain price limit (S$400). As for customs security checks, it is mostly random here too.

      Yep, you can buy the international postal money order from your local post office ^^ Make your JPQueen purchase, select IPMO as payment then go to the post office with JPQueen’s payment details and address to buy your money order. If I’m not wrong, you have to airmail JPQueen the money order after that :)

  18. Hm I liked GITS. A lil confusing, but entertaining anyways. I’ll give it a shot. It will be on my ‘to watch’ list!

    Ah. I didn’t know there was a game like this, lol. It looks amusing! My friend has a ton of games, I’ll see if he has it, so I can borrow :P Haha xd

    Hm there’s a Maple Europe version, but yeah..I played Global way before the Europe one. So I didn’t want to switch and start all over xd Plus it just lacks in many ways. Not as fun, slower with patches ofcourse, less content..but whenever I did play Global with the proxy..there’s times when you’re lag free and then there’s terribly laggy days lol :( Though I’m not much of a gamer. I prefer anime!

    Yeah would be nice if a day lasts some cases :P Haha! If it’s a continuation, I’ll have to catch up again too. But it’s nice for the fans, a new bunch of episodes is usually yay-material anyways.

    Haha xd the clock looks real cute and the voices too. Man don’t you love Suwabe Junichi’s voice? So manly, smooth..and cool ;_;

    No clue what our country’s limit is..but I got hit by customs before (long time ago) and I knew it was just a case of bad luck. They just pick out random packages and mine was there..and this time as well, so! Makes your purchases alot more expensive than it is ._.

    Not yet lol!! Didn’t change sheets yet, but when I do, I’ll take a picture. I didn’t have much time this weekend but this week for sure!

    Yeah you’re right. It looks pretty positive as it is now. So probably more stuff will come!
    I was looking at They have a nice selection of new/used items or whatsoever. Though..they don’t accept’s such a shame :(

    1. Haha hope your friend has the game! :D It’s hilarious!

      I don’t have a regular group of friends on Maple so I’m not so apprehensive about migrating servers but having to start all over is a bummer indeed. What is your character’s level in Global? Apart from my main who was around level 60, I have a number of other warrior/thief class characters I use for “item storage” who were all around level 15~30 kekeke I’m more into anime than games too :P

      Indeed! Suwabe Junichi’s voice is very suave and he is often cast as Caucasian characters especially in BLCDs where he speaks with a “funny?” accent hehehe sometimes a bit too smooth-talking for my liking (you know, that Danger sign lighting up and flashing furiously when we meet the player-type?) but his voice is so very sexy.

      Ic~ maybe try writing into the customs dept. to check? Our customs website has the amt listed in the FAQ and I think S$400 is a reasonable amount. I heard that in Indonesia the customs limit is US$50… like O.M.G~ *_* I don’t want to imagine the amount of tax I would’ve had to pay for my items.

      If I’m not wrong jpqueen accepts International Postal Money Order. It’s not as convenient but if the item is very rare and only available there, why not give it a shot ^^ I’ve bought items from them before and they’re pretty reliable. You need to compare prices tho’ cos they usually jack-up the prices of more popular items.

  19. I haven’t watched the anime. Is it worth it to watch though? I’ll look into it anyways xd Already watching (and trying to catch up) to a couple of things. I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day lol!!

    Aw I don’t think I know it, do you know the name of it?

    I had this feeling you’d be from SG, haha! Like when we talked about shipping stuff a while ago, you mentioned they didn’t ship to your it got me thinking @_@
    Haha gosh, so MSEA restricted foreign IP’s too huh. Typical :( Global did the same and restricted European IP’s, so I was locked out and played the game through proxy’s and VPN’s. :( Slow connections, so sad..but I do remember the short time on MSEA. That was fun, everyone was pretty nice too haha!!

    Yeah I read about FMA, then elsewhere I read it would get a remake of the TV series? Don’t know if that’s true lol. I couldn’t even finish FMA back then, it got licensed and I was forced to drop the series. Didn’t have any time to finish it, I guess I should sometime soon then xd Busy indeed!!

    Oh heck, I’ve seen that clock on eBay..for alot @_@ But it does look adorable and it’s a voice clock! Even better :( Gosh after reading your review, I won’t be getting a voice clock anytime soon, it might make me go deaf LOL~ But you know if you enjoy it, then it’s not so bad to pay a bit more than retail price, right? Especially since it was mail-order only :) Be happy with your cute clock :3

    My package with the Junjou mugs and VK sheets got hit by customs, isn’t that amazing ;_; -sarcasm- 40 bucks woohoo ._. I’ll take a picture tomorrow (if phone camera is being nice..)

    I just hope there will be more nice Junjou stuff besides whatever is already available, the like Nendoroids you know. And it’s still pretty sad that big online anime stores don’t have any Junjou goods at all ;_; or well they might do and then they don’t accept PayPal ;_;;;;

    1. Although I personally preferred Ghost in the Shell for it’s action and tighter pacing, I enjoyed Sky Crawlers too. It is a “thinking” movie but the slower pace of the film gives you plenty of time to absorb the messages that it is trying to convey. If you like Serial Experiments Lain, GITS and stories with existentialism themes, I think you’ll probably like Sky Crawlers too.

      Oh~ Here are some reviews of the game, Rayman Raving RabbidsA MUST HAVE PARTY GAME! XD: Review one and two.

      Darn~ why don’t they license Maple in Europe? Slow connections are killers, literally! Imagine it lagging in the middle of a battle… 2 seconds later, your cute little character will be floating on the screen above his grave… *cries* They make it look so cute XP but it is still so painful when it happens.

      I think the new FMA series is a continuation… so I probably have to catch up on the earlier seasons in order to follow it. But gaah~ like you said… there’s only 24 hrs in a day… and I’ve been busy with work too.

      Hehehe I do like the clock ^^ would’ve been better if it was cheaper… I taped it down so it wasn’t so loud already, so no worries there!

      Gosh… how did that happen??? What is the customs limit for your country? I’ve since learnt that ours is S$400. I’ve hit that amouny twice when I first started buying anime R2 DVDs and ended up paying more than S$100 for customs. (T_T)

      So~are you hugging Kaname-sama to sleep now? XD

      Let’s hope. I think Junjou has enough popularity to have more interesting goods. They’re the only other BL work to have figures available after Nitro+ ones! So that’s an awesome breakthrough! Mmm… hopefully more stores would accept paypal soon :-|

  20. I just looked it up, it’s so cute :( lol. Good thing Pinky’s are affordable!

    Yeah I admit the Wii is still a lil expensive, but not as expensive as a PS3 or something lol. And Animal Crossing is fun. I played the GameCube and DS version too. It’s basically the same, just more characters and bugs/fishes you can catch and what not. It’s fun for an hour or two on a daily basis. But it’s definitely not a game you should play all day xd

    Ohh! I sorta guessed you would have played SEA. You’re from the SEA area? Like Singapore or Malaysia? Cassiopeia is the biggest server in Maple SEA right? I played Delphinus for a couple of months. Fun stuff! The GM’s did a ton of megaphones, very enjoyable. Other than that I played Maple Global, haha xd.

    Yay a review :3 I’m curious ! Omg, I didn’t know a new season was going to air. So much for being a (former) huge fan haha, bad Kaz :( But I’m enthousiastic now. I hope it’s better than the National Finals OVA, that wasn’t as fun as I hoped it would be :(

    Gah a clock? I didn’t see any yet, could you link me an image? Was it expensive though? I’d love to get it if it’s cute..but ;_; I ordered so many things recently :( Heck I shouldn’t even be looking at Yahoo Japan auctions but it’s hard to resist..kinda aiming for a figurine or 2 even though I’m not interested in figurines anymore. But I’d still like to get some that I didn’t manage to get. Also speaking of clocks, saw this cute Kanon clock :( -tempted to buy-

    Oh my. You had that kind of dream? Haha! It would be nice to see em in traditional kimono. Let’s cross our fingers xd

    1. ^^ yea~ I’ll place an order for him when I have more budget… I gave a pinky Yuuichi to my friend hehe. Did you watch the anime? It was good but the topic was quite emo. By Mamoru Oshii who directed Ghost in the Shell OVA. The pace seems a bit slow at parts but emotionally moving. The fight scenes were awesome to watch in the cinema.

      I love playing the wii game where there were neurotic/crazy/rabid rabbits. Tried it at my friend’s hehehe it was so funny XD

      Yea, from SG! It was really popular for the last couple of years. I started playing it as a form of “research” but got hooked lol~ I remember meeting Maple Global players on SEA servers occasionally. We used to party with some US players then after a while the local admins decided to restrict the IP cos the servers were getting too crowded :P

      Natsume’s 2nd OST should arrive mid-March ^^ There’re a couple of older series getting OVAs, like Full Metal Alchemist and POT. I’m interested in FMA but that means I’ll have to go back to the first few seasons and recap since I’ve not watched them before =_= but busy busy…

      My review of VK clock. It wasn’t supposed to be expensive but you know when you bid for stuff on auctions, it BECOMES expensive. Sigh~ And I agree, it is very difficult to resist… all those lovely anime goods that we didn’t even know existed in the first place *_*

      Hehe.. I think I was thinking about nendoroid design for Misaki which wasn’t confirmed yet so the dream came about. It was really cute :P

  21. @nici: Woohoo~ cute!!! XD XD If it does well, I hope they make all the characters!

    @Kaz: The only pinky I would buy would probably be The Sky Crawler’s one. Yuuichi is a real cutie ^^

    Ooo~ Wii is on the wish-list but still kinda steep :O I heard good things about Animal Crossing!

    I used to maple on the SEA Cassiopeia server and my main character is a mage… but I stopped at around level 60. I was hooked for about a year and played mainly to de-stress.

    I’ll try to do a review of both Natsume’s OSTs when the second one arrives. ^^ Btw, Prince of Tennis is going to have a new season… I don’t go after the series but I bet it’ll rekindle your fire?

    One of my purchases arrived… Vampire Knight voice clock! The order was placed before my $$$ issue. Thanks for the encouragement and YES, I’ll make the $ back! *clenches fist* But I think I probably won’t buy the bedsheets so soon. Would you get the clock too?

    My dream of Misaki in traditional kimono didn’t happen but I hope they release special new year versions similar to the Haruhi ones in the future!

  22. Haha thing is, I don’t even own any Pinky’s, so no ;_; I’d love to get some but I’m really picky so I can’t decide which ones I like best lol. It would be awesome if they made some Card Captor Sakura ones..but no way they will ;_;

    Oh wow I know what you mean. When PC’s still ran on DOS and all yeah, there were some fun RPG’s out there. I don’t know any names, but I used to play some at family members houses lol.
    I still own a PS but I don’t know where I put the wires :( So fun though, it did have alot of good games, not just RPG’s but I was crazy about Spyro LOL..and Tekken 3 haha!! Now I own a Wii and I play Animal Crossing on it only, I try to play everyday for an hour or so, but even that is hard to accomplish nowadays haha.
    Man I wouldn’t have guessed you played MapleStory..I’ve played it too :x Alot, probably too much. For how long have you played and what server if I may ask? Lol

    Cute, it comes with mini-cards :( I’ll just go find the OST somewhere and then decide if I’ll buy it or not xd I’m not so much of an OST person, though I do own a bunch of Prince of Tennis CD’s.. I used to be crazy of that xd

    Yeah and while I wait for the package, I couldn’t help but order a bunch of other stuff too..AGAIN. Yay for pre-orders lol!

    Aww that’s a shame, but you’ll make it back eventually. Sometimes there’s situations you can’t avoid, right :( Then you gotta pay up, bye monies ._.

    Misaki’s character design is cute huh ;_; So sad we all gotta wait till August or whenever they are supposed to come out!

  23. Haha I’m terrible with my hands :x Not creative or artistic at all! But I did want to try and buy some Pinky Street and then modify them..but that’s not really sculpting :( lol.

    Got drawn to the dark side easily huh :P -knows the feeling- RPG’s are fun but very time consuming yeah. I can’t see myself playing any for now. What have you played besides FF? I used to be a Grandia 1 fan, I don’t own any merchandise from’s so rare, but I loved the game and was upset I couldn’t finish off the final boss haha :x didn’t bring enough potions into the dungeon ;_;;; -cries-

    My gosh, you do have alot of DVDs !! Don’t say you don’t, cause you really do!! (Confusing huh?! LOL) It must have cost alot huh? I still think DVDs are too expensive, but thin packs are okay. Individual DVDs are so..gosh my wallet would suicide! But you got a whole bunch of nice series there. Though, Natsume isn’t licensed yet right? Maybe they will include the goodies there too yeah, would be nice. How’s the OST?
    I’m a newb with DVDs, but do you think it’s actually worth to buy some series on DVD? I only own some Ghibli movies on DVD, but no series or anything. But isn’t blue-ray the new craze now? :x

    Yeah I was impatient, went ahead and bid on an auction and lost. Next day got a message from Crescent-shop, my mugs finally arrived lol. Good thing I lost the other auction!! Lmao ;_; Will make a pic when I get em in together w/ the VK sheets :)

    Mhm I ordered from CDJapan before, some cd’s or whatever. It was a long time ago but I liked their service. It was fast, so I’ll probably end up getting some mugs anyways. That’s the only site (from what I’ve seen) that still has a Higurashi mug for pre-order. Must..have !

    Haha must be hard to resist merchandise right? Don’t you have the feeling like, watch this anime and you come to like it, then you look up some merchandise and order a bunch of stuff while you were supposed to be saving up your monies! Haha :x I have that, so I decided to put a max. limit of how much I want to spent monthly on anime related stuff, the rest goes to bills/food/monies for vacacation! Yeah saving up is definitely better at crisis times like these ._.

    1. Pinky St. is cute ^^ but I consciously try to avoid buying any for myself… cos it’ll be a downward spiral to spending more ~$$$~ Did you modify any? :D
      Hmm… FF RPGs would be the latest one I played. I used to play AD&D RPG PC games which I completed but that was like seriously historical times when computers ran on Windows 3.1 and DOS lol~ I never owned a PS/PS2 when I was a kid and now that I’m working and can afford one, I don’t have much time to play it. Kinda sad. =_= Well, if Maplestory counts as RPG, then yeah it is one of the (brainless and time-wasting XD ) games I used to be crazy about.

      To be honest, there’re just too many good series out there, it is just financially impossible to buy everything. If budget allows, I’ll buy the DVD movie/series that I really like for keeps and to share with interested friends. Nice packaging and extras help in making the final decision I guess. Same goes for OSTs. I don’t have a Blu-Ray DVD player so I won’t buy those for now. Phew~ but I’m kinda tempted by the latest Advent Children release o_O

      Natsume OST has some quirky and soothing tracks, so it brings a smile when I listen to it. It won’t blow you away like some soundtracks do but it is overalll an enjoyable OST ^^ I couldn’t help pre-ordering the Season 2 OST *sweatdrop*. As a nice bonus, the first-press editions come with a few mini cards that feature the Youkai characters ^^

      Heheh… awesome! So everything turned out well kekeke. Can’t wait to see the pix of your goods XD

      As for budgeting… oh well, it was supposed to be on track for me but there were some unexpected expenses which turned it upside down. It’ll take a couple of months to make it right again :(

  24. lol~ for a newbie sculptor who is a perfectionist, the feeling after looking at the result is even more painful XD but it’s ok. Still fun hehe… try it!

    I’m not a big FF fan since I don’t have the time or skill (bosses kill me!) to complete the series. I enjoy RPG but it takes too darn long. Time is not a luxury that I have. I love the character designs tho :) and the cut-scene videos are awesome to watch. I have Advent Children Play Arts Figures and characters here and there from the various FF games. A few impulse buys which I regretted *long sigh* But they were my first purchases as I began my journey down the dark side of figure collecting, so I guess that can’t be helped ^^;;;

    Lol~ nah my friend won’t be tempted by anime goods. I’ve been trying to convert her for years. Haha XD

    Natsume is a beautiful anime and very refreshing. It is the genre I enjoy. I got my grubby hands on the OST hehe. I really struggled against getting the Region 2 DVD although I would love the drama CD bundled with it. Hopefully it gets licensed in English with all the goodies intact :) For example, Code Geass Limited Edition Region 1 DVD has got to be the best bundles ever. Made me regret getting the R2 DVD cos I ended up buying the R1 DVD as well. =_= I don’t have a big DVD collection. They’re expensive after all. For R2 DVD, I have Code Geass S1, Death Note, Tsubasa Chronicles S1, Darker than Black, Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto, Junjou Romantica S1,2, Fuyu no Semi, Ai no Kusabi, Ouran High School Host Club etc and R1 DVD, Kyou Kara Maou S1, X, Trinity Blood, Mushishi, Wolf’s Rain, Witch Hunter Robin, Embracing Love, Code Geass S1, Tsubasa Chronicles S1, etc. Add that to my drama CD/OST collection and figures? The list is long enough to cripple my retirement plans HAHAHA XD *kidding*

    Well, be patient. I’m sure you won’t miss out your mugs ^^ CDJapan shipping maybe expensive depending on the weight of the item you order. CDs/DVDs are ok but yeah I guess mugs and such would be a killer *_*

    I have a couple of insurance plans in place but Zer0 cash savings. Been feeling guilty about the spending for a long time already ^^;;; that’s why I finally made the resolution to save up. The recent $$$ crisis may have contributed to the determination. Yeah, logically speaking, I’m not supposed to buy bl/anime/game mechandise anymore. :P

  25. After posting that yesterday, I found it for pre-order at too. But it says sold out, so you might wanna e-mail them and ask if it’s still available for pre-order @_@

    I’ve never thought about sculpting really. But I can imagine it being tough if you’re a perfectionist lol. Plus if it doesn’t even look anything like the character you’re trying to make..-laughs- xd That would be a shame right !

    Gah I saw the uniform ones too, they do look yum :( men in uniforms <3 But yeah I have the first ones, in their normal outfits. They look nice and all but I don’t want em anymore! Do they really go for 50 bucks on eBay? ;_; Cause that would be awesome. What about the Shiki one? 50 bucks too or less?

    Ah is it only available for the PS2? I don’t have a PS2 lol ;_; I’ve heard so many good things and you tell me it’s good must be something good about it lol. I like Disney though but I couldn’t imagine them together in that game, you know? :x
    Oh so you have more FF figures? Awesome lol. You’re a big FF fan? I’ve played a part of FF7..and I didn’t like it one bit .. I’m sorry :( lol! People tell me I’m crazy cause I didn’t like it. It’s just a matter of taste though, but I did enjoy FF9 for the parts I played (didn’t finish it all).
    Haha what a silly friend :P she got cursed by the lovely looks of Kaname. Now the both of you have to buy the sheets! Go go xd My sheets won’t be coming in for a while, it’s combined shipping with the Junjou mugs..which haven’t arrived yet lolol. Great ._. KKNM didn’t e-mail me back in time..the auction is ending soon..*freaks out* What do I dooo ;__;;

    It’s like you can read my mind! I totally ordered the Natsume Yuujin Chou tea cups, they are a march restock and back-order for the Madara one, but I’m positive about em being restocked :) The anime is amazing too. I love the relaxed feeling it gives me. And the music is very nice too. This is exactly what I need. I like a ton of genres though. But you know sometimes you get tired of the same kinds of series? Because it’s been done too much? This one gives off a new vibe lol. Spirit-type of anime have been done ofcourse, but the story seems unique and the way of releasing the spirits by giving them their names back.
    Man once I start talking..I just go on and on :x sorry lol. But yeah Gintama has a ton of nice tea cups and mugs too. Ordered some mugs now, tea cups aren’t available on HLJ so I might try CDJapan, but the shipping kills me (and my wallet)!
    Yeah it’s a shame but Animaxis is working on a regular PayPal system, just takes time :(

    I noticed too, the Japanese DVDs are freaking expensive! I wonder why ? I see that alot of em have limited edition versions, but a bunch of merchandise or a nicely detailed artbox and whatsoever. I tried to start buying DVDs too, but I just found it too expensive :( And a couple of years ago, fansubbers used to drop projects cause of a whole bunch of things being licensed. Which got me to drop tons of anime I had been watching. Now streaming is so common, I try to continue it all lol. But I gotta say, DVDs do like nice in their artbox and such. They would make a nice collection on a shelf or where ever. Which series do you own? And what cd’s do you have? If I ask too much, tell me :P I’ll stop rofl.

    Ah yeah I do have a savings account, but I don’t touch it anymore. So that money is safe. I just tend to spent my whole salary, which comes onto a different account, on things that I don’t need :( Sad isn’t it. I do try to only pick the stuff I truly hard to resist cute stuff right?!
    Rofl, it’s good you’re saving up though. Better to see a 0 yeah. Gosh you used to see a 0 or close to it every month before you started saving up? xd Bad ! No more merchandise for you! Lol.

  26. Wah you tried sculpting yourself? Amazing @_@ Is it really hard? It sure looks like it though, looking at official releases and such, there’s many beautiful PVC’s and what not out there.
    But yeah I’ve seen some nice male figurines. The Kuroshitsuji ones are very nice looking..but hard to get and pretty expensive ._. Do you know about the Togainu no Chi figurines? I have the Akira and Shiki ones. I didn’t even play the game or anything but they were so I don’t feel the need to keep em anymore and I’ve been trying to sell em :( no success lol. And they’re new in box! ;_;

    I’m sure they will be awesome, with or without accessoires like you said :) They printed the Misaki picture here
    So cute ;_;

    I got friends who played it and they’re like “Omg Kingdom Hearts is the best and blabla” Not really my kinda game and the Disney characters are a turn off for me lol! But those figurines do look nice. They are pre-orders right? I say go for them! But then again, I’d always tell you to go for something cause I’m a big spender myself haha xd So don’t listen to me. I’m bad influence :P Like with the Vampire Knight sheets. They do look nice right? And I think that’s actually worth getting, it has a use. It’s not something you lock away in a cabinet and stare at it from time to time. So you go monitor the auctions and tell me when you’ve bid on something :3

    Oh! I’ll look more into the vacuum bags then. Might come in handy when I leave the house (someday LOL ._. )

    :( Super worried about the mugs actually. The auction ends in 1 day, no e-mail yet from KKNM ;_; ahhh what to do.. You know, Animaxis keeps restocking them and then it goes out of stock again. Thing is..I still can’t order there, even when I want to pay with PayPal, they told me I need to check out with a creditcard first and THEN pay with PayPal. But I said I don’t have a creditcard ;_; -cries- They are so cheap there too, it’s not faaaairr!!

    Yeah :( now I got 11 pre-orders, some include back-orders. Things get sold out fast at HLJ ._. but I have hope here. Mugs and tea-cups are so adorable..must buy!
    You buy cd’s and dvds huh? I don’t anymore, besides Ghibli movies on dvd. I rather stream anime on the pc or download some related songs. Not very supportive but I try to support my hobby with the merchandising side lol. I’m pretty bad at saving up, so I usually spent a bunch of money in one go :( teach me how to save up lol.

    Hi Kari, I think most people here pre-ordered it here
    Someone posted a link to it a while ago (I forgot who, but credit goes to that person!) But it seems like they took all the pre-orders they can get. And I don’t know if Chara-Ani ships overseas but they have it for pre-order here too
    Hope it helps you out @_@

    1. @Kari, yea, the few of us here ordered Junjou nendoroid from Nihonju as stated by Kaz (link was provided by nici) It is a Chara-ani online exclusive and they’ll be taking pre-orders until 31 March. Hope you can get yours too! Good luck!!!

      @Kaz: I think general sculpting isn’t that difficult but trying to make it look like a character you want is xD It is fun too! And therapeutic.

      I try to limit myself to only a select few PVC statues (Togainu and Lamento) and buy mostly action figures. I have the Military version Akira and Shiki (Men in uniforms…HOT!). Did you have those or the 1st versions? I think you shouldn’t have problems selling the 1st versions of the couple on eBay. Recently I saw one 1st version Akira being sold at US$50. Military (normal black) versions are still available for sale so they’re not as rare and in demand.

      Kingdom Hearts was pretty good ^^ I was also kinda doubtful about how the 3D versions of Disney characters would go with the storyline but they were surprisingly cute. A long time back, I played it with my friend on PS2 but I suck… (as usual) She would clear all the stages so easily and I just kinda struggled along if I played the same stage. I enjoy watching her play tho’ Hmm~ I’ll keep my Kingdom Hearts pre-orders for now. I still have about 2 months to think about it before they’re released. Indeed *_* my FF figures ARE locked away in the cabinet and I don’t even stare at them from time to time at all. sigh~ Small living spaces are… sigh~ yesh my dear VK sheets are droolicious… I showed the link of Kaname Dakimakura you gave me to my friend who likes the guy and she went OOoOOoo~ but she’s not that into anime in general and isn’t the type who buys anime merchandise tho. *continues to monitor auctions + exchange rate keke*

      Wow, 11 mug pre-orders! XD Besides Junjou ones, I like the tea cups, especially those of Natsume Yuujinchou and Gintama. Yep, HLJ sells out really fast. Say I see the pre-order list today and in a few days most of them are gone, especially Cospa stuff. *_* oh my… I usually check out with my credit card then email animaxis… but I didn’t know they couldn’t create an order manually for us if we request for it.

      Yea, I buy the CD/DVD if I really like the anime/music/drama/game. There’re lots more works that I like but haven’t been able to buy due to budget constraints. Japanese imports are seriously expensive, especially DVDs *_* So I try to wait for the licensed R1 versions if I can help it. Open an account with the bank that *locks* your money in as savings (go look for something with high interest rates) ^^ that’s what I did beginning of this year. One of my 2009 new year resolutions is to have some cash savings for rainy days. It’s quite exciting to see the money accumulate rather than looking at a near 0 at the end of every month *dead* LOL~

  27. Hmmm… I have a question for you gals. I’ve been trying to find the Junjo Romantica – Petit Nendoroid Set of 3 Limited figures but cannot find them… or they are sold out. Where did you order yours? They are rather tricky to get a hold of… I would really appreciate any help or hints thrown my way…. really, anything would help. Thanks…

  28. Yeah it’s a very nice hoodie for casual wear! That’s why I wanted it so bad :( lol.

    I know right, if there were more male figurines I’d be pretty much broke too ._. It’s still a shame though, there’s tons of popular male characters out there..but no figurines :(

    Aww April is still pretty far away. But if you really like Kingdom Hearts, might as well get em anyways? I think stuff like that will be sold out fast if you don’t pre-order on time. I didn’t play Kingdom Hearts so I’m not sure how big the fanbase is.

    Hm I see so I guess the Junjou ones won’t come with accessoires then because they are Petite ones? I’m not too familiar with Nendoroids sorry xd but still excited neverthless lol!

    Wah vacuum storage bags? Where do you get those :x I would love that for my regular non-anime plushies! Gosh, that’s a good idea.

    Haha I got that link from somewhere..I forgot and I soon as I got to see the dakimakura I was like.. “Heh..if I own these sheets..I can do the same thing!!!” Plus they just look nice! Get them too!! Super expensive on eBay though, might wanna try Yahoo Japan too :)

    I ordered the mugs through Yahoo Japan but the seller is awfully slow and still hasn’t sent out the package to Crescent-shop so..I’m worried because they are so hard to get x.x sold out everywhere. There’s still 1 pair on Yahoo so I might bid on that and just resell one pair later..IF I ever get the first pair ._. And maybe KKNM still has some, so I’m trying there too :( *sigh*

    Oh wow video recording with a digi-cam, I forgot that’s possible too lol >< When I have more monies I’ll buy a new camera, but for wallet will be busy with the amount of pre-orders I did for anime mugs xd

    1. yeah, the hoodie is a very stylish choice! Love it! ( ^_^)b

      I was chatting about this with another friend akiyama and our conclusion for the lack of good male character presence? Make our own!!! But easier said than done ^^;; My sculpting results were still fail at the start and I haven’t even gone to the baking and painting stage yet *roll eyes at self* Apart from One Piece, there’s a slight increase in the number of pretty/handsome statue/action figures (not gashapon) of characters in Square Enix works (FF, Kingdom Hearts, Kuroshitsuji), Sengoku Basara, Vagabond, Harukanaru, Lelouch, Kaworu… and our Nitro+ boys ^^ but that’s about it I think. It’s really like a ratio of 1: 38217368237 girl figures XD

      I think Junjou’s Nendoroid Petite would be really cute, even without accessories, it’ll be nice to display them. It is such a long time to wait tho… July *dies*
      I think Kingdom Hearts should have a relatively strong following? Not too sure myself either. I’ve played the game but not completed it. Pics of Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth and Cloud. I’ve noticed that Square Enix usually will restock their sold-out items after a year or so but then again they may not. Hmm~ still considering (T_T)

      I bought those vacuum bags from local Daiso. Flattens the bigger plushies and soft toys. Very space saving ^^ You don’t need a vacuum for it to work either. Just squeeze the plushies inside, then sit on it to get the air out lol~ It costs about US$1.50 per piece.

      *_* I’m officially on budget mode. I know I should not indulge in the bedsheets. HUGE SIGH. But I’ll monitor the auctions anyway… maybe when impulse strikes… :P And don’t worry *pat pat* I’m sure the mugs will get to you safely!

      hehehe your money is tied in pre-orders? So is mine… of cds, dvds and figures *dead* all the way till July/Aug (if you count Junjou’s nendoroid petite) Must work hard $$$ I really wanted a good camera to shoot my figures with, so I saved up for it XD

  29. No worries! ^^ Wow that’s an awesome looking hoodie! I think it looks cool even to people who doesn’t watch anime or know about One Piece.

    Yep, there aren’t many great male figurines to splurge. I’m thankful in a way… if not I’ll be even more broke.

    Mmm fortunately so far, I haven’t regretted cancelling a couple of pre-orders I made. I figured they were nice-to-haves but not must-haves. I’m considering cancelling 2 pre-orders for Kingdom Hearts version Sephiroth and Cloud. They won’t be available till end April so I’m still struggling with the final decision but times are hard indeed.

    Nendoroids are about 10~15cm tall, so I wouldn’t say they’re small. They usually come with a few faces you can change with, sometimes hands and often with some accessories. Expensive but the quality is very good. Nendoroid Petite is smaller and usually doesn’t come with accessories. Similar to Lamento chibis. I don’t own any Nendoroid Petite. Junjou’s will be my first XD

    What a pity to throw the boxes away *shakes head* I’ve packed all my plushies into vacuum storage bags to save space. I don’t have much space under the bed cos there’s an old mattress and bed-frame in there, so the wardrobe is the best place.

    Wow the sheets look lovely. I like that it was used like a Daki Makura/bolster as shown in the photos :9~ yummy! You’re so tempting me, you know?

    The glasses are pretty! Did you also buy the Junjou mugs?

    I picked my current camera cos I wanted something simple to operate :P The awesome thing is that it is so far the only digital camera in the market that allows camera zooming while video recording ^^ and the price is reasonable too.

  30. Gah sorry for the late response again. Kinda busy with work xd but that’s life !

    But yeah gosh, I guess it’s mostly the currency exange rate. That really did kill my wallet too! It just made me wonder if that’s also why things got a little more expensive..

    Well One Piece is a long running anime but honestly, it’s worth it! But I might be just saying that cause I like long series..though, the humor and action are fun, the characters are interesting. You won’t be bored unless there’s a filler, not everyone likes fillers but it doesn’t bother me too much with One Piece. I’ve seen way worse. But well to celebrate the fact that I finally caught up to the latest ep (was waiting for some eps to come out so I could watch em in one go) I ..ofcourse, had to buy something. Which resulted in a hoodie and took a picture of it while my phone camera was being nice for that day;

    And as much as I like the P.O.P series, I’m not getting any besides the ones that I have right now, which are Portgas D. Ace and Sanji. I really wanted those, they are my fav characters, plus I feel like there’s just not enough nice male figurines out yet.

    But speaking of “pre-order and OMG-how-could-I-have-missed-out-that-figure-cries?!? type of frenzy” I was like that too lol! So I can completely understand. Even now I’m hunting for some figurines that I didn’t pre-order or canceled ordering for whatever reason. So hard to find though..and when you do find em..$_$ Expensive..

    Nendoroids are the new craze it seems. They do look nice but quite small right? I don’t own any yet, pre-ordered the Junjou ones ofcourse xd lol So I’m very excited. Do most current released Nendoroids come with alot of accessoires? I see there are play sets as well, guess it must be super popular then.

    Next week I’ll try to make a picture of the cabinet. It’s pretty big but since I only got the figurines (and plushies in there too) that I really wanted, it’s not too full.
    Maybe it would be handy to get storage boxes that can be placed under your bed so your wardrobe won’t be overloaded with boxes xd You know there’s actually people who throw away the figurine boxes ._. .. such a shame lol.

    Hm I’m still waiting for my own sheets, but I can show you an example. They aren’t printed on 1 sheet together though, they are separate ones for single beds. But I own a double bed so I figured I’d just put both sheets right next to eachother (when I get them) so it still looks like 1 big sheet! Here’s an example of a Kaname sheet:
    They are made of satin so I bet they feel nice to sleep with lol.

    The pictures look real nice. It must be an expensive camera though lol. But it’s probably best to invest in one that you can use for more than just a year. Cause my HD digi-cam died in 1 year and you might know how bad camera’s like that are, you had one too :P lol! My mom insisted on getting that one and I wanted something else like a Sony Cybershot, seemed alot better but oh well! I’ll look more into this but I have to say my phone camera has been nice with me this week and I was able to make some decent pictures.
    So as promised a picture of my Junjou glass set which I received a couple of days ago :3

  31. god that eye mask is so cool
    but sadly i dont have the special talent to use eye masks they always end up comming off.
    buying yaoi in kino is funny xD i always end up with weird looks
    yaoi pride LOL jks

    1. I wanted the eye mask… but it is just too expensive after all the additional costs. *shakes head*
      Wah~ I never mustered the courage to buy Yaoi over kino counter and don’t think I can ever do that. *salutes rain* <(^^)

  32. Hmm *rubs chin* Most of the items I buy are still around the same price for similar items released after… but the currency exchange rate kills me. Maybe cos they’re already expensive to start with *dies* and now it is much worse. I try to limit to buying action figures if I can, and an occasional statue/chibi if it is a must-have or mega sale.

    I’ve only watched one or two episodes of One Piece on TV quite a while back. Looks interesting but this series is so long. I don’t dare to start :P The POP figure series looks very well-made and high quality… which character do you have? ^^ As I became more mature about this hobby, I also realised that some products are clearly just milking the fan’s money and I’m learning not to fall into the “trap” *_* In the beginning I was just kinda swept away by all the pre-order and OMG-how-could-I-have-missed-out-that-figure-cries?!? type of frenzy.

    Actually, the items I bought were all good quality and nice, since I mostly buy figures by Kotobukiya, Medicom’s RAH, Goodsmile’s figma and nendoroid. It’s just that either my fandom didn’t last or they were impulse buys of characters I found cute/cool but wasn’t a fan of *sweatdrop* But to resell them on eBay, I think I’ll be making a loss, so I don’t feel it is worth it, unless I really need the $ :(

    Wow how big is your cabinet? I still keep all the boxes for figures I display (eg. figma Lulu and Suzaku are sitting on top of my PC…) or take out for photo shoots. So the boxes just take up space in my wardrobe-turned-storage… it’s a necessary evil tho. They’re useful if we need to store the figures away in the future.

    Yea~ XD as for the bedsheets, is it kaname on the right and zero on the left kinda design? kekeke…

    I recently invested some $ on a Fujifilm Finepix S2000 HD. You can see the results of it on my latest 2 photo entries of Chun Li and NaotoxNaoya ^^ I’m still playing and experimenting with it. My older pics were taken with other dummy digi-cameras, my mum’s Fujifilm FinePix A820 (very good and affordable camera) and a really old HP digi-cam (a regrettable buy on hindsight)

  33. I think figurines got alot more expensive recently, or it might be my imagination..
    For example, I’m not sure if you watch One Piece, but they have the Portrait of Pirates figurine series. The older ones were at a reasonable price but the newest ones..gosh. I’m not getting myself any anymore ._. I only have 2 anyways lol.
    And so many 1/8 scale figurines lately..I want to get my hands on a 1/6 or something!

    I can totally feel you though about the whole spending money thing, especially with figurines there’s just so many nice ones right, you just want to have em, but when you actually got could be quite disappointed or think you didn’t really want em after all. But that’s only AFTER you’ve bought em! Lol. Though if you regret buying some, could always sell em on eBay or whatsoever. I’m probably gonna do that myself too, not too pleased with some of the stuff I bought..

    Such a shame you don’t have much space to display yours! But keeping them in their boxes also has its good points, they stay nice that way. And storing boxes is a pain. I have this huge cabinet, top part has glass and behind the glass are my figurines and on the bottom is like a storage part with doors so you can’t see the messy boxes in there, very handy @_@ You know those glass only cabinets/displays? They look nice but I always wonder where people leave their boxes..

    Yeah I got all hooked to Vampire Knight and the bedsheets caught my attention, its such a good type of merchandise to buy. It actually has a use!

    On a different note, speaking of taking pictures right..what kind of digital camera do you have? I want phone pictures just don’t do justice.

  34. Sorry for the late reply xd been busy!
    I haven’t really read anything else on your blog, do you have alot of figurines then?
    You should totally make a picture of your collection @_@

    Collecting gift wrapping is not silly xd but it’s the first time I’ve heard about it! I can see the quality of it going down after a couple of years yeah. Figurines last longer, unless they are exposed to the sun often and..stuff lol.

    So remember I said I’m bidding on Japanese auctions and stuff? :) Well the shipping costs are killing my wallet on this one too! Lol, though I haven’t bought anime/manga merchandise in 2 years, might as well just get something I truly like once in a while.
    So after bidding on that Junjou glass set..I couldn’t stop myself from bidding on the Vampire Knight Kaname and Zero bedsheets..and I won @_@ -dances-

    1. Ah~ me too, no worries ^^)/ You must take care too!

      I’ve only started collecting figures about a year or two ago and it has already burnt a big hole in my pocket. A scarily obsessive hobby to get into. I’m learning to slow down and get only the figures I really like now. The temptation to buy is still great tho’. I have to remind myself about all the $ I’ve already poured into this hobby and it helps to put things into perspective more. I don’t think I’ll want to take a pic of all the figures together tho’. It’ll be a great hassle to put them back into their boxes cos I don’t much space at home to display them. I have figures from a number of series, and mostly still stored nicely in their boxes. Some are unopened. I haven’t counted the exact number but I think I do have a lot *_* I’m regretting a little about some of them but it’s too late now lol~ ~$$$~ Gift wrapping paper was definitely a much cheaper hobby!

      Shipping is expensive! Most of my $ went into that too. Hehehe I’m sure you’ll enjoy sleeping with (literally) Kaname and Zero XD

  35. Looking forward to seeing them! XD

    Hmm… I like too many things… *_* but mainly figures and any pretty BL goods that I happen to like… artbook, clear folder, pencil board, towel, post card… etc, if budget allows. I’ve resolved to save more $ so I have to cut down on my spending.

    It sounds silly but I used to collect gift wrapping paper many years ago but after a while, I realised that paper can turn brown *sweatdrop* so I stopped lol~ but the better quality ones are still usable. Phew~

  36. Thank you :3 I can’t wait for the glass set to come in :( I’ll try to make pictures with my phone then!
    Though not sure if I’ll only display or actually use em…..they are glasses so I assume they will live for a long time unless they break :x lol
    Don’t want them to break ofcourse :( Ahh what a dillemmaaa @_@ I’ll think about it more..
    So what’s your most favorite type of goods thingie? Since you now know I like glasses/cups/mugs, what’s your fav?!

  37. I just came accross this page by accident while I was browsing for JR goods, and reading from the post above found that comi-comi ships internationally. Unfortunately, I have been stuck at the registration stage – mainly the address – can’t figure out what goes first ^^; Can you help and could point me the way to your guide if its possible. Comi-comi is currently my Yaoi heaven.

  38. Oeh!! I came across this site a few days ago, but didn’t bookmark it @_@
    Thanks for showing me it, my savior ;_; ahh! More goodies I’d like to own!
    It seems like I’ll have to request stuff as well, hehe!

    Oh yeah I’d like to tell you, I won that Junjou glass set ! -happy dance-
    Now I just gotta wait for them to ship it, yay :3

    I’m finally gonna admit to my maybe,..slighty weird habit. I’m so fond of glasses/cups/mugs and now I have the funds to buy some, so that’s what I’m going to do..(for my future house) that silly or what? ._. lol

    Btw you don’t mind me posting here? I don’t wanna ruin your blog ;_;

    1. @Kaz: Glad to help! Mandarake is a treasure trove of stuff! XD
      Wah~ congrats for winning the glass set. Nothing to be shy about your collecting hobby! Glasses make very lovely display pieces too! Would you use them other than for display? No worries about posting here cos you’re always welcome! XD

      @Saz: I’ve put up a quick one for ya… see latest post ^^ and good luck! keke.

  39. Yeah, Yahoo Japan Auctions is a treasure trove *nods* and happy wallet bleeder which is made worse with the commission/handling/shipping (T_T) *cries with you*

    Another good place to look for used/older (rare?) items is Mandarake shop They accept paypal! The selections can’t compare with YJA but it is not a bad place to compare prices with before we burn those $$$ Similarly, their Japanese shop has more items than their international shop but we can still try our luck and write in to request. ^^

  40. Mhm xd

    Thank you :3
    I’ve been browsing Yahoo Japan Auctions. Man they have a ton of cute stuff, rare stuff too! Most of it is pricey though.. ._.
    I’m a big fan of Card Captor Sakura, so I was looking for figurines/statues, but gosh!
    Those prices made me cry :(

  41. Haha it was my dream to have my own anime/manga/game store xd Man thatd be so cute lol!
    I just made use of a Japanese Shopping Service, Crescent-shop.
    I don’t really get their system, but I bid on 2 auctions. So we’ll see if I get the things I bid on! Pretty exciting though, you know those Junjou glass set on ? I’m trying for those ! Ahh, so cute :(

  42. Yeah it’s definitely better to save it for now. Some stuff dropped in price, other things went up. It’s so weird @_@

    Starting your own shop might be fun. I wish I had my own store!

    1. Maybe those items are cheaper cos of promotions or sales?
      Yea, one of my childhood dreams was to own a manga/anime cafe ^^;;; but in reality $$$ is still a main factor if we’re going to depend on the store for pay lol~

  43. Yeah I hope the eyemask will be available soon, not just on Animaxis cause I can’t order there yet :(
    Though, I’m shocked at the prices of the eBay auctions now..they went up so high in such a short time. $52 for the apron, just wow.
    I don’t think I’ll bid on that lol!

    I wish there would be more sites that sell shounen-ai and yaoi merchandise. There’s like barely any good sites! :/

    1. Hope to hear good news about your animaxis order soon! :O
      I think the prices of items on ebay are also affected by currency exchange rate too… and when we add the shipping cost… I think it is better to save the money for later.
      Yea, BL stuff are not as easily available *_* and we have to be careful about bootlegs too.

  44. Hm yeah they suggested me to do the same as what you’re saying, though I have no creditcard so I’m seeing if they can help me arrange an order anyways, through PayPal but w/ my bank account :x

    Hopefully they’ll just make PayPal an option you can pick right from the start sometime this year..actually I wish more shops would accept PayPal instead of just creditcards :( I don’t like this!

    Oh and I got a reply from the person w/ the eBay shop selling new Junjou stuff. And I see they put up the pair mug, apron and bag up for auction. So you might wanna try and get those for a lower price. The eBay store is called ‘fujoshigirlz’.

    And I’m not sure if you’re looking for anything specific, but she also has Kuroshitsuji things, mostly stickers and mobile seals. And Kyo Kara Maou thingies. Though that’s all for personal orders that doesn’t involve eBay (actually, I didn’t check if those are in her eBay shop too xd), which I’m doing as well.

    1. Yeah I’ve also suggested having the paypal option added and they told me they want to but it isn’t easy for them to change their shopping cart system. Mmm to look on the more positive side, at least they still entertain enquiries/request for manual orders ^^

      As for Junjou stuff, I’m still looking for Hiroki’s piyo eye mask which I hope animaxis will stock someday. The original price is around 700~800 yen if I remember correctly. The ebay shop doesn’t have it but its selections are quite good :) But some items like clear folder/pencil boards, I maybe able to get it cheaper here. So far animaxis been stocking up on all the Junjou items like the new phone straps and the cute box too. Gaah~ I’m so trying to curb my impulse buys but barely succeeding *breathe breathe*

  45. You sure got alot more than I do lol! I’ve got vol.1 and 2 of the Junjou manga and .. that’s it for now lol. Ordered the artbook, the Nendoroids and trying to get the mug set, a phonestrap and maybe some other stuff. It’s so hard to decide what to get when there’s so many other series I love :(

    And I wanted to order things from Animaxis, but they don’t accept PayPal ._. and I have no creditcard :( Ahh it’s a pain!!

    Hah well I’d like to dream about that too, seriously. I wonder what Misaki’s Nendoroid will be like! Hopefully they’ll release more factory pics soon :(

    1. Yeah… that’s why I’m kinda poor ~$~ I must spend my money more wisely *shake head*

      If you can’t check out without a credit card, try emailing them about the items you want. I think they should be able to help you create the order :) As for me, when I order from Animaxis, I usually check out normally then email them a request to pay with paypal. They’ll help to make the necessary arrangements. The first time I ordered, they needed a scanned image of my credit card and bill statement for verification purposes. I was lazy, so I asked them if I can pay with paypal. They were pretty nice and manually changed my payment method to paypal. The only problem with their shopping cart right now is that we can’t select paypal as a method on our own. Good luck with that and let me know if it goes well?

      Yep, I can’t wait to see Misaki’s nendoroid design XD

    1. Very often the shipping cost itself can buy us an additional item already *sigh* but what to do… *_* still have to have it sometimes. I wanted to get the Hiroki piyo eye mask and Usami/Misaki phone strap but they’re really expensive when I factor in all the shipping/handling. *cries* And with the current Yen exchange rate, I can almost buy 2 music/drama CDs with that money. My rational mind just cannot get over it.

      My junjou goods include clear folders, pencil boards, bromide, drama cds, DVDs, sound collection OST and the PS2 game. There are a lot of -I-WANT- goods but besides Junjou stuff there’re lots of other items (esp. figures, BLCDs, artbooks and games that cost a bomb) that I like. So I’m spread pretty thin. Sigh.

      I usually don’t buy stationery like notepads, bookmarks unless I really like them cos I know I’ll never use them. Quite a waste huh… but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them, just that I prioritised and bought other things ^^;;;

      What about you? XD

      I just recalled something… I dreamt about Misaki’s nendoroid petit illustration this morning ^^;;; But I only saw the side view and he was wearing traditional black Japanese Kimono! Haa~ but I guess that won’t be possible in this figure series :P

  46. No worries! ^^ Anyway, I don’t have a budget for the artbook now… that’s why it is on my wishlist :P

    YES. If only we don’t have to pay for shipping, then I would get them. Cos mugs are heavy. *_*

  47. Aw I’m sorry :x

    Though Animaxis will restock it after you’ve placed an order, maybe that will help you? :(

    Btw have you seen the piyo and panda mugs? They are adorable ;_; I want em lol

  48. Thanks! The Junjou artbook is on my wishlist :D

    The shop doesn’t ship to my area but no worries, I’ve added it to my links so that other people can benefit from it.

  49. Ponytale, have you been looking for the artbook recently?
    I know a site that still has it in stock :) plus they ship overseas! I’ve ordered there before, so I guarantee it’s safe lol.

    Also, I may have found a place to pre-order certain Junjou stuff, but that’s not for sure yet. I can keep you updated if you’re interested :3

  50. Hmm, nowadays I only buy BL stuff online. ^^” To be honest, I’m still in the BL closet as far as real life is concerned and I don’t have the intention to come out to people I currently know anytime or probably never… x_x ah~ its such a simple but complicated issue. :-\ So you won’t spot me in the pics I post up in this blog XD

    Anyway, the anime convention was pretty cool. Fortunately there wasn’t any must-buys for me x_x I’m broke enough as it is. Did you pop by the official website? There are lots more info.

    I also love online shopping! XD But it is a really fast way to bleed the wallet… when I first discovered the joys of online BL shopping… I bust my budget almost every month for all those items that were previously unattainable by “usual” means :P I’m excising all my willpower to slow down now. Seriously lack of $$$ due to all the impulse buys. But I hope I have the budget to get the JR piyo eye mask when it is available ^^ I’m also hoping that animaxis/cdjapan/jpqueen might carry it, since animate doesn’t ship internationally. Best case scenario will be to order those items together so as to save a bit on the shipping and handling fees.

    I didn’t manage to get the artbook in the end. A bit traumatised lol~ but that was a couple of years ago when online shopping for BL items for overseas customers didn’t even existed. Anyway, there are other more priority items on my wishlist now.

    Yea, tell me about restrictions here lol~ Long story short… read my post on my Winter Dicada DVDs’ brush with the censors here *sweat drop* Gaaah… I’m still rather apprehensive about buying BL over the counter x_x

  51. you could try asking a female staff if you’re at kino! they are generally much nicer. did you manage to get your artbook in the end? -sigh- i really don’t understand why there are so many restrictions in sg. don’t be scared if you’re buying stuff from kino. such magazines are hard to come by and you should get them! if the sales assistant is mean/rude/gives weird looks, it means they probably know what it is ><

  52. aussie shops do sell hentai and yaoi stuff, but the boxes are often either empty (okie i admit, i picked it up. but i was just browsing!) or labeled “please ask for assistance” ><

    hmmm i enjoy buying stuff online! its nice to have something delivered to you. ohh if you’re buying goods from australian websites and need a local address, you can mail them to my place and i’ll ship it to sg for you. although i know you’re extremely resourceful and would not have to resort to such things.

    are you in any of the pictures you posted? =x i’m still a noob at anime and BL. the convention looks so cool! are you going to get any of the new JR goods?

  53. Ooo… icic… yep definitely better and cheaper to ship to sg ^^

    I thought aussie anime shops should know better than to question our BL interest o_O I mean they import Hentai stuff in, don’t they? lol~

    Oh my… that’s terrible!!! I’ll be quite embarrassed, so I’m right to avoid buying BL stuff from kino x_x I’ve seen some good BL titles as well as magazines like B’s Log there but I just couldn’t muster the courage to buy them over the counter. Once (years ago) I’ve tried to order from kino an artbook by Minami Ozaki and months later after hearing nothing from them, I had to go back to them to be told that it was banned. *faints* now I buy almost 98% of my BL stuff online *sweat drop*

  54. i’m in melbourne :) but i’ll be back in sg next week for a few months. so maybe i’ll get stuff shipped to sg =/ i’ll go check the anime club in school. thanks for the heads up! i’ve managed to find quite a few anime stores here but i get weird looks when i ask about jr! =x ok but maybe i’m being oversensitive haha. i tried to buy jr manga from sg kino and the guy at the counter asked for my ic and he kept repeating, ‘this is a gay manga, do you know, DO YOU KNOW” :( anyway, he didn’t sell it to me. zzz

  55. Hey no worries! :D Anyway, I’m still planning to do the tutorial ^^ hmm… just a note tho’ shipping from Japan to aus is more expensive than to sg. Did you check aussie anime goods stores? You can try asking if they’ll import items for you. Best to check with your school/uni’s anime club. They may have a good idea of which shops to go for and which shops to avoid (bootlegs arrgh! x_x) Which state are you in?

  56. okie i’ll wait for animaxis but their site has been down for a while now :( yup i managed to create an account with comicomi! i’m from sg too :) but im in australia now. sorry for bothering u :( and thanks for everything!

  57. Did you register successfully with comi-comi? I think there’s a high chance that Animaxis might carry them ^^ Maybe you want to wait a while? Cos Animaxis has more shipping options such as SAL that are cheaper. I’m located in SG keke.

  58. Thank you so so much! I’m really sorry to bother you :( I’m hoping Animaxis might carry them >< I’ll register an account with comicomi now! Thank you!

  59. Mmm… no worries! But I have to be out of the house in a short while… Have you registered an account there yet? I’ll try to put up a quick tutorial of the comi-comi checkout process for you as soon as possible. You must use a credit card for buying stuff from comi-comi tho ^^ and if I’m not wrong, their shipping costs are only calculated after the order is submitted.

  60. Hi nici, glad to be of help! Comicomi studio ships internationally but I’ve not ordered any items from them yet. They only ship by EMS ^^ Which Junjou items are you looking for?

  61. hey ponytale,
    sorry to bother you =x
    do you know if comicomi studio ships internationally?
    i can’t read japanese =/
    thanks for making a post on all the available online shops! :)
    i’m looking for the new jr2 goods!

  62. Imagine wearing the eye mask on the airplane while travelling XD

    I think if a series is popular enough, there’ll be trading cards mechandise? There’s a website of a trading card collector who happens to be a BL fan. She has Ayano Yamane, Nitta Youka and Cafe Lindbergh Trading Cards among other rarities. Check it out here!

  63. dorky eye mask LOL~

    as for the trading card..have to buy the whole box nee~?
    tell me does a BL title usually have trading cards merchandise?

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