Goods: Junjou Romantica Nendoroid Petit (Good Smile Company)

Update: 6 September 2010 – They’re finally here! Click to see review!

Junjou Romantica Nendoroid Petit

Update: 24 Feb 2010 Finally some pics of the final figures! Thanks to planck-chan for the heads-up! Overall I think the boys are worth the price tag. Have you ordered yours today? XD

Date: Jan 15, 2009: I’m not just your typical chibi Usami….

Usami Nendoroid Petit


Good news Junjou fans! We’ll be able to get our hands on Nendoroid Petit Misaki, Usami and Suzuki-san soon! Thanks to nici for the heads-up.

Currently, only an illustration of Usami’s figure design is out. Goodsmile’s site doesn’t have any official information yet.

Usami Nendoroid PetitMisaki Nendoroid PetitSuzuki-san Nendoroid Petit

Damage: 2,100 Yen (w/ tax) for set of 3.

Available: August 2009 (delayed till December 2009) August 2010

Update 10 Dec 2009: FURTHER DELAYED TILL August 2010 (Almost TWO F**KING YEARS! Considering they opened for pre-orders since Dec 2008 This is turning out to be another one of those Pre-ordering nightmares… see my other nightmare). Blame it on the bad economy? =_=

Additional info: Approx 65 mm tall. Chara-ani exclusive. Not available in stores. -SOLD OUT-

I’ll be placing an order at Nihonju (Thanks nici! ^^ Did you get one too?) Although it is slightly more expensive at 2,730 Yen (shipping not included) but I guess its ok just to secure a set first. OMG~ this means we’ll be seeing more BL figures in the future! AWESOME! (sigh~ but why must it happen when Japanese Yen is so strong… totally bank breaking. ) And since Goodsmile is involved… you never know, even FIGMA perhaps? WOAH~ can’t wait.

Akiyama, our dream for more BL/male figures are coming true… and *cough* maybe x-rated ones won’t be so far away after all *dies*

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28 thoughts on “Goods: Junjou Romantica Nendoroid Petit (Good Smile Company)”

  1. Half a year ago, I asked a nice Japanese middleman I trust and had purchased from before, if he could pre-order from Chara-ani these figures for me. He told me okay, and I just heard from him the other day, saying the figures are about to be released at the end of August XD I’ll be paying $45 for the figures (minus shipping expenses), which is okay considering I used a middle man, and everywhere else was sold out by the time I took notice of the figures^^ But I think I’ll opt for EMS shipping, to be extra safe the figures will arrive and everything…Any one knows if there is a chance of even further delay at this stage, or cancellation of orders from chara-ani due to selling out? I’m very positive I managed to secure a set of the figures, since my seller gave me a price and everything, telling me he will come back to me about shipping details when he receives the goods at the end of the month…but then again, you never know^^; Let’s hope the figures will be released at the end of August for sure…
    The way I see it though, this will become one of those items opportunists will sell at extreme prices on Ebay and auctions later on >.> *cough* SE Kuroshitsuji Sebastian figure, Nendoroid Sebastian figure *cough*

    1. @Gwendolen: The Junjo Petities were like delayed so many times I chucked it at the back of my head, so that I don’t get disappointed with each delay lol~ anyway I’ve also placed orders too. I believe you will definitely have a copy since you ordered/reserved it so long ago. I think once it is released, it will immediately go out-of-print because production is based on no. of received orders supposedly. This time it seems confirmed… 31 Aug ^^ so I’m starting to look forward to it again.

      Nendoroid Sebby’s price can’t compare to Kaito or Zetsubou Sensei. Those two had an after-release auction price tag of up to US$100! I wouldn’t mind selling at that price either lol… I mean you can make a bit of $ to buy more figures! But pity I don’t have extras pieces of those figures lol XD

  2. I had to find this old post to comment the best news I’ve had this year til now!
    It seems that they’re coming for real, they’ll be released!!!!!
    Have u seen them? They look soooooooo cute! <3

    I'm so happy!! Well, not so because I didn't pre-order them, but I'll use a proxy service, even paying so much it'll be worth it, because Junjou is my fav BL serie.

  3. oh no… the person frm nihonju says they’re not going restock petit junjou anymore… D: maan… ooh, I’d also like to kno how to order frm comi-comi! :d

    1. is working too… I have no problems accessing the site :)

      As for comi-comi, have you registered an account yet? The registration tutorial is here. When you’re successful with that, let me know.

    1. @sheryen: are you referring to nihonju? Or comi-comi? Both are working fine :O
      According to nihonju “For users of Firefox and Ad.block: To see all images and links of, the Firefox’s extension “Ad.block” must be desativated for this site.”
      If you meant kon kon sales, try this link

  4. OMG. Sorry I didn’t know there was a reply. My proxy service? This one: Cheaper rates compared to others.. But recently he’s been pushing me towards They have some sort of partnership, I think.

    1. No worries! Hmm It seems that they have merged their service with konkon. Their rates are not bad ^^ I think I might try them out too XD Thanks for sharing!

  5. yay! thanks for the reply!^^ And yaz I will definitely pre-order.^^

    Oh.. no shipping internationally is fine with me since I use a proxy service to buy my items from japan. Thanks again!^^

  6. hello.^^ i’ve been loitering around your blog lately. Must say I really love your entries..especially the info on BL items.<3

    I just saw that you've edited this entry and changed the release date for the nendoroids. Is there also a news on whether they (chara-ani) can accept more pre-orders considering that the release date is another few months away? Thanks.XD

    1. Hi kyonkyon, thanks for visiting! It does seem like chara-ani is accepting more preorders :) Check this link! However, they don’t ship internationally. I placed an order with during the first round of preorders. Maybe you can try asking them to try to restock since chara-ani has extended their preorder period ^^ In the meantime, I’ll share links here if I find other stores shipping them internationally.

  7. @Fuuga, akiyama: yeah~ I think other Junjou characters would come later too ^^ and it is definitely good that they spread it out. My wallet also cannot take it :P

    Yeah to not have both Vagabond statues is like getting the Sephiroth statue without the connecting fight scene Cloud statue *_*

    There’s a Suzuki-san cushion and a human-sized Suzuki-san teddy bear (sold out!). Not cheap of cos ^^;;;

    @nici: Glad to help! ^^ Yay~ happy CNY too… I think this year will also be an eventful and exciting year for BL.

    X(^^)X for more BL goodies (at affordable prices and manageable budgets)

  8. OMG!
    i dont know what i’d do without you :x thank you so much for posting the pre-order procedure! i made the order before buying the gift certificate hehe.

    happy cny! and np for the link :) being the extremely resourceful person you are, you would have found it without me. X fingers for more BL figures! :)

  9. @Fuuga: Shinobu might come later. In second release of Junjyo nendo perhaps?
    Might be a good idea to release Shinobu later, tht way some can manage the budget kekeke~
    Cannot imagine if they come out all together at the same time.

    I’m not into Seijurou but i will be very upset if i didn’t have it.
    Vagabond have no regular stationery merchandise so no way i’m going to miss the two statues.
    nendo Usami is cute and cool at the same time..yea i tot something was missing, apparently the tabako XD
    I want Suzuki plush. Hmmm…..

  10. Hi nici :D This is the first time I’m ordering for nihonju, thanks so much for the link ^^

    Their pre-order policy is like this,

    1) You need to either buy 1500 Yen worth of gift certificate/rewards points first.
    2) After the order status of the gift cert/rewards points is flagged as COMPLETE.
    3) Then you can use the points as a deposit to pay for the pre-order during checkout. But don’t go through with the paypal payment process. At paypal page, click the link on the left to go back to Nihonju. Your order will be captured as OPEN order.
    4) The staff will process it if the points have been deducted and set your order status as PREORDER.

    Actually I also messed it up lol~ but the staff there helped me set the ordering right ^^ A bit complicated, their pre-order methods.

    Do email them about it to ensure that your pre-order is confirmed.

    Yay~ and during these 7 months, maybe more BL figures will come up XD

  11. hey ponytale!
    i’ve placed an order for it! but i have not paid yet. kaka =x what about you? i’ve been camping animaxis everyday and i just ordered the phone straps. thanks! :) have you ordered from Nihonju before? yay! 7 more months until august!

  12. Wah you also ordered Seijurou ah…. ~$~ XD but it’ll be money well-spent!

    Yeah, if these Junjou chibis are still available by that time, I’ll probably buy another set for safe-keeping. I think they’re test market sets cos they’re Chara-ani exclusives. But if they do well, I think it’ll open doors to a lot more choices in the future :)

    Chuu~ Usami looks quite in-character with that look. Cigarette is missing tho. Wonder if the final figure will have that. I think Misaki will be a big, round-eyed cutie ^^ As for suzuki-san, you can hardly go wrong with teddy bears ^^;;;

  13. This is the beginning of more BL figures in the future kekeke~

    YAY!!!!! *throws confetti*

    Thou i love this thing i must restrain myself..if it’s still available by end of year i will order it. if not then i have to say bye-bye.
    I have Vagabond/Seijurou statue comin up on March/April and he doesn’t come cheap. T_T
    I feel bit sad thou, hopefully Junjyo nendo are not limited production.

    i believe it’s gonna be a truly moe~ nendoroid. Chu!!!

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