Goods: Indiana Jones Kotobukiya one coin figure box set

Have you watched the new Indy movie: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

Well, I haven’t lol~ but I will cos I love the Indiana Jones series. I’ve already placed an order for the cute chibis from Kotobukiya.

Anyway, the complete box set contains 10 figures, including the new character from the movie and 2 secret chibis. Well, my guess is the new character is Indy’s young sidekick and one of the secret is Cate Blanchett’s character.

They are designed by the same designer who did the Togainu and Lamento chibis. XD CUTE CUTE CUTE!

I’ll update again when I receive them. Expected to arrive sometime in June… woohoo~

Update! 4 July 2008 The chibis arrived! ^^
Indy Chibi

They are very cute and nicely detailed. They also come with a small card each, with one side illustrated by Yupon and the other side, the photo of the movie character. The only gripe I have with it is that I have duplicate chibis of Indy and dad… but we do get the full set of 8 chibis (including the secrets) with each box :) Pretty worth the price (5000 Yen) and lovely to display.

Indy Chibi

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36 thoughts on “Goods: Indiana Jones Kotobukiya one coin figure box set”

  1. Designs based off Yupon’s chibi concept!? This is awesome!

    I never knew they were selling Yupon chibi figures of Indy!! :DDD

  2. Hehehe and we have more fun this way mah XD

    Maybe English is easier to read and faster to absorb? I take a slightly longer time to digest the Chinese text if I’m reading a novel ^^ However if I’m just reading a short story or article, then its ok.

    In Queen of the Damned, Aaliyah looked pretty good but I think they underused her. The other actress you mentioned, she was so nondescript that I have completely no impression of her now. Only the actor who played Lestat looked that the Lestat in my imagination. Good casting for that one. Everybody else was quite forgettable tho :O

    Oh yah… I confused some events in the books. Armand’s back story was found in The Vampire Lestat and not in Queen. ^^ The reason why I was so upset with Antonio playing Armand… I do like him as an actor but Armand was less than 20 years old when he became a vampire but Antonio!!!! He looked like an ojisan in the movie although he did a good job. That said, Interview with the Vampire movie is still a must watch ^^

    I loved the first Blade movie! If I’m not wrong, the director used to direct MTVs keke. They made great use of music in the fight scenes. Stephen Dorff makes a really cute chibi vampire. *chomps* However, as an actor it is a pity for him cos he is a bit too short la *shakes head* Wesley Snipes is cool XD I think the vampire settings and descriptions of clans used in this movie is loosely based on a role-playing game called Vampire the Masquerade by Whitewolf. Much as I enjoyed the movie, I think the ending was really disappointing.

  3. There’s this particular girl in high school who told me i have lewd imagination. XD i just prove it. (Nope mah, juz her problem for being such a saint.)

    Thanks for your suggestion, will try to find some “Rice”
    When it comes to reading novel/books, i prefer to buy the english ver. Polishing my english perhaps? ^^

    I’m quite satisfied with the casting except the female actress (not Aaliyah) but the one who ended up becoming vampire too. Other than that i think i took the movie for granted because i’m not familiar with Anne Rice’s characters.
    What do you think of the Blade (Wesley Snipes)?

    *nods nods* Antonio’s presence is misplaced. I felt that he doesn’t belong in the movie. Of course i watched the movie only couple of years ago in local channel.
    Back then i’m too young for that movie.

  4. OooOoo… that’s a really sensual setting you have there. Love it!!! XD melting already.

    *currently trying to purge the SM images of Fei* too hot x_x gaaa it is not healthy to be filled with THIS kind of perverted thoughts. lol~

    Yah… the Vampire Chronicles spanned quite a number of volumes. I’ve only read the first four. I tried to pick up the later ones but I didn’t enjoy it as much so I dropped the series. In order of publication is: 1) Interview of the Vampire (Louis POV) 2) The Vampire Lestat (Lestat POV) 3) Queen of the Damned (Mostly Lestat POV) 4) Tale of the Body Thief (Lestat POV)

    Start with Vampire Lestat cos it is so much fun and Lestat made it quite an exciting ride. Interview with the Vampire was quite depressing but a must read. I liked Queen of the Damned too for the back story of Armand and origin of Anne Rice’s vampires. Tale of the Body Thief was quite enjoyable too. The whole series is very homo-erotic and sensual. There were also a few strong female characters whom I liked.

    The first movie was really good. Brad Pitt’s Louis was SO delicious *slurps* no wonder Lestat fell in love with him. But I find that Antonio Banderas was mis-cast as the eternal youth Armand. Queen of the Damned movie was a mess. Very disappointing.

    Vampire x Human = angst 100 times multiplied kekeke

    *holding on to hope*

    Ah~ thanks for the highlander link. Now I kinda know what the prize is. I think maybe I didn’t understand the concept when I first watched the movie. Too young? My understanding of English not good enough? ^^”

    Yeah Bicentennial Man was good. Very touching… I enjoyed it very much. Oooh~ I love the Dorian Gray story too ^^

  5. I want Asami to be naked in a bath tub with warm water and soft foam in peach aroma.
    Ohh La La what fun give him backrub, drying him with a large white towel is even more fun *dream on!*

    I hope Fei got himself a whip or black candles XD

    Lestat is in err Queen of the Damned, no? i’m not familiar with Anne Rice, only with Bram Stoker. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to start reading because her vampiric books is also quite famous.
    Any suggestions where i should start? I watched Queen of The Damned and the movie made me realize that vampire were restless creature and since they have past as a human they live an uneasy live. Yep, for surviving not living.

    You’re right. the romance will end to disaster. But to love is not to hurt so for those in love, please never let go of hope. XD

    I watched Highlander the series but not until the end. They were more lucky because they don’t have to drink blood and avoid daylight.
    This will help you:

    A Disney movie called Bicentennial Man is also related with immortality. the story of robot who wants to be human, well the short is he got married to a human and decided to undergo a certain process that can make him aging. The end is the couple died at (almost) same time.
    Oscar Wilde’s book ‘Dorian Gray’ is bit related to immortality thou the story is only about Dorian Gray who stay young while his own painting in the attic is aging according to his real age.

  6. ^^” In addition to the garter image that popped into my head, I think Fei will look great in SM garb lol~ ooooh~ and It’ll be so fun to strip Asami!!! XD~~~

    Well the vampire can try to use sunblock and wear high UV ray protection sunglasses hehehe. No matter how romantic the vampire is being portrayed there is still something beastly and predatory in them towards humans in their thirst for blood. Like what Lestat said to Louis, vampires can survive on animal blood but it is only surviving, not living. So he survived on that for a while but in the end he still drank human blood but not as often the others.

    Hehe… but sadly I feel that the relationship is doomed to tragedy. The boy can live forever and he is ageless. It is only a matter of time that the girl also becomes one of them or she ages and dies while he lives on. And vampires are often portrayed to be extremely possessive creatures. It won’t be easy for them to let go of something or someone they desire :)

    Did you watch another series/movie that deals with immortality? Highlander was good too. They are even more tragic cos unlike the vampires, they can’t make their loved ones into immortals (its is like a random thing). Although after a while you’ll also start to question about the point of it all lol~ cos the immortals were supposed to kill other immortals and be the last one standing in order to claim the “prize”. However, new immortals keep popping up so it is like a never-ending quest. Anyway, nobody knows what that “prize” is. Please update me if it has been revealed cos I’ve not followed the series for years already.

  7. Don’t tell me Fei’s wearing garter..LOL
    Asami will look stunning and super HOT in nothing. XD *drools*

    I’ll have the same choice as you, otherwise we cannot go to expo together Ha-Ha!
    I dun wanna drown myself in the idea of having romantic live as a vampire. the sun is life giver and the sun created life so it’s sensible for being daylight human than cold vampire.
    The advantage of being vampire is probably you stay young no need to be afraid of sunburn when playing beach volley ball.
    Vampire no need to kill everyday and they can also suck blood from cows, chickens, goat or other animals ( i think) so it might be good idea for them to live in the farm instead of consuming human blood. LOL
    Anyway, back to VK’s good to be a normal girl in day class but having a discreet affair with a nice vampire boy in night class. Typical teen romance, swapping love letters, photos, occasional glance.

  8. ooo… icic.. I didn’t know that cos we had western food hehehe.

    Yup yup, that’s him! Count-D! He is very cute and *cough* very gay ^^”
    OMG x_x please don’t reveal your flowery underwear Feilong… but even if he does, he’ll still look damn sexy in a slutty kind of way *MEGA sweatdrop* Uwaa~ I think Asami will look HOT in a Qipao XD~~~

    Hahaha… maybe won’t die but the blood don’t taste as good? Too much fat and cholesterol. Hmm… I was very fascinated by vampires during my teens, partly cos of reading Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I thought it would be so cool to be one then cos she made them seem so sensual. But now… probably not bah… if I don’t have to kill someone everyday then I may consider again. Being a vampire is such a lonely existence.

    If I was in the Vampire Knight universe… I don’t want to attend class there. lol~ but if I really have to choose, I’ll want to be in Day class and have fun like a normal girl fantasing about the cute boys in Night Class cos the Night Class seems like a very political place with power struggles and what not. It is like if you’re not careful, someone can have your neck anytime -_-. Sinister and tiring place to be in every night.

  9. Yea but food in Bali is famous for being expensive (especially seafood), at least to Indonesian.

    You mean Count D from PSOH (Pet Shop of Horror)? Oh, he’s super kewl arr…
    Fei Long is probably an exception, i just hope he doesn’t appear in kilt one day. Just for fun maybe Asami should wear his Qipao one day.
    Hmm, what if Fei’s underwear is also flowery just like his Qipao? ROFL

    Vampire these days could die of many disease becoz humans are not so healthy anymore. What about SARS, bird flue, AIDS, high-cholesterol, and too many to mention.
    If you could make a choice, would you rather belong to day or night class?

  10. icic… Its pretty cool to have relatives in different parts of the world. I think I have some distant relatives in China but I’ve not even met them before. Hmm… accommodation in Bali should still be quite affordable I believe :)

    Cheongsam (Cantonese) and Qipao (Chinese) is the same thing. Just different pronunciation ^^ Hehe.. I think the men usually wouldn’t wear such flower prints or gaudy looking Qipaos. Although I think Yamane-sensei probably enjoyed drawing it that way haha. Same as the Pet Shop of Horrors owner who wears a flower print cheongsam.

    Yah.. no matter how romantic vampires may seem to be… humans are food ^^” There’s something about Yuki (the girl). She is like a key to unlocking something about the vampires. That’s why I think both the principal and Kaname have something up their sleeves. Anyway, in the first episode, the Night class vampires aren’t even attending class. They seem to be just lazing around in the lecture hall and talking about how much they want to have a taste of some of the Day class students. Duh~ Yea, the manga seems to be concluding soon.

  11. Yup, probably. Have to think of accommodation $$$$$. 10 years ago i have older cousin (from daddy’s family) in Bali, but she moved to Jakarta so must pay for hotel now

    Well, it just crossed my mind that he’s actually bald. I hope Akihito can snapped some of his ‘candid pic’. Fei Long in total baldness XD imagine Fei’s fans will burts in tears.
    Ah no important, he still have his beautiful cheong sam or chipao? ugh, why am i confused???

    Vampire have image to be long-lasting, so they may be a hundred but look like teens XD from information i gathered, Night-student are mostly gergeous looking…and dangerous too.
    The plot of creating such school is something that i dun buy too..why take the risk?
    Is the manga already reaching to an end?

  12. Ah~ icic.. XD but do you also get to go for the exhibition too?

    Okie… let’s see how I should go about the contest when more details are available!

    HAHAHA… Thanks for the consolation XD I bet Feilong is squirming now that his secret is out! LOL~ Well, apart from Feilong, Viewfinder is mostly casual/work wear so the characters are also not that recognisable.

    Yeah VK is only slashable. From the summaries and spoilers I read, Zero has a long history with the vampires. Quite angst. He probably really likes Yuki but Kaname seems to have an ulterior motive. His appears to be 18 years old but in real human years he is already an ojisan (LOL~) since he is one of the pure blood vampires. That’s why I think the premise about having these vampires and humans studying in the same school very illogical and just a bit too convenient. Unless the principal also has some secrets of his own about the deliberate setup.

  13. Ha Ha Bali is not my idea..Kanzen Yamamoto exhibition in Bali is purely coincidence.

    The rules for the contest is still hazy and needs further talking but it has to be done in a finished costume, not just sketch.
    so you have to find somebody who can wear the outfit or yourself.

    Fei Long is wearing wig, he’s bald XD
    well, Viewfinder have hardcore fan and i sure dun wanna hear them criticize me for being Asami, Fei or Aki.

    so VK is not BL heh? too bad. Yuki should be accessory instead of main chara. XD
    Zero had vampire blood in his body, from what i heard both guys are attracted to Yuki.

    Hmm, VK uniform is good but i think it doesn’t look good on me. Gah, original seme x seme is probably the best.
    You’re taller than me..maybe i can be more convincing as uke XD

  14. Hehehe… is that why you’re sponsoring Bali cos you wanted to scout the place first? XD

    Is the design only on paper or should it be made into a finished costume?

    You did a great analysis of our possibilities lol~ My hair is probably long enough for trying out a Feilong but it is not silky smooth enough ^^” And *ahem*… I don’t think I would attempt to anyway. I have a conscience and I don’t want to be cursed by his fans LOL~

    So yeah let’s do original seme x seme X3 I thnk it’ll be more comfortable to move around in pants too.

    Vampire Knight might be a popular theme this year since the anime just came out one or two months back.
    Found this site that sells Vampire Knight cosplay costumes:

    Okie, main character Yuki, is a girl who didn’t seem as annoying as most anime heroines lol~ The main guys are Zero (Day class) and Kaname (Night class). Kaname seems quite intriguing cos he is a pure blood vampire and very powerful. His minions (the other vampire students are seriously afraid of him) They have rather smart looking uniforms. (Reminds me of Chanel suits with the bold outlines lol~)

    The story… well I only watched episode 1 ^^” and there are lots of slashable and yummy looking guys. Generally, the school where these kids go to are divided into Night and Day classes. Day classes are attended by humans and Night classes, well, the vampires. Yuki and Zero are related to the school director/principal. They are Day class students and they patrol the school at night to make sure that the other Day classes students don’t wander around and become food for the Night class students. I don’t really buy the premise so maybe that’s why I didn’t continue watching. I’ll probably only do that if I have more time on my hands :P

  15. *sweatdrops* i never been to Bali. OMG, so embarassed Ha Ha Ha

    You can teamed up with friend to join the cosplay-design competition…and i’ll just helped around here and there a bit (becoz i’m not allowed to join)
    I’ll keep ya posted.

    The curator is absolutely true, i’m very proud of batik…it’s comfortable, elegant and the colors are just fantastic.
    You can actually put batik as an element in Japanese style fashion. Perhaps harajuku kimono in batik print. etc etc well, dun limit your imagination.
    even if you think yourself weird, it might just work in the competition.

    Let’s do the european x harajuku with neko-mimi. it’s our custom-made fashion so we can just do what we wanna do.
    let’s make some sketches and drawings and exchange it by e-mail…but let’s not do something too girly. I’m a bit tomboy

    *nods* seme x seme is cool, maybe we should just plan the costume as if boy-costume, so we dun have to advertise ourself as BL cosplayer but others can draw conclusion from the way we dressed.
    The more i think of it, copying is boring LOL plus we look weird dressing as Lamento characters. Togainu costume also not-comfortable (unless we gonna be Keisuke x Akira, but that’s too plain)

    I think nobody wants to be Shindo Shuichi, that brat is so annoying. XD
    Kekekeke….if wanna do HaruDaki cosplay we can just buy Hawaiian shirt, bermuda shorts and flip-flops XD
    Viewfinder-i’m not charismatic enough to be Asami and my hair is not long enough to be Fei Long.

    Do you have source for Vampire Knight cosplayer? their school outfit is it a bit european, i think but i’m not really sure.
    I dun follow the story, just remember the chara name, Zero and err…vampire? XDD

  16. Oh yea.. Its Dead or Alive ^^” I remembered the wrong game. King of Fighters is the one that has the guys haha… yeah I think boobs serve the distraction purpose and probably cushioning effect oso -_-”

    Batik art is beautiful ^^ When I visited Bali the other time, my friend and I shopped around and went inside a Batik art gallery. The curator was very humourous. He told us, Batik is the only canvas artwork in the world that you can wash and display lol~ XD

    Mmm… BL cosplay.. yadda I’m shy XD HAHAHA… so ukeish ^^” Ah~ still looking around for my little clueless darling lol~ but hey seme x seme pairings are very cool too :3

    Hmm… lemme see… the more prominent and recognisable costume designs I believe are from Togainu, Lamento… Saint Beast… (It is not BL in anime but very BL in drama cds) Crimson Spell would be interesting but we’ll probably end up having to explain where they’re from. Loveless? Another good excuse for neko-mimi XD Uniformed would be Gakuen Heaven.

    The others are not as recognisable (but will help if carrying the mascots) like Junjou Romantica, Gravitation? (I like Yuki but I don’t like Shuichi). Viewfinder and HaruDaki is cool but looks like casual wear.

    Slashy ones with recognisable uniforms are probably Ouran, Kyou Kara Maoh, Vampire Knight, DGrayman…

  17. Famous boobs fighter err i mean girl-fighter in games is probably DoA (Dead or Alive) recently made into live-action, glad to missed the movie XD
    How they fight with tht unusually big boobs?ain’t that bothersome? but can create distraction when fighting male opponent.

    Well the competition idea is still brewing but i promise that i will let you know the terms and condition.
    Currently in the process of composing legal contract regarding tht competition in expo.

    What i’m afraid is the participants are limited to Indonesia only, but i’ll see if i can do something about it.
    The thing is the costume design must use Indonesian element which is ‘Batik’ (wiki-it) and i dunno yet if the participant will be in person or team.
    Will update you a.s.a.p

    The bunny is available as merchandise in Animate ( i think)
    Do you have any idea of other BL pair cosplay? in Indo not many BL-cosplay so if we do it that will be hot.
    (but i dun wanna be your clueless uke XD)

  18. Yeah need lots and lots of hairspray XD
    lol~ all the women in games have big boobs ^^ King of Fighters even allow the players to change the size and bounce of the female characters’ boobs right?? I think I read about it somewhere.

    You must have the bunny! XD Hmm I can be this Umehito Nekozawa and hide behind a cloak and hold a neko puppet lol~

    Yup, I saw those too… the mask is about a few hundred bucks? Oh~ more info about the competition please XD

  19. oooh FF costume are super-hard and complicated, and Cloud-hairstyle is always a challenge.
    I’ve seen this girl in Rikku costume but my friend said Rikku suppose to have bigger boobs. XD

    Let’s do cosplay as OHSHC. I want to be Honey-senpai XD
    (insipired by the cute chibis from your 1st press DVD)

    Arbitro mask is expensive, Rin’s shoes too..i think i saw that on Togainu website.
    Expo will be crowded so have to choose costume or dressed sensibly.
    Oh yeah, there will be non-anime/manga cosplay design competition (sponsored by my company)
    The winner will have a free trip to Bali to attend fashion show by famous Yamamoto Kansai. Care to take the challenge?

  20. That’ll be cute!!! We have to wear big head masks tho… will we die of suffocation and overheat? lol~

    Yea that’s true… I saw some very impressive Final Fantasy DIY cosplay pics, including weapons and accessories. Pretty amazing. China cosplayers are also very good, at least from the pics I saw and they usually DIY too.

    Ah~ Chobits is sweet hehe… I thought the droopy ears would’ve been easy to spot. Che, those are amateurs *waves hand dismissively* XD

    *fufufu* If you remove his mask and funky feather boa, you can blend back into the expo crowd easily XD Rin is a cutie. I think I have to lose like 15~20 kg to look anywhere like his skinny cuteness ( x_x ) oh my hair is back to being black btw hehe

  21. Let’s be Konoe and Rai but SnaPs version or Kotobukiya One version hahaha

    The time-consuming part is super true, took months but only wear it for couple of hours.
    The expensive bits is depend but mostly in here is not DIY.
    I have Chobits costume but it’s a gift from a community, i wear it once and feel so stupid because people asking, “eh what school uniform is tat?”

    Well, the only cosplay i’m interested is to be Arbitro (Togainu). Maybe you should be Rin ^_^

  22. Well, mum was ok about it ^^ while dad thought that a Chinese should look like one lol~

    Mmm… I can’t stomach the US cosplay pics of grown, hairy, flabby men in drag… omg… my eyes… x_x

    Yea, there are also ready-made cosplay costumes available, such as for Vampire Knight, D Grayman… cos people see the growing market here. However, the “true spirit” (I feel la.. hehe) is to DIY and not just buy ’em off the shelf like that. But overall, cosplay is a time-consuming and expensive hobby whether it is DIY or buying or by tailor.

    Yup… the full Konoe get up :3 pity she didn’t have a Rai or Asato with her hehe.


  23. Same thing happened to me when i first dyed my hair. but what about your mom? does she object too or kinda putting herself on your side?

    Yea agree just do it wholeheartedly. but dun forget to look at the mirror, some cosplayers i saw are over-confident which makes them look hideous rather than giving the whoa-cool effect.
    The negative thing about cosplay in indo is creating more gaps between rich-average and poor. Indo teens these days are very much oriented in their looks, the rich ones can spend lots of $$$ because they can always contact a special-tailor and asked for La La La La kinda costume, buying wigs, shoes etc etc so they looked absolute sophisticate.
    sometimes, sadly, i think this trend are not suitable for Indo, after all our income rate is lower than neighbouri-country such as M’sia, SG, Thailand and Brunei D

    As Konoe complete with mimi-neko and tail? haha nice.

    Rite, i will enjoy BL cafe if i went there with female friends instead of male friend. This is girls area…and the presence of male (except the BL guys) will ruin the fantasy.

  24. kk ^^ just try to catch it when you can… need a break sometime too right?

    Oh~ if I factor in parents into the scenario, yeah I think I probably won’t be able to indulge in cosplay either cos they’re also very strict. If I really wanted to do it, I have to do it secretly lol~ My dad wasn’t happy about it when I coloured my hair for the first time. It was medium brown with orangy streaks (Stylist recommended. The combi seems wierd but it turned out quite nicely lol~). I was already in my 20s and have started working. I was like… sigh~ nevermind. Anyway, I also believe that if you can’t cosplay properly, please don’t. Some cosplay pics I’ve seen are really… x_x *dies* I’ve not been following the cosplay scene here but so far the SG cosplayers pics I’ve seen are quite good. I’ve also seen a pic of a sg girl cosplay Konoe before and she looked quite nice. I don’t have the link to it now tho’

    Hehehe yeah… I think we’ll all go giggly and act silly if we’re surrounded by yummy BL guys. That’ll be so fun. I can already see an embarrassed, blushing Iwaki looking a little stiff while serving us the dessert while Katou acting sexy and giving us fan service in his maid suit XD Kyaaaaa…These BL cafes should also be restricted to women-only too so that we can really indulge in our fantasies kekeke

  25. Lemme know if you watch the latest Indiana Jones, k?
    I probably missed it because i’m pretty busy lately. *sigh*

    Yea you could be right. the info is pretty blurred and we just have to wait for more update.

    I asked myself and i don’t think i’m going to do cosplay i were in my teens.
    My dad is pretty strict and i’m sure for him cosplay is a waste of money (which is true by the way) and i prefer to spend money buying designer’s shoes rather than cosplay costumes.

    Well, if you have long hair you can be Sadako (Ringu) but it’s silly and i’ve seen one in here.
    Indo-cosplayer sucks, most of the time i have a good laugh watching them acting so cool. We have great many Japanese-wannabe’s here.
    a year ago i saw these two girls cosplaying as Akira x Shiki. It was a major insult to Togainu no Chi XD

    Maid Cafe? oh yeah but it kinda fullfill boys fantasy instead of us. we want BL guys not busty girl in black-white maid costume.
    Of course different situation if Katou or Iwaki dressing up as maid, serving me fruit parfait and green tea frappuccino then asked me, “Do you want to do something else after this?”
    Gah! snapped out of your dream, girl!

  26. Wow… that means his journey to work is quite far huh… yeah delivery service is good especially for bigger countries. The ToynToys shop I go to is quite near a train stop so I’m quite happy to go there to pick up my stuff when they call me up. Sunshine Plaza on the other hand is a little bit out of the way, although it can still be considered within reasonable walking distance from a train stop but lots further than ToynToys. I’m so lazy ^^”

    I’m not very sure but bootlegs are relatively common. Generally the quality isn’t very good but I can’t really tell. I was searching for shops to buy Lamento / Togainu chibis (my first set of figures ^^) and was referred to ToynToys from the Kotobukiya official site. Although they didn’t have what I wanted at that time, I trust them and ordered other figures from them. Otherwise I don’t think I would’ve bought from them cos I’m a complete newbie. I probably wouldn’t even know if I bought bootlegs or not. o_O

    One way you can convince your potential customers is that you find the pics of bootlegs and place them together as side-by-side comparison. The difference in quality should be a dead giveaway. Nowadays I think it is getting harder to spot without this type of comparison.

    Hehe I think their secrets are not very “secretive” cos I can guess 2 of the characters from the silhouettes XD Mmm… yah total 3 characters that they didn’t reveal. I wrote 2 secret and complete 8 characters cos of the boxed text on the corner of the pic… Hmm I think partly also I think they didn’t reveal one of the characters cos they didn’t manage to secure the licensing in time before the publicity materials went out? Just a guess. Really is a bit hazy. Now I’m also not sure whether it was 8 or 10 different designs? x_x

    Yes… alone… ( T-T)/ oh~ one of my younger cousins buys figures too but he is more into Gunpla and mecha.

    If I was in my teens I probably go crazy over cosplay but now… I rather not be caught dead doing it unless it is for a good reason, like work or charity? XD My cousin did suggest that I go cosplay some character like a ninja that has a mask so that nobody can tell that it was me lol~ Seriously… you never know when a picture will be taken and spread across the internet o_O eek… seems paranoid but I rather not take the risk.

    Cosplay is very popular among the teens here too. We also have a maid cafe (Dec 2006) but I’ve not found an occasion to be there. I’m not sure if it is still in business tho’

  27. Yea but outskirt of Tokyo (outer ring) but his office is in Shinjuku area so (yea) he can just picked up the figurines.
    The shop offer C.O.D sometimes (if not too buys) and that is also helpful especially they willing to deliver on Saturday/Sunday.

    Nice service. Saves your time and li’l bit of money.
    Does SG have lots of figurines shop selling bootlegs? We have quite a lot here.
    I hate it becoz naive people tend to think it’s the original ones and when i come to sell the ‘real’ ones they just gonna assume it’s soooo expensive.
    Bootlegs are ugly!

    I think the secret character are 3 instead of 2. (in Kotobukiya website) well the information is hazy but 3 secrets is bit too much, don’t you think?

    So literary you’re alone heh?same here. Err are you a cosplay-person? anime/manga cosplay is pretty popular these days.

  28. Amazon JP doesn’t ship character goods to other countries ^^” not sure why. They refuse to let me checkout when I have figure items or software, etc in my shopping cart. I also wanted to order the electronic Japan ~ Chinese ~ English dictionary and they also stop me from checking out (-_- |||)

    I’m getting mine from HMV Japan cos they happen to carry another (pointless lol~) item which I wanted but is not available at HLJ. I thought might as well order together rather than separately to save a bit on shipping. Otherwise, HLJ is a good option cos they offer SAL as an alternative shipping method. My SnapPs Konoe from HLJ shipping was only 500 Yen cos I used SAL ^^

    Your cousin is living in Japan right? :3 Definitely easier to just stop by the shop to pick it up when the items arrive :D I pre-ordered some of my figures from a local shop, ToynToys and they often offer early bird discount on their website store ^^ They’re the licensed distributor for quite a number of companies too, so no worries about picking up bootlegs. The people working there are also very enthusiastic about their figures hehe. When the items are in stock, they’ll give me a call to pick it up. Very convenient. Saves on shipping too. May seem slightly more expensive but if you factor in the shipping costs, still way cheaper than ordering from Japan at the original prices.

    Hehehe… so far they are the cutest I’ve seen of Hollywoord movie characters. its hard to imagine anyone not won over by those chibis. I think if the response is good, they’ll come up with more. XD

    Yeah! That’ll be nice cos we can probably save quite a bit :) Most of my friends don’t buy these figures ^^” They would rather spend it on bags and shoes. Maybe just two hehe… but we look for different figures and they’re not as fanatic. One collects Re-Ment miniatures and the other one happens to be a Bleach fan while I’m not ^^ I like Re-Ment too but I don’t like the tikum-tikum-factor involved and the possibility of getting repeats. You can say I’m not a gambler/risk taker in this sense lol~

  29. Ahha, thank you^^
    Where do you make your pre-order?amazon JP?

    My cousin didn’t order online but from figurines specialist shop. I think he have membership or sort of.
    When i saw your Indiana post i was like OMG!! and holler to my hubby immediately. we like it instantly^_^

    Too bad we didn’t live in the same country. we can save shipping cost together at some items^^
    do you have friends who oso like to do online shopping as much as you? or collecting figures too?

  30. Hehehe XD I wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction lol~ but yeah, it’ll be quite upsetting if I missed it too. Thank goodness! But… if the worst happens, no worries, I pre-ordered 2 sets. You can have one of them ;)

    The chibi design actually look very in-character! So good that they also represented significant ones from previous movies hehehe. I’m so looking forward to it!

  31. Yea i kinda hurry to in contacting my cousin and told him abt the Indy one coin figurines. He also likes it very much.
    He and I are pretty much in panic state last night.

    Indiana pose is cute and tht small mustache too^^ yup yup a plush will be cute but i prefer his hat XD

  32. XD glad to share! I just stumbled upon it yesterday and phew~ fortunately pre-ordering is still available kekeke. Wow if they make plushies of these chibis, I think I’ll also want to get some. Hehehe… you’ll cut the bookmarks out for them too? I think they should have the cards too. We’ll be lucky if we also get a postcard like what they did for Lamento ^^

  33. Thanks a lot for posting infos abt this one coin figurines. It’s sooooooo cute and i really want to buy the whole set^^
    Haven’t watch the movie but i collect the DVD of previous 3 movies.
    Hopefully each coin figurines contain mini cards as well or bookmark underneath the box.

    Uwaaah so cute feels like hugging these chibis.

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