Goods: I’m one Hell of an action figure! Sebastian Michaelis RAH (Black Butler: Book of Circus, Real Action Heroes, Kuroshitsuji)

Sebastian Michaelis RAH
See you in June 2015!

SEBBY’s ACTION FIGURE!!! O….M…..G… and it’s 1/6 size <333

Compared to previous dolls (Azone, Taeyang) released, this one has the most faithful reproduction of his face! He was a surprise announcement about a month ago and we can already start pre-ordering him!

Title: Real Action Heroes Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Book of Circus Sebastian Michaelis 黒執事 セバスチャン・ミカエリス
Price: 22,000 yen (w/tax 21,384 yen)
Date available: June 2015
Clothes production: Mieko Akimoto
Size: Approx. 300 mm height and includes: Main figure, Expression parts x3 types, Front hair parts x2 types, Candlestick, Tea pot, Teacup, Tray, Knife & fork, Pocket watch parts, Optional hand parts, Articulated figure stand

Love it that they included 3 face sculpts that captured his expressions perfectly. Unlike previous anime RAH dolls that just included another head-sculpt, I think we should be able to change the faces and hair-parts without the need to decapitate him, as in remove and replace his entire head.Sebastian Michaelis RAH

Includes a left hand part where his emblem of contract with Ciel is shownSebastian Michaelis RAH

Ah~ he looks so dashing… The articulation looks pretty good. In general, the Skinny Body figure they use for anime RAH is quite poseable. Should be similar to the body used for RAH Lelouch Lamperouge. According to the description, the swallow tail coat is definitely undress-able but they didn’t say anything about the vest and inner shirt being undress-able D: *fingers crossed* I hope we can strip ALL the clothes so I can dress him in other clothing :D If not, maybe I’ll have to transplant his head on another figure for the purpose ^^;;Sebastian Michaelis RAH

Where the gloved optional hand-parts come into play. They are sculpted so well, for a second I thought they were actual miniature removable white gloves! It’s a pity they aren’t tho… I would have liked to have non-gloved hands so I can dress Sebby in other clothing. I think the fighting poses hands will have holes where you can insert the knives and forks. Don’t lose them! :D Lovely detail of the pocket watch… since our butler is always so busy and pressed for time.Sebastian Michaelis RAH

Candlestick, Tea pot, Teacup, Tray, Knife & fork, Pocket watch partsSebastian Michaelis RAH

Definitely a must-buy for me (PREORDERED!). With this figure, I guess I don’t need to buy any other Sebby figures already (although the ones announced in 2014 were pretty awesome orz. But I will resist!) Hopefully RAH Ciel Phantomhive follows real soon! :D

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2 thoughts on “Goods: I’m one Hell of an action figure! Sebastian Michaelis RAH (Black Butler: Book of Circus, Real Action Heroes, Kuroshitsuji)”

  1. I had no qualms about preordering him the instant I saw it, despite the usual RAH cost. They captured his face so well. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t get it before it sells out. I’m glad they put it off ’til June since I have other things to pay off in the meantime. But should I get the Kotobukiya Artfx J of Ciel too…

    1. @Prettyvillain: Yeah, me too! I would be keen to buy another one of him (if he ever goes on sale lol) Kotobukiya’s Artfx J of both Sebby and Ciel look awesome *o* Really have to pull out all the stops to resist them. Hopefully they announce RAH Ciel soon to help me in making my decision ^^

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